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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos — May 1

Rick Rule: The macro environment is pretty constructive for gold … Kyle Bass: China’s house is on fire; if you have money invested in Asia I would seriously rethink that … Charles Hugh Smith: Debt continues to rise faster than income … Danielle DiMartino Booth: Why do central bank counterfeiters like gold? … David Morgan: Silver will shine again …













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61 thoughts on "Top Ten Videos — May 1"

  1. “Keith Neumeyer: As we go green we need more silver.”
    Dear Keith: If they need it so much, how about charging them enough so that you can show a profit. Thank-you. Signed, Shareholder.

  2. I listened to the entire Chris Hedges talk, and what sticks with me is his characterization of Christian fundamentalists as “heretics”. This is the kind of intolerant, condescending, authoritarian -even fascist, language that has caused the deaths and misery of millions throughout history. He is right about the horrible US prison system, but buys the Koolaid on global warming/climate change. The problem with the global warming crowd is that they are led by congenital liars and obfuscators who have an agenda of societal control.

  3. Big fan of blockchain technology. Love what it ‘does’ to governments, institutions, and power brokers. Love the anarchical qu alities. But when I hear “you can’t seize it, you can’t freeze it”, I just don’t think that’s true. http://rurl.us/MkfMK

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  5. David Stockman is a broken record with no end. He has the basics right but has no idea of the fine balancing. I hope you didn’t listen to him two years ago when he sold the advice to short Amazon and Facebook. Example in this video , “Russia and Iran has all the right to be in Syria, they were invited by the legitimate government”. Nothing less. Assad is a brutal dictator and his “legitimacy” is based on his murderess acts. it doesn’t mean we need to be there but to say “the Russians have all the right to be there…” … daaa ? He is like a guy with a hummer , everything seems to him like a nail. He is now 7 years saying that the sky will fall TOMORROW and if you listened you lost a fortune. Sure the FED’s policies are crazy and eventually will lead to a crash but he thinks all will happen tomorrow because he has no concept of process and timing. Do you yourself a favor, listen but do not use his advice as a guide for action.

    1. Yes, much better to listen to Fortune 500 brokers that pushed Sears, LinkedIn, and literally hundreds of other stocks. Listen to Ben Bernanke, his famous prediction that by 2018 we would have gradually moved up to 8% interest. Ben claimed that all the Banks Horses and all the Banks Men can never see a Bubble Coming Again.
      Predicting exactly when a drunk that always drives will have an accident is not a science. The odd that the chances of a wreck are higher and it will be devastating when it does is sound statistical probability.

  6. WW3 through KW2 by US imperialism is never permitted by the Creators
    American dollar suffers collapse soon
    Dec.30, 2017 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    According to a notice from the Creators,
    WW3 through KW2 (2nd Korean war) by US imperialism of D. Trump’s power is never permitted by the Creators.
    The double after death with sanctions by the Creators of D. Trump being a shapeshifter of reptilian humanoid (4-D reptile type humanoid covered whole body with scales) of a planet of the Lizard was swept away by the Creators today, on Dec.29, 2017(Eastern time US).
    The above said evil planet of the Lizard and it’s boss planet of the Draco (there is 5-D flying lizards with 2 legs: the Official Emblem of UK capital London city) were swept away on April 11, 2017.
    The double of D. Trump who has known this fact on sweep of his home land planet is continuing every evil deeds for KW2 to WW3. But, it’s never permitted by the Creators.
    American dollar and bitcoin suffer collapse soon.

  7. I follow Rob Kirby what an interview says in all, a trillion is a 1 with 14 0 behind it, 21 trillion lost, please wake up.

  8. I don’t think that the Government will do anything to drastically change the monetary system.
    Whatever they would do will need to be spread over a long period of time to allow society to withstand the shock…..They pull a a major card like this out of our bubble economy House of Cards & society will collapse!
    Besides,…there will be a huge correction on Wall Street sometime after Labor Day & when the dust settles the issues will be very different from what they are this summer!

    1. LOL – so this time it will be different than the previoius US Paper Note defaults?
      The Contential, the Green Back Dollar, the “Bank of America Notes”…
      I really hope your right. But, hisotry of the US and the previous World Reserve Currencies indicate the “Government” (a group some we pretend to have any form of master intelligence) are rarely prepared or in a position to “do anything”.

      1. NY N Y,
        To look at this business in a narrow financial sense is as bad as some of these blogs that only consider the political.
        Combine both & the picture changes completely.
        I have heard it said that the USA will win the global financial beauty contest by being the least ugly.
        With the coming demise of the EU as an economic/political force,North America,USA & Canada,will be the last major consumer market still standing in a global economy largely depending on consumerism.
        There are many 3rd world countries which are economic failed states.
        Next up are the poor nations that export raw materials to other nations that make consumer products for export.
        North America is the only major market that they can export to,if they don’t export to North America,they have no alternate mass markets to go to.
        Consider the fact that since 1971 The outside world has been exporting to the USA for payment in unredeemable pieces of paper called Federal Reserve dollars, & later PetroDollars. The global exporting nations put up with this because they had,& still have,no alternative!
        Most of these nations have domestic consumer markets that can’t absorb all of the manufactured goods produced domestically.
        They must export to survive & North America is pretty much their only available destination!
        And finally,North America & Australia on a smaller scale,are the only areas that have their own raw materials,their own manufacturing base & their own major consumer market,all in one!
        Unless the rest of the world can find an alternate economic model they are stuck with the USA for their livelihood.

        The major problem in the future may be the world reverting to the old method of gaining wealth…..nations taking it from someone else,….war.
        And at this point,the only possible enemy we have that poses a threat would be China!

        1. It is always complex. We see the ag exports from South America are now beating US Farms that are highly subsidized.
          The wonders of our modern Maritime industry adds yet another vector to the graphs.
          The real vectors are the debt carried from the consumer to the natioinal level. Everyone has a view. But, if we could come back in time from 24 months from now, we would all laugh at how the important developments were missed.

          1. And in the end the world needs some where to sell it’s goods and available customers are limited outside of North America!
            They are caught in a sort of modern day Mercantilism in reverse!

          2. That will require the US learn how to actually produce something again besides paper money. They can b merchants without products.
            History shows they do re-learn every time the US Paper money becomes worthless. It may only take three to seven years.
            Nobody needs a customer that has worthless currency.

  9. When I listened to Peak Prosperity’s interview with Prof Richard Sylla, and heard them talk about the “Government” keeping interest rates low and robbing savers, I wanted to SCREAM!!!. Anyone who says the “Government” manages (i.e., manipulates) the money system (QE, keeping interest rates low, etc) is a fraud and incompetent. The Federal Reserve decides these things. The people who own the Federal Reserve (private individuals) run it to serve their own private interests, FIRST. Those who get appointed to the Fed don’t need to know anything about history (irrelevant) or the free market (we do not have a free market): all they need to know is what their International Money bosses tell them.

    1. The Central Bankers are the government!
      The slime balls who inhabit political Washington are just their commissioned salesmen!

      1. The only people who are put up for / considered for, appointment are those who have served the interests of the international banksters. No one else of alternative views could survive long enough to be considered. For all practical purposes, the President doesn’t have much of a choice. As “retired22” stated: “The Central Bankers are the government” Period.
        Speaking of real choices: When Pres Trump signed the bill to impose more sanctions on Russia, he didn’t have much choice; Congress would have over-ridden his veto.

  10. CHRIST ALMIGHTY….that Schiff video has been making the rounds for WEEKS now. How about some new material.

    1. Wasn’t thier story based on a retracted story in a London paper?
      Many feel that the London paper claimed the banks were innocent for London Whale that Andrew wrote about. Of course, the London exchange was found guilty of unfair fixing of interest rates. But, nobody was ever fired, fined or shuned. The same good old boys that Fix the gold prices.
      But, feel free to count Andrew as a bad boy if you are part of that Polo Club in the UK.

  11. Big fan of blockchain technology. Love what it ‘does’ to governments, institutions, and power brokers. Love the anarchical qualities. But when I hear “you can’t seize it, you can’t freeze it”, I just don’t think that’s true.

    Governments, by definition, will always have the power of fiat. That is to say, they determine what is “right”, what is fair, what is legal, and what is not. If you think they won’t take control of bitcoin, you’re in for a very rude awakening. It’s fun while nobody gives a sh!t about bitcoin. But once it truly ‘takes off’ (and it will), the IRS, FBI, and commerce departments are going to come in & stomp your nuts into the dirt.

    To be sure, there will be other “bitcoins” & alternative currencies. But we ain’t there yet, kids.

    1. I’ve heard this before – that governments have the power to blah, blah, …. In this day and age, it is not so much the governments, but the international corporations and the central bankers who have access to unlimited resources that will determine what powers the governments have and will exercise. They will get governments to institute laws to punish the upstarts and keep them down. If they can develop the technology to take over Bitcoin or any other crypto, they will do so because they will defend their own turf. Laws and regulations are no so much for the common good of “the people”; it has more to do with the 1% maintaining control. They WILL fight with all their might.

      1. “the government” has little if any organizational ability. If you had a State Dept Head tell state employees “we are going to do this or that this week”, employees can sit on their hands, or just ignore the talk. They get graded for advance on the yearly policy, not this month’s “goal”. They wouldn’t have the tools to do something different if they wanted to.
        The unique situation of a 1930’s German government or the China Mao government was that every State worker totally believed in their mission and contribution. The US Government represents the Ottoman Empire during World War I. They called it The Old Man. State employees worked for a paycheck and had no idea how they could possibly make any difference in a massive bureaucracy.

      2. Like they say, it’s only the middle class believe in laws and justice; the rich know that they can get away with anything, and the poor know that they can’t get away with anything. It’s only the poor saps in the middle who are deluded.

        1. The poor saps in the middle who are too busy working, supporting a family, or busy playing or watching games, to realize their media has been lying to them forever while they get squeezed for every last nickle and cause people to have to go into debt to survive. This has been going on for soooo long. There is a silver coin minted many years ago memorializing this fact: the taxpayer get’s skinned alive, like a chicken.

          Zero interest rates allow the government to inflate away the national debt that was incurred to benefit the elite rich, while the middle class who saved for retirement get screwed by not getting the returns they had planned to live on in their last days.

      3. They already did a trial run of the backdoors built into BitCoin. Millions of dollars vanished without a trace from BitCoin accounts. When it becomes more popular, and more people are invested, and there is a bigger pile to steal, then you will understand what it’s all about. What better way to “turn off your chip” than to drain it of all its “energy”. People, don’t be fooled by this fancy technology and the $5 words that explain it. They are setting you all up to be slaves.

        1. I think you are referring to exchanges where they supposedly store crypto, including bitcoin, and operate like banks where they don’t really store the real crypto but maintain an account as if it actually contained the crypto when it may not even be there.

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    2. Zerohedge had an article that it he IRS already tracks bitcoin. So, you are correct. Further, if the US government made it illegal to own, most people wouldn’t. No one chooses cash or equivalent over freedom.

      1. Well, if bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies gain traction worldwide, via the adoption of the blockchain, which seems to be happening, it certainly has a place somewhere in the marketplace of the future, I would think

        1. Yes! Right next to fiat currencies and ahead of tulips in the list of former monetary systems that didn’t work!

        2. Just wait. Crypto is deflationary. It EATS fiat money. When hyper-inflation kicks in, infrastructures in place for transfer-of-wealth as no other. Gold/silver to also skyrocket. Watch for QE4. Watch Deutsche Bank. Watch Brexit. Historic stuff on horizon.

    3. Craptocurrency means nothing to anyone who isn’t connected to the internet 24/7. it’s just as fake and intangible as fiat. Who gives a fuck about the block chain. If there is a societal collapse and the power is intermittent because of massive shortages, the last thing anyone wants to see is some cocksucker with a smartphone holding it up and going “I’ll give you some of this digital bullshit for real world food and water.” I’d shoot the fucker on principle in a situation like that.

      1. Any currency is only as good as the confidence people have in it to maintain it’s value to trade with other people who also have that confidence.
        If local people don’t know the value of gold or silver, what good is it for trading for goods and services?
        Currency has to have an active market to maintain it’s perceived value.

        1. Local people will know the value of silver and gold very quickly – especially if some government brings back a precious metals money based system of payment. Not so much the value of a bitcoin. Unless they actually own a bitcoin, they will probably never know it. There won’t be many who will place much of a value on zeros and ones on a computer monitor screen. I periodically follow bitcoin, but even after several years of attempting to understand it, I haven’t a clue as to what gives it value, and to me, it has no value other than what someone is willing to accept it for as payment? I haven’t seen many sellers willing to accept it, and absolutely no one locally! On the other hand, I have seen many people and companies who beat the bushes to find and buy gold and silver! Many locals know this and have sold their gold jewelry and silver coinage for fiat dollars. There’s not much around anymore, but the people know what it is, and they remember handling it.

          1. Your comment makes sense.
            Cryptocurrencies are a different breed of “money” for a different breed of people. Like wampum, tobacco, was currency among natives in North America before Europeans came with their currencies.

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