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Classic Videos: Hyperinflation Nation Part 1/3

by John Rubino on February 21, 2010 · 9 comments

With guys like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Marc Faber suddenly getting a lot of airtime, the number of compelling videos available on YouTube is soaring. I’ve been sifting through them to build a “classic videos” file with the idea of posting one or so each week. Here’s the first in the series, Hyperinflation Nation, Part 1/3, from the National Inflation Association, “an organization that is dedicated to preparing Americans for hyperinflation and helping Americans not only survive, but prosper in the upcoming hyperinflationary crisis.”

  • Clark

    Glenn Beck?!
    As long as you use s.f.b. morons like Beck to make your points, you’ll get little more than ridicule.

  • Frank

    That last part where they didn’t even allocate 48 hours to read an 1100 page bill is incredible. There should be a law that mandates 24 hours of time for every hundred pages before debate can even begin.

  • Natalie Golovin

    I somewhat agree with Clark. If not an idiot, he’s a professional manipulator and not one to go to for serious information.

  • Brad Thrasher

    It should be obvious to anyone that we are no longer a republic. We are a plutocracy or corporatocracy. I’ll leave it to the wonks to determine.

    “The great American experiment in democracy will work so long until the people find out they can raid the treasury.” Alexis deToqueville.

    Don’t expect the courts to save us. Economic bias in the system is more prevalent than racism.

  • Bruce C.

    My main concern is that the stimulation and quantitative easing measures will take years to work their damage, as alluded to in the video. That is what is so insidious. Unless enough people can think conceptually and thus “see” what is going on, this train will continue. Most people I know either have no interest or understanding of macro economics, or assume a wait-and-see attitude. I’ve heard about unsustainable government debt and liabilities for about 40 years now and my mother just cashed her latest SS check and another medical bill was covered by Medicare. No problems there. And how long have we been hearing about inflation? Not from most economists, financial advisors, Wall Street or ordinary people. And have you noticed the rates on CDs and Treasuries lately? What does that tell you? Although I agree with the arguments that portend inflation (even hyper-), and have positioned my investments and savings accordingly, I am at the point that I’ll believe it when I see it. The fact that it still hasn’t shown up is amazing to me – and that’s part of the problem. I just returned from a foreign country, and things were very cheap (except for gasoline). Maybe we’re experiencing a calm before the storm. On the other hand, maybe the inflation argument is so simple and obvious that it’s wrong. Such massive and global economic events are rarely simple.

  • Dano

    as long as people ignore the message and filter their inputs on political bias instead of honesty of message, they will indeed be the people with SFB…

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  • dan

    Go Team America!!

  • http://dollarcollapse kenny

    clark, you my friend are an idiot, a blind uninformed idiot.

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