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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – October 9, 2023

The European Union: Will It Adapt or Die?

Peter Zeihan...


The European Union needs to address corruption, reform its financial system, and make significant changes in order to adapt, survive, and become more effective in a changing world.

Key insights

  • The EU is considering expanding its membership to include states threatened by Russia, such as Ukraine, in order to avoid long-term costs.
  • The European Union is facing the challenge of incorporating potential new members while reevaluating its core principles.
  • The future of the European Union is uncertain, as it must adapt or face potential demise.
  • Despite a decrease, agricultural subsidies still make up a large portion of the EU budget, raising questions about the allocation of funds and potential impacts on other sectors.
  • To ensure the survival and relevance of the EU, it needs to eliminate single member vetoes, such as those held by countries like France, in order to bring about necessary changes.
  • The EU needs to address issues like corruption and backsliding countries in order to adapt to the changing world and shape it on the other side.

Alex Newman: Farms Being Shutdown; We Must Resist

Liberty and Finance...


Governments and powerful institutions are targeting farmers and reshaping the food system, leading to the collapse of agriculture and the need for individuals to support local farmers and resist control by corporatized systems.

Threats to Global Food Security

  • “There is a global war on farmers, with governments targeting the most productive agricultural nations, leading to the collapse of agricultural systems and food shortages.”
  • Food security is a crucial aspect of preparedness and awareness, and it is important to know where our food comes from and ensure it promotes our health rather than making us sick.
  • “There is a war on our food supply on our traditional food supply.”
  • The governments of major agricultural producing nations like the United States, Netherlands, South Africa, and Brazil are waging a war on farmers, which could have devastating consequences for global food production and self-sufficiency.
  • The ideology of reducing agriculture and shutting down farms is problematic, as 100% of our food comes from agriculture and without farmers, there would be no food.

Government Control and Consolidation of Agriculture

  • The U.N is advocating for a radical reshaping of the food supply, stating that current agriculture practices are not sustainable.
  • The sustainable development goals mentioned in the transcript indicate a deliberate and strategic targeting of farmers and ranchers, raising concerns about the future of agriculture.
  • The agenda is to consolidate small and medium-sized ranchers and farmers into giant public-private partnerships, controlled by mega corporations and the government, which threatens the independence of the food supply.
  • The shutdown of farms and agriculture is not about protecting the environment, but rather about controlling the population and taking over the food supply.
  • “This stuff is flatly unconstitutional and needs to stop.”

Resistance and Advocacy for Farmers’ Rights

  • Farms being shutdown is a concerning issue that requires resistance and action.
  • Farms are being shut down in South Africa and Brazil, with barbaric farm murders occurring, highlighting the need for resistance against these actions.
  • “Farms being shut down poses a threat to our food supply, and we must resist these shutdowns to ensure access to fresh and nutritious food.”
  • “The war on Farmers” is an important issue that needs attention and awareness.

Mark Moss: Commodities War is Accelerating Around the World, This Changes Everything

The Jay Martin Show...


The current economic situation is uncertain, with predictions of a recession and high inflation, and there is a shift towards a multi-polar world with increasing competition between countries.

Changing Global Monetary Order and Trust

  • The disconnection between the FX markets and commodity markets suggests a fundamental shift in preference towards commodities over paper currency, indicating a changing global monetary order.
  • The recent seizure of Russia’s bank accounts has raised concerns among nations about the vulnerability of their wealth stored in dollars, leading to a growing realization that holding commodities may be a safer option.
  • Trust is fragile and once broken, it is difficult to rebuild.
  • In a digital world with instant transactions, a trustless system with instant settlement and a ledger that nobody can control is needed to solve the problem of lost trust.
  • Central banks are stockpiling gold at record rates as an interim step during the decline of the American Empire, highlighting the historical significance of gold as a safe haven asset.
  • The real problem is Fiat money that the governments can continue to print at will, expanding the monetary system without the expanding of goods and services.
  • Nations are diversifying their reserve assets, with some adopting Bitcoin as their reserve currency.

Long-term Investing and Economic Trends

  • “As an investor, you shouldn’t be thinking short term if you’re thinking in terms of weeks and months like you’re never going to make it.” – Mark Moss highlights the need for long-term thinking and patience in the world of investing.
  • The conflicting signals in the bond market, real estate market, and corporate bond market create a paradox, making it difficult to determine the true state of the economy.
  • The crash in oil prices was not a crash, but rather a correction from an anomaly where prices had skyrocketed due to the threat of war and Russia’s oil supply being disrupted.
  • The current trend of deglobalization and the disruption of supply chains may lead to a reversal of the previous deflationary effect and result in higher inflation.
  • It’s an entrepreneur’s world, with big problems come big solutions and opportunities.

Geopolitical Shifts and Cultural Changes

  • The rise of trade wars and competition between countries is leading to a multi-polar world where everyone is competing against each other, breaking the previous collaborative supply chains.
  • The commodities war is accelerating around the world, changing everything.
  • This cultural clash and immigration issue is changing the course of history and the makeup of the world forever.
  • “The story of the history of the world isn’t it was and is corporatism. It’s always been big businesses been in the air of the governments right. It’s always been a corporatism or fascism.” – Porter Stansberry highlights the influence of corporatism throughout history.

Gold & Silver Quarterly & Monthly Chart Analysis

The Daily Gold with Jordan Roy-Byrne...


Gold and silver may experience a short-term bounce, but overall, there will likely be more selling towards the end of the year with significant resistance levels, and the medium-term outlook for gold and silver is bearish.

Key insights

  • The speaker emphasizes the significance of weekly, monthly, and quarterly charts in analyzing gold and silver prices, suggesting that drawing conclusions in the middle of these periods may not be accurate.
  • The breakdown in the charts suggests a measured downside of about 1820, which could lead to a relief rally around that level.
  • “Looking at Silver, if we looked at a historical 50-year chart, right around 20 there’s important support.”
  • The measured downside target for gold is around 1950, with further levels to look at being 1870 and the 80 Monon moving average around 20.
  • The handle phase of the cup and handle pattern could potentially last another year, suggesting a prolonged consolidation period before a potential breakout.
  • The monthly and quarterly charts for gold indicate strong support levels around 1775 and 1675-1680, adding significance to these price levels.
  • The significant support levels for gold are in the range of 1765 to 1775, while for silver, they are in the high 19s and high 18s.
  • “We’re really oversold. So we’re probably going to see a relief rally if it hasn’t already started.”

McCarthy is Fired: What Does It Mean for the Economy, Ukraine, and the Uniparty?

Radio Rothbard...


The firing of Kevin McCarthy and the ongoing budget battle highlight the Republican Party’s lack of seriousness in addressing economic issues and the need for change in leadership to prevent a major crisis.

Key insights

Government Debt and Spending

  • “The ever growing burden of government debt has come a crisis without any political will to address it.”
  • “Since the mid-90s, budget deals have been consolidated into omnibus packages, leading to little debate on specific issues and allowing spending levels to continue increasing without resistance.”
  • The reality is that federal spending continues to rise, leading to high inflation, unmanageable government bond yields, and less funding for social programs like Social Security and Medicare.
  • “I mean just imagine what’s going to happen when a recession hits and we’re told they need to start massive amounts of spending to get the economy going again.”
  • The rate of growth in spending is astonishing and getting it back to pre-COVID levels will be a crisis-level event in DC.
  • The US is facing massive deficits and increasing debt, with interest on the debt becoming a major budget concern.
  • The concern over the runaway numbers and the long-term impact of high levels of debt.
  • “We are on the precipice of a major crisis and we’ve got to do something serious right now and project some sort of forward thinking.”
  • “They were still running 800 billion 900 billion dollar deficits and it was clearly in 2020. Whether there were whether Co had ever happened or not. It was going to top a trillion dollar deficit for no reason whatsoever.”

Leadership and Political Structure

  • The war machine will continue to fund itself, despite any debates or changes in leadership, indicating the persistence of military-industrial complex interests.
  • This excerpt compares the ruling class to out-of-touch monarchs who are shocked to find out that they are either hated or that the public is indifferent toward them, emphasizing their focus on palace coups and personal affairs rather than the concerns of the people.
  • Washington’s current structure is not meant to solve the country’s problems, and extreme measures like defaulting on debt or breaking up the Appropriations process may need to be considered.
  • Until radical leadership at the state level takes on concerns seriously, interesting things are being done at the state level, potentially indicating that states could be the solution rather than relying on Washington.

Charles Nenner: Short America and Go Long BRIC Countries

USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter..


Mathematician and Technical Expert, Charles Nenner outlines his thoughts on the future of economics in the USA and abroad.


Amazing GOLD Data Update: 17x Stock Gains Possible?

Gold Silver w/ Mike Maloney...


Investing in gold now and waiting for it to overshoot again could lead to significant stock gains, potentially resulting in 17 times more shares of stock due to the stored energy in the gold market.

Key insights

  • Buying gold today and waiting for it to happen again could result in 17 times more shares of stock, thanks to the massive amount of stored energy.
  • The correlation between the Dow and gold over the past 100 years is very high, suggesting that gold can be used as a proxy for the stock market.
  • The transition from a free market monetary system to a centrally planned fiat currency system creates imbalances and leads to enormous gains in gold prices.
  • The expansion of the currency supply always causes inflation, whether it’s in savings, stock markets, real estate, commodities, or retail prices.
  • Severing the peg to gold with the US dollar had a significant impact on the global economy, as the entire world was pegged to gold through the US dollar.
  • The price of an ounce of gold in 1980 was almost six times the price of the S&P 500, whereas currently it is only around 0.49 or 0.48, indicating a significant potential for growth in gold.
  • The use of a fiat currency system can lead to massive bubbles and disequilibria, highlighting the controversial nature of such monetary systems.
  • The speaker’s reason for buying gold and silver is based on the belief that the current imbalance in the market will lead to a significant price increase in the future.

Retracing the 30-Year Domestic War on Civil Liberties

Catherine ...


Glenn Greenwald retraces 30 years of domestic war on civil liberties, and what launch Gore Vidal’s political transformation.

Catherine Austin Fitts: Somebody is Still Trying to Kill You, Don’t Let Them

...USA Watchdog


Catherine Austin Fitts exposes the State’s prejudice against its own people. You will find this video more revealing than any other “conspiracy theory” video. She lays out the facts so anyone can understand why they should not trust the government. 

Michael Pento: The Bond Market Has Collapsed, Michael Explains What's Coming Up Next

...Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network


The US bond market is collapsing, leading to chaos and uncertainty, and potentially causing inflation, currency issues, and a struggling economy.

Bond Market Collapse and Financial Instability

  • The faith in the world’s Reserve currency and sovereign debt is fracturing, eroding, and cratering right before our eyes.
  • “You have those conditions of higher inflation, GDP 5%, and massive issuance, which could potentially lead to a collapse in the bond market.”
  • The Federal Reserve’s massive debt monetization and the selling of US debt by other countries have led to a collapse in the bond market, causing chaos and instability.
  • The bond market has collapsed, indicating potential financial instability.
  • The bond market is collapsing, with the global market for US bonds imploding, indicating a severe financial crisis ahead, and the current president’s focus on increasing wages may not address the underlying issues caused by high inflation and unaffordable housing.
  • The bond market has collapsed and manipulated markets across the planet are starting to break, causing a lack of price discovery and freedom.
  • The current bear market for US Treasury bonds, lasting for three years, is unprecedented and has implications for investors, especially those close to retirement relying on a 60% bond allocation.
  • “You’re gonna have volatility with increased intensity in the bond market and in the stock market.”
  • “If you cannot supply the market with the faith that your debt will be repaid and that your currency is sound, your nation will be in danger of being destroyed.”

Impact on Economy and Social Inequality

  • The pressure on the economy is immense due to the record amount of debt, leading to the downfall of zombie companies that struggle to pay off existing debt with high-interest new debt.
  • The bond market collapse will disproportionately affect the middle to lower classes, while the elites and oligarchy will be less impacted.

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