US Factories Crushed By Strong Dollar

by John Rubino on April 24, 2015 · 1 comment

Government statistics are always suspect, for at least one obvious reason: Modern economies are way too big and complex to measure in real-time. So virtually every number is revised in the months after its release, frequently to the point of saying something very different. But by then lots of new data has come out and […]


The Coolest Silver Coins, Finally Back On The Market

In 2005 a New Jersey car dealer named Chris Duane started questioning the system that let his customers borrow ridiculous amounts of money to buy the frivolous things he was selling. He studied a little monetary history and concluded that fiat currency was a doomed concept and that sound money, especially silver, would soar in […]


Corporate Profit Pattern Emerges: Okay Earnings, Disappointing sales

CNBC has a daily feature called after-hours buzz that, it being earnings season, is full of corporate quarterly reports. And lately the same story has been repeated: decent earnings but weak sales and/or disappointing guidance. Here’s today’s list: AT&T topped analysts’ profit estimates by a penny on Wednesday, but revenue came in light as core […]

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