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Best Quotes of April 2009

Doug Casey, Casey Research People believe they have little to lose, they’re eager to hang those they believe responsible for their problems, and they’ll listen

Best Quotes of February 2009

Philipp Bagus and Markus H. Schiml, Ludwig von Mises Institute Only two things can save the Fed at this point. One is a bailout by

Best Quotes of November 2008

Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group At the end of the de-leveraging, you will see a divergence between gold and silver on the one hand and industrial

Best Quotes of October 2008

Ted Butler, Investment Rarities Maybe one in a million of the world’s citizens realizes that there is much more gold in existence than there is

Best Quotes of September 2008

Ty Andros, Tedbits The greatest transfer of wealth from those that store their wealth in paper to those that don’t is unfolding. ALL markets will

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