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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Headlines The Mainstream Media Would Prefer You Didn't Know About

6/24  Hockey’s Great Silver Reward – MoneyMetals

6/24  JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citibank flagged for holding trillions of dollars in derivatives without proper contingency plans: Report – DailyHODL

6/24  Who holds the recklessly ballooning US national debt of $34.7 Trillion? – Wolf Street

6/24  How long can high rates last? Bond markets say maybe forever – Yahoo!

6/24  A $5 Meal Deal at Mcdonalds, price wars also at Starbucks, Walmart, Target – Mish Talk

6/24  The Oklahoma city curse, skyscraper edition – Mises Institute

6/24  Inspired Idiot: This is what the left thinks is “part of the problem” – Schiff Sovereign

6/24  How Long Can High Rates Last? Bond Markets Say Maybe Forever – Bloomberg

6/24  Russia says US is responsible for deadly Ukrainian attack on Crimea – Reuters

6/24  Biden Admin. asked Amazon to hide vaccine critical books during the pandemic – Modernity News

6/24  Chart: Mapping the world’s Refugee population – Statista

6/24  Hedge Fund CIO: we’re approaching the debt super-cycle endgame – Zero Hedge

6/24  ‘Jensanity,’ part deux – Felder Report

6/24  Chinese hackers have stepped up attacks on taiwanese organizations, cybersecurity firm says – AP

6/24  U.S. drone appears to have provided target coordinates for Ukraine strike on Russian civilians at beach – HTR

6/24  If hackers can shut down 15,000 car dealerships, is your bank safe? – Rubino

6/24  The Primary Job of It – Market Ticker

6/24  Mainstream news report discovers five reasons to buy gold – Money Metals

6/24  Every Halving Bitcoin rises 336% after 6-12 months… – TBC

6/24  A door closes, A window opens – James Howard Kunstler

6/24  Welfare offices providing voter registration forms to illegals without proof of citizenship – Zero Hedge

6/24  The American Empire – Mises Institute

6/24  Comex: Gold sees highest delivery volume in nearly 2 years – Schiff Gold

6/24  Five Key Charts to watch in global commodities this week – Yahoo!

6/24  You will be tagged and you will love it – OffGuardian

6/23  The Left can’t understand why normal people are angry — Bombthrower

6/23  Why consumer sentiment fell to a seven-month low – Mises Institute

6/23  Gold’s Bull Run: Just getting started? – GoRozen

6/23  Chart: Nuclear weapon spending on the rise – Stats

6/23  Why has China purchased farmland near 19 different military bases inside the united states? – EOAD

6/23  Over 60% of american households and 82% of individuals can’t afford a new car. car prices crash by 60% but the worst is yet to come – CWR

6/23  The 10 us cities that have the most homes under $200,000 – and the top two are a short drive to gorgeous beaches and nature – DM

6/23  Citigroup’s top US economist gives grim warning about cracks in the economy – saying problems could ‘snowball’ – DM

6/23  The US is preparing for wwiii while expanding draft registration – Lew Rockwell

6/23  China Hawk: Fix symbolic, ineffective US sanctions – Asia Times

6/23  Ex-CEO of major Russian investment group accused of fraud – RT

6/23  The future is here: buy with your eyes, pay with your glance – THW

6/23  Trump has stepped out of an ayn rand novel, fully formed – AT

6/23  Chart: Which countries eat the most instant noodles? – Visual Capitalist

6/23  US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea for military drills – Reuters

6/23  How likely is it that the US replaces zelensky in the first half of next year? – Korybko

6/23  Dave Collum: American Exceptionalism – Market Sanity

6/23  Judge Judy says trump’s NYC hush money trial was “nonsense” and she “resents” it as a taxpayer – Zero Hedge

6/23  Chart: social media: where it’s hardest to tell truth from fake news – Stats

6/23  LEGO produces ‘pride’ video with drag queens and furries – Modernity News

6/23  AI based scams are convincing, you’re really chatting with a bot – MT

6/23  Russia strikes western-supplied air weapons depots in Ukraine – MOD – RT

6/23  David Stockman on the Ukrainian border war folly – International Man

6/23  US: Ukraine can strike ‘anywhere’ russian forces may cross border – AW

6/23  Charted: unauthorized immigrants in the U.S., by country of Origin – Visual Capitalist

6/23  Siberian mammoth graveyard reveals 800 years of human-mammoth history – ATI

6/23  Infants who receive multiple vaccines at once at ‘exponentially’ greater risk of disease, developmental delays DEFENSE – CHD

6/23  Charting the Global Economy: BOE leaves rate-cut hopes alive – Yahoo!

6/22  US debt moving toward $50 trillion isn’t whole story – Asia Times

6/22  Gold stocks reloading – AH

6/22  Sagging retail sales: another sign americans may be tapped out – Money Metals

6/22  The Anxiety Economy – OTM

6/22  Baltimore bridge rebuild and a new debate over infrastructure spending – CNBC

6/22  Bird flu response is now an inflation (and gold price) driver – 321Gold

6/22  Home prices hit record high in may as sales stall – CNBC

6/22  Canadian taxpayers spent $850k on signs asking ghanaians not to sh*t on beaches – Market Sanity

6/22  Growth in government jobs points to recession – Mises Institute

6/22  U.S. Debt rises to national security risk levels – Birch Gold

6/22  Weekly Commentary: Greatest Threat – Credit Bubble Bulletin

6/22  Home sales sag further, hit by mortgage rates. price cuts & active listings surge. median price skewed by surge in high-end sales – Wolf Street

6/22  Gold’s natural scarcity propels its valuation growth – Schiff Gold

6/22  Trump’s plan to replace the income tax with tariffs is economic nonsense – Mish Talk

6/22  Why Consumer Sentiment fell to a seven-month low – Mises Institute

6/22  Inspired Idiot: this is what the left thinks is “part of the problem” – Schiff Sovereign

6/22  Bizarre Pentagon plan to ‘reduce military’s carbon footprint’ that soldiers are furious about – Daily Mail

6/22  Gold & Silver Stocks: let the good times roll – 321Gold

6/22  Is China hiding how much gold it really has? – Money Metals

6/22  AI is exhausting the power grid. Tech firms are seeking a miracle solution. – MSN

6/22  Trump’s giveaway season: Green cards for grads and tax-free tips – Axios

6/22  Peter Schiff: the real reason democrats want to register women for the draft – Market Sanity

6/22  Only economic freedom pulls people out of poverty – AIER

6/22  Costco is in deep, deep trouble as ceo warns about major challenges – CWR

6/22  Think China can take Taiwan easily? Think again – Asia Times

6/22  10 Fascinating beliefs of indigenous cultures – LV

6/22  David Stockman on the Ukrainian border war folly – International Man

6/22  The establishment survey overestimated job creation by nearly 700,000 in 2023 – Mises Institute

6/22  U.S. health care is deeply unequal — and might get worse – Axios

6/21  Chaos is spreading everywhere! – TDD

6/21  Don’t let a crisis go to waste in 2025 – AIER

6/21  Shieldmaiden sorcery – BT

6/21  Inside China’s Troubled Real Estate Market – WSJ

6/21  Double nickels on the dime – EP

6/21  The us has 4-5 years, at best, to turn the ship around – Schiff Sovereign

6/21  “Deal’s off,” Canadian officials tell China – Schiff Gold

6/21  US puts Japan on currency manipulation watch list – RT

6/21  Common sense and memes are viruses to the new world order – TBP

6/21  Is the federal reserve’s cure worse than the disease? – Birch Gold

6/21  New US home construction plunges to slowest pace since June 2020 – Yahoo!

6/21  Why buy now, pay later debt could become a problem for U.S. economy – CNBC

6/21  Global steel production update: China’s property crisis & manufacturing slowdown trigger China’s worst ever 3-year drop of steel production, after years of blistering growth – Wolf Street

6/21  Just stop oil attacks stonehenge – Modernity

6/21  U.S. Pier for Gaza Aid Is Failing, and Could Be Dismantled Early – NYT

6/21  The last time an 81-year-old politician saved the day – SchiffSovereign

6/21  Sense and nonsense on petrodollars – AIER

6/21  Car-Dealer Chaos Arises From Cyberattack on $1.2 Trillion Market – Bloomberg

6/21  Breadsticks at Olive Garden highlight financial strain on America’s middle class – MishTalk

6/21  Car Dealerships Across US Halt Services After Cyberattack – MSN

6/21  Ukraine drone strikes score direct hits on two more Russian oil depots – Zero Hedge

6/21  Fauci hid plans to create a mutant monkeypox virus that “could’ve started a pandemic” – SHTF Plan

6/21  Reality and Carbon-based fuels – Market Ticker

6/21  China’s economy may collapse, and bring down US and world with it – Business Insider

6/21  Patriot Alert! Here’s how America is secretly being destroyed from within – TBP

6/21  US big banks face growing spillover risks from non-banks – Reuters

6/20  The foreign holders of the ballooning US debt: they’re buying, but don’t keep up – Wolf Street

6/20  Nvidia’s Ascent to Most Valuable Company Has Echoes of Dot-Com Boom – WSJ

6/20  US stocks at all-time high, NASDAQ futures gains for 8th day after SNB unexpectedly cuts rate – Zero Hedge

6/20  The meme debate: Trump and Biden enter viral battlefield – Axios

6/20  Millions of debt slaves, created right before our eyes – Rubino

6/20  A most dangerous assumption: mining the future to spend more today – OTM

6/20  Chase bank customers are reporting a wave of wire fraud in their accounts; the bank won’t make good on the looted funds – WSOP

6/20  The woke movement is actually corporate enslavement – the culture war is a fight to stop it – Alt-Markets

6/20  Fossil fuel use, emissions hit records in 2023, report says – Reuters

6/20  What the Putin-Pyongyang Axis Means – WSJ

6/20  Solar panels recycled with 99% efficiency without toxic chemicals – IE

6/20  The unofficial WW3 – Gold Money

6/20  3 recession warning signs all point to trouble by christmas – Birch Gold

6/20  Everything in our civilization is stacked to keep us believing the propaganda – Lew Rockwell

6/20  Japan Is Said to Consider Issuing Bonds With Shorter Maturities – Bloomberg

6/20  282 Banks at Risk – CWR

6/20  Why angry renters will decide the election, take II – Mish Talk

6/20  Luxury Homeless Units Opening in L.A. – built for $600,000 each – X.com

6/20  France is about to bring the EU to the brink of collapse – MSN

6/20  There’s a history to Moscow-Pyongyang collaboration – Asia Times

6/20  Massive power blackout hit the entire nation of Ecuador – Yahoo!

6/20  Report: Biden campaign creates special task force to mitigate ‘cheap fake’ videos – Breitbart

6/20  The State’s Best-kept Secret – Mises Institute

6/20  The Gain-of-function experiment that could ‘eliminate humans from the face of the earth’ – RCW

6/20  AS dominoes fall, gold will stand stronger than ever – VG

6/20  China’s copper exports jump to record on ‘export arbitrage’ – Zero Hedge

6/20  Putin’s Hybrid War Opens a Second Front on NATO’s Eastern Border – Bloomberg

6/20  Oldest wine in the world found inside Roman tomb – ATI

6/19  The Daily Bell returns to collectivist Canada – TDB

6/19  The fallacies of conservative protectionists – Mises Institute

6/19  Booming consumer fades: Retail sales data shows a spending slowdown – Axios

6/19  Pacific Empire targets copper porphyry after geophysics trial – 321Gold

6/19  More de-dollarization – tanzania seeks to limit use of the dollar – Money Metals

6/19  U.S. Debt on Pace to Top $56 Trillion Over Next 10 Years – NYT

6/19  5 reasons why we are entering the next copper super cycle – AOTH

6/19  China v Dollars – the future of China – Zero Hedge

6/19  Doug Casey On why conscription is coming back and what you can do about it – International Man

6/19  AI fever drives Nvidia’s rise to world’s most valuable company – Reuters

6/19  How Washington and the Fed caused the commercial Real ESTATE crisis – Mises Institute

6/19  China’s GDP troubles point to need for bolder reform – Asia Times

6/19  Japan Bank to overhaul investments as wrong-way rate bets trigger bond losses – Yahoo!

6/19  Record number of NATO allies hitting defense spending targets during war in Ukraine – VOA

6/19  French Central Bank Chief urges against widening budget gaps – Yahoo!

6/19  Are pump-prices about to surge again? API reports gasoline inventory draw – Zero Hedge

6/19  The surge in online shopping and death of dept stores in pictures – MishTalk

6/19  The Deadly Mining Complex Powering the EV Revolution – Bloomberg

6/19  The Disappearing Tucker Carlson – Politico

6/19  The First French Communists: The Conspiracy of the Equals – Lew Rockwell

6/19  Hopelessly Out of Touch: Media says Hollywood is key to Biden re-election – Modernity News

6/19  The West is Lighting the Fuse of War – Lew Rockwell

6/19  Not a single American has received Biden’s high-speed internet despite $42.5 Billion funding in 2021: FCC Commissioner – Zero Hedge

6/19  Putin Sees Long Partnership With North Korea as He Gets Lavish Welcome – WSJ

6/19  Taiwan president says only military strength can keep the peace with China – Reuters

6/19  The Deeper Dive: Why the Fed’s inflation fight is far from over – TDD

6/19  China’s war with Taiwan is already underway – Asia Times

6/18  If Biden’s economy were ‘strong,’ trade partners wouldn’t de-dollarize – The Federalist

6/18  Treasury Secretary Yellen says U.S. debt load is in ‘reasonable place’ if it remains at this level – CNBC

6/18  Why consumer sentiment fell to a seven-month low – Daniel Lacalle

6/18  Dollar tests 2024 high as europe turmoil sparks flight to haven – Yahoo!

6/18  Exclusive: Chinese ‘cyber police’ agent runs online network helping illegal immigrants flood into us – Daily Caller

6/18  BRICS makes major de-dollarization announcement – Water Guru

6/18  Central Banks Expect to Snap Up More Gold This Year Amid Dollar Pessimism – WSJ

6/18  Greyerz – all hell is about to break loose in the world financial system – King World News

6/18  Rent Hikes Loom, Posing Threat to Inflation Fight – WSJ

6/18  Can you afford to eat? – International Man

6/18  U.S. warns it will protect the Philippines as tensions with China ramp up – Axios

6/18  Best indicator for recession & stock market downturn – Daily Gold

6/18  Dedollarization & Deglobalization: Got Gold? – 321Gold

6/18  American consumers hit a wall ST – St Onge

6/18  Trump makes key House GOP endorsement in Alaska after Johnson meeting – Politico

6/18  Saudi Arabia’s De-dollarization Explained – Schiff Gold

6/18  America’s largest private bus company covering 500 cities across us files for bankruptcy – DM

6/18  13 Haunting Sunken cities from around the world – ATI

6/18  Zelensky, Western leaders reject putin proposals at Swiss Peace Summit – Breitbart

6/18  Pizza Hut shuts down 15 locations with 120 others in danger – NY Post

6/18  Steve Bannon predicts leftists will sentence Trump to “multiple years in prison” – Modernity

6/18  Dispelling five more myths: the truth about Bitcoin – International Man

6/18  Hot Wage growth bedevils wishlist for ECB rate cuts – Wolf Street

6/18  Macron’s struggle has europe fretting over defense, Ukraine – Yahoo!

6/18  Why is NATO expanding its nuclear force? – Asia Times

6/18  Netanyahu disbands Israel’s war cabinet – American Thinker

6/18  FDR’s anti-semitism derailed many Holocaust rescue plans – ToI

6/17  Beneath the Skin of CPI Inflation: A stunning outlier services CPI drove down everything else – Wolf Street

6/17  Prepare for the repricing of risk globally – OTM

6/17  Map: The World’s oldest and youngest countries, by median age – Visual Capitalist

6/17  From Fantasy to Fact: the EV slowdown gets real – Oil Price

6/17  Gold’s open interest has collapsed, but look at China’s massive savings rate and gold – King World News

6/17  Immigrants help keep job growth high as inflation cools – CNBC

6/17  Military Draft Coming? House passes measure to automatically register men for selective service – Zero Hedge

6/17  Biden backstory: Runs darkened by family trauma, addiction – Axios

6/17  How the US mopped up a third of global capital flows since Covid – Yahoo!

6/17  76 percent of those under age 40 would consider a China-model car – Mish Talk

6/17  Chinese investors’ rush for offshore assets spurs Hong Kong wealth inflows – Reuters

6/17  The Fed’s secret strategy around “Soft Landing” – Schiff Gold

6/17  Russia Suspends Dollar, Euro Trade on Flagship Stock Exchange – WSJ

6/17  What’s the real size of China’s economy? – Asia Times

6/17  France is on the brink of all-out civil conflict – MSN

6/17  Ranked: the countries receiving the most remittances from abroad – Visual Capitalist

6/17  How does crypto perform in an inflationary recession – Zero Hedge

6/17  Top 10 Cool facts about 7-Eleven – LV

6/17  Russia dethrones u.s. as top eu natural gas supplier – Oil Price

6/17  VIDEO – ‘We Will Find You’: Lara Trump warns election cheaters – Breitbart

6/17  Biden declared June 15th ‘Elder Abuse Awareness Day’; guess what happened next – Modernity

6/17  Job Openings vs Unemployment looks very much like a recession has begun – MishTalk

6/17  The BRICS weigh in on Palestine – Lew Rockwell

6/17  Why Dollar Tree Is Looking to Cut Its Losses With Family Dollar – WSJ

6/17  Brain Chips to replace cell phones in future – Musk – RT

6/16  What Dads get for Father’s Day vs. What they actually want – Babylon Bee

6/16  Gold, Crypto, & Oil – 321Gold

6/16  Pepe Escobar : Russia readies war with NATO – YT

6/16  France is on the brink of all-out civil conflict – MSN

6/16  Navigating the sh*t show that is 2024 – Zero Hedge

6/16  What causes stagflation? – Mises Institute

6/16  China’s global military base strategy taking shape – Asia Times

6/16  Dads: we see you – X.com

6/16  IMF digital currency to replace the dollar – AE

6/16  MIS-REPORTED inflation is just MIS-REPORTED theft – VG

6/16  Russia’s hybrid warfare spills into NATO, raising new fears – The Hill

6/16  Junta of mega-cap stocks rules. rest of the market? Russell 2000 hits Jan 2021 level, S&P 500 equal weight hits Jan 2022 – Wolf Street

6/16  World leaders join Ukraine summit in test of Kyiv’s peace push – Reuters

6/16  AI processor wars burning hot and bright – Asia Times

6/16  G7 leaders agree to provide ukraine with $50 billion using frozen Russian assets – Anti-War

6/16  5 reasons why we are entering the next copper super cycle – AOTH

6/16  85,000 users locked out of savings accounts at “youtube bank” as fears over bank failure grow – Natural News

6/16  Gold and silver’s physical drivers – Gold Money

6/16  Trump just posted this video of biden’s most inspiring quotes… – Market Sanity

6/16  10 Jaw-dropping prison escapes involving helicopters – LV

6/16  AI: “Existential Crisis” or excuse for Cronyism? – Mises Institute

6/16  Hedge fund betting big that Bitcoin mining won’t exist in five years… – BT

6/16  Investors Fear Long Stretch of Calm in Markets Can’t Last – WSJ

6/16  Military draft coming? House passes measure to automatically register men for selective service – Zero Hedge

6/16  DOJ declines to Prosecute Garland after house holds him in contempt – Breitbart

6/15  Gold Consolidating High – AH

6/15  Saudi Arabia drifts away from Washington and the Dollar – Mises Institute

6/15  De-Dollarization Update: Saudis cancel the Petrodollar – Rubino

6/15  Weekly Commentary: Potential Catalyst and the Q1 2024 – Credit Bubble Bulletin

6/15  Fulfill the dream – Economic Prism

6/15  Foreign investors have been propping up US bond market this year – Yahoo!

6/15  $29 Trillion: That’s How Much Debt Emerging Nations Are Facing – NYT

6/15  Like exploration? Buy Gold & Silver producers – Daily Gold

6/15  OpenAI just hired the guy who was in charge of mass surveillance at the NSA – Market Sanity

6/15  Singapore set to become the world’s gold hub as gold shifts from west to east – Money Metals

6/15  The crises and sacrifices yet to come – OTM

6/15  Rate-cut mania’s 20.7% spike in french stock market comes home to roost – Wolf Street

6/15  Argentina inflation falls in May for fifth straight month – Reuters

6/15  10 Natural Phenomena that challenge our understanding of earth – LV

6/15  Macron has gambled… and lost – Zero Hedge

6/15  Alex Jones’ personal assets will be liquidated to pay Sandy Hook families, judge rules – Axios

6/15  The US dollar or Silver: Make your choice – HM

6/15  Biden, Zelenskiy inch toward nato with 10-year defense agreement – Yahoo!

6/15  Silver demand in the Solar sector could squeeze Silver supply in the future – Money Metals

6/15  DOJ declines to prosecute garland after house holds him in contempt – Breitbart

6/15  Inspired Idiot: Genghis Khan strikes again (at your wallet) – Schiff Sovereign

6/15  Lara Trump is building an army of ‘100,000 poll watchers and over 500 lawyers’ to ‘deploy’ across America in November – NY Post

6/15  Former Neuralink staffer sues after scratches from herpes monkey – Yahoo!

6/15  Nashville shooter’s manifesto released despite FBI resistance – RealClearWire

6/15  David Stockman on the Federal Reserve’s inflation confirmation fallacy – International Man

6/14  The real story behind the Fed’s “soft landing” narrative – Mises Institute

6/14  Why Americans aren’t buying Biden’s “strong economy” propaganda – Zero Hedge

6/14  Tavi Costa: This is an incredibly bullish tailwind for hard assets – Market Sanity

6/14  Tectonic metals hits on 100% of gold holes drilled in Alaska – 321Gold

6/14  The Confiscation of Reality – BI

6/14  What is the median pay of Magnificent Seven companies? – Visual Capitalist

6/14  Interest rates, inflation, and gold – GoldMoney

6/14  How many Millennials will be rich enough to buy the boomers’ millions of unaffordable bungalows? – OTM

6/14  Russia’s Devastating Attacks on Ukraine’s Grid Spark Fears of Brutal Winter – WSJ

6/14  Carbon Credits are the biggest scam since indulgences—how you can avoid being fleeced – International Man

6/14  Trump talks UFOs – best entertainment you’ll get all week – X.com

6/14  Biden and Zelensky sign ‘10 Year’ Security Deal – RT

6/14  US submarine pulls into Guantanamo bay a day after russian warships arrive in Cuba – AP

6/14  IMF approves $800 Million for Argentina as Milei eyes new deal – Yahoo!

6/14  ‘Grand Tour’ presenter stands ground after calling rows of Pride flags “Oppressive” – Modernity

6/14  Macron’s Gamble on Stopping Le Pen Now Risks Ushering Her to Power – WSJ

6/14  World losers gather at G7 summit – Axios

6/14  As inflation rises, prepare for crime – Schiff Gold

6/14  The State’s Best-kept Secret – Mises Institute

6/14  Inflation….. market insanity continues – Market Ticker

6/14  U.S. crude is dominating global oil markets – Oil Price

6/14  Trump meets with House Republicans in high energy, ‘unifying event’ in D.C. – Brietbart

6/14  Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him – Yahoo!

6/14  The Difficulty of Doing Business around the World – Mises Institute

6/14  Timely Lessons about Tyranny from the Father of the Constitution – Rutherford

6/14  Dollar Becoming ‘Toxic’ – Russia’s top MP – RT

6/14  Mapped: the income needed to live comfortably in every U.S. state – Visual Capitalist

6/14  Never forget what they took from us… – Market Sanity

6/14  Chinese central bank halts gold acquisitions – Schiff Gold

6/14  Asian consumer demand for gold seen staying strong this year – Yahoo!

6/13  Beneath the Skin of CPI Inflation: A stunning outlier services CPI drove down everything else – Wolf Street

6/13  Federal debt breaks $34.7 Trillion for the first time ever, exploding by $37 Billion yesterday alone – Market Sanity

6/13  Biden’s DOJ: Garland immune from prosecution for contempt of congress – Breitbart

6/13  Stung by Past Mistakes, a Wary Fed Takes Its Time – WSJ

6/13  This recession won’t stop it – EP

6/13  Phillip Patrick: there’s just one thing propping up the dollar – Birch Gold

6/13  Powell admits the Biden admin is “overstating” jobs – Zero Hedge

6/13  Japanese investors sell most foreign debt in nine years – Yahoo!

6/13  Why the U.S. is heading for hyperinflation — and what will happen when it arrives – Frank Giustra

6/13  President of Serbia: We will have World War within 3 to 4 months – HTR

6/13  Nation’s health care tab projected to hit nearly $8 trillion in a decade – Axios

6/13  Russia promises ‘decisive response’ to ‘confrontational’ US – RT

6/13  How bad economic policies drive out good entrepreneurs – Mises Institute

6/13  SPLC slashes staff by 25%, Union says – PM

6/13  Musk says Tesla shareholders voting yes for his $56 Billion pay package – Yahoo!

6/13  Catherine Austin Fitts exposes globalist banker coup – Market Sanity

6/13  U.S. Department of Commerce has plan already in place to digitize the identities of all Americans receiving ‘public benefits’ – LH

6/13  Survey: voters are increasingly rejecting lies of gender ideology – Brietbart

6/13  Biden puts another nail in the dollar coffin – Politico

6/13  Biden looks for creative solutions to keep the Ukraine funding stream flowing – WSJ

6/13  Wider European war on the horizon – Asia Times

6/13  The State’s Best-kept Secret – Mises Institute

6/13  The Fed eyes just one interest rate cut this year, totally confused about 2025 – Mish Talk

6/13  Macron and Biden now lying russian assets at Zelensky’s feet – AE

6/13  Le Pen vows to deport foreigners who push “Totalitarian Ideology” in France – Modernity

6/13  NATO tells Ukraine it must defeat Russia to join – RT

6/12  The Bitcoin Effect: Onwards and upwards post-halving – BT

6/12  US plans ‘hellscape’ drone swarm in a Taiwan War – Asia Times

6/12  Charted: America’s shift to a cashless society – Visual Capitalist

6/12  Breitbart Grifts “North Korean defector” – Breitbart

6/12  ‘Poop-gate’: Is Biden’s D-day confusion worthy of all the uproar? – RT

6/12  FOMC preview: from three rate cuts to two – Zero Hedge

6/12  Covid, Economy & Election: QTR on Peak Prosperity – QTR

6/12  Baltimore shipping channel reopens after Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse – CNBC

6/12  Gold & Oil: Understanding rather than fearing change – AOTH

6/12  Saudi Arabia to end Petrodollar Pact – Gesara

6/12  Hedge fund betting big that bitcoin mining won’t exist in five years… – BT

6/12  Kiev’s plan to store F-16s in nato states raises the risk of World War III – Korybko

6/12  How oil is adding fuel to geopolitical fragmentation – Visual Capitalist

6/12  Young Marilyn Monroe: inside the early life of the iconic star – ATI

6/12  Welfare outside of the state – Mises Institute

6/12  Amazon Commits $1.4 Billion to Build 14,000 Affordable Homes – Bloomberg

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5/18  Summer Olympics in paris to construct Digital Tracking system, requiring QR Codes to attend certain events – LH

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5/17  CNN suggests Trans Athletes don’t have an advantage competing against women – Modernity

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5/16  90% of Russia-china transactions in national currencies – RT

5/16  Beneath the Skin of CPI inflation, April: after some zigs, a zag. but 6-month core cpi hits 4.0%, 6-month core services cpi hits 6.0%, both highest since mid-2023 – Wolf Street

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5/16  China’s Top diplomat says US tariffs show loss of ‘sanity’ – Yahoo!

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5/15  Will the Fed lose control? – Rob Paul

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5/15  Summer 2023 was the hottest in 2,000 years, study says – Reuters

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5/15  Monster Mash-up – James Howard Kunstler

5/15  EV owners say their cars are making them sick – as driver claims her Tesla caused her nose bleeds, ‘debilitating’ body pains and hair loss – DM

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5/14  Wall Street Journal boosts Gold FOMO – Rubino

5/14  The New York Times denounces cancel culture . . . after fueling cancel culture for years – JT

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5/14  Whitney Webb: Bankers Use Climate Scam in Latin America to Introduce Digital Currency Globally – NeedtoKnow

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5/14  Foreign terrorist organizations could target pride month events: FBI, DHS – ABC

5/14  Bitcoin paves the way for a new era of free market banking – International Man

5/14  Red Lobster abruptly closes 48 restaurants; mulls bankruptcy – HTR

5/14  Mike Johnson expected to join Trump at N.Y. criminal trial – Axios

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5/14  How China Rose to Lead the World in Cars and Solar Panels – NYT

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5/14  China’s property ‘whitelist’ lifeline stutters amid sector gloom – Reuters

5/14  Alaska Energy metals advances core asset focus with sale of Mexico subsidiary and shareholding – ENG

5/14  What Could Go Wrong? San Francisco using tax dollars to buy vodka and beer for homeless alcoholics – TGP

5/14  Biden, Trump China tariffs draw on old, losing playbook – – Asia Times

5/14  GameStop shares surge again as meme-stock phenomenon returns – Yahoo!

5/14  Sky-High Housing Costs Propel Construction of Rental Homes – WSJ

5/14  FED report: corporate greed *isn’t* fuelling inflation, as biden claims. – The National Pulse

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5/13  Bill Gates’ Billionaire Ex Wife Melinda flashes a huge new diamond ring on engagement finger after private helicopter ride… as she finds happiness following split from the microsoft founder – DM

5/13  Bill Gates Foundation dumps Apple and 50 other companies – Daily Investor

5/13  Startup raises $26.5 million for vaccine to stop cow farts and burps – Axios

5/13  Gladiator continues to deliver high grade copper in the Yukon – 321Gold

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5/13  There’s not enough power for america’s high-tech ambitions – Yahoo!

5/13  Biden slaps tariffs on nonexistent chinese EV imports – Asia Times

5/13  CNN: “It’s unlikely that Biden can win this race – Twitter

5/13  Newsom forced to slash California budget, blames crippling deficit on “Rain Bombs” and tax shortfalls – Zero Hedge

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5/13  Former Spy for China’s secret police reveals operations targeting dissidents in australia and overseas – AMP

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5/13  Former CDC Director: ‘i could make’ Bird Flu ‘highly infectious for humans in months’ – AP

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5/11  Gold up 4 percent in April despite headwinds – Money Metals

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5/11  China-Philippines near full diplomatic collapse at sea – Asia Times

5/11  Russian forces attack Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, striking on new front – Reuters

5/11  The top 10% are the main beneficiaries of globalization, says study – Phys

5/11  U.S. pauses weapons shipment to Israel; waives weapons purchase-sanctions on Qatar, Lebanon, and Iraq – HTR

5/11  A strange relationship – Modernity

5/11  Articles of impeachment drawn over Biden’s withholding of Israeli aid – Brietbart

5/11  israel’s war cabinet approves expansion of Rafah operation – RT

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5/09  Russia responds to ‘provocative statements and threats’ by Western officials about sending troops into Ukraine with nuclear drills and threats of its own – LH

5/09  High school students join Gaza protests and Congress is watching – Axios

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5/09  Denver migrants refuse to leave encampment, send Mayor list of demands – Fox News

5/09  Emerging market junk bonds are top performers in sovereign debt markets – FT

5/09  Neuralink says its first in-human brain implant encounters problem – CNBC

5/09  Ad-tech outfit doubleverify plunges 40% today, -62% from peak, 3 years after IPO. Nabs Wolf Street downgrade to “should have never bought” – Wolf Street

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5/08  Russian fuel cargos pile up at sea as South Korean buyers grow cautious – Oil Price

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5/08  41% of Americans think Civil War likely by 2029, some say sooner amid chaos – TBP

5/08  Record wave of Americans fled big cities for small ones in 2023 – Yahoo!

5/08  The Global Solar Power Boom Is Driving a Surge in Silver Demand – WSJ

5/08  CIA replaces waterboarding with 12-hour lectures on intersectional feminism – Babylon Bee

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5/08  An enormous chunk of the U.S. population is either homeless, living in poverty or considered to be among the working poor – MS

5/08  US completes construction of Gaza aid pier – ToI

5/08  Americans Are Racking Up ‘Phantom Debt’ That Wall Street Can’t Track – Bloomberg

5/08  FBI file on Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather, a Darpa co-founder, has been destroyed – Zero Hedge

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5/08  Ukraine says it foiled a Russian spy agency plot to assassinate President Zelenskyy – Y!

5/08  Western actions in Ukraine: Approaching an “explosive critical mass” – HTR

5/08  Richard Eden: How Bear Grylls helped to Baptise Russell Brand in the thames after the comic converted to Christianity – DM

5/08  Trudeau government offers free access to national parks for migrants only – TPM

5/08  Tens of Millions of household savings and retirement nest eggs in jeopardy: investment expert warns of rare market scenario that has only occurred three times in more then 100 years – DM

5/07  Buffett invests in T-bills instead of stocks, waits for bad stuff to happen, cash is king at 5%-plus – Wolf Street

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5/07  Buffett invests in T-bills instead of stocks, waits for bad stuff to happen, Cash is king at 5%-plus – Wolf Street

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5/07  Mapped: Where pro-Palestinian student protesters have been arrested – Axios

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5/07  Fed says more banks tightened loan standards to start 2024 – Yahoo!

5/07  Germany wants to arm ukraine with Russian funds – RT

5/07  It’s the PPI once more! – Mises Institute

5/07  41% of Americans think Civil War likely by 2029, some say sooner amid chaos – Zero Hedge

5/07  Kamala Harris reacts to Hamas calling for ceasefire: ‘Shrimp and Grits’ – Breitbart

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5/07  Swiss Army Knife Now Available Without the Knife – Bloomberg

5/07  Hungarian foreign minister warns Macron risks sparking World War III – Modernity News

5/07  Victims of a Nazi Human Sacrifice: Five skeletons discovered under GOERING’S house at the Wolf’s Lair, buried naked surrounded by ancient talismans and missing their hands and feet are feared to have met a most terrible fate – DM

5/07  French Ambassador “Warned” By Russia – HTR

5/07  Americans see civil war within five years with upcoming election as flashpoint – SG

5/07  US banks report weaker loan demand, Fed survey says – Reuters

5/07  An enormous chunk of the U.S. population is either homeless, living in poverty or considered to be among the working poor – MS

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5/06  Tensions Rise in Silicon Valley Over Sales of Start-Up Stocks – MYT

5/06  Yen wipes out friday’s gain as market focus returns to yield gap – Yahoo!

5/06  Macron’s Ukraine idea could start WWIII – RT

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5/06  The Inflation Surge, effects of this sudden divergence between the Fed and other central banks, the corporate & government debt bubbles, housing, and the new & used car markets now – Wolf Street

5/06  Hungarian Foreign Minister warns Macron risks sparking World War III – Modernity

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5/06  China’s Xi Shouldn’t Expect an Easy Ride in Europe This Time – WSJ

5/06  They aren’t revolutionaries. they’re bigoted brats – Spiked

5/06  China is buying gold like there’s no tomorrow – DNYUZ

5/06  America’s War Machine Runs on Rare-Earth Magnets. China Owns That Market. – MSN

5/06  BRICS should be ready for dollar collapse – RT

5/06  China home sales slump 47% over May Day holiday vs 2023 – Reuters

5/06  How Bad Is A.I. for the Climate? – NYT

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5/06  72 Types of Americans that are considered “Potential Terrorists” in official government documents – Lew Rockwell

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5/06  Hoot of the Day: Belgium’s ports drowning under glut of Chinese Evs – Mish Talk

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5/05  China Is Buying Gold Like There’s No Tomorrow – NYT

5/05  Full-Time jobs fall again as total employment flatlines in April – Mises Institute

5/05  What are the odds the fed hikes interest rates to 8 percent? – Mish Talk

5/05  Which States have the highest minimum wage in America? – Visual Capitalist

5/05  The Rocket Fuel Behind China Shock 2.0: Weak Currency, Deflation – WSJ

5/05  Bird flu’s wild range – Axios

5/05  A $7 Million “Transparency” Chat Bot named Benjamin for Public Policy – OTB

5/05  CIA engaged in “infinite race” with China for AI, other tech – Zero Hedge

5/05  An absolutely enormous economic shift of historic proportions is now taking place right in front of our eyes – CWR

5/05  Delinquencies of floating-rate office CMBS loans hit 20%, but fixed-rate loans at 4.7% – Wolf Street

5/05  How House Republicans outsource campus speech limits to George Soros – Mises Institute

5/05  A “monster” in the milky way galaxy – Smithsonian

5/05  The Science Behind Why the World Is Getting Wetter – WSJ

5/05  Governments cause inflation and hurt bond investors – Daniel Lacalle

5/05  Canadian health authorities asked pfizer to provide information about dna fragments in Covid-19 vaccines – Natural News

5/05  AI could drive natural gas boom as utilities face surging electric demand – CNBC

5/05  Gruesome first photo of texas dairy farm worker who caught bird flu from a cow shows how he suffered bleeding in his eyeballs – DM


5/05  Gold/Oil Ratio on the vergenotes – NFTRH

5/05  BRICS is driving gold prices higher – watch to find out how – Zero Hedge

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5/05  Biden wants the wealthy to pay their “fair share”, what percentage is that? – Mish Talk

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5/05  Almost half of health care workers hesitant to take Covid-19 boosters: Study – Epoch Times

5/05  Star Wars was the first Lego license 25 years later, it’s stronger than ever – CNBC

5/04  New inflation floor will be 3%: Mark Spiegel – QTR

5/04  Charted: Trust in government institutions by G7 countries – Visual Capitalist

5/04  Money is a monopoly government will never surrender – Epoch Times

5/04  Which Industries lost jobs, which gained jobs: longer-term employment trends in charts – Wolf Street

5/04  Stranger in a Strange Land – TBP

5/04  The Zombie Office TIMEBOMB: Commercial real estate foreclosures jumped 117% in March – as experts warn it could trigger the next banking crisis – DM

5/04  Breaking News: Russian troops enter US base in Niger, order Americans out – LH

5/04  France sends combat troops to Ukraine battlefront – Asia Times

5/04  Gold’s Pullback and Miners – AH

5/04  David Stockman on the $1.3 Trillion elephant in the room – International Man

5/04  British Foreign Secretary: Ukraine can use British missiles against Russian territory – HTR

5/04  US equity funds witness outflows for fifth week in a row – Reuters

5/04  “I’ve been totally ghosted”: after install, solar panels become maintenance nightmare – Zero Hedge

5/04  WATCH: More than 20 Illegal Immigrants dock at California Marina, vanish into neighborhood – Brietbart

5/04  Doug Casey on how Debt Jubilees could reshape our economy and politics – International Man

5/04  Russia and US on brink of WW3 as fears grow of major conflict in one African country – Express

5/04  CIA director in Cairo as talks for Israel-Hamas deal reach critical point – Axios

5/04  Jobs, Wages, Mass immigration, Full- and Part-time workers, unemployment, prime-age participation rate, and multiple jobholders (who are they anyway?) – Wolf Street

5/04  Silver and the coming monetary reform – HM

5/04  Shein, Temu bans next front in US decoupling drive – Asia Times

5/04  REVEALED: the richest people in every state – with a combined net worth of $1.6 trillion | daily mail online – DM

5/04  Chart: The State of World Press Freedom – Statista

5/04  American families are running out of time – TBP

5/04  Breastfeeding Charity suspends trustees for refusing to acknowledge ‘male lactation’ – Modernity News

5/03  Gold and silver finding a base – GoldMoney

5/03  Stakeholder Statism is coming – AIER

5/03  Renewed regulatory pressure on Bitcoin is no surprise – Bombthrower

5/03  Fed Balance Sheet QT: -$1.60 Trillion from peak, to $7.36 Trillion, lowest since December 2020 – Wolf Street

5/03  The Fed Is Eyeing the Job Market, but It’s Difficult to Read – NYT

5/03  The best U.S. companies to work for according to Linkedin – Visual Capitalist

5/03  Jerome Powell on Stagflation – AE

5/03  When life imitates apocalypse culture… – Bombthrower

5/03  U.S. runs out of spare “patriot” missiles for Ukraine, spelling impending Russian victory – Natural News

5/03  Home prices hit new record high, don’t worry, it’s not inflation – Mish Talk

5/03  US high yield spreads still tight despite pick-up in distress – Reuters

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5/03  Russian troops enter airbase in Niger where us soldiers are stationed – Guardian

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5/03  Study: Orangutan 1st wild animal seen treating injury with medicinal plant – Axios

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5/02  “It was brutal”: 2nd Boeing-linked whistleblower dies – Zero Hedge

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4/30  US fertility rate falls to all time low – Modernity News

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4/28  China dumps $74,000,000,000 in us treasuries in one year as two BRICS nations say they’ve abandoned dollar in mutual trade – DH

4/28  Taxing unrealized gains would obliterate the U.S. economy – QTR

4/28  Russian missiles pound power plants in central and western Ukraine – Reuters

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4/28  Half of Russia-china payments conducted via third parties – RT

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4/28  Columbia student protester says ‘Zionists don’t deserve to live’; apologizes – Breitbart

4/28  The Final Sellout? uniparty devils sending $95 Billion to corrupt foreign governments – $300 Million goes to prevent Ukrainians from escaping military draft by fleeing to poland – LH

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4/27  Gold Miners’ Q1’24 preview – AH

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4/27  Retail sales data suggests a strong consumer or does it – Real Investment Advice

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4/27  Palestinian terrorists declare support for columbia encampment, call for ‘escalation’ – Free Beacon

4/27  Bank failures begin again: Philly’s republic first seized by FDIC – Zero Hedge

4/27  FDA finds mrna covid vaccines may cause seizures in toddlers – CHD

4/27  US regulators set to seize republic first bancorp, – Yahoo!

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4/26  Taxing unrealized gains would obliterate the U.S. economy – QTR

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4/26  Russia to seize $440 Million from Jpmorgan – Zero Hedge

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4/26  Tennessee lawmakers approve bill criminalizing adults who help minors receive gender-affirming care – AP

4/26  The Dream of Fed Rate Cuts Is Slipping Away – WSJ

4/26  Hundreds of coffins with bodies of NATO soldiers are flown back from Ukraine Most are French – HTR

4/26  The FBI and CIA are enemies of the American people – Mises Institute

4/26  Honda to build $11 Billion Electric Vehicle hub in Canada – CNBC

4/26  Private credit’s answer to liquidity problem finally takes shape – Yahoo!

4/26  Hertz to sell more EVS as Q1 loss exceeds expectations – Oil Price

4/26  US SEC expected to deny spot ether ETFs next month, industry sources say – Reuters

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4/26  Scientists may have pinpointed the true origin of the hope diamond and other pristine gemstones – LS

4/26  $35 Billion Thai pension fund shifts assets to gold and oil to mitigate geopolitical risk – Kitco

4/26  How WW3 could be won in space… and it’s Russia and China leading the Star Wars Nuke Race: As Moscow vetoes UN bid to prevent space-based armageddon, the deadly weapons Putin and Xi’s scientists are preparing to unleash on the west – DM

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4/25  Iranian rapper is sentenced to be hanged for supporting protests over the death of a woman arrested for wearing an ‘improper’ hijab – DM

4/25  Secret service officer protecting Kamala Harris came to blows with other agents at Joint Base Andrews – NY Post

4/25  Biden calls for 44.6% Capital Gains tax rate, highest capital gains tax since its creation in 1922 – ATR

4/25  Why is a sensible immigration policy discussion so hard? – Mish Talk

4/25  Chicago bears unveil $4.7 Billion stadium plan on lakefront – Yahoo!

4/25  ‘MINOR-ATTRACTED PERSONS’ advocacy NGO lobbies to revise DSM – AP

4/25  Biden reads ‘PAUSE’ instruction off teleprompter in speech to union members – NY Post

4/25  Pentagon to send $1 Billion in air defense weapons and artillery shells to Ukraine within hours after Senate passes $61 Billion aid bill for Kyiv – DM

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4/24  U.S. Takes Aim at Chinese Banks Aiding Russia War Effort – WSJ

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4/22  Germany: Nearly half of young muslims want Islamic Theocracy – Brietbart

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4/19  Housing Market Slumps as Mortgage Rates Top 7% – WSJ

4/19  Existing home sales sink 4.3 Percent, expect more weakness – Mish Talk

4/19  Home Sales clobbered by mortgage rates. new listings & active listings surge. most price reductions for any March in years – Wolf Street

4/19  Amazon starts selling smart grocery carts to other retailers – CNBC

4/19  US vetoes widely supported resolution backing Full UN membership for Palestine – Yahoo!

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4/18  Mortgage rates over 7% and heading higher, Housing Market still frozen, lots of buyers on strike as prices still too high – Wolf Street

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4/18  Racial health disparities exist in every state, new report says – Axios

4/18  Hundreds kicked out of Paris squat ahead of Olympics (video) – RT

4/18  https://www.goldmoney.com/research/gold-makes-new-all-time-amidst-central-bank-buying – GoldMoney

4/18  Google quickly fires 28 employees who protested dealings with israel – Zero Hedge

4/18  Miscalculation Led to Escalation in Clash Between Israel and Iran – NYT

4/18  Still poking the Bear: F-16’s from Netherlands arrive in Romania – HTR

4/18  WHO official admits Vaccine Passports were a scam to advance a global Vaccination Agenda – NN

4/18  Short Squeeze Fears Grip Tin as LME Says It’s Watching Market – Bloomberg

4/18  Scotland set to abandon interim 2030 emissions reduction goal – Oil Price

4/18  2020: The year the System Showed its Real Face – FMP

4/18  Woman wheels a corpse into a bank and tries to get him to ‘Sign Off’ a loan in her name while holding his head up in front of suspicious staff who ask why he looks ‘Very Pale’ – DM

4/18  Technocracy: “The Science of Social Engineering” and the End of Debt – Technocracy

4/18  Arrests made, charges laid in largest gold heist in Canadian history – Mining.com

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4/18  One NBA benchwarmer will earn more than Caitlin Clark’s entire team – Axios

4/18  Biden claims ‘cannibals’ ate his Uncle – RT

4/17 Meanwhile, in Canada: Thieves arrested in country’s largest gold heist released on own recognizance – NP

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4/17  US, Europe to up Iran sanctions as Israel pressed to ditch threatened retaliation – ToI

4/17  Supercharged spying provision buried in “terrifying” FISA 702 reauthorization – Zero Hedge

4/17  USDA and China CCP lab are creating deadly bird flu viruses as part of $1M collaboration – and you are paying for it – DM

4/17  2-Year Treasury Yield briefly tops 5% after Powell cites lack of progress on inflation – CNBC

4/17  Gold edges higher after Powell signals no rush to cut rates – Yahoo!

4/17  The Global Turn Away From Free-Market Policies Worries Economists – NYT

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4/17  Dubai flooded amid torrential rains (videos) – RT

4/17  Gold has set historic highs this year as the Federal Reserve has reported historic losses – WSOP

4/17  Global property insurers see ‘alarming’ losses as risk models lag, report says – Reuters

4/17  New mutant strain of Monkeypox with ‘Pandemic Potential’ is discovered in Congo village – DM

4/17  Food is now an investment – Here’s why inflation isn’t going away anytime soon – Alt-Market

4/17  Museum Wants to Keep Famous Ford Bronco from O.J. Simpson Chase – R&T

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4/16  The Bitcoin Halving Crash Course: What Is It & Why It Matters – Bombthrower

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4/16  Israel says readying ‘imminent’ attack on Iran as airlines cancel flights to region – Zero Hedge

4/16  Bulls jump deeper into Copper amid supply challenges, Ai-fueled demand – Kitco

4/16  Record surge in global coal capacity led by China – Oil Price

4/16  Russia’s arms pact with Iran: moscow pledges fighter jets and air defenses to Tehran including advanced missiles capable of shooting down US and Israeli stealth planes – DM

4/16  Shale-Oil ‘fracklog’ shows us oil production may be slowing – Y!

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4/15  Over 1,300 layoffs hit logistics companies across US – FW

4/15  World Economy’s Great Escape Is No Comfort to the G-20 – Bloomberg

4/15  Neolithic women in Europe were tied up and buried alive in ritual sacrifices, study suggests – LS

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4/12  Major Russian air strikes destroy Kyiv power plant, damage other stations – Reuters

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4/12  Respected Japanese medical doctor issues warning to the world: New Wave of ‘genetic’ vaccines is coming down the pike like a freight train and must be avoided at all costs – LH

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4/11  For the first time in history, the Fed is reporting billions in losses weekly; it’s still paying high interest income to the mega banks on wall street – WSOP

4/11  Biggest copper mines produced 20% less copper in 2023 – AOTH

4/11  Researchers pioneer eco-friendly gold extraction from discarded tech – Oil Price

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4/10  EPA threatens locally produced beef – Malone

4/10  The u.s. has 550 cities where $1 million homes are ‘typical’ – CNBC

4/10  S&P 500 stages late-day rebound with CPI in focus: markets wrap – Y!

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4/10  scientists warn bird flu outbreak could be 100 times worse than Covid – Mercola

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4/09  P. Diddy: Community organizer for the democratic party for 20 years – Lew Rockwell

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4/09  Real energy transition costs could spell danger for EU – Oil Price

4/09  Gold prices hit new record as China’s Central Bank UPS reserves and UBS eyes $2,500 – This is Money

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4/09  If Biden loses the election, what will be the top reason? – MT

4/09  Biggest copper mines produced 20% less copper in 2023 – AOTH

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4/08  Insurance companies are now using drones to find reasons to cancel your home insurance – MSN

4/08  Wave 3 in gold and silver is underway – Sprott Money

4/08  ECB balance sheet QT: -€2.2 Trillion from peak, to €6.61 Trillion. shed 25% of total assets, 53% of pandemic QE – Wolf Street

4/08  Zelensky warns US congress: Meet Ukraine military aid demands or Russia wins – Brietbart

4/08  Clown World: “court to decide if ontario must pay for surgery to make vagina if patient also want to keep penis” – CWR

4/08  DOJ seeks prison for Ashley Biden ‘showers with dad’ diary culprit – Zero Hedge

4/08  Ukraine’s Zelenskyy warns of dwindling air defence missiles – Reuters

4/08  Container ship APL Qingdao loses power and slows to a halt near NYC’s Verrazzano bridge 12 days after cargo vessel crash in Baltimore left six dead – DM

4/08  Bond traders see 4.5% yields as next test as focus shifts to CPI – Y!

4/08  Fearless Stock Bulls Start Hedging as Fed Policy Pivot Stalls – Bloomberg

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4/08  nato chief calls on members to stand up to ‘authoritarian powers’ – RT

4/08  Container ship reportedly “lost power” in NYC Harbor, right
before Verrazzano-Narrows bridge
– Zero Hedge

4/08  The gold market hunts for answers behind bullion’s sudden surge – Y!

4/07  NetZero and Human Rights Are Mutually Exclusive — Bombthrower

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4/07  Hidden inflation tanks biden re-election campaign – Asia Times

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4/06  Antitrust policy in a free society – Lew Rockwell

4/07  Armed police stand guard outside Sierra Leone’s cemeteries to stop drug addicts stealing human bones that they grind up and use in new psychoactive ‘zombie’ drug sweeping the country – DM

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4/06  side effect of us oil & gas boom: record ethane production & exports – Wolf Street

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4/06  UN & bill gates behind “digital public infrastructure” for global control – LS

4/06  Report finds nearly 6 out of 10 US doctors received over $12 billion from Big Pharma firms between 2013 and 2022 – NN

4/06  California governor gavin newsom announces ai-powered surveillance rollout – RTN

4/06  Chokepoints – Minor Issues

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4/06  Wind/Solar/Alt-Energy subsidies to cost federal taxpayers $425 billion between now and 2033 – RB

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4/05  Ukraine strikes may have hit 15% of Russian refinery capacity – NATO official – Reuters

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4/05  Israel urgently evacuates embassies as diplomats fear iranian revenge strikes – Express

4/05  U.S. Army Corps plans to reopen Port of Baltimore channel by end of May – Axios

4/05  Fed’s Kashkari says 2024 rate cuts under threat if inflation continues to stall – Reuters

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4/05  A BRICS alternative to the SWIFT payment system could accelerate de-dollarization – Money Metals

4/05  Seattle closes gifted and talented schools because they had too many white and asian students, with consultant branding black parents who complained about move ‘tokenized’ – DM

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4/04  Spain to recognize Palestinian statehood, calls on western allies to follow suit – Zero Hedge

4/04  Precious Metals roar: Enter Nirvana – RS

4/04  Police Scotland deluged with nearly 4,000 complaints as new hate crime law is weaponized – Modernity

4/04  Taiwan quake could plunge global smartphone industry into chaos as world’s largest chipmaker responsible for 90% of supply halts operations – DM

4/04  Tesla’s deliveries drop for first time since 2020, it’s demand not supply – Mish Talk

4/04  Copper jumps to new 14-month high on supply risks, demand hopes – Y!

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4/03  One dose of Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine contains over 200 billion DNA fragments that can incorporate into human DNA, causing cancer – NN

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4/03  RFK Jr. says he will pardon whistleblower Snowden if elected President – Epoch Times

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4/02  Ukrainian drone hits Russia’s third biggest refinery, damage not critical – Reuters

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4/01  Gold new all-time high monthly/quarterly close – Sinn

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3/29  U.N. chief calls for slavery reparations to overcome ‘generations of discrimination’ – NBC News

3/29  Ukraine is ‘tip of the iceberg’ – Lavrov – IW

3/29  Experts warn mass migration threatens us food security – Epoch Times

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3/28  Skyrocketing cocoa prices impacting Easter candy – Axios

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3/28  Federal judges co-opted america’s state constitutions – Mises Institute

3/28  Amid Canada’s huge immigration surge, population growth hits 3.2%, fuels 10% rent inflation, even as home prices drop – Wolf Street

3/28  Industry insiders: Fedgov cut tugboat budget 40%- could have prevented Baltimore ship-bridge catastrophe – HTR

3/28  VIPS memo: the french road to nuclear war – Consortium News

3/28  South Carolina has $1.8 Billion but doesn’t know where the money came from or where it should go – Yahoo!

3/28  Baltimore bridge collapse timeline: inside the cargo ship collision – ABC News

3/28  Macron makes nuclear offer to BRICS nation – RT

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3/26  SWIFT planning launch of new central bank digital currency platform in 12-24 months – Reuters

3/26  Government funded study claims shakespeare made theatre ‘too white, male and cisgender’ – Modernity

3/26  Bird flu, weather and inflation conspire to keep egg prices near historic highs for Easter – AP

3/26  How NATO powers are using the UKs World War I model to lure Russia into the next big global war – LH

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3/26  Why Treasury Yields Are Rising Despite Rate-Cut Expectations – WSJ

3/26  Junk market flashes warning as fed eyes higher rates for longer – Y!

3/26  The FDA (finally) stops its war on Ivermectin – Organic Prepper

3/26  Russia responds to claims islamic state behind Moscow terror attack – RT

3/26  Tyranny is rising as freedom falls – FFF

3/26  Cocoa prices hit $10,000 per metric ton for the first time ever – CNBC

3/26  China’s ‘unrestricted warfare’: is it here already? – Gatestone Institute

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3/26  Port of baltimore paralyzed after container ship strike collapses bridge – Zero Hedge

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3/25  Moscow terror attack suspects hauled before court, one literally unconscious – Zero Hedge

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3/24  10 modern cases of linguistic genocide – LV

3/24  City Council passes bill ending 24/7 businesses in Kensington – NBC Philly

3/24  The money supply fell for the fifteenth month in a row as full-time jobs disappear – Mises Institute

3/24  America is down to its last 100 cotton mills – Y!

3/24  intel to get $23 billion in government grants & loans plus $25 billion investment tax credits, to invest $100 billion in the us, after wasting $94 billion on share buybacks in 15 years – Wolf Street

3/24  Why car insurance rates are increasing in the u.s. – CNBC

3/24  Here’s why the hype in tech stocks and evs is fizzling… – International Man

3/24  The real coup by illegal aliens storming Biden’s open gates – AE

3/24  Michigan offering homeowners $500 per month to house “newcomers” – DB

3/24  Ten times historic people (maybe) saw aliens – LV

3/24  The ‘American Dream’ of 2 kids, a house and a car now costs $3.4 million – GBR

3/23  Gold mid-tiers’ q4’23 fundamentals – Adam Hamilton

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3/23  Gold is entering nirvana – Sinn

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3/23  BRICS urges middle east to ditch us dollar for oil trade – Watcher

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3/23  FDA settles ivermectin case, agrees to remove controversial ‘stop it’ post – Epoch Times

3/23  Gold’s upside potential in the next 3 years – Daily Gold

3/23  Swamp wins: senate approves $1.2 Trillion spending bill, narrowly averting gov’t shutdown – Zero Hedge

3/23  Canada rolling out social credit system, citizens’ bank accounts linked to obedience scores – Info Wars

3/23  China behind super highway that targets US with mass migration, economic warfare – Epoch Times

3/23  Biden ignores questions as he shuffles off to delaware for another weekend vacation – he has spent 446 days – 39% of his presidency – on vacation (video) – Gateway Pundit

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3/22  Price inflation accelerates for second month as biden blames “greed” – QTR

3/22  What Powell said about slowing the pace of QT: “by going slower, you can get farther” – Wolf Street

3/22  Junk bond default surge continues in 2024 – Schiff Gold

3/22  Nike warns of sales squeeze during sneaker shift – Zero Hedge

3/22  DOJ sues apple over iphone monopoly in landmark antitrust case – CNBC

3/22  During spring bank panic of 2023, liquidity advances from FHLBS topped those of Q4 2008, when Wall Street was in collapse – WSOP

3/22  Report: CIA blocked investigators from interviewing Hunter Biden’s “Sugar Brother” – Brietbart

3/22  The Fed’s bank bailout program is closed! now what? – Money Metals

3/22  Gold nanoparticles more effective than antibiotics – study – Mining.com

3/22  Car values plummet, putting car loans underwater – Quartz

3/22  Global population set to fall for first time in 700 years – Modernity

3/22  Mapped: Where do the wealthiest people in the world live? – Visual Capitalist

3/22  The blm’s quiet war on precious metals – Schiff Gold

3/22  Hundreds of Migrants breakdown border fence, rush officers – Twitter

3/22  Bitcoin set for one of worst weeks in 2024 as ETF demand falters – Y!

3/22  Reddit shares soar 48% in NYSE debut – Axios

3/22  JP Morgan To Launch Their Contactless And Facial Recognition Payment System In 2025 – Wine Press News

3/22  Switzerland becomes first major economy to cut interest rates in surprise move – CNBC

3/22  “Everyone is panicking”: Major cocoa processor scrambles to find beans as prices hyperinflate – Zero Hedge

3/22  Sales of previously owned US homes surge to highest in a year – Y!

3/22  China on track to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, US commander says – Japan Times

3/22  Trump: ‘migrant crime’ is new category of crime in USA – Brietbart

3/22  Cop-Gone-Wild, 28, will get $500,000 payday after suing city claiming she was sexually groomed by her ‘predator’ superiors – after she was fired for sex romps with seven officers – DM

3/22  Biden to forgive $5.8 billion in student loan debt for nearly 78,000 borrowers – CNBC

3/22  JPMorgan’s federally-insured bank is fined $348 million for losing track of “billions” of trades – WSOP

3/22  Drone video reveals massive NYC migrant tent city, kept under wraps by democrats & media – Zero Hedge

3/21  Gold prices have been hitting new highs — and the rally is far from over – CNBC

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3/21  Gold remains a core asset to hold ahead of US elections – Société Générale – Kitco

3/21  Fed still sees 3 rate cuts in 2024, but 2-cut scenario only 1 participant short, holds rates at 5.50% top of range, QT continues as planned – Wolf Street

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3/21  Japan’s factory activity declines slow, service sector picks up – Reuters

3/21  Oman takes the lead in green hydrogen – Oil Price

3/21  Baltimore Wants to Sell Hundreds of Vacant Homes for $1 Each – Bloomberg

3/21  The growing rebellion against costly, low-quality, overly-complex technology – OTM

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3/21  Elon musk unveils clip of his first human patient implanted with Neuralink brain-chip using ‘telepathy’ to play chess on computer just by thinking – DM

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3/20  Ukraine’s survival in danger, Pentagon chief warns – Reuters

3/20  Bank of Japan keeps making its loosest-ever monetary policy slightly less loose in tiny steps at slowest-ever snail’s pace – Wolf Street

3/20  Welcome to the Third World, Part 3: just leave your keys where the car thieves can find them – Rubino

3/20  Yen falls to lowest against euro since 2008 after BoJ rate hike – Y!

3/20  German children ‘must be prepared for war’ – Minister – RT

3/20  Unemployment is not a mental-health problem – Spiked

3/20  NYC to host tall ship flotilla for america’s 250th in 2026 – NY Post

3/20  Uranium hasn’t been this critical since the days of Oppenheimer – Daily Bell

3/20  Chinese Auto Executive: ‘bloodbath’ coming for American auto industry – Breitbart

3/20  Trump invites Chinese to build US auto plants – Asia Times

3/20  Intel prepares for $100 billion spending spree across four US states – Reuters

3/19  The daily sentiment indicator (dsi) says the rally will continue in gold – 321Gold

3/19  The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in Canada: National house prices flat in Feb., -16% from peak, condos drop further, on Bank of Canada’s 5% & massive QT – Wolf Street

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3/19  New tech could make hydrogen cars a commercial reality – Oil Price

3/19  LA battles spate of ‘burglary tourists’ as marauding gangs from Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru jet in on 90-day visas and ransack millionaire mansions before fleeing Back to South America – DM

3/19  The Fed has a lot of questions to answer about its balance sheet – Y!

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3/18  Why social trust is cratering: the difference between elites and commoners – OTM

3/18  Kremlin says the only way to protect Russia is to create a buffer zone with Ukraine – Reuters

3/18  Biden wants to hike taxes by $7 trillion dollars – Mish Talk

3/18  Biden campaign, establishment media attack trump with fake interpretation of ‘bloodbath’ comments in Ohio rally – Brietbart

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3/16  Trans lobbyists angry that UK NHS has banned puberty blockers for kids – MN

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3/15  Peak rates boost U.S. demand for riskier form of corporate debt – Reuters

3/15  African cocoa plants run out of beans as global chocolate crisis deepens – CNBC Africa

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3/15  California activist group paying teens $1,400 in taxpayer money to undergo “social justice” training – CI

3/15  Moscow estimates number of foreign mercenaries killed in Ukraine – RT

3/15  Gold and sacrificial victims found in tomb of ancient leader – CNN

3/15  Feds gave banks tools to shut your accounts if you buy guns – The Federalist

3/15  North Korea ‘outnumbers’ Europe to supply artillery shells in Warzone; Moscow-Pyongyang trade skyrockets – EAT

3/15  Israel assures U.S. weapons used in Gaza according to international law – Axios

3/15  Despite all the ‘benefits of illegal immigrants’ ny manufacturing sector is a stagflationary shitshow – Zero Hedge

3/15  Illegal immigrants leave us hospitals with billions in unpaid bills – Epoch Times

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3/14  Russia is beating US in Ukraine. China’s navy outnumbers the US. The army is collapsing – and the air force is falling from the sky. so, as Biden inexplicably cuts defense budgets – DM

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3/13  US green berets deploying to Taiwan’s front-line – Asia Times

3/13  Treasuries extend declines after weak demand for 10-year sale – Y!

3/13  Female Venezuelan migrant, 20, charged with kicking times square cops as they tackled a suspect appears in court where judge calls her a ‘flight risk’ – DM

3/13  Our dystopian future is already here – Richard Mills

3/13  Automakers are feeding your trip data to insurance companies – Technocracy

3/13  U.S. deep-state operative and architect of 2014 color revolution in Ukraine resigns unexpectedly as Washington’s proxy war against Russia hits new low – LH

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3/13  A finnish study is changing how we approach transgender kids – NY Post

3/13  Israel and Hezbollah Exchange Fire as Tensions Flare on Lebanon Border – WSJ

3/13  Tense moment Swedish fighter jets intercept Russian warplanes over the baltic sea – on the day Scandinavian nation’s flag was raised at NATO HQ – DM

3/13  Tyson closes perry, iowa plant, putting 1,200 out of work – USA Today

3/13  Ranked: global airlines with the most plane crashes – Visual Capitalist

3/13  NYT caught lying about “Hamas mass rapes,” then backpedals with stealth headline edits – NN

3/12  Gold’s got the Midas touch back – Daily Reckoning

3/12  USA importing inflation instead of exporting inflation for first time in 65 years – Zero Hedge

3/12  US commits $100 million more to multinational force for haiti amid violence – VOA

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3/12  DEI office in Biden’s VA is ‘hostile, toxic’ with rampant sexual misconduct, internal probe finds – DW

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3/12  Expect another surge in food prices fueled by dynamic pricing – MT

3/12  $20 Cheeseburglar raids pockets – TDD

3/12  Over 140,000 farms lost in 5 years – FB

3/12  Storied presses print LA Times for last time as production moves to riverside – LA Times

3/12  United States faces ‘increasingly fragile world order,’ Spy Chiefs say – Reuters

3/11  Banks: “unrealized losses” in Q4, securities held by banks, bank failures, and the dropping bank count – Wolf Street

3/11  Emergency Fed bank effort ends lending, as eyes turn to discount window – Reuters

3/11  The End of Safe Banking: what you need to know now – CWR

3/11  Wall Street Mega Banks have created a circular firing squad with credit derivatives and capital relief trades – with the fed’s blessing – WSOP

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3/11  Dramatic moment Russians ‘Destroys two $400M US-made patriot surface-to-air missile systems in one hypersonic iskander strike’ in costly blow to Ukraine – DM

3/11  Hedge Fund Icon: “We’re just two years away from a US debt sustainability crisis, sparking a major global market event” – Zero Hedge

3/11  Argentina creates crisis committee to stop drug violence in Rosario – LS

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3/11  After a pause, Jan. 6 arrests are now sharply increasing – Epoch Times

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3/09  Gold, bitcoin surges show black swan risk rising – Asia Times

3/09  Large US banks saw over $7B deposit outflows amid NYCB chaos last week – Zero Hedge

3/09  Huge percentage of job gains are related to taking care of immigrants – MT

3/09  Fed balance sheet QT: -$1.43 trillion from peak, to $7.54 trillion, lowest since Feb 2021 – Wolf Street

3/09  The fate of the union – James Howard Kunstler

3/09  How America’s Jobs Machine Keeps Humming – WSJ

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3/09  Stocks backpedal from record highs on US payrolls, yields dip – Reuters

3/09  Inside the most ridiculous jobs report in history: record 1.2 million immigrant jobs added in one month – Zero Hedge

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3/09  Kim Jong Un’s military prepares for ‘actual war’ with South Korea and boasts large-scale drills ‘put Seoul in our striking range’ – DM

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3/08  Credit card debt jumps to new all-time high, as card rates rise to new record – Zero Hedge

3/08  Putin Ally Warns France That Russia Has ‘No More Red Lines’ – MSN

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3/04  Fed discusses balance sheet “normalization”: on RRPS & MBS go to zero, reserves drop a lot, slower qt reduces risk of “accidents,” SRF calms repo market, future QE without increasing the balance sheet – Wolf Street

3/04  How the government used ‘Track F’ to fund censorship tools: report – Epoch Times

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3/04  New California bill would make illegal immigrants eligible for first time homebuyer loans – Fox News

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3/02  Biden says U.S. will begin airdropping aid into Gaza in the coming days – Axios

3/02  Chart: the state of global fertility – Statistica

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3/01  Book bans? Make that “intellectual freedom challenges” – Axios

3/01  $87 million buys this for Jamie Dimon: David Boies can’t utter the words “JP Morgan Chase” in a Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case – WSOP

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3/01  Dramatic moment NATO top guns intercept Russian warplanes over Baltic sea… then head off more Putin aircraft North of Poland as Vladimir tests the west’s defences – DM

3/01  Worst monthly spike of “core services” PCE inflation in 22 years, and not just housing: Powell’s gonna have another cow – Wolf Street

3/01  British and French troops on the ground in Ukraine; operating cruise missiles to attack Russian troops – HTR

3/01  Biden blasted after claiming crime rate has fallen to 50 year low – MN

3/01  Fed Chair mum on foreign nations’ evacuation of gold from US – MM

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2/29  Rates, risk and debt: the unavoidable reckoning ahead – OTM

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2/29  Catherine Austin Fitts shreds Trump acolyte in the most brutal 7 minutes you will find on the internet – LH

2/29  Russia’s lng cargoes bound for China avoid the red sea – Oil Price

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2/29  intel aims to deliver chips for 100 million AI PCS by 2025 – Nikkei

2/29  Double-Bottom in silver and a silver explorer with a lot of torque – CEO.ca

2/29  McConnell to step down as Senate GOP leader after 2024 election – Axios

2/29  Who will take care of the roads? Why, the coercive, substandard, and monopolistic government department, that’s Who – Mises Institute

2/29  No asset class is remotely ready for more inflation – Zero Hedge

2/29  ‘No joke’: Ottawa to give Ukraine $4 million to fund gender-inclusive demining – National Post

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2/28  ‘Blood money’: how china is secretly arming american criminals – Breitbart

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2/28  Slovakia says some NATO members are considering sending troops to Ukraine – AW

2/28  Bond traders capitulate to fed’s outlook on 2024 rate cuts – Y!

2/28  The War of 1812 and the Panic of 1819: The unholy alliance between government and banking – Mises Institute

2/28  Bitcoin breaches $60,000; hits record high in a dozen other currencies – Zero Hedge

2/28  Red Sea crisis and OPEC+ cuts support oil prices – Oil Price

2/28  I was a heretic at the New York Times – Atlantic

2/28  The big bond steepener is flopping as the fed delays rate cuts – Y!

2/28  Dengue fever surges by 400% in brazil after bill gates-backed gene-edited mosquitos released – IW

2/28  Ukraine’s Zelenskyy in Saudi Arabia to meet MBS, discuss Russia peace prospects – Alarabiya

2/28  White supremacy goes back to ‘early church’: Oxford professor – TCF

2/28  The fed’s ‘bumpy’ inflation picture could get bumpier this week – Y!

2/28  74 per cent of UK Trans prisoners are sex offenders or violent criminals – Brietbart

2/28  Bank collapse imminent: 90% facing risk of failure – AMG

2/27  “A house of cards, supported & backed by blind faith…” – Zero Hedge

2/27  Houthis knock out underwater cables linking Europe to Asia – J Post

2/27  Newmont went down 7% one day a week ago. Here’s why – 321Gold

2/27  China’s State-Backed Funds Have Bought $57 Billion of Stocks, UBS Says – Bloomberg

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2/27  Kremlin warns of conflict with NATO if alliance troops fight in Ukraine – Reuters

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2/27  Kremlin warns of conflict with NATO if alliance troops fight in Ukraine – Reuters

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2/27  US electricity generation by source in 2023: natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, hydro, solar, geothermal, biomass, petroleum – Wolf Street

2/27  Study finds hearing and balance disorders among covid-19 vaccinated – Epoch Times

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2/27  When military rule supplants democracy – Brownstone

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2/27  BRICS: 30 new countries prepare to join alliance in 2024 – Watcher

2/27  The rapidly emerging rule of tyranny in the west – PCR

2/27  Nvidia bets dominate US options market as AI fervor grows – Reuters

2/27  Monica Lewinsky is an ’empowered woman’ at 50 in new reformation voting campaign – Page Six

2/27  70 percent of the CPI is sticky, including rent, insurance, food away from home – MT

2/27  FTC sues to block Kroger-Albertsons grocery store merger – Axios

2/27  The administrative state is destroying our country – Brownstone

2/27  Debt-Addicted companies look to equity as interest costs skyrocket – Y!

2/26  CIA built “12 secret spy bases” in Ukraine & waged shadow war for last decade, bombshell NYT report confirms – Zero Hedge

2/26  Nvidia declares ai a ‘whole new industry’, a chip stampede is on – MT

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2/26  Squatters take over Hollywood hills mansion – YT

2/26  ‘Slam dunk’ Treasury trade becomes test of patience as yields march higher – Reuters


2/26  Milei exposes the path of destruction of the west – Mises Institute

2/26  Trump wins south carolina, pressure mounts for haley to drop out – MT

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2/23  S&P 500, Dow surge to record closing highs as Nvidia sparks AI frenzy – Reuters

2/23  Trump lawyer Alina Habba on NY ruling: I will respond in appeal and ‘you can read it and weep’ – BB

2/23  Europe clearly now wants Vladimir Putin to win – MSN

2/23  Most Europeans think Ukraine will lose the war, according to survey – Politico

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2/23  China Home Prices Slide, Increasing Pressure on Beijing – WSJ

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2/18  Fed bank bailout program ends in march… then what? – MM

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2/13  US companies talk layoffs like never before – Zero Hedge

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2/12  Private equity returns plunge to global financial crisis levels – Y!

2/11  S&P 500 sets a record on Wednesday as banks continue tanking – WSOP

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2/11  Good News for a Change, Part 1: Independent media is replacing the MSM – Rubino

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2/10  The Royal Mint’s growing interest in Singapore – BullionStar

2/10  How the Rockefellers and Billionaire Donors Pressured Biden on LNG Exports – WSJ

2/10  ‘A slow fiscal death’ awaits some countries in this ‘decade of debt’ – CNBC

2/10  S&P closes over $5000 for first time in history – CNBC

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2/10  As who pandemic treaty nears completion, critics raise red flags for us freedoms – Epoch Times

2/10  Year of the Dragon: Surge in Singapore’s gold & silver sales – BullionStar

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2/10  They inch towards total technological control – BI

2/10  BRICS: US allies are downsizing the dollar in central banks – Watcher

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2/09  Canadian MP wants to put you in prison for endorsing fossil fuels – BT

2/09  Germany to replace nuclear with natural gas plants for $16B – Oil Price

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2/09  2024 Candidate Nikki Haley was a WEF ‘young global leader’ – FP

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2/09  The Britain of dad’s army is fading from memory – Spiked

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2/09  Economists from the left and right call for 401(k) tax benefits to be axed to help fund social security benefits – DM

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2/08  Federal forecasters: budget gap to top $1.6T this year, growing another $1T over next decade – Politico

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2/06  Biden’s third-year job approval average of 39.8% second worst – Gallup

2/06  Credit Card debt: renters and poor people are falling behind – AP

2/06  China margin debt drops most since 2016 amid stock rout – Yahoo!

2/06  US office CRE mess is spread far and wide across investors & banks globally. US banks eat only a portion of the losses – Wolf Street

2/06  IMF: china’s new housing demand to drop by 50% in the next decade – CNBC

2/06  Why all of America could see a San Francisco-style homeless crisis – Epoch Times

2/06  U.S. diesel supply tightens as manufacturing comes roaring back – Oil Price

2/06  NYPD pulls the plug on its times square subway police robot just months after mayor Eric Adams touted the $12,500 machine as ‘part of the fabric’ of the future – DM

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2/06  Bank of America Pledged to Stop Financing Coal.
Now It’s Backtracking.

2/06  China stocks rebound as beijing intensifies efforts to stem rout – Y!

2/06  Eyepopping factory construction boom in the US: chip makers on forefront, but chips act funds not even released yet – Wolf Street

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2/06  More problems in the regional banking system: where there’s fire there’s smoke – Money Metals

2/06  China was responsible for 96% of coal plants constructed in 2023 – Oil Price

2/06  IRS to boost enforcement workforce by 40 percent by year-end 2024 – Epoch Times

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2/05  US establishes new stockpile in Australia to prepare for war over Taiwan – Anti-War

2/05  Westhaven gold still absurdly cheap – 321Gold

2/05  The S&P’s top stocks haven’t been this concentrated in 50 years – Axios

2/05  TSA rolls out facial recognition to all ‘federalized’ airports – Technocracy News

2/05  “This is not friendly” – Bret Weinstein shows Tucker Carlson how China & the UN are driving the invasion of America – Zero Hedge

2/05  Denver starts booting migrants from shelters as city nears ‘breaking point’ – Zero Hedge

2/05  US economy continues to service itself; January payrolls +353,000 – NFTRH

2/05  Create wealth without making anything – AIER

2/05  Big explosion of government and social assistance jobs in 2023 to help migrants – MT

2/05  Powell Says Fed Has New Focus: When to Cut Rates – WSJ

2/05  Consumer sentiment surges while inflation outlook dips, survey shows – CNBC

2/05  Renowned banking analyst predicts US dollar implosion, endorses cryptocurrency – AP

2/05  trump doubles down on mass deportation plans – RT

2/05  Biden’s emerging new Ukraine policy – Asia Times

2/04  US dollar index (dxy) is a ‘tool’, gold is ‘value’, both are safe havens – NFTRH

2/04  Ukraine corruption festering into an existential threat – Asia Times

2/04  The government took over the mob’s best rackets – BRJ

2/04  New York Times warns of ‘ideological extremism’ by transgender activists, highlights detransitioners’ nightmare of ‘gender-affirming care’ as children – Blaze

2/04  Bank fraud enters a new era: bank-to-bank wire transfers loot customers – WSOP

2/04  Chinese military studying ‘cognitive attacks’ against us population – Epoch Times

2/04  Joe Rogan has shattered the media monolith – QTR

2/04  Why contrarian investing works – SWA

2/04  Globalists will use carbon controls to stop you from growing your own food – Alt-Market

2/04  The worst jobs report of all-time cloaked as a Biden victory (all job creation over past 4 years has been for foreign-born workers, zero job-creation for native born workers since july 2018!) – CI

2/04  Washington State diverted $340M in Federal COVID funds to immigrants, including via $1,000 checks – Fox News

2/04  Ferrari hits €1 Billion in profits amid luxury market boom – Oil Price
2/04  The top 6 most deranged moments of the WEF’s 2024 Davos meeting – VC

2/04  Retirement savers are piling into stocks. is that a good idea? – Real Investment Advice

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2/03  Alberta’s new transgender rules: From restricted treatments to pronouns and parental rights – MSN

2/03  Why Keynesians never say sorry – Lew Rockwell

2/03  S&P 500 closes at a record, rises for a fourth-straight week on strong tech earnings – CNBC

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2/02  British Zennials panic over talk of potential military conscription for war with Russia – Zero Hedge

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2/02  Gold demand hit record highs in 2023 amid geopolitical risks, China weakness – CNBC

2/02  US sees signs iran is worried about escalating proxy attacks amid heightened tensions – CNN

2/02  IMF Chief Says Fed Rate Cuts Are Better Late Than Early – Bloomberg

2/02  NYC homeless shelter population surges 53% amid migrant crisis – NY Post

2/02  Chart: US crude oil production jumps to record high of 13.3 million barrels per day – Yahoo!

2/02  Are gold mining stocks cheap? – TSI Blog

2/02  It’s Biden vs. Texas, and Texas is right. – Mises Institute

2/02  Volvo, An Early Electric Car Adopter, Cuts Off Funding For Its EV Affiliate – WSJ

2/02  Sarajevo redux or how world wars come about – Macleod

2/02  75% of house democrats voted against deporting criminal migrants who commit social security fraud – Zero Hedge

2/02  Time for a Trust? if so, what kind? – Rubino

2/02  Three years after decriminalization, oregon frets over drug use – Yahoo!

2/02  Gold: a fresh buy signal – 321Gold

2/02  Shadow War With Iran Risks Turning Into a Direct Conflict – WSJ

2/02  Pro-Life activists convicted of felonies in Tennessee – face 11 years in prison for praying and singing hymns outside abortion clinic – TGP

2/02  Retirement savers are piling into stocks. is that a good idea? – Real Investment Advice

2/02  Biden admin-released migrant crime wave sweeping sanctuary cities – Breitbart

2/02  Texas guard flies ‘come and take it’ flag amid dispute with Feds – Military

2/02  Migrants who beat NYPD cops released with no bail, given free tickets to California under fake names – Zero Hedge

2/02  Will AI cause massive deflation? – St.Onge

2/01  Border deal on life support as negotiators battle “misinformation” – Axios

2/01  The US is living on borrowed time – VG

2/01  Sparks fly as senators push CEOs to support online safety bills – Axios

2/01  Four charts that show Cantillon effects – Mises Institute

2/01  Visualized: past interest rate cut cycles and 2024 forecasts – Visual Capitalist

2/01  Powell Navigates ‘Toxic’ Politics of Rate Cuts as Election Nears – WSJ

2/01  Gold stocks are cheap and hated – Daily Gold

2/01  Wow, Fed’s statement pushes back against rate-cut mania and End-of-QT mania. holds rates at 5.50% top of range, QT to continue as planned – Wolf Street

2/01  Doug Casey: Exposes the hidden agenda of Davos – International Man

2/01  Valery Zaluzhny: Zelensky set to announce dismissal of Ukraine’s top commander within days as rift grows over war – CNN

2/01  US Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citizen, Chase and PNC are shutting hundreds of branches a year – here is what to do if your bank closes – DM

2/01  US cattle herd shrinks to 73-year-low in blow for beef lovers – Y!

2/01  New York Community Bancorp Stock Plunges 38%, Reigniting Fears for Regional Banks – WSJ

2/01  Chart: Is ESG investing in decline? – Visual Capitalist

2/01  Biden’s absurd new economic messaging strategy – Mises Institute

2/01  Millionaires are moving to these countries in droves – MG

2/01  House passes bipartisan tax bill that expands child tax credit to illegal immigrants – CNN

2/01  The Rapid Rise of the $100 Million Trophy Home – WSJ

2/01  “One of the most brilliant explanations of the modern world”: Russell Brand sits with tucker carlson for explosive interview | zerohedge – Zero Hedge

2/01  Walmart opening 150 new stores – Axios

2/01  Secession’s opponents embrace colonialism and “enlightened” central governments – Mises Institute

2/01  Ukraine set to receive new game-changing US-made ‘glide bombs’ with 100-mile range – DM

2/01  China’s real estate crisis, shown in two charts – Visual Capitalist

2/01  Tesla closes in on Toyota in California: the battle for #1. total EV sales +46% in 2023, EV share hits 21% – Wolf Street

2/01  Chinese Defense Chief promises support to Russia on ‘Ukrainian issue’ – RT

2/01  Israel and Lebanon are prepping for a war neither wants – AP

2/01  China’s economy is about to implode. we will all feel the aftershocks – Yahoo!

2/01  The globalists want CBDCss in 2024… what really comes next will surprise them – International Man

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1/31  US Debt-to-GDP ratio worsens further, despite solid economic growth, as government debt balloons at a scary pace – Wolf Street

1/31  Gold, debt, & global markets rebellion – 321Gold

1/31  Gold, when all else fails, Part 1: China’s last resort – Rubino

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1/31  Biden regime expanding intrusive facial recognition scans to all 430 ‘federalized’ airports – LH

1/31  Global clean energy spending surges to $1.8 trillion. It’s not enough – Mining.com

1/31  Biden’s trojan horse immigration deal would allow another 1.8 Million migrants – MishTalk

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1/31  China Evergrande liquidation is no Lehman moment – Asia Times

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1/31  More Israeli troops to ‘go into action’ soon at Lebanon border – Zero Hedge

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1/31  2081 Athlete Cardiac Arrests or serious issues, 1457 of them dead, since COVID injection – GS

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1/30  The battle over capital at the mega banks must expand to breaking them up – WSOP

1/30  French farmers block highways around paris as protests swell – Y!

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1/29  Incentives are everything: Yet, elites think that individual incentives are irrelevant.
– BT

1/29  Mess in the west: ‘army of god’ convoy heads to us border while eu farmers block cities – Zero Hedge

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1/27  NATO set to mobilize 90,000 soldiers for biggest drill since cold war, rehearsing rapid US deployment near Russia’s borders – SS

1/27  “Traitor”: Argentina paralyzed by strikes as thousands protest Milei’s “shock therapy” – Zero Hedge

1/27  Yemen Houthi rebels fire a missile at a US warship, escalating worst mideast sea conflict in decades – AP

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1/23  How private credit became one of the hottest investments on wall street – CNBC

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1/21  ‘This really pi**es me off’: Jerry Seinfeld shuts down woke journo for complaining about number of white people in his web series – IW

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1/20  amid collapsed demand for existing homes, prices drop further, supply highest for any December since 2018, new listings come out of the woodwork – Wolf Street

1/20  Houthis declare safe passage for all Russian, Chinese ships in Red Sea – Zero Hedge

1/20  Judge orders wind farm dismantled in win for tribal sovereignty – RCW

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1/20  China’s $6.3 trillion stock selloff is getting uglier by the day – Y!

1/20  Fed’s balance sheet QT, liabilities: RRPs -$1.78 trillion from peak, to $590 billion, but reserves rise to $3.6 trillion as liquidity drains and shifts – Wolf Street

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1/18  For many in China, the economy feels like it is in recession – Reuters

1/18  China’s Property Market May Keep Struggling Despite Stimulus – WSJ

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1/18  U.S. deficit tops half a trillion dollars in first quarter of fiscal year – CNBC

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1/18  The Bill Is Coming Due on a Record Amount of Commercial Real Estate Debt – WSJ

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1/18  inflation in canada refuses to cooperate with rate-cut bets – Wolf Street

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1/18  Middle East tinderbox threatens to explode as Pakistan air force launches airstrikes on Iran at ‘militant targets’ – DM

1/18  NATO official warns west: be ready for ‘anything’ – Politico

1/18  Tensions rise in the horn of Africa – Oil Price

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1/17  Why can’t economists be booted for malpractice? – Walter Block

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1/17  World’s most chilling theme park in Iran where kids fire AK-47s at US flags, crawl through barbed wire & ‘play’ soldier – DM

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1/17  Largest lithium deposit in the world suspends output – Oil Price

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1/17  Klaus Schwab’s Opening Statement at Davos – Twitter

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1/17  Car ownership unaffordable for majority as most say ‘american dream’ doesn’t hold true – IW

1/17  Video: Globalist WEF speaker complains Elon Musk’s X is “toxic” and “scary” – MN

1/17  Yellen says US economic performance ‘vindicates’ heavy covid-era spending – Y!

1/17  ‘Man boobs’ warning: enlarged breasts raises risk of early death – SF

1/17  Davos Party Secrets: caviar, magic mushrooms, champagne – NY Post

1/17  Here we go: WEF hosts panel tomorrow for ‘Disease X’ – BB

1/17  S&P: corporate debt defaults soared 80% in 2023, could be high in 2024 – CNBC

1/17  Around the world in 80 weighs: Overweight britons reveal how ‘everyone was staring’ when they visited Tokyo where ‘obese people don’t exist’ for channel 4 show – DM

1/17  China’s coal production hit a new record high in 2023 – Oil Price

1/16  Coming flood of US Treasury issuance unsettles some investors after blazing rally – R

1/16  Gold mining stocks, a clear and compelling investment case – Sprott

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1/16  Powell’s WSJ mouthpiece and JPMorgan confirm imminent end of QT – Zero Hedge

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1/16  Secret German MoD document lays out path to World War iii – Modernity

1/16  BofA poll shows US stock optimism at highest level since 2021 – Y!

1/16  fed reports operating loss of $114 billion for 2023, as interest expense blows out – Wolf Street

1/16  NASDAQ CEO: Fed should be a little concerned about starting cuts too early – CNBC

1/16  The Oregon Problem: it’s not drugs! it’s the socialistic political culture – Mises Institute

1/16  A Pessimist’s Guide to Global Economic Risks in 2024 – BB


1/16  New York Factory Index Slumps to Lowest Level Since May 2020 – BB

1/16  Iran strikes targets in northern Iraq and Syria as regional tensions escalate – AP

1/16  Vivek drops out of 2024 race, endorses trump after record breaking iowa landslide – MN

1/16  Cheers to you, wefers of davos! – Kunstler

1/16  Debt-Saddled consumers embracing even more “doom spending” – Schiff Gold

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1/16  How the World’s Purchasing Managers See Current Business Conditions – BB

1/16  Iran says Revolutionary Guards attack Israel’s ‘spy HQ’ in Iraq, vow more revenge – Reuters

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1/15  Massive money printing will accelerate as debt soars – Daniel Lacalle

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