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Top Three Videos – May 23 2023

Protect your savings from bank failures and Dollar collapse
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John Rubino: Catastrophic Borrowing Kills Global Financial System

John Rubino has been talking about the dangers of fiat money, and the collapse of the US dollar, the global reserve currency for almost twenty years. Fiat money has finally caught up to his predication. Now he narrates the crash landing no one can look away from. The collapse of the global reserve currency…

Egon von Greyerz: The Everything Collapse

Egon Von Greyerz heads up GoldSwitzerland.com and Matterhorn Investments. He is an advocate for gold – gold is money. And is heralding the collapse of the global fiat-based monetary system. Here he calls it “The Everything Collapse”.

Dr. Peter Attia & Dr. Andrew Huberman: How to Slow Cognitive Decline

In the captivating podcast episode titled ‘How to Slow Cognitive Decline,’ Dr. Huberman and Dr. Attia delve into evidence-based strategies, innovative interventions, and practical tips to support cognitive health and combat the effects of aging on the mind. This enlightening discussion equips listeners with knowledge and actionable steps to proactively maintain and optimize cognitive function throughout their lives.”

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