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Top Three Videos – May 5 2023

Tavi Costa: The Interest Rate Wrecking Ball…

Murray Rothbard: The Founding of the Federal Reserve…

Green Mining in the Congo…

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Tavi Costa: The Interest Rate Wrecking Ball

Tavi Costa is a portfolio manager at Crescat Capital, a resource investment and capital management firm.  In this video you’ll find out how debt is squeezing the margins of businesses…Why yields are rising… and what to do about rising interest rates.

Murray Rothbard: The founding of the Federal Reserve

Murray Rothbard explains why people tend to be naive… How cartels are formed between government, the private sector and banks….What to do about Fractional Reserve Banking…and all the players involved in the then quiet, secret meeting at Jekyll Island. 

Green Mining in the Congo...

Net-zero “green” mining isn’t possible. Take a look at what unregulated mines are doing in the Congo all for cobalt used for EV car batteries. It’s not pretty… No one would want this for their children.

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