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In their new book, Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart don’t sugarcoat the thesis, which is basically the end of the world as we know it. It seems that three major trends are colliding: A global financial system that has to grow exponentially to avoid implosion (regular visitors to DollarCollapse.com will be quite familiar […]

Now that bitcoin has subsided from speculative bubble to functioning currency (see the price chart below), it’s safe for non-speculators to explore the whole “cryptocurrency” thing. So…is bitcoin or one of its growing list of competitors a useful addition to the average person’s array of bank accounts and credit cards — or is it a […]

Book Review: Nick Barisheff’s $10,000 Gold

by John Rubino on May 24, 2013 · 9 comments

One of the many scary things about writing an investment book is the six months that elapse between the typing of the last word and the book’s appearance in stores. That’s enough time for your predictions to be proven wrong or – nearly as bad – for your predictions to come true and make the […]

The first thing to understand about Chris Martenson, the respected financial consultant and commentator, is that he’s a PhD in pathology who is, as a result, very comfortable with complex, technical ideas. He’s also a clear, concise writer. In his new book Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment he’ll toss […]

Charles Goyette is a veteran radio guy and sound money advocate who supported Ron Paul before it was fashionable. Now he’s written his first book, The Dollar Meltdown, and from beginning to end it’s a pleasant surprise. Goyette writes as smoothly as he speaks and his perspective is unapologetically libertarian. So he gets it right […]

Gold and Clean Tech: Two Sides, One Coin

by John Rubino on December 3, 2008 · 0 comments

Henry Kissinger used to say that the tricky thing about foreign policy is that information and options are inversely related. That is, when you have the widest range of available policy choices you generally have the least information, and vice versa. As information accumulates, options dwindle, until you’re left with absolute clarity but only a […]

More Good Timing For Peter Schiff

by John Rubino on October 26, 2008 · 0 comments

It’s been fun over the past few years watching EuroPacfic Capital’s Peter Schiff educate mainstream (i.e. clueless) economists and money managers on CNBC and elsewhere. My personal favorite is this one from 2006, in which Schiff gets everything right and a pathetic little economist named Arthur Laffer makes a complete fool of himself. A couple […]

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