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Guanajuato Silver


Guanajuato Silver is the leading claim holder in the Guanajuato Mining District; one of the world’s great silver camps with almost a 500-year mining history. GSilver’s projects are surrounded by many past and present precious metals mines; the Company intends to pursue a “hub & spoke” strategy centered around the El Cubo Mine.

News Releases

16 September 2022 – GSilver Provides Exploration Update Showing Historical High-Grade Intercepts at VMC

1 September 2022 – Guanajuato Silver Provides Operations Update

30 August 2022 – Guanajuato Silver Draws US$5,000,000 Credit Facility

24 August 2022 – Guanajuato Silver Announces Q2 2022 Financial and Operating Results

4 August 2022 – GSilver Closes Acquisition of Great Panther’s Mexican Mining Assets

21 July 2022 – GSilver Closes Oversubscribed Equity Financing of US$10,722,659.33

18 July 2022 – GSilver on Track to Close US$15.3M Debt and Equity Financing

7 July 2022 – GSilver Increases Debt and Equity Financing Package to US$15.3M



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