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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – November 6, 2023

John Rubino: Fed Close To "Full Panic Mode"

Liberty and Finance...


The Israel-Palestine conflict is a long-standing territorial dispute with a complex history, involving the establishment of Israel, displacement of Palestinians, failed peace talks, and ongoing power struggles.

Economic Instability and Financial Risks

  • The price of Platinum is currently highly undervalued compared to gold, sitting at less than half the spot price, making it an attractive investment opportunity.
  • Geopolitical tensions, including the potential broadening of conflicts in the Middle East, could impact the global financial system and influence the Fed’s decision to ease.
  • The market reacts strongly to the Fed cutting rates because it signals that the system is tipping into a recession or something worse.
  • The Fed is close to “full panic mode” due to the potential of mass bankruptcies, lower corporate profits, layoffs, and mass bankruptcies in stressed industries.
  • The amount of debt and leverage in the system is so high that it could potentially lead to a disastrous outcome, wiping out retirees, savers, and hedge funds.
  • The Federal Reserve is facing a potential crisis as their investments in real estate and bonds have suffered significant losses, impacting their balance sheet.
  • The government’s intervention to bail out the banking system in such a scenario would be inherently inflationary, resulting in the devaluation of the dollar and a decrease in the value of bank accounts.
  • Trusting the government and sitting on big cash balances with banks may result in significant losses for individuals, highlighting the risks of participating in a system that favors the elite.
  • Rational investors should consider skewing their investment portfolio towards physical gold and silver coins and bars, while still owning the best mining stocks.
  • The future may bring reduced trust and increased systemic risks, making it overwhelming for ordinary people to navigate complex financial systems and outthink the rigged system.

Government Debt and Monetary Policy

  • The US government is accumulating an alarming amount of debt, which raises concerns about the long-term stability of the economy.
  • The US national debt has significantly increased, while China’s debt and Japan’s over-indebtedness pose further concerns for the global economy.

PANEL: ENERGY TRADE-OFFS | The Unconsidered Risks of Renewable Energies

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship...


The trade-off of energy access in Africa goes beyond economic growth and has important ethical considerations, and that there is a need for secure and resilient energy systems that provide abundance for communities while addressing basic needs and fostering civilizational confidence.

  • The trade-off of energy access in Africa goes beyond economic growth, as it also impacts African dignity, emphasizing that poverty does not equate to dignity and raising important ethical considerations.
  • The speaker points out the potential risks of relying heavily on certain countries for critical minerals needed for renewable energy technologies, creating a strategic and logistical monopoly.
  • “We have to be about securing our Energy Systems and making sure that we’re building a system that is resilient enough in order to protect, secure, and innovate and just provide abundance for our communities.”
  • The speaker challenges the notion that Africans have low IQ and highlights the daily struggles they face, emphasizing the importance of addressing basic needs before considering other issues.
  • “You’re saying we stop everything now so multiply 1 to two multiply by 12 you’re telling me that you’re okay with 12 um yeah 12 to 24 million. African women dying right now so that we can supposedly avoid that do you want to sign your name at the bottom if you do amen s tell me and if you don’t then it means we have to rethink our energy. Mix.”
  • Civilizational confidence and advocating for common sense are essential for fostering an optimistic way forward in the renewable energy sector.
  • “We need ecological realism and more forward-looking strategies to provide prosperity to 8 billion people.”
  • “Energy realism is energy humanism and we need more of both and if there’s one thing Jordan asked you us yesterday what is it that you hope for well. I hope that Ark can help ignite this backlash against the the Crazy Town policies that are being pushed by these climate ngos. We have to embrace a vision of ab affordable abundant reliable energy for everyone on the planet. That’s My Hope thank you all.”

The Fake China Threat and its Very Real Danger

Radio Rothbard...


Escalating conflict in the Middle East, particularly involving Iran, could lead to a potential oil price increase to $200-$300 per barrel, causing financial ramifications and potentially changing the perception of higher interest rates being bad for gold.

Geopolitical Relations and Power Dynamics

  • The United States is seen as a major obstacle to China’s goal of overcoming its history of humiliation, shaping Chinese perceptions of the US.
  • China’s goal is to assert control over its territorial waters and Eastern Asia, rather than seeking global hegemony like the United States.
  • The rise of Xi Jinping is seen as a pivot away from a more liberal China, fueling the narrative that China’s aggression and global ambitions are driven by his leadership.
  • The concept of “peaceful Evolution Theory” suggests that outside powers are conspiring to force China to transform itself, highlighting a potential underlying tension in the country’s relationship with the rest of the world.
  • China perceived the US pivot to Asia as a direct threat, leading to an openly hostile relationship between the two countries.
  • The normalization of relations between the US and China in the past was based on a mutual understanding and respect for China’s sovereignty.
  • “Policies of isolating, demonizing, and sanctioning countries like Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba don’t lead to regime change or these populations loving the United States, it makes people more hostile towards America and strengthens the hands of people who let’s be real.”
  • The rules-based international order is just rhetoric, according to the speaker, highlighting the hypocrisy of the political class and foreign policy establishment.
  • The idea of a small nuclear war being a solution to global warming is both shocking and controversial.

Historical Context and Influences

  • China’s historical influence and power is significant, as it was responsible for a large portion of global output in the 13th and 14th centuries, making it the most populous political entity at the time.
  • The 19th century witnessed numerous major revolts in China, including the Tai ping Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion, resulting in significant loss of life, with the Tai ping Rebellion alone estimated to have caused the death of around 20 million people.
  • Understanding the century of humiliations is crucial in comprehending the extent to which propaganda influences China’s perception of itself and its actions in relation to territories like Taiwan.

How to Invest in Farmland



Investing in farmland offers a unique opportunity for sustainable agriculture and superior investment returns, benefiting both the planet and investors.

Economic Value and Investment Potential of Farmland

  • Farmland is a highly valuable asset class, with the US alone owning 25% of the world’s high-quality farmland, worth $2.7 trillion, making it comparable to the economic value of all apartment and office buildings in the country.
  • Investing in permanent crops such as trees, vineyards, and blueberries can provide long-term returns as they grow over time and can be harvested for decades.
  • Investing in farmland offers a unique opportunity with limited growth potential but overwhelming demand due to population growth and urban expansion.
  • Over the past 85 years, Farmland has delivered an impressive 11% annualized return, with half coming from cash flow and half from appreciation, making it a potentially lucrative investment option.
  • By converting commodity corn to wine grapes, the cash flow generated from the same amount of water can be massively increased, turning $1,000 worth of corn into $16 to $20,000 worth of wine grapes.

Environmental Benefits and Sustainable Agriculture

  • Investing in farmland allows for sustainable agriculture and provides superior investment returns, making it a win-win for both the planet and investors.
  • The demand for organic food is growing at double-digit rates, but only 1% of US farmland is certified organic, creating significant pressure on the food system.
  • By investing in farmland and restoring it to its natural state, you can not only improve the soil’s micronutrient content but also have a diverse portfolio of organic products with higher margins.
  • “You’re leaving the Earth better than it was when you bought it.”
  • Sustainable and regenerative agriculture can be more profitable than chemical-dependent agriculture, with the potential to earn price premiums by following regenerative agriculture best practices and obtaining organic certification.

Sovereign Debt Is Eating the World! ft. Peter St Onge

Wall Street Silver...


The current sovereign debt crisis is a result of governments and central banks deluding themselves into thinking that unlimited deficit spending and money printing is sustainable, and it is now reaching a point where the private sector can no longer handle the increasing debt levels. A financial crisis would result in high inflation and the loss of life savings, particularly for older individuals. However, the video also suggests that this crisis presents an opportunity to build a better world on the other side.

  • Governments and central banks deluded themselves into thinking that unlimited deficit spending financed by unlimited money printing is a free ride, leading to the current sovereign debt crisis.
  • “In fact, there have been 14 Sovereign defaults since Japan crossed that magic line 25 years ago but they learned the lessons they wanted to learn.”
  • The massive deficits and increasing debt levels are reaching the limit of what the private sector can handle, raising concerns about governments’ ability to manage the debt.
  • “The financial Ponzi is not only losing its key. Finance here central banks. It is now being built on a shrinking base.”
  • A financial crisis would result in “years of high inflation that would wipe out life savings and impoverish especially older people who thought they were safe.”
  • “Sovereign debt is eating the world!” – highlighting the global impact of increasing debt levels.
  • A storm is coming, but it is an opportunity to build a beautiful world on the other side.

Cameco Buys Uranium, Centrals Banks Buy Gold, Blackrock Buys Miners

Resource Talks...


Understanding Austrian business cycle theory and the role of interest rates is crucial in explaining the impact of money over time and the potential negative consequences of manipulating interest rates.

Strategic Investments and Resource Importance

  • “Cameco buys uranium, central banks buy gold, Blackrock buys miners” – The buying patterns of major players in the commodities market suggest a strategic focus on valuable resources.
  • “If I want to control an exploration District, I do a 10% Equity placement in a junior that I like and let them explore for me because I know when I explore, I’ll be paying almost 20% more than them in terms of expiration.”
  • Forming joint ventures and taking a stake in a company after financing exploration gives more confidence in the investment process, particularly for junior companies with high financing risk.
  • “Sell it to somebody who does and get paid for it” – The importance of selling projects to companies with the expertise and resources to develop them, rather than trying to do it themselves.
  • The value of streams in the mining industry, such as those on copper assets, can significantly extend the mine life and differentiate companies from gold-focused ones with shorter mine lives.
  • “Black Rock Says investors focused on climate should buy miners” – According to Black Rock, there is a huge value opportunity in the mining sector for investors focused on climate.
  • Governments are investing in infrastructure projects to extract minerals, indicating the strategic importance of resources like lithium, cobalt, and rare earths.
  • “Everyone wants to know where their lithium is coming from and they can’t just get it on the market, hence the investments in building battery infrastructure in Canada’s James Bay Region to tap into potential lithium pegmatites.”
  • “But I think lithium in those kind of batteries for cars will still be the way forward and they just figured out how to make gold out of graphene.” – The continued use of lithium in car batteries and the discovery of making gold out of graphene are significant advancements in the field of energy storage and materials science.
  • “All the news out of Africa about building infrastructure and investing directly in companies, the fight for lithium and graphite is intensifying.”

Market Trends and Outlook

  • “The best week for US equities in 2023, with the NASDAQ closing up almost 6% and the S&P closing over 5% higher.”
  • “Given the circumstances and the state of the uranium market, where the supply side is still so diminished, this price has a lot of room to move up.”
  • Cameco has raised its growth outlook for 2023, expecting up to $2.58 billion in revenue, driven by increased prices and sales volume, highlighting the positive outlook for the company in the coming year.
  • Cameco’s CEO stated that they are experiencing the industry’s best ever market fundamentals, indicating a positive outlook for the uranium market.
  • The combination of a nuclear renaissance, supply challenges, and geopolitical tensions is creating the best uranium market fundamentals ever seen.

Central Bank Buying and Gold Demand

  • Central banks are buying gold at a record-breaking rate in Q3, with China being the biggest buyer, indicating a strong demand for the precious metal.
  • Central Bank buying of gold has helped stabilize the gold price and support producers, with an increase in purchases since Q2 2022, particularly driven by China’s diversification outside of the US dollar.
  • Central banks, particularly China and Russia, are buying gold as a way to diversify outside of the US dollar and support the gold price.

Gold Price Today - Projections November 2023

Sprott Money...


Giving the gift of sound money, such as silver rounds or gold, can be a unique and valuable gift idea, and that gold is expected to go through a massive commodity rally with the potential for significant price increases in the future.

Key insights

  • “Why give them something that’s fiat-based for crying out loud when you can give them sound money or begin an education in sound money by providing some silver rounds or a fractional ounce of gold?” – This suggests that giving the gift of sound money, such as silver rounds or gold, can be a unique and valuable gift idea.
  • Gold is in the startup phase and is expected to go through a massive commodity rally, unlike clean energy stocks which have completed their cycles and may be dead money.
  • Gold has a pattern of experiencing a pullback during stock market recessions, but then it has the potential for a huge move upwards, reaching prices as high as $2,700 to $3,500.
  • The speaker predicts a 5 to 10 year super cycle in gold, indicating a long-term positive outlook for commodities.
  • The stock market could potentially experience a massive wipeout, with a 50-60% correction, devastating those who are unprepared for what’s coming.
  • The current economic climate reminds the speaker of the late 70s, with similarities in stagflation, declining superpower status, and geopolitical tensions.
  • The clustering of nominal little highs in the gold chart has caused short sellers to buy back their positions and has attracted new buyers who see the potential for higher highs, contributing to the upward movement of gold prices.
  • Gold’s recent momentum move and lingering near all-time highs suggest a potential push for higher prices in the future.

Family Makes Tough Decision To Put Aging Grandpa In US Senate

Babylon Bee...


The family decides to put their aging grandpa in the US Senate due to their inability to provide proper care for him, and there is a debate about his readiness for the position.

Key insights

  • The family makes the tough decision to put their aging grandpa in the US Senate because they can’t take care of him the way he needs to be taken care of.
  • The family jokingly suggests that their grandpa could run for president at the age of 96.
  • The concept of “McConnelling” is introduced, suggesting a controversial behavior that disrupts communication.
  • The grandpa’s readiness for the Senate is debated, with some believing he still has several terms left in him.

Gold Prices Analysis - Monthly Wrap-Up with John Rubino and Craig Hemke

Sprott Money...


The recent comeback of gold and silver prices is a result of geopolitical turmoil and the instability of the world, making precious metals a safe haven for investors, and central banks are turning to gold as a way to protect themselves against financial instability and the weaponization of the US dollar.

Key insights

  • “This could be one of those really big inflection points in financial history.”
  • The recent comeback of gold and silver prices could be attributed to geopolitical turmoil and the instability of the world, making precious metals a safe haven for investors.
  • “It’s basically a lock that precious metals will go up from here, based on the amount of debt that’s out there and the other huge horrendous Financial mistakes we’re making.”
  • Japan finds itself in a difficult position where attempting to fix the yen with higher interest rates would bankrupt the government, while lowering interest rates would cause the yen to plummet, creating a no-win situation that could result in a massive financial crisis.
  • “We’re making all the same mistakes as Japan in terms of government debt, and we’ll have the same dilemma at some point where there’s just no fix.”
  • Central banks around the world have been buying gold at the highest levels since 1968, indicating a growing trend towards gold as a valuable asset.
  • Central banks are turning to gold as a way to protect themselves against financial instability and the weaponization of the US dollar.
  • “If we go back to easing again, we probably reignite inflation and that’s bad for the financial markets, so we could see a dichotomy where real assets see increasing demand while financial assets don’t, potentially leading to the end of the road for the fiat currency experiment and the monetization of gold once again.”

Charles Nenner: 2 Billion Will Die in New War Cycle

USA Watchdog...


World-reknown cycles and financial trading expert, Charles Nenner shares what he thinks is coming next for the world.

Catherine Austin Fitts & Arno Wellens: The Corona budget was used to build a digital control system.

Solari Report...


Catherine Austin Fitts and Arno Wellens discuss the plan of government digital tracking systems. 

BONUS: Lawrence Lepard: Gold Holding Strong Because It Knows What's Coming

Palisades Gold Radio...


The current economic situation is unsustainable and could lead to a significant decrease in asset prices, and that investing in gold and potentially silver could be a profitable strategy to protect against potential economic collapse.

Key insights

Economic Crisis and Financial Markets

  • “We live in a fantasy world. Now reality has been destroyed. This is the time that you really need to pay attention.”
  • The government’s GDP numbers may not accurately reflect the true state of the economy, as they exclude important factors like inflation and essential expenses.
  • The reported growth in the US economy may actually be inflationary growth, not fundamental growth.
  • The internet is disintermediating and destroying top-down media organizations and governments, as seen with Joe Rogan having more listeners than CNN.
  • “The financial markets are badly broken and a lot of things are very badly mispriced, running into a sovereign debt crisis which will ultimately become a currency crisis.”
  • “This decade is going to look like the 1970s on steroids which is stagflation.”
  • The current economic situation is a death spiral that many people don’t want to acknowledge.
  • “My analysis tells me that we are running into a trap that’s going to create a lot of trouble here.”
  • The bubbles created by years of free money are bound to burst, potentially leading to a significant decrease in asset prices by 80%.
  • “We’ve always been trying to solve a debt problem with more debt… eventually something’s got to give, the currency has to collapse or the economy has to collapse.”

Gold and Precious Metals

  • “Gold is holding strong because it knows what’s coming with the government’s fiscal dominance and the potential bankruptcy of a demonstrably bankrupt government.”
  • Gold is reaching new all-time highs in every currency except the peso, suggesting its value is universally recognized and trusted.
  • Once gold breaks out to a new all-time high, investors will likely chase its performance, leading to a surge in its price.
  • The average five-year out estimate for the price of gold is $1,750 per ounce, while the speaker believes it will be $33,000 in five years, leading to potentially fabulous margins for gold mining companies.
  • “In five years, the solar market could absorb half of the silver production in the world, leading to higher silver prices.”

Government and Monetary Policy

  • The political pressure on the Federal Reserve Chairman would be so high and awful that he will be forced to pivot and make decisions to keep the system going, even if it means an economic depression.
  • A monetary reset, similar to what Roosevelt did in 1933-34, could help solve the problem of excessive debt and stop inflation by revaluing the Dollar in Gold terms and pegging it to a sound money like gold.

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