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Headlines The Mainstream Media Would Prefer You Didn't Know About

9/16 Why Ralph Lauren is going back to where it all began- ‘My vision hasn’t changed’ – CNN

9/16 The Myth of Chinese Diversionary War – Foreign Affairs

9/16 Elon Musk- On Starlink controversy, “Ukrainian government is not in charge of the US people” – 100PercentFedUp

9/16 Fed losses breach $100 billion as interest costs rise – Reuters

9/16 Brutal Marijuana Studies Now Emerging – It Should Never Have Been Fully Legalized – The Gateway Pundit

9/16 Zelensky sends hit squads to ‘hunt down and kill’ Americans who oppose his contemptible regime – Charlie Kirk

9/16 Bitcoin at $26.4K Set for Weekly Gain, but Rallies Might Continue to be Sold – CoinDesk

9/16 New California fast-food bill will cause ‘devastating financial blow’ ($20/hr MANDATED start pay) – CNBC

9/16 The rise of surge pricing: ‘It will eventually be everywhere’ – FT

9/16 UAW strike: Biden says striking car workers deserve ‘fair share’ – BBC

9/16 Niger holding ambassador ‘hostage’ – France – RT

9/16 #1 “Close The Freaking Border!” – Angry New Yorkers Shout-Down AOC & Nadler – DailyMail UK

9/16 #2 “They will never be allowed to walk down the streets again” – NYC protester – Twitter/ X

9/15 Hunter Biden and his dad will both be found guilty of bribery and treason – Mediaite

9/15 G20 and the one world government dream – Armstrong Economics

9/15 California passes bill giving striking workers unemployment benefits (of course, Newsome will sign into law) – LATimes

9/15 The media should apologize to the Catholic Church…but won’t – American Thinker

9/15 Americans broadly support military strikes in Mexico, Reuters/Ipsos poll finds -YIKES!!! – Jpost

9/15 Gold Stocks: A Higher Final Low? – 321Gold

9/15 Daily Oil, Gold, Silver Technical Analysis – FxDailyReport

9/15 Russian manufacturers are making up to 7x more ammo than Western arms makers – Business Insider

9/15 The 6 golden rules of surviving martial law – Madge Waggy

9/15 World isn’t ready for what Bank of Japan Governor is trying to say – AsiaTimes

9/15 ECB raises interest rates to all-time high! – FT

9/15 Google founder and silicon valley engineers admit ‘We’re Creating God’ – WinePressNews

9/15 VW Lays off workers at EV factory over cratering demand (green, electric car scam) – MSN

9/15 Argentina inflation hits 124% as cost-of-living crisis sharpens – Investing

9/15 McDonald’s ending one it’s iconic “trademarks’ to reduce theft… – Breitbart

9/15 India or Bharat? – National Interest

9/15 WTF is Christine Lagarde up to? – Politico EU

9/14 Anti-CBDC bill reintroduced to stop unelected bureaucrats “undermining the American way of life” – Coin Telegraph

9/14 Rothschild Admits ESG Failure As Globalists Shift To “Inclusive Capitalism” Agenda – Alt Market

9/14 Boston’s idiot, hard-core, leftist mayor declares ‘heat emergency’ for high-80s summer day – American Thinker

9/14 White House Dictates to the press in letter, tells media to be dritical of impeachment inquiry – Reclaim the Net

9/14 Inflation acceleration in the second half has begun, “Disinflation” honeymoon over – Wolf Street

9/14 Apple’s $60 iCloud Service Is the Future of Apple – Wired

9/14 US Navy squanders billions, gives up the ghost on its failed ‘urban street fighter’ – Asia Times

9/14 This is why no action on Biden corruption- weak, ineffective Republicans like Comer – Twitter/ X

9/14 EU leaders know they can’t survive without Russian energy, Zakharova tells RT – RT

9/14 Is Zelensky threatening the west? (yes) – Nki Stankovic/ Twitter X

9/14 American, tranny Ukraine military spox: Ukraine Will Hunt Down “Russian Propagandists” world wide – Twitter/ X

9/14 The Federal Reserve Is Losing Money and You’re Going to Foot the Bill – Schiff Gold

9/14 Mitt Romney to retire from US Senate (He’s running for President) – Reuters

9/14 Caesar’s Paid Millions in Ransom to Hackers in Recent Attack – Bloomberg

9/14 3 shots- you’re out: What the “experts” are NOT telling you about the trio of jabs… – Brucha Weisberger

9/14 Even Buttigieg Can’t Find a Reliable EV Charger (‘Green,’ Electric Car Scam) – WSJ

9/14 The Panama Canal Has Stopped! – Hal Turner

9/14 Watch the ticker- US debt increases +$15 million every 15 seconds! – US Debt Clock

9/13 Oliver Anthony Cancels Tenn Concert over High Ticket Prices: ‘Not Acceptable’ – Slay News

9/13 Why most professional tennis players struggle to make a living – Vox

9/13 Bloodshed Cometh: When American Farmers Were Beaten, Gassed and Jailed – AgWeb

9/13 America Since 9/11: 22 Years of Lies and Despotism – Mises Institute

9/13 McCarthy Launches Biden Impeachment Inquiry (don’t hold your breath) – Twitter/ X

9/13 “Bitcoin Short Squeeze Lifts Prices Back to $26K” – CoinDesk

9/13 Mexico’s Moment: The Biggest US Trading Partner Is No Longer China – Bloomberg

9/13 US auto labor talks intensify near strike deadline – Reuters

9/13 Hero of the Week: September 11, 2023: Senator Frank Niceley – Solari Report

9/13 Blinken OKs Attacks On Russia With US Missiles – AntiWar

9/13 Biden did too much with too small a mandate (globalists abandon Biden) – FT

9/13 The 25 Worst Stocks by Shareholder Wealth Losses (1926-2022) – Visual Capitalist

9/13 Jussie Smollet: ‘Staged racist homophobic attack against himself and…’ – ABC News

9/13 Silver Market Update – How it will perform during a stockmarket crash… – Clive Maund

9/13 41% of New Yorkers Now Want Trump’s Border Wall – The National Pulse

9/13 U.S. Incomes Fall For Third Straight Year – WSJ

9/12 A big auto workers’ strike could hit next week — with Biden’s policies in the balance – Politico

9/12 Smuckers to purchase Hostess Brands, owner of Twinkies, for over $5 billion – Washington Examiner

9/12 Hawaii governor starts to give the game away, then struggles to unsay it – Burning Platform

9/12 VanEck Junior Gold Miners ETF Price Chart (check out the year to date chart) – Google Finance

9/12 Is gold still a worthy investment? – Mining

9/12 Trading Firms Deposit Millions in BTC, ETH to Exchanges -Crypto Sell-Off Intensifies – CoinDesk

9/12 The “ultra right wing” government shutdown hysteria is just beginning – AOL

9/12 A Huge Lithium Discovery That Economists Were Expecting – Bloomberg

9/12 100% BS from Globalist Shills: ‘The Case for a Global Carbon-Pricing Framework ‘ – Foreign Affairs

9/12 Nato to launch biggest military exercise since cold war – FT

9/12 Musk responds to Ukraine ‘treason’ claims – RT

9/12 Gold Market Update – How it will perform during a stockmarket crash… – Clive Mund

9/11 Scientists Have Created A Human “Entity” That Has No Mother Or Father – Metro UK

9/11 Oslo is dead: A Palestinian state will never exist – opinion – Jpost

9/11 Mace: Biden Impeachment Is ‘Window Dressing,’ It’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’ – Breitbart

9/11 “Kevin McCarthy faces battle with hard-right Republicans as shutdown looms” – The Guardian

9/11 Yellen ‘Feeling Very Good’ About Soft Landing for US Economy (yeah, right!) – Bloomberg

9/11 Simple but magic: pickleball pulls in thousands of new players – The Times UK

9/11 “Unrealized Losses” on Securities Held by Banks +8%, to $558 Billion – Wolf Street

9/11 “Who Is Biden Working For?” ‘Illegal, Reckless’ Cancellation Of Alaska Oil Leases – Zero Hedge

9/11 Chicago O’Hare airport been turned into a shelter for illegals (video) – Twitter/ X

9/11 WEF and the climate cult: (colluding for a world-wide welfare state) – Am Greatness

9/11 Silver Whipsawed – SchiffGold

9/11 Biden aide intervenes to end rambling press conference (VIDEO) – Twitter/ X

9/11 Here’s why Ukraine’s defeat could mean the end of NATO in its current form – RT

9/11 NATO Begins War Games in Baltic Sea, Simulate Attack on Russia – AntiWar

9/11 Erdogan says isolating Russia will fail, eyes Black Sea grain revival – Asia Nikkei

9/11 Western nations accept ‘climbdown’ on Ukraine to salvage G20’s relevance – FT

9/10 Lovesick Astronaut Accused of Sabotaging Half a Billion Dollar Spacecraft. – American Greatness

9/10 How Hippies Saved the Fourth Amendment – Reason

9/10 Have We Only Seen the Tip of the Iceberg for mRNA Vaccine Harms? – The Daily Sceptic

9/10 Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Gold Confiscation – International Man

Zero Fees Gold IRA

Quick Commentary (continued)

Anyone who tells you otherwise is playing you for a fool. I doubt he’ll serve out the remaining 16 months of his term. Besides the overwhelming evidence of his treason, bribery and other high crimes, the man is demonstrably senile and unfit. Of course, Biden’s not making any decisions or calling any shots. Yesterday he embarrassed the United States as he (read from a teleprompter) an incoherent, mumbling, stumbling address to the UN General Assembly. Who’s really running the Executive branch of the United States government? And the first impeachment hearing is only eight days from today.

The under reported scandal of political persecution by the unhinged, lesbian, fascist Attorney General of Michigan continues apace.

More… Zelensky (who’s RAPIDLY wearing out his welcome) to speak again at the UN today and he’ll be in Washington DC begging for more money tomorrow,  US government shutdown, Republican civil war in the house. And perhaps (we can only hope and pray) the House of Representatives may shut off future funding of the Ukraine war.

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