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Creeping Fascism, Part 2: Great Fraudulent Beast

by John Rubino on February 24, 2013 · 2 comments

In Charles Mann’s 1491, about the (surprisingly big and diverse) cultures that existed in the Americas before the arrival of smallpox, he offers this:

“The celebrated anthropologist Clifford Geertz has half-jokingly suggested that all states can be parceled into four types: pluralist, in which the state is seen by its people as having moral legitimacy; populist, in which government is viewed as an expression of the people’s will; “great beast,” in which the rulers’ power depends on using force to keep the populace cowed; and “great fraud,” in which the elite uses smoke and mirrors to convince the people of its inherent authority. Every state is a mix of all these elements…”

Which of course leads to speculation about where today’s US is on such a spectrum. Obviously, this is an eye-of-the-beholder kind of debate, but from the libertarian/gold-bug perspective it’s been clear for some time that we’re lurching from pluralist/populist to a toxic combination of “great fraud” and “great beast,” and that the process probably won’t end well.

The table below lists recent developments that seem to fit into each of the latter categories:

Great beastThese just scratch the surface; there are plenty of other compelling examples, with more apparently in the pipeline. Together they paint a picture of a system that’s trying hard to confuse its citizens while building an apparatus to coerce them into obedience when its lies are exposed. For more, here’s a recent Zero Hedge article on the rights we’ve already lost.

What does this mean? Again, from a perspective that values transparency and individual liberty over near-term efficiency, it means we’re not the same country that we once were. Americans are being secretly taxed via inflation, lied to about the economy, spied upon by no-longer-constitutionally-constrained authorities, and arrested/harassed/murdered without due process. “Great Fraudulent Beast” indeed.

  • tom

    And now we read that ViaMat won’t store gold for Americans because the US regulators are making it impossible to comply with new regulations. These actions are essentially capital controls corralling us into on-shore US financial institutions and dollar bills. They’ll soon enact controls and taxation over domestic silver and gold to disrupt that physical market. Our whole economy is a fraud and our political system is fascist. Watch what happens with gun legislation in the months ahead. The shadow government will tell the Republicans they must agree to legislation requiring registration of all private gun sales/transfers and must give the president the authority to modify the law as he sees fit should conditions require him to preserve the “peace and prosperity”. Soon, even the ultra conservatives will see that the GOP is no better friend of freedom than the Democrats. It’s just a D.C. tag team sham.

  • Bruce C.

    “‘Every state is a mix of all these elements…’”

    Pluralists – the US government has moral authority:

    “Educated” adults accept life as it is.

    Government and taxes are necessary evils.

    Government is the greater of our collective intelligence.

    The Founders, … the Constitution, … “Checks and Balances”, …, We live under the most empowering political system.

    Politicians will ultimately do the right thing.

    The United States is the greatest country in the world.

    One nation, under God.

    We live in an imperfect world.

    Only the best and brightest rise to highest levels of American political power.

    The powers that be have the best intentions for the United States of America.

    Populists – the US government IS the will of the people:

    “Educated” adults accept majority rule.

    The Founders, … the Constitution, … “Checks and Balances”, We live under the most generous political system.

    Government is the embodiment of our laws; our laws are the embodiment of our collective intelligence.

    Politicians will do what most people want.

    Every one should pay his “fair share” in taxes.

    Government should provide a “safety net”.

    Tampering with Social Security is a political “third rail”.

    Health care is a right.

    Natural resources belong to everyone.

    Government is good and helpful.

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