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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – February 19, 2024

John Rubino: $5,000 Gold Is Entirely Possible (Feb.16 2024)

Gold Nugget Radio...



The current inflation and interest rate situation could lead to a deep recession, potential wars, and a possible currency crisis, but it also presents an opportunity for precious metals like gold and silver to reach unprecedented high prices.

  • Inflation came in hotter than expected, particularly in the subcategory of core Services inflation, impacting non-physical expenses like insurance.
  • The assumption is that the FED is going to have to stay higher for longer and interest rates are going to stay higher than people expected, which is very negative for the economy.
  • The current interest rates are going to break lots of things and we’re going to get probably a pretty deep recession at some point.
  • In the 70s, higher interest rates coincided with a strong gold market, suggesting that higher rates don’t necessarily mean bad news for precious metals.
  • “We’re financing two proxy wars one in Gaza and one in Ukraine and we’re bombing at least three other countries right now and um you know. We’re saber rattling with China and we’ve got them surrounded by military bases so um some kind of a World War or at least a very broad Middle East War.”
  • Commercial real estate, financed with extremely cheap money, could lead to a banking sector crisis and government bailouts, potentially causing a currency crisis.
  • $5,000 gold is completely possible in the next run, dwarfing what happened before.
  • $5,000 gold is entirely possible, and the gold-silver ratio could take silver up into triple digits.

JP Sears: My Girlfriend is Trans But I'm Not Gay (Feb. 17, 2024)




Zero Hedge Debate: The Fate of the US Dollar (Feb. 13, 2024)

Thoughtful Money...



The US dollar’s status as the world reserve currency is declining, and by 2030 it will likely be considered a multi-polar world.


The future of the US dollar as the global reserve currency

  • The US dollar’s decline as the leading reserve currency is a gradual erosion, similar to the fall of the pound sterling in the early 20th century.
  • The US dollar’s status as the world reserve currency is declining, and by 2030 it will likely be considered a multi-polar world.
  • If there is no viable replacement, the US dollar is not likely to be replaced as the global reserve currency.
  • “The BRICS spent the last 15 years recreating the Bretton Woods institutions on their own terms, creating their own World Bank and IMF.”
  • “I think Bitcoin is a great thing. You know you’re in some country where there’s authoritarian Rule and you’re trying to get out. You just memorize your your password your key and then you can cross the border.”
  • “My prediction about the long-term purchasing power of the US dollar is it’s going to be much lower.”
  • The global reserve currency is the most powerful weapon in the world, and the US is unlikely to willingly give it up.

Impact of global economic shifts on the US economy

  • If the US is in a privileged position where we could run deficits, it’s going to affect us more than other countries that aren’t falling off the pedestal.
  • If the Federal Reserve thinks they can get away with going back to a zero interest rate policy, that would advantage their team.
  • The concept of “The Great Taking” raises questions about whether Americans truly hold title to their financial assets, and if the government could potentially claim ownership in the future.


The Swedish Investor...



Embracing and benefiting from randomness, uncertainty, and stressors is crucial for achieving antifragility and reducing fragility in various aspects of life.


  • Antifragility is the solution to the Black Swan problem, as it allows systems to not only withstand unexpected events but also benefit from them.
  • The Vikings’ belief that dying in battle would give them entrance to Valhalla shows their antifragility, as they were not afraid of being wounded.
  • The illusion that randomness is a bad thing and can be removed by intervention leads to building fragile systems with greater consequences in the future.
  • The antifragile responds positively to stressors and benefits from increased intensity, as shown by the convex function.
  • The impact of Black Swan events is so big that society is largely decided by their outcome, making it important to understand if a system is exposed to them.
  • Humans tend to remove redundancy for the sake of “efficiency,” but nature understands the importance of redundancy in making a system antifragile.
  • Good systems have small errors that are negatively correlated to one another, making them antifragile and robust.
  • The antifragile becomes stronger from randomness, uncertainty, stressors, and time, which challenges the traditional idea of stability being the best approach.

Radio Rothbard: America's Growing Banking Crisis (Feb. 15, 2024)

Radio Rothbard...



The banking industry is facing a looming crisis due to issues with bank balance sheets, commercial real estate maturities, and a struggling economy, leading to potential financial losses, job repercussions, and the disappearance of local banks.


Real estate market impact on banking

  • Real estate developers and investors took advantage of the FED’s experiment with zero interest rates, borrowing money at incredibly low rates, potentially leading to financial instability.
  • The future of office buildings in major cities like New York and San Francisco is uncertain as tenants are reluctant to return to the office, impacting the commercial real estate market.
  • Nearly a billion dollars of loans maturing this year could lead to developers needing to come up with more cash at a higher interest rate, potentially causing big real estate operators to walk away from properties.
  • Rising interest rates on loans are causing real estate projects to become unviable, impacting smaller banks that heavily rely on real estate lending.
  • Silicon Valley Bank experienced a 48-hour run when high power clients moved their money to JP Morgan Chase, leading to a banking crisis.

Banking industry consolidation and risks

  • The gradual consolidation of the banking industry raises concerns about the relationship between the FED and bigger banks.
  • The gradual consolidation of banks in the US, from 15,000 to 4,000, is inevitable due to underlying stresses.
  • Modern technology has increased the risk of bank runs, as customers can effortlessly move their money to larger banks in the event of issues with their institution.
  • The central bank’s efforts to keep liquidity in the banking sector through programs like the bank term funding program raise questions about their long-term strategy and the potential impact on the economy.
  • The banking crisis is a slow-motion train wreck that will continue to unfold over the coming years.

Piepenburg, Williams, Schectman & Martin: The World Is Dramatically Shifting, Gold is Essential (Feb.16 2024)

Von Greyerz...



The world is moving away from the US dollar as the primary world reserve currency, leading to an increase in gold buying by central banks and a shift in global investment strategies.


  • The world is trending away from dollars as the primary and exclusive world reserve currency in terms of global trade and reserves.
  • The world is shifting away from dollarization, leading to record volumes of gold buying by central banks as a neutral reserve asset.
  • The world is pushing back against the hegemony and coercion, seeking safety in a group of countries that represents the majority human population.
  • Gold has outperformed the bond market, with a 7.8% annual increase since the beginning of the century, making it a safer investment option.
  • The politicization and weaponization of the US dollar has led to distrust, prompting central banks to seek alternative reserve assets like gold.
  • The world is heading towards the end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, but the tipping point is uncertain.
  • It’s important to think critically and understand when things shift in either direction, as it can have an outside effect on your portfolio.
  • Geopolitical considerations are crucial in shaping investment portfolios in the current global landscape.
  • The world is dramatically shifting, with conflicts breaking out around the world involving major players in multiple major conflicts.

Joel Skousen: The World Edges Closer To WW3 (Feb.16, 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



The world is on the brink of World War III, and it is important for people to stay informed and prepared for the potential conflicts ahead.


Geopolitical tensions and potential triggers for World War III

  • The world edges closer to WW3, and it’s important to stay informed and prepared.
  • The war in Ukraine is a proxy war against Russia, intended to weaken their military power and highlight their weaknesses.
  • Russia and China have always been joined at the hip, and Russia stopped sharing technology with China not because they aren’t in an alliance to take down the west, but because they know that China will eventually come back after them.
  • The situation in Taiwan could be a major trigger event for World War III due to the potential involvement of China, the US, and North Korea.
  • The West’s cooperation with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union was based on deception and manipulation, not genuine peace and cooperation.
  • Putin and conservatives fail to realize that Russia wants to militarily take over the West, regardless of social woke agenda.
  • The intermixing of refugee flows into high population density centers will amplify social unrest and pillaging significantly.
  • The world needs to prepare financially and stockpile for the wars that are coming.

Globalist agendas and the threat to national sovereignty

  • The globalists have been building both Russia and China as enemies since their very inception in 1917.
  • The globalists openly talk about getting rid of American sovereignty and creating a global government by hook or by crook.
  • It’s a world of evil out there and conservatives have to wake up to understand the complexities of conspiracy that are behind what’s going on.

Harley Bassman: Don't Let Your Ego Drive You to Make Bad Decisions (Feb.12, 2024)

Stansberry Research...



Investors should be cautious of market sentiment, avoid FOMO, make sound long-term investment decisions, and be aware of the impact of ego on decision-making.


  • The number of stocks trading below their long-term technical averages has been going down since the start of the year, typically a warning sign that the indexes are not as strong as what’s really happening beneath the surface.
  • It’s not the time to be getting overly bullish, be prepared for some kind of pullback based on your goals and portfolio.
  • Cathy Wood’s ARK Innovation funds have lost the most out of any funds over the last 10 years, despite the initial buzz and popularity.
  • Understanding convexity risk in bonds is crucial for making informed investment decisions, as it can have a nonlinear payoff profile.
  • The great failing of humanity is hubris, is ego right, that’s what it’s all about, I mean look at our politics right now for God’s sakes.
  • The risk of convexity in options trading depends on whether you are long or short an option, and how you manage the risk exposure.
  • Don’t let your ego drive you to make bad decisions, find where you have a marginal advantage and focus on that to succeed.
  • The entire Financial world is falling into the same denial trap that led to massive devastation in the past.


Michael Lebowitz: 2024 Insights on Inflation, Gold and Silver Prices, and Monetary Policy (Feb. 16, 2024)

Sprott Money...



Gold and silver prices are expected to rise due to inflationary pressures, and owning gold is seen as an insurance policy against economic disaster.


  • “Gold and silver prices are expected to rise due to inflationary pressures in 2024.”
  • “There’s no reason for the Fed to cut right now. The economy’s doing well. They don’t wanna stoke inflation. They want inflation to come down.”
  • The CPI data may not accurately reflect the true state of rents, as it lags behind real-time changes and only surveys individuals twice a year.
  • “Inflation is a combination of the money supply and the velocity of money, so it’s not just how much money there is, but how often it spins through the economy.”
  • “I do think we have a recession…my guess is later this year, maybe early next year.”
  • The massive amount of cash in the reverse repo account at the Fed has significantly decreased from $2.5 trillion to $500 billion.
  • “I personally own a little gold, both in physical form and some in ETF form… It’s an insurance policy, that I think is appropriate in a portfolio.”
  • “Gold is an insurance policy against madness, just as you insure your house against disaster, you insure your net worth against disaster too.”

Andy Schectman: Why Silver is More Valuable Than You Think! (Feb. 10, 2024)

Soar Financially...



The value of silver is being suppressed, but with increasing demand and changing market trends, it will eventually rise, making it a valuable investment opportunity.


  • The mismanagement of the dollar and the growing coalition of countries are chipping away at the culture of the world Reserve currency.
  • Gold and silver, with their long history as tangible assets, are positioned to thrive in a system where transparency and commodities are the primary pathway for investment.
  • Silver is priced at about 80 to 1 in relation to Gold, yet it comes out of the ground at 7 to 1, making it a valuable and potentially lucrative asset.
  • The usage of silver in weaponry and missiles contributes to the massive machine of wealth and death driven by the military-industrial complex.
  • Traders in London, Chicago, and New York are creating an Arbitrage event in Shanghai, where they can buy silver off the comx and lbma and deliver it for an Arbitrage of over 10%, highlighting the suppression of the price masking the real value.
  • The base of your pyramid should be things like Precious Metals, Real Estate, and cash, which are safe, stable, and liquid.
  • Educate yourself and make your own appraisal of information, don’t follow the herd but be a leader based on your research and due diligence.

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