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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Three Videos – October 8, 2023

Russia Might Lose Its Influence in Moldova and Transnistria

Peter Zeihan...


Russia maintains military control in Transnistria, a strategically important territory in Moldova, to maintain its access to the former Soviet Union, but its influence may diminish due to various challenges and potential geopolitical changes in the region.

Key insights

  • Russia’s influence in Moldova and Transnistria may be at risk, potentially leading to a loss of Russian control in the region.
  • Moldova’s independence from the Soviet system in 1992 led to the creation of a language called “mova” which is understood on both sides of the border, despite being subtly different from Romanian.
  • Russia manipulates the political system in Moldova, indicating its efforts to maintain influence in the region.
  • Post-Soviet Moldova has been an economic basket case.
  • The population of Moldova and Transnistria is facing significant challenges, including a high rate of female trafficking and a large number of people leaving the area.
  • If Ukraine is successful in its war, Russia may lose its influence in Moldova and Transnistria due to its reliance on Ukrainian airspace and access to military facilities.

What's Happening In Canada Is TERRIFYING

Russell Brand...


Canada is experiencing a rise in authoritarianism and illiberalism, with the government implementing restrictive laws, silencing dissent, and disregarding individual freedoms.

Key insights

  • Pawlowski’s arrest for protesting against Covid-19 public health measures raises concerns about the state of democracy and freedom of speech in Canada.
  • Canadian street preachers are being imprisoned for expressing their beliefs, with one preacher receiving a 60-day sentence.
  • The extreme measures taken against the truckers, such as freezing bank accounts and imprisoning those who gave speeches, raise questions about the legitimacy of the government’s actions.
  • Trudeau’s actions in Canada should terrify those who value freedom from government tyranny, censorship, and disinformation.
  • Trudeau’s invocation of the emergency measures act and freezing bank accounts of people who donated to the trucker’s cause was seen as brazen thuggery, justified by labeling ordinary Canadians as Nazis and racists.
  • The situation in Canada is described as “terrifying” due to the Judiciary imposing measures on Jordan Peterson and the potential threat to freedom of communication and expression.
  • The politicians in Canada are being manipulated by those who understand politics better than they do, leading to authoritarian and anti-democratic actions.
  • The decisions made during the pandemic and the connections between laws in different countries raise questions about the source of these edicts and whether they are based on real verifiable facts or driven by an agenda and ideology.

Dr. Paul Conti: Tools and Protocols for Mental Health

Huberman Lab...


Engaging in self-reflection, therapy, and self-care practices can lead to personal growth, improved mental health, and overall well-being.

Self-reflection and self-awareness

  • True self-care involves constructing a life narrative that allows us to see what’s gone wrong, what’s gone right, and the best path to navigate forward.
  • Exploring the aspects of ourselves and taking action steps can allow anyone to improve their mental health and move towards agency and gratitude.
  • Reflecting on oneself and gaining self-awareness can be a powerful way to address mental health issues, as it allows individuals to uncover hidden vulnerabilities and potentially solve their own problems.
  • Insight: Engaging in self-inquiry, such as journaling or reflecting on life events, can lead to unconscious processing and unexpected insights that can be both delightful and surprising.
  • Engaging in self-reflection and therapy can stir up the unconscious mind, allowing it to figure out new things and provide renewed insights.
  • Exploring early traumas or challenges can be intimidating, but it is necessary for self-awareness and healing.
  • “Agency and gratitude are active things why because they’re the ultimate expression of all underneath of them.”
  • Most people focus on superficial aspects when looking for a romantic partner, but what really matters is the extent to which individuals express their generative drive, agency, and gratitude in the relationship.
  • Journaling and spelling out one’s life narrative, either alone or with a trusted person, can be alternative ways to access the unconscious and make progress in improving mental health.
  • Embrace curiosity about yourself and reflect upon your past experiences to better understand yourself and your behaviors.
  • Reflecting on past experiences and understanding the process of change can provide valuable and relevant information to improve the current situation, debunking the idea of solely focusing on forward action.

Taking action and making progress

  • Ruminating on the same thought process for years can be non-productive and lead to a sense of futility, but taking action and talking about it can lead to significant progress in a short amount of time.
  • Taking care of ourselves and fostering healthy drives can lead to personal growth and contribute to a healthier society.
  • The realization that being busy doesn’t always equate to productivity and fulfillment can lead to a reevaluation of how we spend our time.
  • “What is it. I’m choosing. I am the I right. Now that is moving through time or is on the luge of life or whatever we want to say so what am I choosing right. Now. That’s how we make our lives better.”

Importance of mental health and well-being

  • Taking care of our mental health is like preventive medicine, preparing us for the challenges and stressors that will inevitably come our way in the future.
  • Just like surgery is necessary to cure an abscess, exploring and addressing the unconscious mind can help eliminate symptoms and reduce the risk of potential harm.

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