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When The Protest Songs Go Your Way, You’ve won

The job of an artist is to help the rest of us to see the world in new ways. Which is why protest music looms so large at big societal turning points.

With that in mind … Mark Crispin Miller (NYU professor nearly canceled for teaching both sides of mask mandates in a class on propaganda) just posted a “Top 100” list of 2021 protest songs, which leads with these two:

After his list was published (a few hours ago) Miller was deluged with other songs in the same vein, so he published a second list, which opens with these:

When country and rap both conclude that we’re headed in the wrong direction, can something big be far off?


“Move your money by early 2022,” Wall Street legend warns 

A new form of technology will cause a massive shift in the wealth divide in 2022. Do you own the stocks that will be affected? 

Details here…

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