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EMX Royalty Corp


EMX Royalty offers cash flow from royalties, advance royalties, and other mineral property payments provides ongoing revenue for EMX’s sustainable growth and value creation.

News Releases

4 October 2022 – EMX to Receive US$ 3 Million Milestone Payment for the Parks-Salyer Royalty Property in Arizona

15 September 2022 – EMX Receives initial production royalty payments from Balya North

9 September 2022 – EMX Receives initial production royalty payments from Gediktepe

2 September 2022 – EMX Purchases Royalty Portfolio over Nevada Gold Projects from Nevada Exploration

26 August 2022 – EMX Royalty Options the Mesa Well Copper Project in Arizona to Intrepid Metals

15 August 2022 – EMX Royalty Announces Second Quarter 2022 Results


EMX Corporate Overview



4-5 November 2022 – Edelmetallmesse Munich

4-5 November 2022 – Metal Investors Forum 2022 Vancouver, BC 

8-10 November 2022 – Swiss Mining Institute Online

14-15 November 2022 – Precious Metals Summit Zurich

17-18 November 2022 – 121 Mining Investment Frankfurt, Germany

21-23 November 2022 – 121 Mining Investment London, England

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EMX Royalty

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