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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – October 2, 2023

Why The United States Could Collapse Like Greece

Thomas Sowell TV...


The United States could face a potential economic collapse similar to Greece if it continues to rely on unsustainable welfare state policies and printing more money.

Key insights

  • “We start running out of money…in the long run you’re going to run out of money which is what’s happened in Greece which is starting to happen in Spain and which can happen in the United States.”
  • The United States is on the verge of a significant change that will impact its future.
  • The economy is bad, but by historical standards, the United States is still a wealthy country.
  • Printing more money is a hidden form of taxation, as it devalues people’s savings and leads to inflation.

Michael Oliver: The Fed Can't Let THIS Happen

Liberty and Finance...


The Federal Reserve’s potential loss of control over the bond market and the anticipation of a return to easy monetary policy may lead to a potential bull market for gold.

Gold as a Safe Haven Investment

  • Gold traditionally benefits during stock market downturns as the Fed tries to defend paper assets, making it a valuable investment during those times.
  • Gold anticipates the return of easy monetary policy, which erodes the value of the underlying currency, leading to increased demand for gold.
  • Gold’s historical behavior suggests that when it hits a high and then hits a high again, it’s likely to continue rising rather than experiencing a double top or triple top pattern.
  • Gold’s price chart breakout in 2022 was a bear trap, fooling many chartists who predicted a further decline, as history shows that gold never tops with a double top.
  • The behavior of gold at the first top in 2020 and in March 2022 highlights the significance of these levels in predicting future market movements.
  • Gold is expected to snap back and go right back up again, with specific numbers indicating a potential rise in the coming month.
  • During stock market downturns, gold traditionally goes up as the Fed panics and tries to defend paper assets, making gold the chief beneficiary.

The Fed’s Lack of Control and Potential Consequences

  • The collapse in the t-bond market was not just a crash, but a new event with potentially far-reaching consequences.
  • The synchronized decline of gold and bonds suggests that major asset managers perceive the Fed to have gone too far, indicating a lack of control over the situation.
  • Gold is an anticipatory market that doesn’t follow Fed speech, suggesting that the Fed’s policy of raising rates may end due to a bond market crash.
  • The stock market will continue to weaken, causing asset managers to seek out asset categories that are not as weak, such as gold, which has performed well compared to other assets. 

Alasdair Macleod: US Dollar Poised For Complete Collapse! Gold Paper Market Crisis Looming

As Good as Gold Australia...


The US dollar is at risk of collapsing due to various factors such as rising interest rates, potential liquidation of foreign-held assets, geopolitical shifts, and the potential reintroduction of gold-backed currencies, leading to a crisis in the gold paper market and a shift in global economic power.

Potential Collapse of the US Dollar

  • “The surge in gold prices in weakening currencies suggests that the US dollar may be poised for a complete collapse.”
  • “When a foreigner starts losing on his investments in a foreign currency, he just tries to get the hell out of it… The dollar is poised for a complete collapse.”
  • The potential collapse of the US dollar is something we should be aware of and it’s not far away.
  • The Scramble for rubles to buy oil highlights the vulnerability of the US dollar, indicating a possible complete collapse of the currency.
  • “US Dollar Poised For Complete Collapse!”

Impact on Global Financial System

  • Foreigners within the US banking system hold a staggering $32 trillion in investments and bank deposits, highlighting the potential impact of any financial crisis on a global scale.
  • “The currencies are beginning to face obvious problems, leading to the Central Banking cartels’ response and the looming crisis in the gold paper market.”
  • The Chinese government’s encouragement of its citizens to buy gold suggests their concern over the instability of the Western financial system and the potential collapse of the US dollar.
  • “The addition of six new nations to the BRICS formation, including the three largest oil producers in the world, spells the end of the Petro dollar and US dominance.”
  • The consolidation of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization into a single mega block will make it more challenging for the West to maintain political power and hegemony, potentially leading to the reintroduction of gold backing into currencies.

Importance of Owning Gold

  • “Unless you’ve got your own precious metals, I think you’re in trouble.”
  • “There is a shortage, you have to bid up to get physical gold.” – Despite the falling paper price of gold, there is a shortage of physical gold, leading to increased bidding and a potential crisis in the gold market.
  • As the price of gold rises, it reflects the devaluation of currencies like the dollar, leading to a potential crisis in the paper markets due to a lack of physical gold to deliver.
  • “If you do not own gold, you have no understanding of history or economics.” – Alasdair Macleod
  • “Their currency in real terms is valueless… You need to own gold.” – Alasdair Macleod highlights the importance of owning gold as a hedge against a potentially collapsing US dollar.

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold and Silver Breakdown. Bears Gain Control.

...The Daily Gold


Gold and silver prices have experienced a significant breakdown, with potential for further decline, but there may be a bounce at strong support levels before a potential major bottom by the end of the year.


Key insights

  • Gold and silver had a bad week, with both metals breaking down from their trading range, suggesting a downward trend.
  • The breakdown in gold’s price action suggests a “really ugly breakdown” in the market, potentially impacting the start of a new bull market for gold and silver.
  • Despite the incorrect prediction, the speaker still believed that a breakdown in prices was likely to occur, emphasizing the importance of considering different perspectives in investment decisions.
  • Gold has broken down and the next area of strong support is around 1840-1850, which could potentially lead to a bounce.
  • The stocks are extremely oversold, indicating a potential buying opportunity for investors.
  • Gold may experience more selling and potentially drop below the levels of 1840-1850 before seeing a bounce or strong support in the low 1800s.
  • The strong support for silver appears to be around 20, potentially indicating a future price level to watch.
  • The pressure on gold and silver is expected to continue due to factors such as sentiment indicators, technical levels, macroeconomic conditions, and the possibility of a recession in the US.

Dolly Varden Silver - On the Hunt for (5), 50,000,000 Ounce Silver Deposits

...Proven and Probable


Dolly Varden Silver has discovered high-grade silver deposits in Canada and has the potential for multiple major silver deposits, making it a promising investment opportunity.

Key insights





Top 5 Grid Down Cooking Methods

Provident Prepper...


Cooking methods for grid down situations, including canned heat, solar ovens, pressure cooking, thermal cooking, propane, charcoal, homemade box ovens, rocket stoves, wood burning stoves, and fire pits.

Key insights

  • “These little folding stoves are awesome, they fold down into a little package, they’re inexpensive, but I would get the brand name Sterno one. The off brands are a little bit flimsier and when you put the pot on here to cook you want to make sure that it’s not going to topple over or anything.”
  • The Inferno is a versatile cooking method that can be used indoors with canned heat or outdoors with biomass like pine cones or sticks.
  • “The wonderful thing about using the sun is that it’s very forgiving… I don’t have to worry about burning anything in the kitchen.”
  • Thermal cooking, which involves using insulation, can further conserve fuel by using only about 25% of the fuel normally required to heat up food.
  • Thermal cooking using an ice chest can retain heat for significantly longer with four inches of insulation on every side.
  • Rocket stoves are a great cooking method for emergencies as they use less fuel and cook more efficiently.
  • The Bear River rocket stove is another cooking option that was highly praised during the 30-day grid down cooking challenge.
  • Having a wood burning stove or fire pit can be a great way to heat and cook during a grid down situation, providing both warmth and a cooking method.

John Rubino: Excessive Debt Inevitably Leads To Gigantic Financial Crisis

Liberty and Finance...


Excessive debt can lead to a financial crisis and political turmoil, but individuals and communities can take steps to navigate and survive it.

Hang On…GOOGLE Shifted 6 Million Votes To Biden In 2020?!

Russell Brand...


The corruption claims around Democrat Bob Menendez and his wife, the ‘Republicans for Ukraine’ advert that claims the Ukraine war is beneficial because it weakens Russia, the odd ovation received by a Nazi-linked veteran during Zelenskyy’s visit to Canada. PLUS, our special guest Dr Robert Epstein reveals just how much Google manipulates and influences our lives from politics to business.

The Psychology of The Wounded Healer



Healing comes from accepting and embracing our wounds, allowing us to become wounded healers who can help others through their own suffering.

Healing Through Personal Growth and Self-Reflection

  • The archetype of the wounded healer is a fundamental aspect of genuine healing procedures and is connected to the discovery of the meaning of one’s suffering and life.
  • Asclepius, the sunlike healer, symbolizes the potential for finding light and recovery within the darkness of suffering.
  • Asclepius’ resurrection and place on Mount Olympus after experiencing death highlights the paradoxical nature of the wounded healer, who gains wisdom and admiration through their own suffering.
  • The Greeks believed that snakes were sacred beings of wisdom, healing, and resurrection, symbolizing the mysterious relationship between death and rebirth.
  • Individuation is the reconciliation of both our inner and outer lives, leading to wholeness and the union of opposites.
  • Many individuals enter helping professions to address their own personal wounds, using their experiences to heal themselves and assist others in their healing journeys.
  • A good therapist must examine themselves and heal their own wounds in order to effectively help their patients.

The Transformative Power of Suffering

  • The wounded healer’s suffering can either destroy them or serve as a catalyst for personal growth and awakening.
  • Chiron and Christ both embody the archetype of the wounded healer, showcasing the transformative power of embracing and transcending suffering.
  • The process of becoming individuated and embracing our fragmented selves is a painful journey, akin to bearing our own cross like Christ on his way to crucifixion.
  • The shaman’s journey of turmoil and distress, expressed through trance, unveils profound symbols of the awakened psyche, elevating the human experience and fostering collective understanding.

Mark Thornton: The Data Shutdown—Smokescreen?

...Minor Issues


The government shutdown is not harmful to the real economy, but the data shutdown and the Federal Reserve’s actions may have a significant impact on the economy.

Key insights

  • The lack of timely data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis may impact the Federal Reserve’s ability to effectively assess the state of the economy and make informed decisions.
  • The printing of too much money has already caused inflation, which has had significant impacts on the economy.
  • The interest rates on 30-year government bonds and fixed-rate mortgages have experienced a significant increase of about 7.5 percent, impacting borrowing costs for the government and homebuyers.
  • There may be a need for banks to be more cautious in lending money, especially for longer-term loans, in the future.
  • The speaker suggests that the Federal Reserve is intentionally breaking the economy and will later intervene to save the day through money printing and reducing interest rates.

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