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Political Earthquake in Europe

by John Rubino on May 26, 2014 · 21 comments

One of the last remaining impediments to total global domination by the banks and their politicians is the quaint tradition of popular elections. Every so often the powers that be are required to see if the 99% want them to remain in charge. Obviously since the global financial system is still intact the answer, implicit or explicit, has always been “yes, keep harvesting us and accumulating vast fortunes and immense power.”

But that might be about to change. Most European countries are holding elections for the European Parliament this weekend, and the results imply that a sizable number of voters have peered behind the curtain and don’t like what they see. As possible future British Prime Minister (!!!) Nigel Farage put it today, the results constitute “an earthquake”:

UKIP on course to top European election in UK

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said his party was on track to win the European elections, which “will be an earthquake because never before in the history of British politics has a party seen to be an insurgent party ever topped the polls in a national election”.

He suggested the results could lead to Nick Clegg losing the Lib Dem leadership, Labour leader Ed Miliband needing to “change his position” on an in/out referendum and David Cameron being forced into “a much tougher negotiating stance” on Europe.

Britain, of course, is a member of the European Union but not the euro currency bloc. So as interesting as UKIP’s ascendancy is, electoral results in the major eurozone countries are even juicier. France in particular:

Protest Parties Surge in Greece, France in Early EU Votes

Protest parties surged in Greece and France in European Parliament elections, in a sign of the anti-European mood across the economic divide opened up by the sovereign debt crisis.

Voters in Greece, the first crisis victim, handed first place to Syriza, the party which argues the bailouts weren’t generous enough, according to a NERIT TV exit poll that gave it as much as 30 percent support. In France, the anti-immigration National Front led with 25 percent, estimates by TNS Sofres, Ipsos and Ifop showed.

“The sovereign people have declared that they are taking their destiny back into their own hands,” Marine Le Pen, head of the National Front, told a rally in suburban Paris broadcast on France 2 television. It is time for “politics of the French, for the French, with the French.”

Initial returns in the 28-nation election indicated swelling support for political groups that blame the European Union for economic injustice — symbolized by a bloc-wide 10.5 percent unemployment rate — and say its leaders are letting immigration get out of hand. National returns will be released throughout the evening, with the first EU-wide projections due after 11 p.m. in Brussels.

National Impact
Early results were broadly in line with projections by PollWatch 2014, a non-partisan forecasting group, that fringe parties would combine for 30 percent in the new parliament, up from 20 percent now. While that outcome is unlikely to upset EU lawmaking, it will rattle national leaders such as Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

The breakthrough by France’s National Front dealt a further blow to President Francois Hollande, the least popular leader in France’s modern history. The National Front has cashed in on economic discontent, with jobless claims at a record of more than 3 million and an economy that has barely grown in two years.

Le Pen called on Hollande to dissolve the French national parliament and hold new elections, saying that he had little choice after such “a humiliation.”

What does this mean?
Probably not a lot legislatively in the short run. EU elections generally have low turn-out (because most voters don’t seem to care who represents them in Brussels), so protest parties sometimes rack up totals that exaggerate their true popularity. In any event, pro-EU and pro-eurozone parties are still nominally in charge and will continue with business as usual in the year ahead.

But they might have just one more election cycle in which to do so. In France, for instance, the socialists got just 15% of the vote, which must be a record low for the ruling party of a major country. UKIP and National Front may be within striking distance of actual working majorities in Britain and France, respectively, and another few years of the current European malaise (almost guaranteed under current policies) would pretty much hand the next election to the insurgents. Same thing in Greece and several other EU countries.

And THAT would be an earthquake. Electing people who promise to withdraw their countries from major international organizations and go back to previous ways of running immigration and monetary policy would call the euro into question as a reserve currency. That in turn would send the leveraged speculating community, which has recently gorged on PIIGS country euro-denominated bonds, into chaos.

This prospect virtually guarantees that the European Central Bank will start buying up Italian, Spanish and Portuguese bonds on a vast scale, while it still can.

  • PaperIsPoverty

    These have been exciting election results to watch. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard had a great analysis of what led to this (http://bit.ly/1pgtZiq) — which I found here at Dollar Collapse — where he points out that these votes are not all coming from the Right. These anti-Euro parties are garnering votes from workers who used to vote Labor or Socialist, but have seen their Left-leaning politicians largely silenced because they refuse to criticize the Euro experiment and all its economic strangleholds. (Zero Hedge made the mistake of running a post called “Right Storm
    Rising” which I really think misses this point, but it has a nice chart: http://bit.ly/1tDDSsY .)

    Now that anti-Euro parties are gaining some real political power they will be tarred and feathered mercilessly with accusations of racism, xenophobia, and dangerous nationalism. It’s already working among the educated left wing. “UKIP?” a friend said recently. “You mean the racists?”

    It won’t work, because you can’t solve economic problems with PR campaigns and the people’s frustration will only grow.

    • Johan Rebel

      Very true. Social democratic parties have become vehicles for establishment neo-liberalism (there is no alternative), albeit a wishy washy variant. In a similar vein Obama has executed policy as a democrat that a republican regime would not have been able to get away with previously (with the excuse that it is better than the right). Upshot everywhere is saving the banks/bond-holders at all costs: pensioners, employees (wages, benefits, security), the safety net, and the economic prospects of the young.

      Interest in elections for the European parliament will only turn up if there is more democratic accountability (most decisions are taken by unelected councils with national representation) and trans-European parties. Otherwise it is simply a complicated way to do a poll on national parties who all have their own sliver of largely useless representation in Strassbourg.

      • MacFly1

        Yep! Its OKAY when democrats bomb countries!

    • MacFly1

      The twits all believe what the statist-BBC tells them. The banksters own Parliament and of course most of the media so these people just repeat what they hear on t.v.

    • Chris

      You are bang-on correct. Anyone who dares to question statism, socialism or the failed economics of big government (which essentially kills off the source of its own funding – the private sector – as it gets bigger and bigger, thus requiring more taxes, borrowing and printing) must be labeled a “right wing fanatic.” And anyone who questions the policy of importing millions of poor immigrants who will be dependent on government handouts, and therefore reliable voters for those who do the handing out, must be called a “racist”. Unfortunately, those on the left are too easily manipulated by those code words. They are like “heel” to a subservient dog, and the lefties always go running back to their statist masters. And their problems just get worse, and they’re too dumb to figure out why…

  • jerrynAtl

    I admire Nigel Farage very much and hope he can get elected….but the bankers won’t be very happy….he had better keep a low profile or he will wind up like many other political figures in the past…..committing suicide, or should I say assisted suicide.

  • Thinkclearly

    “Keep harvesting us….” what kind of cheesy loser statement is that!?
    We only lose in life when we imagine ourselves to be victims.
    Why? Because as a victim, we will always blame others for our situation instead of changing our own attitudes to improve ourselves. As a victim, we allow ourselves to be led by those who make promises and try to divide us. Let the rich be rich but true happiness and freedom comes from having gratitude for we what have and giving of our time and love to others.

    “I knew a man that was so poor that the only thing he had was money ”

    • PaperIsPoverty

      That’s a nice goal to have personally, but not politically. When the 85 richest people on earth have as much wealth as the bottom half of all humanity, and 20% of the children in the US go to bed hungry sometimes, do not ask me to have gratitude for the crumbs the dying middle class still has, while ignoring the pillaging of the criminal banking elite. Sometimes morality demands that we be outraged, even if we are, personally, very grateful for we what have in our own lives.

  • Bruce C

    I honestly don’t know if people like Nigel Farage and other potential EU political leaders can be trusted any farther than you can throw them by their hair, but it’s fun to see that people might be willing to give them a shot. I just hope they get enough votes to at least shake things up.

  • luisgdelafuente

    Here in Spain there´s a growing concern about the debt and the euro, which some of us think are two sides of the same coin. However, only the extreme left is actually talking about this, and I guess the same is going on in places like Greece. We may have interesting times ahead.

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  • systemBuilder

    If this trend is actually continent-wide, I need to see more results than just France and Greece, plus a guy in Britain claiming his party is gonna win (what party leader EVER claimed they weren’t going to win?). How about giving us some polling statistics for the 5 largest EU countries? Don’t get me wrong I am rooting for the story and hoping that the EU will show the USA how to fight this Fascist takeover worldwide, but I need to see facts …. Otherwise this story is just HOT AIR ….

    • PaperIsPoverty

      Anti-Euro vote in new EU parliament election, percentage by country:

      France 25%
      Denmark 23%
      UK 22%
      Austria 20%
      Hungary 15%
      Finland 13%
      Greece 12%
      Germany 8%

      according to Zero Hedge (http://bit.ly/1tDDSsY).

  • Charming Susan.

    I am not sure because http://bit.ly/1jT1GGy

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  • http://theyenguy.wordpress.com/ theyenguy

    You write “In any event, pro-EU and pro-eurozone parties are still nominally in charge and will continue with business as usual in the year ahead”

    Yes, how true, God from eternity past ordained the outcome of the election.

    Nature Economist, Elaine Meinel Supkis writes in analysis of the election: “Barely 40% of the voters turned out for the EU elections and of these, many if not most voted for right wing national socialist parties that want to limit immigration and have own currency.”

    There are three chances of each having their own currency. Slim, none, and no way, as God, that is the Sovereign Lord God, foretold in bible prophecy of Daniel 2:25-45, that the two global hegemonic empires of the British Empire and the US, would collapse, and out of their ruin, a Ten Toed Kingdom of regional fascist government, with toes of iron diktat and clay totalitarian collectivism, would rise as a global empire to subdue mankind.

    In her article she posts the a former Der Spiegel Magazine cover of Europa Riding The Bull with one ten stars highlighted; it is symbolic of the rise of one region of the world’s ten regions, that being Europe, becoming the shining example of regional governance, as a model throughout the entire world.

    And the seven hills on the Euro coin, seen on the Internet, are symbolic of totalitarian collectivism, occupying in all of mankind’s seven institutions. This being a fulfillment of Revelation 13:1-4, which foretells that out of waves of Club Med sovereign, banking and corporate insolvency, the Beast Regime of regional governance will rise to rule in policies of diktat in all of the world’s ten regions, and occupy in totalitarian collectivism in all of mankind’s seven institutions.

  • Bill Johns

    It all sounds so exciting, but…. The key phrase for me was “…in a few years….” Right now nothing is gonna change, in time it might but TPTB are strong and in control of MSM and the military. Will civil order last for “a few years”? A political earthquake in Europe has led to a new round of all time highs in US markets, and we’re still waiting for “Change we can believe in.” As one well known blogger has suggested, we’ll see change when banksters are hanging from street lamps along Wall St. Until then, it’s just more of the same.

    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

    Don’t tell me of the coming earthquake, the shaking walls will wake me.

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  • http://theyenguy.wordpress.com/ theyenguy

    News reports document that there was a strong populist vote for new leadership in the Eurozone. Voters in the EU have called for a break from past policies; yet strangely in their call, the European Debt Crisis has fallen from the public’s mind

    As foretold in bible prophecy of Revelation 13:5-10, there is waiting in the wings of Europe stage, the most capable of sovereigns, perhaps this one is Jean Claude Juncker. Out of the European Debt Crisis, the Sovereign will step into the limelight, and through cunning and shrewdness rise in power to rule, as is seen in Daniel 8:6-8, and be accompanied in power by the Seignior, that is top dog banker, who in coining money, takes a cut, as foretold in Revelation 13:11-18. Their word, will and way will provide economic direction unifying all of the Eurozone. This New Charlemagne and his Monetary High Priest, will eventually come to rule the world, in a one world religion, from their capital in Jerusalem, as foretold in Daniel 9:25.

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