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April 2012

Capital, like information, wants to be free. The idea that it should be limited to one country has always struck rich people as silly, which is why Swiss bank accounts, offshore trusts and Caribbean beachfront condos have been perennial big-sellers. But lately, the legitimate reasons for investing overseas have been joined by a couple of […]

Housing: New Bubble or More Trouble?

by John Rubino on April 17, 2012 · 22 comments

The in-laws own a gas station in Miami that they’ve wanted to sell for years. But they dithered when the market was hot and ended up being stuck with it when interest evaporated in 2009. Lately, though, the phone has begun to ring again. It’s not exactly a feeding frenzy but real offers are coming […]

“Turnkey Totalitarian State”

by John Rubino on April 9, 2012 · 22 comments

New tech is always a double-edged sword, with benefits balanced to an extent by the risk of misuse by idiots or criminals. Airplanes make possible fast travel but also saturation bombing; biotech gives us stem cell treatments and frankenfoods; antidepressants and painkillers help some people and addict countless others. TV, nuclear power, cars; pretty much […]

We Owe How Much??

by John Rubino on April 2, 2012 · 32 comments

One of the problems with the debate over the “national debt” is that there’s no generally agreed upon definition of that term. Is it what the federal government owes, or what it owes foreigners, or what the whole country, private and public sector together, owes? Does it include off-balance-sheet items and contingent liabilities? There’s a […]

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