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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – April 15, 2024

John Rubino: Silver Exchanges Could Fail; Physical Pressure Mounts (April. 12 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



The silver market is facing a crisis and the demand for silver, especially in the Solar Market, suggests that there is a lot of room for silver to run in the precious metal bull market, potentially leading to a parabolic move and a dangerous and exciting dynamic in the silver market.


  • The crisis in the silver market could lead to a big exchange defaulting and paying cash instead of silver, causing the price to go straight up.
  • Precious metals may be reversing as physical pressure mounts and stock market turmoil continues.
  • Precious metals are in great shape both technically and fundamentally, despite the overall stock market tanking.
  • The demand for silver, especially in the Solar Market, suggests that there is a lot of room for silver to run in the precious metal bull market.
  • The consequence of the silver deficit may be felt sooner and in a bigger way than expected, leading to a dangerous and exciting dynamic in the silver market.
  • Silver has the potential for a parabolic move, with the possibility of going above $100 an ounce.
  • The US will be paying a trillion five just in interest in the coming year, reaching crisis level deficit.
  • The government bailout of big banks will only make them bigger, leading to financial policy geared towards their welfare.
  • The system will just implode and then we’ll have that Currency Reset that we’ve also been talking about for all these years.

Michael Pento: 2 Percent Inflation My Ass (April 11, 2024)

Financial Survival Network...



The US dollar is at risk of losing its purchasing power and the economy is at risk of a meltdown due to inflation, excessive debt levels, and the Fed’s potential actions.


  • According to Pento, the real measurement for the dollar is against real money or gold, and inflation isn’t going anywhere near 2% for quite some time.
  • Central bankers are buying gold with reckless abandon because they don’t trust the US dollar and bond market anymore.
  • A recession with inflated asset prices and extreme debt levels could quickly turn into a depression, impacting the banking system significantly.
  • The potential crash of prices by 50% could lead to a depression, not just a recession, prompting panic from Powell to cut interest rates.
  • 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck due to inflation, despite claims of being for the middle class and full employment.
  • The FED is in a dilemma of Epic Proportions because if they do nothing and keep interest rates where they are, the economy is at risk of melting down.
  • The possibility of the Fed buying corporate debt, mortgage-backed securities, and paying an enormous amount of interest on excess reserves raises concerns about the future financial model.
  • The Fed’s actions could destroy the dollar’s purchasing power against hard assets, leading to a very negative outcome.

Jesse Felder: The Market Is Priced For A Fairytale Economy, But Stagflation Is Much More Likely (April 9, 2024)

Thoughtful Money...



The current market is priced for a fairytale economy, but the reality of stagflation is much more likely, leading to potential stock market pain and a shift towards investing in commodities.


Market Pricing and Economic Reality

  • The market is priced for a fairytale economy, but stagflation is much more likely.
  • “I think what is priced into markets right now is not just a soft Landing but we’ve migrated more towards potentially a no Landing.”
  • The term “Platinum locks economy” describes the current market being priced for a fairytale economy, which may not reflect the reality of stagflation.
  • Investors are projecting current trends to continue indefinitely, creating phantom value in today’s prices that is unlikely to materialize in the future.
  • Growth could not drop from 30 to 20 to 10, it could turn negative and in that case then you’re looking at some real pain for a lot of these stock prices.
  • The 50 times Insider sell to buy ratio is a very clear sign that insiders are turning bearish on the stock market, indicating a dangerous equity environment.

Inflationary Pressures and Fiscal Dominance

  • A recession today doesn’t necessarily need to look like the past, as it can still have an economy not growing in nominal terms but technically in recession due to rising unemployment and inflation.
  • The trend from globalization represented another supply shock in the labor force, contributing to the shift from Capital to labor and potential inflation force.
  • The cyclical dynamics of massive money printing and the growing money supply are exacerbating inflationary pressures, pointing towards a return of inflation before the Fed achieves its target.
  • Fiscal dominance is evident as the Central Bank has to abandon its inflation concerns to focus on servicing the debt.
  • The forecast for interest expense alone on the debt is much more significant and dramatic to the upside than it is currently, indicating a period of fiscal dominance.

Investment Trends and Market Bubble

  • “We’re in the early Innings still of another commodity super cycle, owning things like energy stocks and precious metals are going to be the asset markets that do very well over the coming 5-10 years.”
  • Historically, stocks like Nvidia and Micron have traded at 8 times earnings, not 30-40 times, indicating a potential bubble in the market.
  • The dramatic underinvestment in Commodities since 2014 has resulted in tight supplies crucial to the Green Revolution, AI, and crypto.
  • The commodity super cycle is not just a short-term rotation, but a more secular trend that is just in the early innings.

Larry Lepard: Gold and Silver Up and the Mining Stocks Will Do Even Better (April. 9, 2024)

Natural Resource Stocks...



Gold and silver are expected to increase significantly, with silver potentially reaching $100, making silver miners a more leveraged investment option, while uncertainty surrounds the Federal Reserve’s actions and potential impact on banks and the budget.


Precious Metals Market Outlook

  • Gold is expected to go up 50%, while silver could potentially double or triple in value, indicating more leverage in the silver miners.
  • Gold and silver are up and the mining stocks will do even better.
  • High inflation is in our future, and that’s why gold, silver, and Bitcoin are all at record highs and pushing higher.
  • The trend is inflationary, with commodity prices hitting all-time highs, indicating a strong inflationary trend.
  • There’s more torque in the silver miners than any place else in the world.
  • There is more leverage in the silver mining stocks, with potential for significant gains in smaller silver mining companies.
  • The growth and value of investment in mining stocks are driven by increased production and expansion of multiples in a bull market.

Economic and Financial Analysis

  • The government is trapped in a mathematical Doom Loop where the debt keeps growing faster than the means to pay it, leading to potential collapse or default.
  • The inflationary world is the only way out of the debt problem, and it’s the future we’re heading towards.
  • The decision to go off the gold standard in 1971 was a big deal and has taken a long time to manifest itself, leading to inflation in the future.

Radio Rothbard: Why Libertarianism Is Flourishing in Polish Universities (April. 11, 2024)

Radio Rothbard...



Polish students are embracing libertarianism as a response to the failures of socialism and communism in their country, leading to a growing trend of libertarian scholarship in Polish universities.


  • Polish students are embracing libertarianism as a response to the failures of socialism and communism in their country.
  • The uniqueness of the project lies in the development of political institutions in Poland compared to Western Europe during the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment.
  • It’s not only sunshine and rainbows, there were some drawbacks to the situation in Polish universities.
  • Despite shifts in current politics, life in Poland is becoming pleasant, with a growing trend of libertarian scholarship in Polish universities.
  • Research in Poland is fruitful, with scholarship presenting important current issues and debates from a libertarian point of view.

Dave Skarica: Inflation Comes in Hot! No Rate Cuts!? Long Term Plans (April. 11 2024)




The current market may be entering a secular bull market for interest rates, leading to a potential bear market for bonds, and there is concern about the possibility of rates quickly rising on inflation.


  • The inflation number came in hot at 4%, higher than the expected 3.5% year-over-year.
  • The current market may be in a secular bull market for interest rates, leading to a bear market for bonds.
  • The possibility of rates going back up to 5-10% pretty quickly on inflation is concerning.
  • The home construction index shows a big 5% drop, indicating a potential rally in the future.
  • The 10-year bond is closer to the highs of October, indicating a significant increase in interest rates.
  • “I’ll probably make this almost a full pay service with one or two free updates a week.”
  • The market may top out in the coming months due to the lack of expected rate cuts, potentially leading to a crash scenario.


Rick Rule & Ross Beaty: THIS is how you pick a winning mining stock. (April. 10, 2024)




Identifying and aligning with the most promising up-and-coming people in the mining industry, collaborating with complementary strengths and resources, and focusing on value generation over share price speculation are crucial for building a successful mining company and making significant gains in the industry.


Successful Mining Company Building Strategies

  • Ross Beaty founded 15 companies, all of which delivered a 10x return for shareholders, a feat unmatched in any other industry.
  • Identifying and aligning with the most promising up-and-coming people in the business can be a winning strategy for building a successful mining company.
  • Rick Rule and Marin Katusa struck a deal based on their complementary strengths and resources, highlighting the importance of collaboration in the mining industry.
  • “If I had only ever invested in those four or five names and only them, I’d have worked half as hard and made 10 times as much money.”
  • If I can get Ross Beaty or the Lundin or Fredland or Bob Quartermain at half of nav, this is just simple arithmetic.
  • 🍀
    Luck eventually delivered, but perseverance and tenacity played a crucial role in the success of the mining venture.
  • 📈
    Establishing value at a certain time and predicting future changes in value has led to significant gains in the cyclical mining business.
  • “If you back the right companies, if you back people that generate value as opposed merely to optionality and gold you’ll do extraordinarily well.”

Importance of Human Capital and Relationships in Investing

  • Rick Rule emphasizes the importance of human capital and relationships in investing, highlighting the value of people over technology.
  • “You shouldn’t ever do real business with somebody that you don’t want to have dinner with because you will have a problem at some point in time.” – Rick Rule
  • Speculators pay too much attention to share price, but the price information is useless if you don’t have an idea about value.

Bob Moriarty: War, Gold, Sanity, Buying Opportunities (April. 10, 2024)

Proven and Probable...



Investing in physical precious metals like gold and silver is crucial in the face of potential financial crisis and geopolitical instability, and Bob Moriarty is an important figure to follow for insights on these matters.


Investment Opportunities and Market Trends

  • The timing couldn’t have been better for buying opportunities in the markets.
  • The mainstream media’s lack of interest in gold is a sentiment indicator that it’s going to go a lot higher before they do get interested.
  • The banking crisis tends to get overlooked, but it’s important to have a diversified portfolio with physical precious metals.
  • Gold, silver, copper, and other commodities are at historically low prices, presenting a buying opportunity despite record highs in the Dow and S&P.
  • Rodium jumped from $500 to $29,000, a kind of investment that can make you and your kids retire.
  • The banking system is about to blow up, causing a shift from Bitcoin and AI stocks to gold and silver.
  • The market cap of natural resource companies compared to cryptocurrencies is so small that it’s almost meaningless, presenting a huge buying opportunity.
  • “One of the smartest things you can do is look and ask yourself who has had a similar situation and what did they do to solve it.”
  • “If I had five or six year old children right now, I would have them in a speed reading course. That’s the most valuable education skill you could possibly have.”

Geopolitical and Economic Analysis

  • Attacking an embassy is an act of war, and Israel’s actions are pushing the United States into another war for their benefit.
  • Napoleon realized conditions were out of control in France, staged a bloody counterrevolution, and went back to honest money.
  • We have corruption in the United States and Europe and the world because the level of debt is totally out of control, and we need to go back to honest money to solve 100% of the corruption problem.
  • “We have been sold a bill of goods on climate change. There’s a lot of young people who absolutely believe it and it’s absolute rubbish now just for the record.”

Rick Rule: Legendary Junior Mining Investor Rick Rule's X Spaces Debut (April 11, 2024)

Goldfinger Capital...



Contrarian investing in the gold industry, which is currently out of favor, has the potential for huge gains as market perception and demand for precious metals and related assets may increase significantly in the future.


Market Sentiment and Contrarian Investing

  • “Gold’s relevance in modern Finance is as non-existent as it was in the 1960s which is where I think the opportunity was until 15 or 16 days ago.”
  • The US had very large debt and deficits which were unserviceable, leading to a sea change in fortune.
  • Gold investors who were invested in the mining stocks got shaken out in 75 and they missed one of the greatest three to four year runs in history.
  • “There’s nothing in the world I like as an investor quite so much as hate.”
  • In junior markets, 20% of the population generates 80% of the value and a different 20% generates 80% of the losses.
  • The investment that was extremely out of favor and contrarian suddenly became in favor, showing the unpredictability of the market.
  • Rick Rule made a fortune in uranium when it was deeply out of favor, showing the potential for huge gains in contrarian investing.
  • I revisited my premise and I decided I was right and the market was wrong.

Evolution of the Gold Industry and Precious Metals Market

  • The hate that the gold industry currently enjoys is undeserved, as the industry has evolved and investor perception has changed drastically since the 1970s.
  • Rick Rule believes that the market share of precious metals and related assets in the US market will revert to the mean, potentially increasing demand by four-fold.
  • Borof’s decision to put projects into production rather than sell them and employ leverage in the sector was controversial and risky.

Egon Von Greyerz: Choosing Between Gold and Bitcoin: Inflation Risks and Economic Uncertainty (April. 12, 2024)

Von Greyerz...



Gold is a more reliable investment option compared to Bitcoin due to economic uncertainty and inflation risks, and holding physical gold outside the banking system is essential for wealth preservation.


  • Bullion banks may go under because they can’t meet their commitments, yet central banks count their gold as physical assets.
  • Gold only makes up half a percent of world financial assets today, so even a small increase in buying could cause a dramatic increase in its value.
  • The possibility of hyperinflation and default by countries due to printing more money and unchecked debt financing is very real.
  • Buying treasuries is a guarantee that the currency will be worthless and the government will never repay it.
  • Governments freezing money in the bank will lead to people trying to do anything they can to get their money out.
  • “If governments really issue major amounts of cbdcs Central Bank digital currencies, I don’t think they want Bitcoin to compete with that and I think at some point they might easily ban Bitcoin.”
  • Governments may eventually control the money and not the investors, posing a high risk for Bitcoin.
  • Holding physical gold outside the banking system eliminates counterparty risk and is a safer option for wealth preservation.

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