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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – November 27, 2023

Co-Creator Explains Javier Milei's Plan to Abolish the Central Bank

Human Action Podcast...



The plan to dollarize liquidity bills in Argentina is crucial to avoid a financial crisis caused by hyperinflation.


  • The plan to dollarize liquidity bills without producing any type of default is crucial to avoid a massive problem in the financial market.
  • The high risk in Argentina is hyperinflation and a hyperinflation crisis.

Moderna Working With The FBI To SPY On You?! You Won’t Believe THIS!!

Russell Brand...


Joining Russell Brand today is independent journalist Lee Fang. He’s a contributing editor over at UnHerd, and you can find the bulk of his reporting on his Substack at www.LeeFang.com. We will be talking about his recent report on how Moderna is spying on everyone, including me! It shows the relationship between big pharma and social media platforms. It reveals how they shape the public space relating to vaccine information to protect their bottom line. Additionally, we spoke about the War in the Middle East, how Nikki Haley makes huge money from the military-industrial complex, and how third-party candidates will fare in the 2024 elections.”

Should Libertarians Be Thankful for Milei's Election?

Radio Rothbard...



The election of Javier Milei in Argentina has the potential to bring about positive change in the country’s economy and could serve as a model for free market reforms, challenging previous associations with tainted regimes.

  • The election of Javier Milei in Argentina could potentially move the country in a better direction.
  • The valuations of Argentine companies went up immediately after Milei’s election, indicating potential encouragement from international investment.
  • If Milei can convincingly turn the economy around, it would provide a new model for free market reforms, challenging the tainted association with Chile’s reforms under Pinochet.
  • The success of Milei’s election will depend on convincing people to embrace the idea of avoiding runaway government spending and recognizing the impact on the economy.
  • Milei’s success depends on both his ability to communicate the benefits of his policies and the ideological support from organizations like The Mises Institute.
  • “Ron Paul didn’t get farther than he got was all these uh people who said they were Freedom loving Libertarians um. But we’re their minds are so poisoned by Pro CIA pro- regime propaganda.”

Rudy Havenstein: Lessons From The Reichbank's Raging Beast - The Need For Monetary Restraint

Pallisades Gold Radio...



The constant push for higher inflation and the lack of oversight and planning by financial institutions have led to a situation where the FED’s actions benefit certain groups while potentially leading to risky behavior and reliance on bailouts.


  • The constant push for higher inflation by financial experts, despite the discrepancy with everyday expenses, raised questions about the true impact of inflation on people’s lives.
  • The FED’s actions pick winners and losers, benefiting older people with assets, while young people starting in the workforce with a 401k buying stocks could benefit from lower stock prices.
  • The lack of oversight and planning, combined with the belief in the FED’s promises, led to a situation where financial institutions engaged in risky behavior and relied on bailouts.
  • “QE is monetary policy for rich people” – Dr. Miller
  • “The founders of the FED would be appalled by what’s become.”
  • “There is no currency on earth now that is backed by anything other than what Jim Grant would call the PHD standard.”
  • The idea that “we have infinite money” is dangerous and leads to the belief that everyone will be a billionaire, reminiscent of the hyperinflation crisis in Zimbabwe.
  • Inflation is a default and a tax, not just a rise in prices.

Ted Oakley: "Worst Part" For Stocks Lies Ahead In 1st Half Of 2024

Thoughtful Money...



The Federal Reserve’s low interest rates and speculative activity may lead to potential economic risks, potentially signaling a recession and causing long-lasting negative repercussions on the economy.


Federal Reserve Policy and Impact

  • The Federal Reserve’s low interest rates have pushed speculative activity to an all-time high, leading to potential economic risks.
  • David Rosenberg’s research indicates that once there are five consecutive months of no rate hikes, the rate hiking cycle is likely over, potentially signaling a recession.
  • In 1987, what broke the market was when Greenspan moved the rates, allowing a 10% yield on five to 10 year paper, causing people to pull out of the market.
  • The decision to keep rates at a quarter of a point was “some of the worst decisions that were have ever been made in the country.”
  • The FED’s policy changes may have long-lasting negative repercussions on the economy.
  • The speaker expresses skepticism towards the Federal Reserve’s predictions, stating that they never believed any of the Fed presidents before Volker and have not believed any of them since that time.
  • “The government secretly wants a certain amount of inflation because it helps it manage the cost of the debt, but too much inflation and things start breaking.”

Market Predictions and Projections

  • Ted Oakley predicts that 2024 will be a more painful year for the markets and investors than 2023.
  • The worst part for stocks lies ahead in the first half of 2024.
  • The party gets most crazy right before the cops show up, giving context to the stock market’s current situation.
  • “If you take just Tech which is really this group drives. The tech averages is the highest percentage relative to the S&P 500 that it has ever been in the history of keeping the numbers.”
  • Commodities and commodity-based companies may thrive in the next 10-15 years due to shrinking supplies, potentially outperforming other sectors.

Economic Risks and Potential Crises

  • There may not be much warning before the carnage starts in the private debt market, and it could lead to a lot of bankruptcies and defaults.
  • “You’re going to have way too many 30 year olds in private equity firms that probably don’t have a clue to what really really bad times look like.”
  • The wave of maturing debt that Corporate America has in front of it is a major concern with interest rates remaining the same.
  • The highly leveraged economy and households may lead to a crisis if inflation continues to rise without a skilled approach to managing it.



Understanding Money Mechanics with Bob Murphy

Robert Breedlove...



The current monetary system, controlled by central banks and governments, is fundamentally flawed and benefits a select few at the expense of the general public.

  • Gold is a way better money than the US Paper Dollar, and historically, Americans were forced to use the dollar.
  • Fractional Reserve Banking poses inherent risks, and the solution of lender of Last Resort essentially means taxpayers get fleeced to solve the problem.
  • Central Banking can be described as a coordinated currency counterfeiting cartel, similar to drug or oil cartels, with the goal of increasing profits at the expense of customers.
  • The Bank of England’s denial of the money multiplier model aligns with modern monetary theory, challenging traditional economic teachings.
  • Market demand drives reserve creation, making the Central Bank a privileged market actor engaged in price fixing.
  • The government has taken over the production of money, which is the big fly in the ointment in a free market.
  • The Central Bank funds government efforts by creating money out of thin air to lend to the treasury, creating a nice little racket.
  • Businesses need to figure out how to tap into the potential of AI and automation, as it could be like having a billion new employees.

Matthew Piepenburg: The ROLE OF GOLD is Clearly Defined

Soar Financially...



The US dollar is facing significant challenges and may be heading towards a reset, leading to a seismic shift in the global financial system, and it is important for investors to prepare for potential inflation, debasement, and the devaluation of the currency by owning physical precious metals as an asset.


Global Currency Trends and Shifts


  • Argentina’s currency has suffered extraordinary inflation and interest rates, with a peso now worth only two cents compared to 20 years ago.
  • There’s nothing soft about the economy, it’s just the real politique of hard math, history, and common sense.
  • Powell’s war on inflation is just a title, his real effort has been to reload the only two guns he has which is to tighten the balance sheet so he can fatten it when we’re undeniably in a recession.
  • Other countries are stacking physical gold and dumping US treasuries at record levels, indicating a lack of trust in the US economy and currency.
  • The US dollar is seen as the best currency in a “slaughterhouse” of global currencies, according to the “milkshake theory” mentioned by Brent Johnson.
  • The end of the inherent purchasing power of the US dollar, which has lost 98% of its value since 1971, does not mean the end of its role as a world reserve currency.
  • Many countries are entering bilateral agreements outside of the US dollar, signaling a seismic shift in the global financial system.
  • The US dollar will never be what it used to be, as empires usually last about 250 years and the USA is going broke.
  • The US dollar’s speed and change won’t be enough to avoid a reset, and monetizing debt through synthetic liquidity is cancerous to the currency.

The Role and Value of Gold in the Economy


  • “We’re trying to prepare investors for this inflation disaster, this debasement disaster, this debt spiral that we’re in.”
  • Every great nation has had to save its system by debasing its currency, passing the bill on to another generation at the expense of the currency’s purchasing power.
  • The devaluation of the US currency and the importance of owning physical precious metals as an asset.
  • Holding 10-25% of gold as insurance is common sense, just like we have insurance on our homes or cars.

Peter Zeihan: What Role Do the Cartels Play in US - Mexico Trade?

Zeihan on Geopolitics...



While Mexican cartels do pose a potential threat to US-Mexico trade, their impact is not as significant as one might expect and has been manageable so far.


  • The cartels play a significant role in US-Mexico trade, especially in drug smuggling operations.
  • Jalisco New Generation’s approach is to instill fear by targeting the police and anyone who looks interesting, in order to gain control and compliance.
  • Narcotics are one of the main categories of items that the cartels are involved in, due to their small size, high value, and ease of smuggling.
  • Cartels target industries like real estate and avocados to launder cash due to their clear business integration.
  • The biggest risk to the trading relationship is the fight between the two big cartels, posing a threat to the US-Mexico trade.
  • The number one concern in the trade relationship is the potential infiltration of Halisco cartel into the US.

Gold and Silver Special Presentations

Crescat Capital...



The potential for a major breakout in gold and the mining industry presents a significant opportunity for investors to capitalize on the increasing value of stocks.


  • The discovery of a wonderful drill intercept increased their value multiples multiples, showing the potential for serious money in these stocks.
  • The potential of the gold deposit is attracting attention from major mining companies, making it a must-have for them.
  • The stock Kua is trading at a fire sale level, presenting a great opportunity for appreciation.
  • The potential for a 10 bagger in stock value based on excitement around drilling and exploration in the mining industry.
  • According to Quinton’s geologic estimates, there is a potential worth of 542 billion dollars of metal in the ground based on the drilling progress and results across the portfolio.
  • Multiple macro indicators, such as yield curve inversion, ISM Manufacturing prints below 50, and historical lows in saving rates, suggest a looming recession and the need for equity market readjustment.
  • The recession indicators and high probability of recession in the US suggest a looming economic downturn.
  • The unprecedented 13-year era of zero interest rate policies has created financial asset bubbles comparable to the tech bubble in 2000 and the 1929 stock market bubble.
  • The current macroeconomic imbalances and issues in the US and developed economies could lead to a major breakout in gold.

Peter St Onge: Germany Cancels $840 Billion Slush Fund!

Wall Street Silver...



Germany’s cancellation of a $840 billion slush fund could threaten government spending and lead to a deeper recession, potentially causing a break in the governing Coalition.


  • The ruling could threaten $840 billion in government spending, equivalent to 4.6 trillion scaled to the US.
  • Germany ran a budget deficit of 25% of GDP, far exceeding the required 0.35% limit.
  • The cancellation of the $840 billion slush fund could put Germany into an even deeper recession, impacting the economy further.
  • The pro-business Free Democrats in the Coalition could break the governing Coalition due to the climate spending issue.
  • Germany used a loophole in the debt limit for “exceptional emergency or natural disaster” to cancel a $840 billion slush fund.
  • Germany’s socialists will do everything they can to keep circumventing the fiscal limits of their constitution.



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