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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – November 20, 2023

Bob Murphy: The Fed and the Fate of the Dollar

Mises Media...



The inverted yield curve is a significant indicator of an impending recession, and the actions of the Central Bank and global economic shifts are crucial factors in understanding and predicting economic downturns.


  • The inverted yield curve is a key indicator of an impending recession, based on the difference in the yield on certain maturities of government bonds.
  • The Central Bank’s actions on short-term rates can have a significant impact on the yield curve and overall economic conditions.
  • The idea that investors have access to real-world data and can predict a recession based on their own money at risk challenges the mainstream explanation for the inverted yield curve phenomenon.
  • The FED tightening causes the business cycle to tip over, consistent with the Austrian story.
  • The year 1913 saw the creation of the Central Bank and the implementation of income tax, marking a significant shift in the financial landscape.
  • The US dollar’s share of global Forex reserves has dropped from 71% in 2000 to 58% in 2022, indicating a significant decline.
  • The total amount of outstanding US treasury debt held by various players, including the Federal Reserve, foreigners, and foreign central banks, has been rising rapidly, especially during the 2008 crisis and the COVID spending.
  • The US is moving towards a multi-polar world, with China potentially knocking it off its pedestal in the next 10 to 15 years.



Kris Newby: Lyme Disease and America's Secret Bioweapons Programs

The New American...


Investigative journalist Kris Newby has uncovered compelling evidence suggesting that secret bioweapons programs involving insects, conducted by the military and intelligence communities in the United States, may have led to the outbreak of Lyme disease. 
In this interview with The New American, Newby discusses the key findings of her book Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons, which reveals shocking details about these covert programs and their potential connection to Lyme disease, which affects over half a million individuals annually. The interview delves into the history of bioweapons research, specifically the bug-borne bioweapons program of the 1950s and 1960s, where insects such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes were explored as carriers of deadly pathogens. 
Willy Burgdorfer, a central figure in Newby’s research and the discoverer of Lyme disease, played a crucial role in this program. Burgdorfer, brought to Rocky Mountain Labs in 1951, researched turning arthropods into bioweapons that could be deployed covertly, affecting populations without destroying infrastructure. The writer highlights an alarming experiment involving the release of radioactive lone star ticks in coastal Virginia during the late 1960s, likely contributing to the spread of tick-borne diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. 
Newby stresses the need for transparency, the declassification of relevant records, and further scientific investigation into the genomes of pathogens carried by ticks. 
The interview also raises concerns about the lack of oversight during the Cold War bioweapons programs and questions the current safety of biolabs, especially considering the proliferation of bio-level three and bio-level four labs since 9/11. Newby suggests that CRISPR technology, which allows genome manipulation, poses additional risks, and calls for increased regulation and transparency in the field of biodefense. 

Why the National Debt is Now Threatening the Regime

Radio Rothbard...



On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop are joined by Peter St. Onge, an economic fellow with the Heritage Foundation and frequent Mises Wire author. With the costs of financing the national debt now exceeding the costs of military spending and major social programs, Peter explains why government spending is now a crisis the regime can’t ignore.


“Sovereign Debt is Eating the World” by Peter St. Onge: Mises.org/RR_160_A


“There’s No Easy Way Out of This Debt Spiral” by Ryan McMaken: Mises.org/RR_160_B




Claim your free book: Mises.org/RothPodFree


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Alasdair MacLeod: Entire Financial System On Knife's Edge

Liberty and Finance...



The global financial system is on the brink of a crisis, with the US in a debt trap and the only real protection from the economic and currency storm being gold.


Global Financial System Instability

  • Alasdair MacLeod warns about the worsening condition of the banking system and several fiat currencies around the world.
  • The effect of higher interest rates is demolishing everybody’s business models and economic modeling.
  • The outlook for inflation, interest rates, and gold prices is tied to the geopolitical situation, making the financial system on a knife’s edge.
  • America is in a debt trap that it cannot escape, and the weakening of the dollar forces other countries to raise their interest rates, leading to a global crisis.
  • The US budget deficit could exceed three and a half trillion this year, raising concerns about the stability of the financial system.
  • The entire financial system is on a knife’s edge, with the cost of government debt reaching unsustainable levels.
  • The problem with the debt trap is that it just gets worse and worse, and the cost of financing goes far higher than you could possibly contemplate.
  • Credit is everything, from currencies through bank credit through bonds, equities, it’s all credit if you want to protect yourself from a collapsing credit system.
  • The officials were not in accord with the standing laws on the books, bailing out on the back of taxpayers instead of bailing in depositors as required by the Dodd Frank act.
  • The entire financial system is in crisis and being propped up by the FED’s intervention in the banking system.
  • The inflation of credit at the Central Bank level replacing the contraction of credit at the Commercial Bank level is vital to understand the entire financial system.

Gold as a Hedge Against Economic Crisis

  • Gold is setting up for a very positive outlook.
  • “Gold is the only real protection you have got from the coming economic and currency storm and it is on its way without any doubt.”

Marc Faber: Prepare For "Disappointing" Market Returns From Here

Thoughtful Money...



The current trajectory of Western governments and economic systems is leading to diminishing returns and a potential future of high inflation, and it is important to tap into the wisdom of those with a strong command of history and market experience.


Government and Economic Philosophy


  • “You can finance the war in two ways: increase taxation or have inflation, which is a tax that comes up through deficits of the government.”
  • The increase in government debt vastly exceeds the increase in GDP, which means the benefit of additional debt is diminishing.
  • “Free markets and the capitalistic system are the best way to grow an economic system.”
  • Small government is better than huge government, and entirely free markets would be the ideal scenario for economic growth.
  • The trajectory of Western governments is becoming less free market driven and less personal freedom driven.
  • “You can only have freedom if you are prepared to assume responsibility.”
  • “Hard Times create strong men, strong men create Good Times, Good Times create weak men, weak men create hard times.” – Marc Faber

Market Predictions and Economic Trends


  • “From here on, returns will be disappointing for most people.”
  • “It’s wise to tap the counsel of those with a strong command of the lessons of history and the practical experience of a lifetime in the market trenches.”
  • Marc Faber predicts a “disappointing” market return in the near future.
  • We are in a rising inflation and interest rate structure that could extend over 20-30 years, creating long-term trends interrupted by counter moves.
  • “I wouldn’t be surprised in the world. If in 10 years’s time our inflation rates would be very high very high. Maybe 30 40% maybe higher.”
  • “I think in my scenario of government printing money, I think inflation will come back one day with a Vengeance with a ven Vance by the way okay inflation with vengeance and most of the things that you listed here should perform well if that indeed does happen.”


John Rubino: U.S. Financial Death Spiral

USA Watchdog...


Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer John Rubino and his new enterprise called Rubino.Substack.com for 11.18.23.

John Mearsheimer: Israel-Palestine, Russia-Ukraine, China, NATO, and WW3

Lex Fridman...



The pursuit of power in international politics is largely driven by material factors, military might, and the structure of the international system, with the potential for dangerous consequences and intense security competition between superpowers.


Power and international politics


  • Power is largely a function of material factors, such as population size and wealth, which underpin a state’s influence as a great power.
  • Weakness in international politics can lead to humiliation, resentment, and potentially dangerous consequences, as seen in the example of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
  • Military might ultimately matters in the pursuit of power on the national level, as it is the size of the military that can protect a state’s survival in the international system.
  • The structure of the international system, where survival is the principal goal, shapes the behavior of states and their pursuit of power.
  • Nazi Germany’s aggressive expansion was largely driven by structural considerations, and World War II may have occurred even in the absence of Hitler.
  • Hitler’s rise to power was driven by a combination of factors, including resentment, will to power, and the impact of the Great Depression.
  • Hitler’s plan to conquer the Soviet Union was on a much grander scale than the Holocaust, with terrifying implications for the Slavic and Soviet people.
  • The United States was the most powerful state in the history of the world from 1989 to 2017, and remains the most powerful state in the system today.

Nuclear weapons and security competition


  • The way you use nuclear weapons in a mad world is for manipulation and demonstration effect.
  • The lack of mutual assured destruction in a conflict where one side has nuclear weapons and the other doesn’t makes nuclear use more likely and the potential for escalation more dangerous.
  • There is a serious security competition with China, and there is a real possibility of war in the 21st century.
  • The best strategy for deterrence is to make it clear to China that there will be no winner in a war over Taiwan, creating a lose-lose situation.
  • John Mearsheimer predicts intense security competition between superpowers, potentially leading to wars involving proxies, such as the Middle East and the Persian Gulf.

Microsoft And Facebook Announce Their Election Interference Plans Ahead Of 2024

Axis of Easy...



The use of fact checkers and digital watermarking by big tech corporations raises concerns about censorship, election protection, and privacy.


  • The reliance on fact checkers and digital watermarking to determine what is truthful or not brings up the question of who administers these tools and decides what is misinformation.
  • The idea of big tech corporations censoring candidates and points of view raises questions about the rules of engagement and election protection commitments.
  • The censorship of certain ideas is already known to those who seek it, but those who need to hear it are not listening anyway.
  • It’s naive to think that the right won’t try and do the same thing when they’re in power.
  • The centralized service provided by Microsoft could give them access to all your emails, allowing them to read, analyze, and potentially add digital watermarking to your email.
  • The group behind ironwind is motivated by gathering intelligence related to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, highlighting the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.
  • The complexity of ethereum allows for a lot of attack factors to come up from under the surface, making it vulnerable to scams and fraud.

Bob Moriarty: Why CBDC Reset Won't Work

Liberty and Finance...



The current global financial system is at a dangerous and precarious point, with a significant increase in debt and potential consequences of central bank digital currencies transferring total power to the government.


  • The financial system is going to blow sky high with a $7.2 trillion increase in debt in one year.
  • We’re at a very precarious point in history and it’s exceptionally dangerous.
  • Central Bank digital currencies transfer total power to the government, leading to potential barricades and revolutions.
  • Russia, India, China, Brazil, and South Africa are trying to build a better economic world, while the Western debt system is trying to destroy the financial system.
  • Price determines demand in all cases, and the accumulation of precious metals by central banks does not indicate a shortage.
  • If governments just don’t have this power they believe they have the power and they don’t have the power and if they want it screwed up they can go in the history books.

Rick Rule's Top 10 Silver Stocks & Silver Masterclass

Resource Talks...


Investing in silver and silver stocks presents a compelling opportunity for investors due to its potential for spectacular upside, despite the volatility and manipulation in the market.

Silver Market Dynamics and Potential Upside

  • I’m interested in silver precisely because it’s disappointed people.
  • Silver is the most volatile of the precious metals and traditionally moves further and faster than gold in bull markets.
  • The easy money will be made in silver and the silver stocks simply from the Arbitrage between hated and disgusted and unated.
  • “I own gold because I’m afraid that the set of circumstances that we face today will cause gold to go to $6,000 or $7,000.”
  • The potential upside of investing in silver is so spectacular that it outweighs the downside, making it a compelling opportunity for investors.
  • Rick Rule sees a 50% downside in the price of silver, but also a potential 10x upside, based on supply and demand dynamics.
  • Rick Rule sees potential for soaring Platinum price due to supply side challenges in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Russia, making it a better speculation than Palladium.
  • Rick Rule’s approach to selling stocks: “I was able to sell enough stock that I had the rest of my stock for free and I could become very very very patient with it.”
  • Rick Rule believes that companies like Silver Crest or Mag with reasonably stout market capitalizations relative to the rest of the junior base would surprise people to the upside in a silver bull market.
  • “There’s a lot of upside in that stock where have you ranked it right now knowing that there’s a lot of upside.”
  • Rob McEwen’s strategy of making data freeware and staging a competition for exploration targets was a stroke of genius, popularizing the Gold Corp story and getting free information about his existing mine.
  • “I own silver for greed purposes. But the silver stocks have such incredible leverage that I overweight the silver stocks relative to physical silver in my own portfolio.”

Manipulation and Leverage in Silver Investing


  • The silver market is manipulated in the very short term, with trading desks and coalitions of individuals around the world able to manipulate almost any financial market.

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