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Dr. Harari’s apocalyptic vision of “human hacking”

From David Haggith at The Great Recession Blog:

In the video below Dr. Harari warns the World Economic Forum about the near future of humanity when cyberwar will take place in the human mind, when humans can be hacked and controlled like data and the human genome reprogrammed for all time to come.

I’ll lead off with a video of comedian JP Sears lampooning Dr. Yuval Noah Harari that a friend shared with me. It’s a scary video … and funny at the same time. Sears reacts to Dr. Harari’s talk at the 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) about coming digital dictatorships the would enable the dream of people like Adolf Hitler to play God with creating and controlling a master race. I’ll warn you that listening to Dr. Harari in JP Sears’ takes down is a bit chilling, which is why Dr. Harari has become popular on the internet of late.

Patrons who read my latest post about Bill Gates and the arrival of a digital dollar in the US near the end of this year and its possible integration with vaccine passports might have found my article about the very near future a little out there. However, when you read that then listen to Dr. Harari describe the digital technology for human hacking at the WEF, you’ll wonder how far off such scenarios are — especially when you hear him say in 2018 that the technology he’s talking about will also arrive by the end of 2022.

I’ll ask you to watch the following video before scrolling down for some important points about what you’ve seen, as I don’t want my own commentary to affect your initial impressions.



Now, scroll on down, if you will, to where you can find Dr. Harari’s full talk at the World Economic Forum:


Dr. Yuval Noah Harari (Daniel Naber, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


Dr. Yuval Noah Harari speaks of human hacking at the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Dr. Harari is a professor at Hebrew University in Jerusalem whose presentation at the WEF raised the hairs on the backs of a few WEF attendees. If you view the full talk, you’ll see why I am always careful about WEF conspiracy theories. They are, frankly, so easy to concoct anytime you have a group of the world’s richest and most powerful people getting together in high places to discuss the future of the human race.

When you view the video below, you may see — as , at least, it appeared to me — just how much some clever editing in taking things out of context can do to juice something up and make it sound more sinister than it actually was. Even so, both videos are interesting because, Dr. Harari’s actual talk in full context was scary enough to make the WEF host say it made her feel edgy. And many of us out here in the alternative-press arena are inclined to think the Davos crowd that gathers for the World Economic Forum at the Bilderberg Hotel is used to stuff like this. Schemes that many of us would find frightening must surely just seem like self-beneficial fulfillment of plans hatched by the group of moguls that attend there.

(However, as even JP Sears avers, if that were the case, one would think they would not be so publicly sharing their schemes to control the world. As another friend said to me, “extreme ideas require extreme documentation. So, that’s why I’m giving Harari the chance to speak for himself.)

Watching Dr. Harari’s full talk (only about twenty minutes long), you’ll see, on the one hand, how easy it is to edit things out of context to make them more sinister than they were. JP Sears made it sound like the “we,” Harari refers to, who will be playing God to re-engineer and control humanity, are the elites of the WEF. However, Dr. Harari was actually warning attendees at the WEF that the technology to re-engineer the human race into someone’s Hitlerian view of a master race or to control it by hacking into human brains is something “we” as humans will gain in only five years away … and that was four years ago! Harari was warning the leaders gathered with Klaus Schwab & Co. at the World Economic Forum that they had better start seriously discussing how the manipulation of human beings as “biometric data” will need to be regulated and policed (like genetic engineering) because the ability to control the entire human race will be in the hands of big corporations and despots, whether we look at policing it or not.

Harari even says he does not at all trust the leaders of this world — corporate or political — to handle such power responsibly. (Of course that begs one to ask who will regulate it, then (the elites of Davos?), but Harari does not imply any particular group should be the one to regulate it. As you can see in the Q&A afterward, he warns the technology is coming but says he has no idea who will be the first to misuse it or who can actually police it or how, but simply that we better start talking about all of that before the technology gets here. Still scary stuff.

Cover art for "Home Deus," the Hebrew edition of a book by Dr. Yuval Noah Harari
Cover of Dr. Harari’s book Homo Deus,
meaning “man-god.”

At the same time, I have to say that Dr. Yuval Noah Harari seems just a little too enamored with this human-hacking technology to where he kind of sets himself up for the takedown JP Sears brings. Listen to him when he gets to the part of talking about how humanity will toss the God who is up in the clouds, whom his ancestors wrote about, out of the picture as creator to reach up into “the cloud” we have created with our computers for first time in history to become its own creator. Harari seems a bit caught up with the nightmarish dream of transhumanism, maybe even as its new Hebrew prophet. Why is its coming now? Because the algorithms necessary to integrate with the human mind were not within reach when Harari gave his talk; but that painting by Michelangelo where the finger of God is touching the finger of man will soon find man pulling away to extend his own finger to re-create his fellow man if Harari is right about the technology — a distancing he seems a little to excited about.

See if Dr. Harari sounds to you like he does to me — as someone who thinks this will be a marvelous new technology that will be emerging next year (if his timeline in 2018 was right) allowing mankind to reset the course of humanity, while acknowledging that such power over mankind must be shepherded because there are certainly future despots who will want to abuse it.

If Harari is correct, this “out there” technology will arrive in time to link up with the Federal Reserve’s digital dollar that President Biden said he will be proposing to congress at the end of the year and with Bill Gates’ human-integrated digital vaccine certification/ID technology.

With no further adieu, here is Dr. Yuval Noah Harari without the editing that takes his words out of context:

Is Dr. Harari describing a WEF conspiracy to control the world by hacking humanity?

That is certainly where my mind went as I listened to JP Sears’ presentation. I thought, “Oh, my gosh, this Dr. Harari is like some modern Mengele openly scheming all-out evil.” However, when Sears asked, “Are you supposed to be talking about this so openly?” I thought it seemed as odd to me as it apparently did to him that the WEF would be laying out its most apocalyptic visions for humanity so openly. After all, someone might object.

So, I figured I’d better check it out and give the doctor a chance to speak for himself because why would the World Economic Forum so blithely lay out such a nightmare for everyone to hear if they really want to secretly use such technology to hack into the minds of millions of individual human beings in order to control humankind? It’s such an obvious question that even Sears had to ask it. Is the WEF just that brazen now that they feel invincible, so they openly talk about their own conspiracies? Can such things even be called “conspiracies” if they are openly talked about? Are they not, then, just “public planning?”

I found it notable in this presentation that the self-described “starstruck” host of the WEF presentation describes Dr. Harari’s presentation as a “challenging and depressing talk” of “a future that’s quite scary.” She doesn’t sound like she just heard a report on some grand WEF conspiracy now coming to fruition, which her colleagues have long been working on. She describes it more as a shocking revelation that humanity will soon be facing the threat of “digital dictatorships,” which, she says, “makes [George Orwell’s] 1984 sound like child’s play.” So, even the host at the WEF presented this as a horrible nightmare for humanity.

While Dr. Harari believes the rise of actual dictators using this biometric technology to hack into human minds to control humanity like data remains a few decades off, he says the basic technology will be arriving as this year goes into its sunset and the sun rises on 2023 according to his projection.

Since other interviews with Dr. Harari are included in Sear’s incriminating takedown of Harari than just this video, you can go here, for a fact check of Sear’s lampooning if you wish; but just remember we live in a time when we all need to fact check the fact checkers, too. So, I’m not coming down on one side or the other as to how nefarious Dr. Harari is, but just trying to present the full picture so you can decide for yourself and letting you know how I look at it.

In the very east, Dr. Harari, himself, is saying this is a technological frontier we all need to be aware is coming — a new horizon that he says we need to discuss in order to be as mindful of the risks as we are of nuclear war. I seem to recall recently writing somewhere that World War III may not be a nuclear war at all. It may be a cyberwar, but what I didn’t realize was … that it could be a cyberwar within the minds of human beings!



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