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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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How You Store It

Everyone with any sense wants to keep some physical gold and silver at home, but no one with any sense wants to keep too much of it there. So as your holdings grow, so does your need for safe storage.

Solari’s Catherine Austin Fitts and Carolyn Betts have published a guide to precious metals storage that covers the main points and names the key names. Here’s their intro:

While we believe that the ideal precious metals storage alternative from many perspectives is a secure, at-home cache, in some cases home storage is not practicable—for example, for particularly large holdings. Also, many investors desire to maintain holdings in a variety of places and legal jurisdictions.

The storage option chosen in many cases, providing convenient access during business hours in case of emergency is a safe deposit box in a trusted local bank. For a host of reasons, however, some precious metals investors prefer or want to supplement local holdings with off-shore institutional alternatives, storage facilities that can provide insurance, accounting and transportation services, institutions that provide digital gold or silver payment systems or custodians or other depositories that provide the security of an established name or governmental entity standing behind the authenticity of their metals holdings. In addition, use of third party storage facilities permits investors with multiple residences or transient lifestyles to hold precious metals in one or more jurisdictions of their choosing based upon convenience or tax or national or economic security considerations.

In this article, we summarize some of the better-known custodial, vaulting, and digital gold arrangements available to individual investors in precious metals and provide a list of considerations for those interested in exploring these and other alternatives available to them. This is not a comprehensive list and our summary is no substitute for individual due diligence, but we hope this will help to introduce new investors in precious metals to the important considerations in arranging for third parties to hold their precious metals investments.

And here’s a link to the full article:


23 thoughts on "How You Store It"

  1. I would be scared to put gold in a vault where those in power could try to take it away from the people. I wonder if silver prices will be taken down further. Is 30 dollars a good price? silver price charts.

  2. You have to think like a pirate when storing your metals. Just remember like Chris Duane says, “If you don’t hold it…you don’t own it.”

  3. I have a neophyte’s question about burying gold or silver. How deep do you have to bury it to avoid it being found by metal detectors? Is there some sort of barrier that will foil a metal detector, like concrete? Or rubber?

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  5. Every time I get some silly flak from someone about:
    * Can’t afford to buy extra food to store.
    * Can’t afford to buy silver even in small amounts.
    * Afraid to buy gold/silver because it’ll be stolen or conficated.
    That’s when I tell them that they really need to learn how to think.
    Most of us have to really think about our priorities to “afford” something outside the normal flow. Anyone refusing to protect their financial future by putting at least some of their money in bullion is setting themselves up for real misery.
    Afraid of theft of confiscation? Quit standing on the train tracks and get creative!

  6. To Billy Boffo,

    you don’t like the ground as a safe place, but burglary and confiscation aside, house-fires are another home hazard. Don’t count on molten coins on solidifying again into a convenient & recognisable singular glob, awaiting the rightful owner to discover them first.

    Burying silver on the other hand; too bulky to fool metal detectors, and I don’t know how they would fare underground anyway.

  7. Stop listening to the dribble and think for yourselves. We know the economy is crashing, we know they are destroying the dollar by design to bring in more globalization through phony “terrorism”.

    Buy gold, bury it. buy more.

    Become a Three Percenter

  8. Burying metal sounds ideal at first blush, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be because (1) regardless of how convinced you are that your burial went unnoticed or unrecognized for what it was (e.g., because you brought potted plants), that may not be the case; and (2) it’s not practical to occasionally ascertain that your metal is still safely in place because you’ll merely increase the chance of being observed.

    Don’t risk it – simply find someplace at home that would be difficult to discover and secret it there. Use your imagination, there are dozens of such places that, while not quite undiscoverable, are certainly not going to be uncovered during the course of a run of the mill burglary.

  9. As for traceable – i.e. precious metals bought with cash vs. CC – doesn’t matter re: confiscation as long as you do not purchase US gold – another words, purchase physical gold in Swiss, French, Netherlands coinage or bars (both bullion) and the US cannot confiscate your cache.

  10. All of you people need to learn how to read. This isn’t a article about buying precious metals as a hedge against inflation or whatever. It’s a article for investors. The author used the word “investors” at least 4 times in the paragraphs above but none of you saw them. This is why, despite your precious metals holdings, you will be eaten alive if the economy collapses.


  11. principal#1 (for the non billionaires amoung us) i suggest recognizable, hard to counterfeit, small sized coins, with little “numismatic value”. I like the 20Franc swiss gold. presently just under $250..( 5 coins to slightly less than an ounce). its a nice size, very availible. invest also in a high quality scale and micrometer and magnifyingglass..THAT IS THE EASIEST WAY TO LOSE GOLD (TO NEVER HAVE HAD IT IN THE FIRST PLACE CAUSE YOU BOUGHT COUNTERFEITS) its impossible to fake weight to the hundreth gram and thousanth of cm and get the coin art right too under the glass as well asthe sound when it hits the counter. it standardized..

    buy at a reputable source, but trust your weight and size mesurements on e-bay sales or coin sales in pawn shops etc. There will be more and more fakes as value of gold increases, so know what the weights and sizes are before you accept a krugerand or maple leaf etc.

    US Silver Morgans or peace dollars vg or better are availible under $20 in lots of a hundred, they will be more recognizable, thus more trusted and liquid than weird issue 1 oz ingot/tokens which will be faked in large numbers if there is a currency crisis. I like silver to make change in for gold have a little stash of mercury dimes, franklin halves etc for change

    hopefully theres a “V” shaped recovery because we can indeed solve the biggest leveraged debt bubble of the history of mankind by simply issuing more paper currency until we are all rich and debts are paid—but don’t hold your breath-hope for that but sit on physical gold

    Swiss 20 francs in a plastic tube the size of a pack of lifesavers is over 12k in today bucks. I keep them in my bank vault for now, thats right down town, I’ll pull them if I sense crash danger, they’re easy to hide, I hope they go down in value- it’ll be a better world- but they make me feel secure until that time, just like my shotgun that I hope I never have to draw down on a threat, or kill meat for a hungry family…I’m glad its there, it makes me feel less helpless when/if things go terribly wrong

  12. Bury it in several places, not all in the same place. Also, be extremely
    careful when burying it. Bring plants along so anyone who stumbles along
    your burying will think you are planting bushes, plants, etc.

  13. Our current problems demand secure storage for just a few years. No need to leave it buried for decades. Inflation or deflation or both will do their work in just a few years. Then, you can dig it up and put it in a floor safe. Confiscation remains a possibility. Did you buy your gold with paper or did you use a traceable instrument?
    Also, life was easier before the invention of metal detectors. I have a friend in a rural setting. I advised him to use his backhoe to bury several old cars. Put his guns and gold deep under one or two of the cars. I just put silver bags up in an old oil drum high up on a shelf in the warehouse. You can take your gold coins and paint then dull silver and leave them in a jar in the kitchen. Mix them with junk foreign coins. Paint your 100 oz. silver bars brick red and put them in the toilet tank. Put them on a belt for diving weights. They make fake electrical outlets that are mini-safes. Melt down your silver and make fishing weights. Cast your silver into a keel and sail away to Chile.
    Drop your oil pan on your old truck and put your coins in the pan. It won’t hurt them. Drop them down a fence post in the garden. Put them inside the tires on the old tractor. Hide them in plain sight.

    1. To Javaworks ; I’m not that sure if Goldmoney is the best way. They say that the gold wil be stored in an allocated place, existing only on “Vaults” that would protect your own specific fysical gold. We have some economic/investors who favourise also this way of buying and storing gold. I asked one of them the following question ; ” Let’s say the whole currency market collapses and consequently the economy, and you have gold stored in the allocated vaults in London or Hong Kong or Zurich. Is your gold still save when the gouvernements of these country’s get THAT DESPERATE , that they start to NATIONALIZE all of the businesses and firms in their country….with other words ALL of what’s present at that very moment, within their borders, is immediately OWNED by that gouvernment. Do you still think that the contents of these vaults will go to the right owners ??? (your gold wil STAY YOUR GOLD ????)” That investor himself was surprised that hadn’t even considered this option, and that this indead might could occur….so there you are, even they don’t have the complete knowlegde in their pockets …RIP

  14. My wife and I work with the elderly, there are many, many stories on how young people hide cash and presious metal coins in places where no one can find them. The problem is that once these young people start to age, become old and eventually die, the hidden treasure is found by some contractor tearing down an old house. I Know of two cases, one where depression era money was found in between walls and another, near where I live, an immigrant family found gold bars worth millions falling from the roof of their 1930’s home which they were renting from a person who obviously did not know that there was gold hidden in the roof of the home they had bought years ago. So no, concerned citizen, you’re wrong, hidding it where no one knows where it’s at is not always the best solution either.

  15. You left out the most reliable and inexpensive form of storage – burial in a safe spot. Everyone knows that if you want to steal people’s money, you go to a bank, because that’s where people keep it. The advantages of burial are: 1) no one else knows where your treasure is hidden (unless you tell them), 2) no costs or fees, 3) no paperwork and 4) bullion vaults are easy to target for confiscation. Most of your readers don’t have $1M+ of gold and especially for smaller holding, burial makes the most sense.

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