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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – March 18, 2024

Marc Faber: GOLD's Future, Economic Outlook, & Asset Bubbles (March. 17 2024)

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Dr. Faber believes that the world is in a gigantic asset bubble, with significant divergences in financial markets and economies, and that a reset is almost mandatory to return to normal price levels.


  • Dr. Faber’s insights on asset bubbles and economic trends are valuable for investors and individuals alike.
  • Economic outlook: “I think we’re in a gigantic asset bubble.”
  • “We have a significant divergences in the world both in financial markets and in economies.”
  • The highly inflated home builders market could be a more significant problem than the commercial property market.
  • The standards of living for the typical family in Germany, Europe, and the US are going down due to the cost of living increasing more than their salaries.
  • Wealthy people benefit from inflation through real estate, stocks, bonds, and collectibles.
  • The debts will never be repaid but the servicing will become a problem and has become already a problem in the US.
  • A reset is almost mandatory to get back to somewhat normal price levels where you could actually afford a painting with three annual salaries.
  • The biggest contrarian bet you can make right now is in Hong Kong and Singapore property stocks, which are selling at a 70-80% discount to asset value.

John Rubino: Experts Stunned — Gov’t Admits High Inflation (March. 14, 2024)

Financial Survival Network...



Bitcoin’s price progression has been in waves since its inception, with orders of magnitude beyond previous troughs, and the potential for the government to make Bitcoin illegal and force people into fedcoin is conceivable.


  • Bitcoin’s price progression has been in waves since its inception, with orders of magnitude beyond previous troughs.
  • Gold and silver may be heading towards the end of a bull market, signaling a potential parabolic move in precious metals.
  • The possibility of the government making Bitcoin illegal and forcing people into fedcoin is conceivable, fitting the theory of those in charge of the global financial system.
  • The government has regularly lied about inflation using statistical tricks, but it’s getting harder to do that as people are more aware of the actual cost of living.
  • The admission of high inflation by the government has left many people stunned and concerned about the rising cost of living.
  • The Fed cutting interest rates in the face of rising inflation would be a profound capitulation.
  • The inability to hire enough new policemen is causing unacceptable police response times in many cities, making it almost pointless to call for help.
  • The suggestion of using an app to summon vigilantes in place of the police raises ethical and safety concerns about the potential consequences of bypassing official law enforcement.

Lawrence Lepard: Setting the Scene for Infinite Q.E. - The Fed's Next Move? (March 13, 2024)

Pallisades Gold Radio...



Gold is likely to increase in value as a hedge against currency devaluation and hyperinflation, driven by the Fed’s active policy to weaken the dollar and the potential for infinite quantitative easing.


Impact of the Fed’s actions on the financial system

  • The FED’s actions are aimed at continuing to dilute assets without public awareness, using new methods to deceive and maintain control.
  • Gold and Bitcoin breaking out to all-time highs simultaneously is not a coincidence, signaling a significant shift in the market’s perception of the Fed’s next move.
  • The Fed’s irresponsible monetary creation is leading us closer to the end game, with each panic getting slightly larger and coming more quickly.
  • “We’re printing money to cover our interest expense… It’s a real problem. It’s a real hole. They’ve dug themselves into.”
  • The Fed will use their emergency powers to backstop the financial system, potentially growing the balance sheet from 7 trillion to 20 trillion.
  • The Fed’s emergency program could lead to the printing of trillions of dollars, causing a never-ending cycle of quantitative easing.

Inflationary concerns and wage growth

  • “We live in a fantasy world. Now reality has been destroyed. This is the time that we really need to pay attention.”
  • “I just don’t see that you know I see I look at all the wage agreements I look at the natural resource pricing Etc and um I think we are in an inflationary world now.”
  • Wage growth is driving inflation, as companies try to maintain their margins and people demand higher wages due to the increased cost of living.
  • The psychology has now changed from “there is no inflation” to “we clearly do have inflation.”
  • “I think our two choices are massive inflation or hyperinflation. It doesn’t have to be hyperinflation but we certainly we’re going to have inflation.”

Potential consequences of the sovereign debt crisis

  • Lawrence Lepard believes we are in a sovereign debt crisis which will lead to a currency crisis, creating a fiscal Doom Loop.
  • The US has lived irresponsibly and exported inflation to the rest of the world since 1971, benefiting from being the world’s reserve currency.
  • The need to debase the currency is inflate or die, and the whole thing is going to collapse if the currency is not inflated.

Bob Moriarty: Banking Crisis, Exchange Insolvency, and Peak Insanity (March.6, 2024)

Natural Resource Stocks...



The current financial crisis is a result of the flawed banking system and derivatives, and the battle between the debt-based system of the West and the resource-based system of the BRICS and the East is a crucial factor in this crisis.


Financial System and Derivatives

  • We’re in a very dangerous position because of the banking system and derivatives, and it’s important to understand the implications of this crisis.
  • The flaw in derivatives is that it concentrates the risk, not spreads it, as seen in the 2008 financial crisis.
  • “Somebody went out and bought let’s call. It billion dollars worth of nickel and a counterparty couldn’t deliver yeah okay so they were owed. Let’s say5 billion dollar yep. What did the LMA do didn’t they threaten or file bankruptcy. Nope tell me. They canceled the contract that’s right that’s right.”
  • “I own physical gold because it’s an insurance policy. It’s solid whether money or not or should be money or not.”
  • The oligarchs made their wealth by grabbing real assets before and during the fall, controlling everything today.
  • The battle between the debt-based system of the West and the resource-based system of the BRICS and the East is a crucial factor in the current financial crisis.

Societal Implications and Government Control

  • “There would be a move by those in power to totalitarian government and we absolutely are seeing that and the number of people preaching censorship.”
  • “The smartest guy I’ve ever heard of defined Insanity as doing the same thing again and again and again expecting different results.”
  • If all banks in the US were closed and stocks and bonds seized by the government, there would likely be a run on bullets and government employees would become targets.
  • “The stability of every country is based on the strength and the number of the middle class destroy the middle class you have destroyed your Society.”

Doug Casey: Islam is Winning The Forever War (Mar. 16, 2024)

Doug Casey's Take...



The Islamization of Europe is happening at a faster rate than predicted, leading to concerns about the impact on society and potential conflicts between different communities.


  • Islamization of Europe is happening at a faster rate than predicted, with Sweden projected to be 30% Islamic by 2050.
  • “I consider it actually evil but you’re not supposed to be islamophobic anymore. It’s like being homophobic same thing.”
  • A young Muslim with a German passport boasts about conquering the Germans, calling them fools.
  • The friction between migrants and urban folks, especially with the black community, is a potential flashpoint in society.

David Stockman: We've Hit A Fiscal & Monetary Dead End (March. 14 2024)

Thoughtful Money...



The US economy is facing potential fiscal and monetary crisis, with unsustainable policies, market speculation, and potential market correction, and it is advised to prepare for the financial storm ahead.



Economic and Market Analysis

  • We are truly now at a fiscal and monetary dead end uh and I really mean dead end.
  • The FED’s balance sheet has grown 130x since 1970, showing the unsustainable game of debt monetization.
  • The market is in an inflationary blowoff and a speculative top, with the top 10 stocks accounting for 33% of the total market cap of the S&P 500.
  • The Fed’s balance sheet went from 900 billion to 9 trillion, creating 8 trillion worth of credit out of thin air, allowing unsustainable monetary finance.
  • The next phase of the financial era may lead to slower economic growth and a potentially painful recession.
  • I don’t see how there’s not a massive Market correction in this thing right um I see there being lots of layoffs as companies transition from labor hoarding to Dear God.
  • The uncertainty factor has gone from a two to a nine, and I think that’s where we’re heading.
  • A weak economy is likely to put downward pressure on commodities like oil and metals, but gold is a safe harbor during a financial system reset.
  • David Stockman predicts a potential market crash of more than 50% and advises to avoid assets wrapped up in the bubble, including cryptos.
  • Confidence in the central bank’s ability to print money forever may be lost, leading to a potential tailwind for gold.

Political and Fiscal Outlook

  • I think we’re headed for a constitutional crisis that will scare the living but Jesus out of the establishment out of Wall Street out of thinking people generally.
  • Trump’s spending and borrowing have made him the biggest spender and borrower to inhabit the Oval Office, proving that the so-called great economy wasn’t anything close to what was cracked up to be.
  • The way out of the fiscal and monetary dead end may involve a 30 to 40% decrease in standard of living for 10-20 years, if forced austerity is implemented.

Russell Brand: This Terrifying Alex Jones Prediction Has Just Come True (March.15, 2024)

Russell Brand...



The militarization of New York City’s streets and subways raises concerns about citizen safety and the potential piloting of martial law.


  • New York City has effectively militarized its streets and subways, raising questions about citizen safety and the piloting of Martial law.
  • “Lockdowns, internment camps, arresting people for things they’ve said on the internet.”
  • The military threatening to kill you if you step out is a clear indication that things have gone terribly wrong.
  • “All I care about is do as you’re told or we’ll kill you.”
  • The military has been leaking classified documents to incrementally bring in martial law, a concerning revelation.
  • The image of troops being deployed and searching everyone’s bags is a terrifying thought.
  • “Once you’ve seen armed military personnel conducting bag checks on a Subway in New York City when there isn’t a war happening or anything remotely like it domestically.”
  • “All these Decades of preparation for martial law and that’s what the says is here.”

Alex Newman: In Derivative Meltdown, You Won't Own Anything (March. 9, 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



The current education system is designed to manipulate and control children’s beliefs and values, leading to an existential crisis that threatens liberty, prosperity, and civilization, and ultimately paving the way for a totalitarian One World system.


Education System and Totalitarianism

  • The evidence is overwhelming and indisputable that the school system was designed to shift children’s attitudes, values, and beliefs.
  • The current state of education is an existential crisis that threatens everything we hold dear, including our liberty, prosperity, and civilization.
  • “You cannot reform a system that is working as intended right there. There’s no series of changes in policy in curriculum or whatever that you could make to this system that would make it acceptable that would make it a safe place for children because it was always designed to do this so it really needs to be ripped out from the roots and completely reimagined.”
  • Children are being emotionally, spiritually, and academically destroyed by the system, with suicide now being one of the top causes of death among children in the United States.
  • Little girls are having hysterectomies and being injected with testosterone, showing the urgency of the situation.
  • Totalitarians create a crisis and then pose as the saviors by offering the antidote to the very poison they unleashed, manipulating people’s beliefs and actions.
  • The United Nations is trying to build a One World System modeled on the Communist Chinese system.
  • The ultimate objective is a totalitarian One World system where you will own nothing and they will control everything.

Financial Ownership and Derivatives

  • All those assets that you thought you owned you’re going to find out very quickly have been used as collateral as the derivative complex melts down.
  • You’re no longer an owner of stocks, you now have a security entitlement, enabling big institutions to use your assets as collateral for a massive derivatives complex.
  • They’re setting us up for a catastrophe and we cannot allow them to end up owning everything.

Radio Rothbard: Covid - Four Years Later (March 7, 2024)

Radio Rothbard...



The media and government have manipulated the narrative around lockdowns and protests, leading to a growing demand for alternative media and platforms.

  • Doctors and nurses initially claimed public gatherings were a suicide attempt, but reversed their stance for Black Lives Matter protests, raising questions about their consistency and credibility.
  • The silencing of alternative voices on major platforms has led to a growing demand for alternative media and platforms like Rumble and podcasts.
  • The media played a key role in pushing the lockdown narrative and silencing anyone who disagreed with the dominant narrative.
  • The regime wanted harsher and longer lockdowns, but people refused to comply, showing resistance to government control.
  • The Federal Reserve money printing scam in 2020 was a way to bribe people to stay home during the Covid lockdown, leading to inflation and declining standard of living.

Grant Williams: Investors VS. Speculators (March. 14, 2024)

Sprott Money...



The level of debt in the economy and the actions of the Fed will eventually have a significant impact on the economy and the stock market.


  • The economy responds to the stock market because if the stock market’s weak the fed’s going to cut rates and things are going to… it’s the whole thing is just crazy.
  • At some point there will be a reckoning due to the extent of debt in the world, far beyond the FED.
  • For long-term investors, the biggest concern should be the level of debt in the economy.
  • An awareness of history is crucial in understanding what can happen when certain conditions are in place, but they’re never the same.
  • The stimulus money eventually led to inflation, proving that the actions of the Fed would eventually matter.
  • Gold’s rally is not due to a near-term catalyst, but rather an accumulation of factors leading people to invest in it.
  • There’s a tremendous setup to own gold and gold mining shares, but trading gold can be the worst thing you ever get involved in.
  • Price is a liar, an indication of the collective emotions of everybody in the market, not necessarily a reality.

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