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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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The Stealth Hoodie: Another Reason to Like Silver

One of the compelling (and lately, reassuring) things about the silver investment thesis is that it works pretty much no matter what happens. If the financial system spins out of control capital will flow into precious metals as the last form of stable money. And if “normal” growth resumes, then tight silver supplies will run into growing industrial demand, sending the price way up.

Meanwhile, new uses for the metal keep popping up. It’s a crucial part of silicon-based solar cells, for instance, so as solar panels cover the world’s rooftops more and more silver is taken out of circulation. And then there’s this:

New ‘Stealth’ Fashion Look Lets People Duck Drone Cameras

If you are worried that drones are going to soon track your every move, you will soon be able to pop on a hoodie or burqa that will make you all-but-invisible to eyes in the sky.

The fashionable and security-conscious can now purchase “Stealth Wear,” clothing made from a silver-infused fabric that reflects heat, thereby making its wearer invisible to thermal imaging cameras.

The line’s designer, Adam Harvey, has previously designed an “anti-paparazzi” handbag that issues a counter-flash if a sensor inside the bag detects a camera flash and the OFF pocket, which kills a cell phone signal. Harvey says Stealth Wear has received more buzz than either of those projects.

“We’re crossing different genres, interesting a lot of people,” he says. “There’s a lot of products in the stealth area that are too militaristic or are too associated with the tinfoil hat crowd. I tried to do something that’s in between.”

What he came up with is a mix of form and function. The nearly $500 half-hoodie covers only its wearer’s chest and is a striking silver color that would stick out in nearly any crowd. But it renders its wearer nearly invisible to drones.

“We did it as a statement—it’s easy enough to make a suit that covers the entire body or a tactical outfit to be worn by military personnel,” Harvey says. “We wanted to make something that was useful and relevant but that would get people talking about the technology.”

Stealth silver picture 2

For now, the limited-edition garments are being sold at Primitive London. The hoodie costs $473 and the burqa costs $2,365.

“I have a general interest in privacy and improving it through fashion and art,” he says. “These are really high-quality fashion garments, they’re not everyday wear.”

Okay, this might be a little silly. But in an age when privacy is threatened by technology, it’s not unreasonable to expect an arms race between surveillance and evasion. And if silver turns out to be the material of choice for stealth clothing, well, that’s a potentially big market. In the meantime there are lots of other new uses for the metal that in the aggregate should keep demand growing faster than supply for years to come.

14 thoughts on "The Stealth Hoodie: Another Reason to Like Silver"

  1. aluminum fabric or a mylar “space blanket” would do just as well, for that matter, aluminum foil would work….maybe even be stylish, in a kind of nerd appeal lunatech sort of tinfoilhattery way

  2. The irony of this piece is palpable. Imagine a world in which people are prosperous enough and “free” enough to buy expensive-but-practical boutique wear and yet still be under the thumb of big government. I knew 2013 was going to take shit to a new level, and it’s only February.

    Imagine what these things will cost if they become fashionable AND silver has doubled! That’s the true genius here, not that people can avoid drone surveillance, but that they can display both conspicuous consumption and send a clear message that they’re important enough to be tracked. In fact, looking tacky and desperate could be an advantage to the very jaded, this year’s clever twist to actually appear as you are (but not to drones).

    That drone may see the person in front of you and behind you in an otherwise contiguous line of humanoids piling in to, say, an over crowded bus, but between them it’ll see only a big, fat void. That will really confuse it. Hopefully it won’t be programmed to shoot at things that don’t compute, just for good measure.

    1. I suspect you can avoid drone surveillance using a <$1 mylar emergency blanket, but hey, if people want a silver hoodie that's capitalism. Probably the silver hoodie will be seen as a mere fashion statement (because only the wealthy will have them) while Occupiers in possession of mylar blankets will become suspected terrorists. It'll only get weirder from here, until the final collapse.

  3. In the age of Liberalism, Global central bank “international reserve assets” (excluding gold), as tallied by Bloomberg, and M2 Money, as reported by the US Federal Reserve served as metrics of sovereign wealth. In the age of Authoritarianism, diktat and physical possession of gold will be measures of sovereign wealth.

    As all forms of fiat wealth die, that is as the Major World Currencies, DBV, and the Emerging Market Currencies, CEW, World Stocks, VT, Sovereign Debt, BWX, and Commodities, DBC, such as Base Metals, DBB, perish on the exhaustion of the world central banks’ monetary authority, will physical possession of Platinum, PGM, and Silver, SLV, rise to join Gold, GLD, as measures of soveign wealth? I believe that Silver is a base metal, and that while its price may be suppressed by a financial contracts and a number of investment schemes, it will forever be just a base metal used in the production of material goods. One can follow Platinum, Silver, and Gold, together with Base Metal, in this ongoing Yahoo Finance Chart.

    1. So what do you think has changed to make silver no longer monetary? What’s different from when it was used as money in past times and places?

      1. Silver and gold are still valuable as mediums of exchange. But the international bankers started attacking that ideology in 1913. 1. Bankers needed a system they could control. 2. Politicians accepted it because it gave them free money to build socialism (just print more when you need it). Add those together. You have declining paper in your hands. They have the gold and everyone agreed to it. Its like gleaning 9% of the cream off the top of human effort, year after year, without leaving your office or risking your neck. But it is true, fake systems always collapse. For a generation, labor and management will battle in the streets. Liberals and conservatives will battle in the courtrooms (and battlefields) while bankers kick back in some nuetral country, until people weary of fighting and the bankers start the process all over again. It happed many times before.

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