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Top Ten Videos — February 14

Mark Blyth: The two faces of anger, public and private … Louis Gave: How to prepare for the coming crash … McAlvany: Stimulus fever – to infinity and beyond! … George Gammon: Stagflation dead ahead … Jesse Felder: A market crash AND inflation … Rick Rule: Silver is the most shorted market on the planet …


It’s Time To Bail On Facebook

The mass migration out of corporate social media is happening for good reasons. If you’re sick of the censorship and concerned about the spying, just say goodbye to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and join DollarCollapse.com on MeWe, the Facebook alternative that doesn’t censor (excessively) or spy on its members. The DollarCollapse page,  where content from DollarCollapse.com is posted, is here, and the DC group, where like-minded members can discuss the coming end of the fiat currency world, is here.

We’re also setting up (literally this weekend) on Minds, an interesting new social media platform where members reward each other with “tokens” that can be converted to dollars, bitcoin, or ethereum. This could be a lot of fun. Please consider joining and following DollarCollapse here.

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