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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – February 12, 2024

Bob Moriarty: "It is time to head for the bunker." (Feb.10 2024)

Gold Nugget Radio...



The potential impact of Evergrande’s liquidation on the Chinese stock market is significant, with the market already losing $6 trillion over the last three years.


  • The potential impact of Evergrande’s liquidation on the Chinese stock market is a big deal, with the market already losing $6 trillion over the last three years.
  • The plans to attack seven countries in five years were perceived to be enemies of Israel, but not enemies of the United States.
  • Resource stocks are cheaper relative to Commodities or cheaper relative to the general stock market than they’ve ever been, making it a good time to buy.
  • The next version of chat gbt could be 10x more intelligent than the current one, possibly surpassing human intelligence in some ways.
  • Donald Hoffman is a brilliant physicist and scientist, one of the most brilliant communicators.
  • The potential dangers of Singularity H and AI crossing senss with human beings are very scary and have enormous potential for danger.
  • Bob Moriarty warns of a potential trap to disrupt upcoming elections and cause a Civil War.
  • “When you’ve got a category 10 hurricane fixing to hit your city, that’s a good time to be prepared.”

Nomi Prins: Banking Crisis Looms, the Fed Will Do This as Soon as March (Feb. 1, 2024)

Kitco News...



Gold prices tend to react positively to quantitative easing and interest rate cuts, and Nomi Prins predicts that gold could reach $2400 this year and possibly $3000 in the entire gold cycle, advising investors to continue accumulating on a regular basis.


  • Nomi Prins accurately predicted the 2008 housing crisis two years before it happened and called the market meltdown in 2020.
  • Gold prices tend to react more positively to quantitative easing and interest rate cuts, as they decrease the value of the dollar and increase the relative value of gold.
  • The broader equity market outlook is ultimately positive despite the potential for some form of quantitative tightening.
  • The gold investor typically looks at other macroeconomic trends and reads beyond the headlines, making them more savvy than the equity investor.
  • The ultimate reduction of rates, potential QE, and potential banking crisis historically have been net positive for gold, adding 10 to 20% to the price of gold around the time they happen.
  • The trend towards finding and utilizing more gold is a sign of countries seeking geopolitical independence.
  • Nomi Prins predicts gold could reach $2400 this year and possibly $3000 in the entire gold cycle, advising investors to continue accumulating on a regular basis.
  • Central bank digital currencies pose a huge threat to liberty and financial privacy, as they allow authorities to monitor every single payment made and received.
  • The process of implementing a central bank digital currency in the US could take several years, with potential implications for financial surveillance and social credit systems.

Grant Williams: Economy At "A Dangerous Point" Where Reality Is Much Worse Than Headlines Tell Us (Feb. 11, 2024)

Thoughtful Money...



Understanding historical patterns and the current economic situation can help individuals anticipate and prepare for potential economic crises, and take prudent actions to protect their investments and financial well-being.


Historical Patterns and Economic Anticipation

  • The work on confidence by Peter Atwater has profound applications as people begin to lose confidence and feel increased pressure.
  • Grant Williams warns about the danger of a strongman getting elected into power during desperate times.
  • This process has taken 80-90 years to come to a head, and the outcome is consistently the same with different shades and types of conflict at the end of it.
  • The amount of debt in the system and the move to reduce reliance on the US dollar could lead to deficits and debt suddenly mattering a great deal.
  • Understanding the patterns of history can help us anticipate and prepare for previously unthinkable events in the economy.
  • Understanding history is crucial to avoid repeating the same economic problems over and over again.

Impact of Monetary Policy on Asset Prices

  • Financial markets are hostage to low interest rates and added liquidity, creating a dangerous point in the economy.
  • Markets have become accustomed to responding to stimulus rather than economic data, highlighting the impact of monetary policy on asset prices.
  • Financial markets are absolutely hostage to low interest rates and added liquidity, while the economy is weaker than the data would suggest.
  • Asset prices are not only high but incredibly overvalued, people need to understand the context and the broader picture before assuming conditions are safe.
  • The rules have completely changed and valuation metrics are completely unglued from reality, making it impossible for markets to produce solid results from these levels.

Personal Agency and Prudent Preparations

  • Understanding what’s likely to happen gives you a chance to think through your investments, life, and day-to-day conduct.
  • We have personal agency to reduce our own vulnerability and potentially profit by getting knowledgeable about the true nature of what’s going on and taking prudent preparations, such as considering exposure to gold.
  • We’ve become fixated on price, but if we condition ourselves to think first about value and not price, we will have a better chance of owning investments in businesses that will weather storms better.


Hans Hermann Hoppe: Indicators of a degenerating society (Jan.31, 2024)

Philosophy Insights...



The expansion of regulations and the dependence on the state indicate moral degeneration and corruption in society, with politicians being guilty of crimes while deceiving the public.

  • The increasing criminalization of motives, thoughts, and speech is a concerning indicator of corruption in society.
  • The number of people dependent on state funding in the United States is staggering, with approximately 181 million individuals relying on various forms of government support.
  • Instead of facing consequences for their actions, politicians continue to pile on more atrocities and perversions, worsening the state of society.
  • The number of people who still hold on to principles of natural law and justice is smaller than the infamous 1% of the super-rich, making them a miniscule minority in today’s society.

How to Stop Being a Slave to the Opinions of Other People (May. 18, 2023)

Academy of Ideas...



We can reduce our need for social approval by focusing on our own integrity and character, cultivating self-confidence, and disregarding the opinions of crowds.


  • Most of us care too much about what other people think of us, measuring our worth by their opinions.
  • Are we truly independent thinkers or just conformists regurgitating what we hear from mainstream sources?
  • Overcoming the fear of disapproval is life-promoting, and we should maintain a state of calm indifference when attacked by the stings of other people’s scorn.
  • Responding to contempt with humor diffuses tension, shows you won’t lower yourself to their level, and can even turn an enemy into a friend.
  • Developing a healthy humility and being able to laugh at ourselves can ruin someone’s attempts to disturb us.
  • If we are insecure and plagued by feelings of inferiority, we will be slavishly dependent on the approval of other people, and forever fearful of their scorn.

Andy Schectman: Putin Says America Is Killing The Dollar (Feb.9 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



The United States is facing potential consequences for weaponizing the dollar and its impact on the world, as highlighted by Putin.


  • The US is killing the dollar, and people may not even understand what’s happening to their own currency.
  • Putin questions if anyone in the United States knows the consequences of losing the dollar as the reserve status.
  • The leaders of America are making terrible mistakes that are causing the majority of the world to unite against them.
  • Putin validates the consequences of weaponizing the dollar, emphasizing the need for alternatives to the system of coercion.
  • Putin questions if the US military actions are truly in the interest of the American people or if they are serving someone else’s agenda.
  • The US is facing a massive debt crisis, with the need to sell $10 trillion in debt just to cover the deficit and maturing government debt.
  • The rest of the world is mobilizing for a financial war while America is sitting and fiddling, which is very concerning for ordinary people.
  • The weaponization of the dollar and its impact on the world is a concern raised by Putin, highlighting the potential consequences of U.S. actions.

Erik Wetterling: Smart Money Is Positioning In Gold Stocks While Retail Investors Withdraw (Feb.9, 2024)

ThE KE Report...



Smart money is positioning in gold stocks while retail investors are withdrawing, creating opportunities for potential gains in the resource space.


  • Smart money is positioning in gold stocks while retail investors are withdrawing.
  • The biggest dislocation between gold and gold equities is the biggest in his career, according to Rick Rule and other billionaires, making it a remarkable speculative discount.
  • The low volume in the entire sector shows that retail and even some institutional investors are sitting on the sidelines or holding onto losses, missing out on the potential gains in the resource space.
  • Royalty companies like OS Cisco Gold Royalties are positioning themselves for long-term success by investing in gold stocks with potential for mine development.
  • Retail investors are often tempted by the quantity of gold ounces, but smaller deposits can actually be more valuable.
  • Retail investors may be selling shares in gold stocks due to unmet expectations, creating opportunities for smart money to position themselves.
  • The company intends to conduct further tests to optimize the leech Dynamics and scope a potential FasTrack low-cost initial operation to mine the mineralized saprolite.
  • Companies that start small and grow organically over time with cash flows from initial mines can be a smart investment strategy in the gold industry.

Mark Thornton: Fed Wisdom and the Magnificent Seven (Feb.10, 2024)

Minor Issues...



Despite recent stock price drops, the S&P 500 valuation anticipates a bright future, and the performance of individual stocks may not accurately reflect overall market strength.

  • The recent disparity in the performance of equities does not necessarily foretell weakness unless it accurately anticipates the failure of many companies to fulfill shareholders’ expectations.
  • The gains in the S&P 500 stocks were almost entirely attributable to the gains in tech stocks like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Meta platforms, and Tesla.
  • The stock market’s performance will be analyzed through the lens of The Magnificent Seven.
  • Apple’s stock is flat year to date, while Amazon’s is up 133% and approaching its peak in 2021 and 2022.
  • The stock prices of gaming and meta/Facebook have more than doubled their peak prices in the year 2021.
  • Tesla’s stock is down 23% year to date and over 50% from its peak in 2021, raising concerns about its future prospects.


Outlook 2030: Where will the Big Money be Made? (Feb. 11, 2024)

Vancouver Resource Investment Conference...



The current economic and geopolitical landscape is leading to a commodity Bull Run, and investors should diversify their portfolios with assets like Bitcoin, gold, energy plays, and investments in emerging markets with promising demographics.


  • “So I think we’re having a commodity Bull Run. I think we see a loss of trust and I see lots of inflation and lots of money.”
  • The allocation towards Bitcoin, gold, energy plays, oil and gas, and uranium reflects a diverse investment strategy in the face of evolving energy trends.
  • Bitcoin is seen as a scarce and energy-intensive asset that can help mitigate the problem of inflation in the coming years.
  • The exploding middle class and human resources in Africa make it a promising investment opportunity.
  • Emerging markets with the best demographics, like India and Mexico, are the ones to watch for big money opportunities.
  • The unspoken but happening in plain sight right now is the real-time threat of a more centralized state, which raises questions about our freedoms, liberties, and currencies.
  • The theme of restoring trust was discussed, as nobody trusts or likes the current centralizing force.
  • “The risk is in the investor, not the investment. Educate yourself first, that’s where the dividends lie.”

The Next Financial Crisis Is Unfolding And The Fed Can't Stop It (Feb. 4, 2024)

The Maverick of Wall Street...



The potential unfolding financial crisis is being driven by a combination of factors including commercial real estate, inflation, massive debt accumulation, and overvaluation of the stock market, leading to concerns about a major economic downturn.


Economic indicators of the unfolding financial crisis

  • The main culprit of the unfolding financial crisis appears to be commercial real estate, causing banks to take a nose dive.
  • The cutting of dividends by banks due to loan loss provisions indicates a potential unfolding financial crisis.
  • The potential of massive inflation due to Middle East conflicts could be a result of lowering interest rates.
  • Trillions of dollars of debt accumulated under quantitative easing and zero interest rates now has to be refinanced at a higher rate, adding pressure on the economy.
  • The Federal Reserve’s decision to lower interest rates and resume quantitative easing could drive inflation higher for longer, potentially leading to another shocking episode.
  • Banks continuing to borrow from the Fed’s facility raises the question of whether the Fed can cancel this facility and what happens to the obligations of these banks.
  • The crisis in regional banks and commercial real estate could lead to a major economic downturn if interest rate cuts don’t happen.
  • The lack of foreign buyers for US debt and the potential dumping of treasuries could lead to higher rates and cause major problems in the economy.
  • The US Treasury has issued a record $2 trillion in new debt this year, while foreign demand for US debt has not increased, leading to major supply and demand changes in the Treasury market.

Market bubble and potential stock market crash

  • The stock market is reliving the Dotcom Tech bubble as The Magnificent 7 account for 45% of the S&P 500 gains to start the year with the market cap of 12.5 trillion.
  • The current stock market valuations are even higher now than they were at the tech bubble peak of 2000, indicating a potential similar decline in the coming recession.
  • The over concentration of the market is way bigger than the Dotcom bubble, with 10 stocks forming over 30% of the value of the S&P 500.
  • The bearish view that the recession is the inevitable outcome of this cycle right here and the bubble will only add to the magnitude of the stock market crash.

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