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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – October 23, 2023

Vital Lessons From the United States’ Catastrophic Response to 9/11

Glenn Greenwald...


This is a comprehensive review of the United States response to 9/11.


Hans-Hermann Hoppe: Reflections on Method: The Proper Study of Man

Mises Media...


Studying human behavior and interactions requires a methodological dualism that combines naturalistic methods with an understanding of the unique essence of humans, including their purposes, language, and accountability.

Social Institutions and Human Action

  • Professor Hoppe has authored several books on topics such as socialism, capitalism, private property, democracy, and the decline of society, showcasing his expertise in economics and social sciences.
  • The generality and universality of natural laws do not require inductive support, contrary to common belief.
  • Language not only allows us to communicate and coordinate with others, but also serves as the foundation for the creation of social institutions and facts such as private property, marriage, and employment.
  • The prediction of human actions is not a science, but rather a form of entrepreneurship where individuals constantly adjust to their surroundings.
  • Based on our a prioristic knowledge of human action, we can deduce a number of universally valid conclusions about the social world.
  • While we cannot predict what specific things will be considered valuable by individuals, we know that anything considered a good by an actor is valued because it is supposed to help achieve their desired end or goal.
  • For any voluntary exchange to take place, both parties must expect to be made better off and evaluate the goods as of unequal value.

Language and Communication

  •  Language is not only a means of communication, but also the necessary starting point for all philosophizing, highlighting its crucial role in human thought and understanding.
  • All speaking and communicating is an action, but not all action is communicating, highlighting the distinction between verbal and non-verbal actions.
  • Successful coordination depends on both understanding the propositional content of speech and accepting its purpose, emphasizing the need for mutual comprehension and agreement.
  • The acquisition of a common language is a premier method to reduce uncertainty and understand each and every person, their motivations, and their actions.

John Rubino: Recession & Bear Market Risks To Make 2024 A Year Of "Turmoil"



The global economy is facing significant challenges, including high levels of debt and potential collapses in sectors like banking and pension funds, leading to the possibility of a recession or government intervention in 2024, but there are opportunities for investors to acquire undervalued high-performing companies and potentially shift towards sound money like gold and cryptocurrencies.

Currency System and Debt Crisis

  • The current currency system is breaking and will come to an end, leading to a crash and the need to rebuild from the rubble.
  • The global financial entities have added trillions of dollars in liabilities, with the US federal debt alone jumping by 20 trillion dollars since 2008.
  • Japan’s falling currency and limited options to address it highlight the challenges of managing a large debt burden, potentially signaling a milestone on the path to a global fiat currency reset.
  • The global debt accumulated to fix the 2008 financial crisis is equivalent to losing a job and accumulating a million dollars of credit card debt, leading to bankruptcy.
  • The amount of debt already taken on will be the dominant force in the economy going forward, potentially leading to a financial crisis.
  • According to John Rubino, throughout history, nations facing a sovereign debt crisis have always sacrificed the purchasing power of their currency to deal with the debt.
  • The current monetary system, which allows governments to create currency out of thin air, is an experiment that has failed to work out well.
  • The concept of the fourth turning, where the status quo breaks down and is replaced by a new order, could be the vehicle by which the masses wake up to the need for a global monetary reset.

Economic Turmoil and Recession Risks

  • “All of those things are going to combine to either just slow down the economy so we tip into recession or blow up some different sectors of the economy and force the government to step back in and bail everybody in sight out. So either one of those is a recipe for turmoil and that’s probably going to be the story of 2024.”
  • John Rubino predicts that 2024 will be a year of “turmoil” due to recession and bear market risks.
  • “As we get out of financial assets, we’ll move capital into real assets like farmland, which will probably go way up in value, and the best quality rental houses are liable to hold their value at least and generate cash flow.”
  • Investing in gold, silver, and uranium can potentially be lucrative due to their ability to hold value and the increasing demand for uranium in the face of a global energy crisis.
  • John Rubino provides actionable steps to protect ourselves from the upcoming recession and bear market.
  • John Rubino discusses actionable investment information, including stocks in the nuclear and gold/silver mining sectors, that could be valuable in navigating the future.

Political and Societal Implications

  • Globalization has benefited certain individuals and corporations, but it has had negative consequences for workers who have seen their jobs outsourced and their wages decline.
  • Populist platforms have the potential to play a significant role in the upcoming election cycle, with politicians like Trump, U the v ramaswami, and RFK Jr finding success by tapping into the market’s readiness for this kind of message.
  • Ron Paul’s ideas about the money system were initially marginalized, but now the nature of our money itself is becoming a bigger political topic.
  • The insight that money needs to hold its value over time and be limited in quantity to maintain a capitalist society, which is the story behind Bitcoin and the gold standard.
  • “If that crowd is coming towards the presidential Palace because of your own mismanagement of the country, what do you do? Do you just let them break in and hang you or do you say, ‘Oh look at that other country. That guy running that country is evil. He’s the next Hitler.’ You engineer an outside threat.”

Mark Thornton: Where Did the Dollar Come From?

Minor Issues...


Key insights

  • The history of the US dollar goes beyond the United States Constitution, indicating a longer and more complex origin.
  • The term “dollar” originated from the German coin called “thaler,” which was widely used in Europe and other parts of the world.
  • The dollar has a long history dating back to the 1500s, originating from Spanish pesos used as a medium of exchange.
  • The use of silver coins had a positive impact on the availability and quality of food, leading to greater abundance and nutrition.
  • Civilization was born on the basis of the Silver version of the dollar, the thaler in Germany around the year 1500.

World War 3 but Stocks Are Up! ft. Peter St Onge

Wall Street Silver...


The Federal Reserve’s money printing is causing economic turmoil and benefiting the banking system, while also diluting people’s life savings and setting up future inflation.

Key insights

  • The odd correlation between catastrophe and soaring stocks can be attributed to Jerome’s money printers.
  • Despite the expectation that stocks would crash during times of crisis, they actually went up significantly, with the Dow gaining about 600 points and the S&P almost 100 points in just over a week.
  • “Stocks initially plunged after the attacks, but the announcement of lower rates by the Federal Reserve quickly turned things around.”
  • Washington is willing to spend trillions of dollars from people’s life savings to combat any crisis, regardless of its nature.
  • The flood of paper money from the Federal Reserve is seen as an “opiate of the masses” that has significant consequences for the global economy.
  • The Middle East conflict is just the beginning, as we can expect an endless parade of crises financed by our life savings.


Gold Switzerland...


The East is rising in power and influence, leading to a shift in prosperity towards the East and a growing preference for physical gold as a solution to instability and to protect wealth.

Protection of Wealth and Portfolio Perspective

  • “Gold is not just something to trade, but something to hold for generations.”
  • Gold is a solution to the problems of instability and losing money, making it a valuable asset during uncertain times.
  • The speakers have been advocating for gold as a means to protect wealth for 25 years, emphasizing the importance of holding physical gold outside the banking system.
  • “It doesn’t make any difference to add 2 or 3% gold to your asset allocation, it has to be at least 10 to 15% to make sense from a portfolio perspective.”
  • “When you think about how to navigate the uncertain times, you need gold, cash, and patience.”
  • “You should have most of your assets outside the banking system…if it survives, it’s going to be certainly with money worth a lot less than it is today.”
  • Gold is actually anti-complexity and anti-anxiety, making it a good investment in a world that is becoming increasingly complex.

Geopolitical Tensions and Risks

  • The war cycle is starting in earnest, with conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and the danger is that it could escalate further.
  • Geopolitical tensions are increasing globally, making it crucial to have a neutral central reserve asset that can withstand political sanctions and uncertainties.
  • The risk for a major global conflict is now greater than ever in my lifetime, raising concerns about an existential problem.
  • “The world has changed and those existential threats are going to become a much more clear and present danger to people than they have been.”
  • The potential closure of the Strait of Hormuz by Iran with the support of Russia could lead to a World War situation and paralyze 25% of the world’s oil supply, posing enormous risks.
  • “If you want a tiny peak into the vast arrogance of men, just look at the number of people on Twitter who think they not only have a firm understanding of the 2,000 year old conflict in the Middle East but also believe they possess the solution to now fix it.”

Importance of Gold as a Reserve Asset

  • “The sun is setting on the faltering West and rising for gold.”
  • Gold always moves up over time because paper money eventually becomes worthless, and the current money printing and creation is making gold look even higher.
  • The main reason for the increase in Central Bank buying of gold is the scramble for a neutral reserve asset that is not at the whim of another government.
  • The rising gold price will be further fueled by the potential inclusion of gold as a central bank reserve asset, resulting in a significant increase in its value.

Jordan Roy-Byrne: Gold Triple Top Won't Hold

The Daily Gold...


Gold is experiencing a potential bull market, but geopolitical tensions, economic factors, and potential recessions could impact its future.

Analysis of technical patterns and indicators in the gold market

  • False breakdowns in the precious metals market are common, highlighting the need for careful analysis and consideration of support levels.
  • The breakdown in the gold market was a false one, as there was a bullish intraday reversal followed by a gap up the next day.
  • The speaker mentions analyzing the commitment of traders reports and identifies a significant date (September 26th) when gold closed above 1915 before a subsequent selloff.
  • The 40-month moving average has been an incredible indicator for gold over the last 40 years.
  • Despite briefly dipping below the moving average, gold did not settle or close below it, suggesting that the 40-month moving average may have acted as a strong support level for gold prices.
  • Breaking above the 2000 resistance level could signal a return to previous market failures and potentially lead to further upward movement in gold prices.
  • The monthly chart of gold does not exhibit the typical distribution pattern of a head and shoulders top, as it lacks a lower high on the right side, suggesting that the triple top in gold may not hold.
  • Contrary to some opinions, the speaker identifies the pattern in gold as a strong cup and handle pattern, emphasizing the importance of zooming out and considering a longer history when analyzing market trends.
  • When a market rejects a level violently and then comes back up and rejects it again without spending much time there, it indicates that the order is either not filled or the seller went hard to the market the next time up.

Factors impacting gold price movement and market volatility

  • The host wants to discuss the factors driving the recent gold price movement, indicating potential volatility in the market.
  • The geopolitical tensions and uncertainties are impacting the gold market, causing it to react immediately to news rather than before or after.
  • The broken correlation between rates and gold, as well as the strong dollar and strong gold, are driven by the competing narratives of the macro story and the secular tailwind story.
  • “The high we had earlier this year was higher than the Russian war, so we’ve got a higher high on ostensibly less bullish news. So this Market’s not done rallying.”

"I Have REAL FEARS That The Gold Market Will Triple" - Rick Rule w/ Mike Maloney



Rick Rule expresses concerns about the potential tripling of the gold market and emphasizes the importance of financial discipline and solvency for investors in the natural resources sector.

Bullish outlook on gold and precious metals

  • “I have real fears, not hopes, fears that the gold market will triple.”
  • Rick Rule has real fears that the gold market will triple, indicating a bullish outlook on gold.
  • “Despite being undervalued, companies making sustaining capital investments to maintain current production in the oil and gas industry will surprisingly perform well over the next 10 years due to the shortage, leading to higher energy prices.”
  • “I am afraid that gold and silver are headed much higher.”
  • “I own gold because I’m afraid it’ll go to $6,000 or $7,000.”
  • The market share of precious metals and precious metals-related assets in the United States is currently less than 1%, but historically it has reached as high as 5%, indicating the potential for a significant increase in demand.

Concerns about the debt and financial management

  • I’m particularly concerned about the lack of concern around the debt, which is truly perplexing to me.
  • The net present value of the unfunded liabilities of the US government exceeds $120 trillion, which is a staggering amount that adds to the already massive debt burden.
  • “When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall.” – Rick Rule highlights the importance of managing finances effectively.
  • “Government sees their job as putting a barrier between you and prosperity.”
  • Rick Rule shares his excitement about starting a new bank that provides loans against Precious Metals Holdings and allows savings in multiple currencies, even in retirement.

Israel-Palestine: "BOMB IRAN!" Is WW3 Coming?

Russell Brand...


With hawks such as Lindsey Graham calling for attacks on Iran, are we now risking a series of events that could lead this war to go global? Russell Brand reviews the latest bloody threats.

JP Sears: This is How You Destroy America

Awaken with JP...


The Biden Administration’s plan to give loans to illegal immigrants is seen as rewarding illegal behavior and potentially incentivizing more illegal immigration.

Key insights

  • Are we unintentionally encouraging illegal immigration?
  • Taxpayers may end up paying for illegal immigrants’ loans, incentivizing more to come to the country.
  • The conversation highlights a lack of trust and skepticism towards the government’s motives, questioning the true intentions behind their actions.

BONUS: Mark Jeftovic: Bitcoin, War and More

Canadian Bitcoiners Podcast...


Bitcoin has the potential to be a viable long-term investment option and alternative to the traditional banking system, but there are uncertainties and challenges surrounding its acceptance and the future of the global economy.

Bitcoin’s Impact and Recognition

  • The link between historical events and Bitcoin – a thought-provoking exploration of how geopolitical events can influence the value and adoption of cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin’s recent surge may indicate that it is becoming a barometer for the global financial system, rather than just a speculative asset.
  • “I’ve never been a gold versus Bitcoin guy. I’ve always been gold and Bitcoin. I think they give you two different levels of optionality.”
  • Bitcoin’s anti-fragile nature positions it as a unique and independent option in the financial landscape.
  • Many people fail to recognize that Bitcoin is actually the best performing asset of 2023.
  • The paper market, including rehypothecation and fictional naked shorting, may have played a significant role in keeping the price of Bitcoin down during the last cycle, more so than the Futures ETFs.
  • Unlike the gold market, Bitcoin doesn’t have a problem with redemption, making it harder to manipulate its price.
  • The threat of losing wealthy clients prompted BlackRock to file for a Bitcoin spot ETF, demonstrating the growing demand for cryptocurrency among affluent individuals.
  • Bitcoin is the ultimate victor and vindicating for the asset, especially when companies that design outcomes want to get into it.
  • The rise of Bitcoin has led to ridicule and opposition from traditional financial institutions and politicians, but it is becoming an unstoppable force that even influential figures like Liz Warren cannot ignore.
  • “Just because something is inevitable doesn’t make it imminent.” – Mark Jeftovic highlights the importance of patience when it comes to anticipating future events.

Geopolitics and Global Stability

  • The geopolitical situation is escalating with military coups in Africa and the influence of Russia and China, raising concerns about global stability.
  • Under a Bitcoin system, nation states are losing their strength and influence compared to the current system where they have control over the cantillon effect.
  • The speaker expresses concern about the possibility of nuclear conflict and emphasizes the importance of avoiding it during the current period.

Technology and Security

  • The possibility of creating open source chips with full transparency down to the chip level could be a game-changer in terms of ensuring security and trust in technology.
  • Mark Jeftovic switched to Bull Bitcoin because they don’t require KYC for everyone downstream from him, allowing him to pay with fiat dollars and send Bitcoin without providing personal information.

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