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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Top Three Videos – September 1, 2023

Tucker Warns Of Trump Assassination, Hot War With Russia

Adam Carolla

Carlson interview Highlights:

Trump assassination: Scroll to 33:30

  • “No one will say that but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion. Do you know what I mean? They have decided, permanent Washington and both parties, have decided that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have it,” “If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment, and none of them work, what’s next? Graph it out, man. We are speeding towards assassination, obviously,” he continued.”Once you start indicting your political opponents, you know that you have to win or else they’re going to indict you if they win. So they can’t lose. They will do anything to win. So how do they do that?

No Covid redux. It’s war with Russia: Scroll to 39:05

  • They’re not going to do Covid again, I know everyone on the right is afraid they’re going to do Covid and mask mandates – they can’t do that. They’re already been exposed. That won’t work,” he continued. “What are they going to do? They’re going to go to war with Russia is what they’re going to do. There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in this next year.” And what might precipitate WW3? According to Carlson, “I think we could Tonkin Gulf our way into it where all of a sudden missiles land in Poland and “the Russians did it” and we’re going to war. I could see that happening very easily.”
  • Carlson then urged the GOP-held Senate to rally behind de-escalation, particularly in Ukraine, arguing that the stakes have never been higher for avoiding an apocalyptic scenario.

Obama gay sex and smoking crack: Scroll to 11:38

  • Carlson also opined on former president Barack Obama, who the former Fox News host says was smoking crack and having sex with men, but the media was too afraid to report it ahead of the 2008 presidential election. Carlson was referring to repeated claims by a man named Larry Sinclair, who maintains that Obama bought and smoked cocaine before they had sex in 1999. “A guy came forward, Larry Sinclair, and said “I’ll sign an affidavit” and he did, “I’ll do a lie detector” and he did,” said Carlson. “‘I smoked crack with Barack Obama and had sex with him”, that was obviously true.”
  • According to Tucker, nobody dared repeat the accusation due to threats from the Obama campaign.”‘Nobody reported it not because they were squeamish about sex or drugs but because the Obama campaign said anyone who reports on this gets no access to the Obama campaign,” he said. “So, they didn’t report on it.”It’s not going to change the world that Barack Obama likes dudes, I think this was well-known,” Carlson continued, adding that Obama himself acknowledged his gay impulses in a letter to a former girlfriend.

Transcript Summary:

  • 00:00 Tucker Carlson discusses the current state of America, the problems in Los Angeles, the hope for new voices, media concentration, his journey towards independence from Fox, the comfort of routine, the changing world, the challenge of building a diverse opinion network, and the possibility of a reliable news source supported by subscriptions.
    • Tucker Carlson discusses the current state of America, including the problems in Los Angeles and the hope he feels for new voices bringing truth to the people.
    • Media concentration reached its peak in 2020, but now the internet is becoming more diverse and allowing people to express their opinions and access information from around the world.
    • Tucker Carlson discusses his journey towards independence from Fox and how he initially desired it but now realizes the comfort and security of having someone do everything for you.
    • After being fired from Fox, the speaker initially missed the routine of his job, but now, after four months, he is grateful for the change.
    • The world is changing rapidly and the United States is not keeping up, with an elderly president who is out of touch, but traveling outside the country provides a different perspective and opportunities for growth.
    • Building a network of diverse opinion voices is challenging, as the left easily unifies while those outside of neoliberalism, like Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, and Joe Rogan, tend to disagree, but it is possible to create a reliable news source that makes an effort to tell the truth and could be supported through a subscription model.
  • 08:23 The speaker reflects on his past, acknowledging his mistakes and regrets, particularly in supporting the war in Iraq, and discusses the prevalence of deception in the media, exemplified by the alleged involvement of Barack Obama in sex and drug scandals.
    • The speaker discusses his journey from working on a construction site to pursuing a career in radio and eventually aiming for even greater success.
    • The speaker reflects on his past, acknowledging his mistakes and regrets, particularly in supporting the war in Iraq, attributing it to his youth, naivety, and feeling vulnerable at the time.
    • At a certain age, when you have achieved what you set out to do and are financially stable, you no longer feel the need to impress others or be indebted to anyone.
    • I never intentionally lied before, but I didn’t allow myself to think certain things because they went against the narrative, and everyone I know in DC is either directly or indirectly dependent on the government, including the media.
    • Barack Obama’s alleged involvement in sex and drug scandals, as well as the media’s silence on the matter, exemplify the prevalence of deception and the prioritization of access over reporting.
  • 13:36 Tucker Carlson discusses the control of Washington, the closed-mindedness of young people, Trump’s questioning of institutions, attacks on those who disagree with him, backlash for associating with Trump, and the complexity of Tucker Carlson’s TV persona.
    • The dynamic in Washington is that while you may think you’re holding the government accountable, they are actually controlling you, and this realization is a middle-aged conclusion.
    • Young people are the least open-minded because they fear the future and believe in false narratives, while older people acknowledge the complexities of the world and make decisions based on their own well-being.
    • Trump’s questioning of institutions like NATO threatens the livelihoods of those in Washington, as their wealth is tied to these institutions and they are unwilling to reassess them.
    • Trump’s disruption of the system and his stance on COVID-related issues led to attacks on those who disagreed with him, revealing political affiliations and resulting in personal attacks.
    • People who are not interested in politics can still face backlash and hate for associating with Trump, as seen in the case of Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports, which shows the prevalence of narcissism and projection in society.
    • Tucker Carlson’s positions on TV may not reflect his true beliefs, but he has created an audience for himself and can be his own enterprise.
  • 20:43 The speaker discusses accusations of lying, lack of respect for Washington, belief in election rigging, and hope to prevent civil war.
    • The speaker discusses how he was accused of lying about getting the vaccine and being labeled a conspiracy theorist for pointing out the CIA’s involvement in the Kennedy assassination.
    • The speaker admits to believing everything they say sincerely, struggles to hide their true opinions, and believes that accusations of spouting off a party line are condescending.
    • The speaker expresses his lack of respect for the people in Washington, stating that they are not smart, incapable of getting things done, and have deceived the nation into thinking they are experts.
    • The speaker discusses the lack of qualifications and impressive nature of Trump, as well as the belief that the CIA and FBI rigged the election by suppressing information and lying in public.
    • The election was rigged and not legitimate, and the speaker hopes that there will never be another one because it is damaging the systems needed to prevent a civil war.
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  • 28:33 Tucker Carlson discusses concerns about the power of the intelligence community, the decline of democratic institutions, and the possibility of assassination, while expressing worry about the current state of the government and the future of America.
    • Tucker Carlson discusses a stacked lineup of guests at a birthday cocktail party on the Adam Carolla show.
    • Schumer revealed in a clip that the intelligence community has the power to destroy individuals and Trump’s criticism of them is concerning because they are unelected and have no oversight, which goes against the principles of democracy.
    • The U.S president has the power to make foreign policy decisions and the CIA is only legitimate when following the president’s orders, otherwise they are a criminal organization that should be in prison.
    • The speaker discusses the decline of democratic institutions, the ongoing persecution of Trump, and the possibility of assassination as a result of his perceived threat to the permanent Washington establishment.
    • The speaker expresses concern about the current state of the government, stating that it is not legitimate and that there is an imminent collision, while also suggesting that the president is senile and not in control, leading to worry about the future.
    • The government, media, and uninformed citizens are all complicit in perpetuating a narrative that serves their own interests, but with the rise of alternative media platforms, there is hope for a more diverse and questioning discourse.
  • 38:21 The speaker believes that the lies of the current administration will be exposed before the election, leading to a realization that Joe Biden is not in charge and the government is dysfunctional, potentially resulting in a severe recession and a dangerous war with Russia if the Republican-held Senate doesn’t pressure for peace in Ukraine.
    • The speaker believes that the lies being told by the current administration are unsustainable and will be exposed before the election, leading to a realization that Joe Biden is not in charge and the government is not functioning properly, which will be exacerbated by a severe recession.
    • Criminalizing politics leads to a never-ending cycle of indictments, where political opponents will do anything to win, including potentially starting a hot war with Russia.
    • If we don’t pressure the Republican-held Senate to force a peace in Ukraine, there is a high likelihood that we will go to war with Russia, which would have catastrophic consequences.
    • The speaker expresses concern over the irrationality of people who believe in things like gender identity and mask-wearing, and questions why Republicans don’t understand the potential danger of going to war with Russia.
    • They believe men can become women and will do anything to hold onto power, viewing Russia as a global enemy, while the speaker himself does not have strong emotions about Russia.
    • The speaker criticizes the Republican party’s leadership for leading the country to its destruction, causing the American Empire to decline and potentially leading to a Great Depression-level poverty, while emphasizing the negative impact of the war in Ukraine on American leadership in Europe and the destruction of the German economy.
  • 43:52 Tucker Carlson believes that the constant argument about race in America is a distraction from more important issues like the potential for a hot war with Russia, the irreparable consequences of the country’s actions, and the lack of meaningful conversation about race.
    • Nordstrom believes that the long-term consequences of the country’s actions are irreparable, particularly in relation to Russia and the constant argument about race.
    • We’re on the brink of a hot war with Russia and arguing about race is a distraction, as seen in the October 2020 debate between Trump and Biden where they try to shift the focus back to race but end up discussing Russia instead.
    • Masks have been discredited as a means of protection against Covid, and college-educated American women who talk about race and systemic racism are despised and will never be taken seriously again in future elections.
    • There is a lack of meaningful conversation about race in America, as discussing race is limited to one side attacking and the other side apologizing, and the speaker personally finds it uninteresting and believes it should be accepted and moved on from.
    • The distraction of questioning the last election is meant to divert attention from the financial crimes of looting the country, where looters are not punished but those who question the election can be shot, allowing the stealing to continue unnoticed.
    • Charles Manson’s connection to the FBI and the complexity of the Manson family murders are explored in the book “Chaos”, which suggests that while the feds did not cause the murders, they were in contact with Manson.
  • 51:17 Tucker Carlson discusses the success of independent individuals like himself and Don Lemon, criticizes news anchors for spreading government propaganda, shares insights on debating Trump effectively, and expresses enjoyment of his conversation with Adam Carolla.
    • Grilling season is still here, and the speaker recommends using a sleek Bluetooth meat thermometer called Meter to ensure perfect cooking, while also mentioning O’Reilly Auto Parts’ member appreciation month.
    • When talented individuals like Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon leave their respective networks and become independent, they can find success and a larger audience, while those who rely on their network’s guidance and lack originality, like Don Lemon, may struggle in the future.
    • Many news anchors, including Wolf Blitzer, knowingly spread government propaganda from the Intel agencies, which is a common practice in the industry.
    • National Security reporters often repeat lies from the National Security State without evidence, and the speaker believes that news anchors may be intentionally spreading talking points from Intel agencies, while also sharing insights on how to debate Trump effectively.
    • Trump becomes less articulate and incoherent when he is anxious, so creating a calm environment is key to having an interesting conversation with him, and despite political differences, the speaker finds Trump to be a hilarious and interesting person to talk to.
    • Tucker Carlson and Adam Carolla express their enjoyment of their conversation and hope to do it again soon, while also promoting Tucker Carlson’s website and upcoming shows.

Col. Macgregor: ‘Ukraine Is Being Annihilated'

Stephen Gardner

Quick Summary Bullets:

Geopolitical Impact and Consequences

  • The White House is seeking ways to make it difficult for a future president to exit the war, indicating a desire to keep the destructive proxy war against Russia going indefinitely.
  • “What happens in Ukraine doesn’t seem to matter very much to most Americans but let me tell you something the Russians press ahead and Crush everything and then start moving West that will have a big impact in Europe and that impact will be felt here.”
  • Russia will not submit to financial, military, or political dominance from other countries and will stand firm in defending its sovereignty.
  • “We’re dumb. We do stupid things and we try to intervene in Western Ukraine at the last minute to try and rescue our credibility which is already in the gutter anyway with most of the world and we bring on a major war with the Russians.”
  • “400,000 dead Ukrainians…more dead than we sustained during three years of fighting in World War II.”
  • “This War’s over it’s been lost…I don’t see anything good coming for it and I don’t see anything good in Europe happening.” – Col. Macgregor highlights the dire situation in Ukraine and the potential negative consequences for Europe.
  • “Our interest was this absurd goal of removing Putin from office, destroying the Russian State, and making it part of our utopian Western World thanks to globalism.”
  • The next elected leader will face significant challenges in navigating the storm that the United States is currently facing, which is arguably the biggest since World War II or even the Civil War.

Financial and Economic Ramifications

  • The military-industrial complex benefits financially from ongoing interventions and wars, with large sums of money being funneled into the Department of Defense and defense industries.
  • “You’re going to have a fire sale like nobody’s ever seen and that will produce an implosion in the financial system.”
  • “What’s happening to our financial hegemony? It’s being eroded away as we sit here and talk, the world is going to de-dollarize.”
  • “You’ve gone from something that could be eliminated or treated effectively to this massive cancer that’s infecting the entire body politic, our economy, and the financial system.”

Transcript Summary:

The key idea of the video is that Ukraine is being annihilated and the Biden Administration’s support for the proxy war, driven by financial interests, is risking Russian military advancement and a potential financial crisis.

  • 00:00 The Biden Administration’s support for the proxy war in Ukraine is driven by financial interests, risking Russian military advancement and a potential financial crisis that could impact the global economy, while Ukraine’s financial system teeters on the edge of collapse.
    • The Biden Administration, with bipartisan support, is seeking to prolong the destructive proxy war between Russia and Ukraine for financial gain, making it difficult for a future president to exit.
    • Ukraine is being financially exploited by the military-industrial complex, and the constant need for interventions and wars is used to justify the massive amounts of money being funneled into the Department of Defense and defense industries.
    • Washington’s reluctance to end the conflict in Ukraine could lead to either Russian military advancement or a financial crisis that could wipe out gains in the stock market.
    • Ukraine’s financial system is on the verge of collapse due to worthless treasury bonds, toxic debt, and failing banks, with the possibility of an impending Armageddon.
    • The impact of the Ukraine war, Russia’s advancement, and the economic fragility of Europe, particularly Germany and France, could lead to a collapse of the European economy and the withdrawal of European nations.
    • The $28 billion debt in Ukraine is insignificant compared to their $34 trillion debt, and the only way to end the conflict is if Europe breaks away from the United States, which would result in the end of NATO and the EU.
  • 09:09 Russia is at war with Ukraine due to disagreements over borders and dominance, Europeans should intervene, and China is not the new boogeyman but rather focused on internal stability.
    • Russia is at war with Ukraine because Ukraine wants Russia to open its borders to non-Europeans and non-Christians, but Russia refuses to submit to financial, military, and political dominance from the West.
    • Europeans need to intervene and stop the war in Ukraine because many people connected to the military-industrial complex are financially dependent on it.
    • Eliminating Russia as America’s boogeyman would simply result in China becoming the new boogeyman.
    • China, as the oldest continuous civilization, is focused on holding itself together and not on attacking America, and the blame for fentanyl lies with Chinese organized crime and drug cartels operating out of Mexico and the Caribbean Basin.
  • 13:04 Ukraine is being annihilated and the US’s failure to protect its population, along with the rampant criminality in the country, could lead to a major war with Russia and China joining forces against them.
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    • Ukraine is being annihilated, the US government is failing to protect its population, and there is rampant criminality in the country.
    • Ukraine is being annihilated and the regime in Kiev is an organized crime state, while the US’s intervention could lead to a major war with Russia and China joining forces against them.
  • 16:16 Ukraine is being annihilated with 400,000 deaths, surpassing World War II casualties, and it’s time to acknowledge the truth.
    • Saudi Arabia’s announcement to join a new gold-backed currency is eroding away the US financial hegemony and the world is moving towards de-dollarization.
    • The influx of immigrants from various countries into the United States creates the possibility that the American population will be so diluted that they will never have a chance to govern themselves again, which poses a dangerous threat to the future of the country.
    • The ruling class in Washington is allowing migrants to receive financial support and privileges while neglecting the average American worker, and it is necessary for Americans to wake up and remove this ruling class from power.
    • The speaker discusses the problem of politicians being influenced by money and predicts a future where average Americans cannot afford homes and become dependent on bankers who own the houses.
    • Ukraine is being annihilated and the war has resulted in 400,000 Ukrainian deaths, surpassing the casualties of World War II, and it is time to acknowledge the truth.
  • 21:54 Ukraine is being annihilated and the speaker suggests ending the war through open communication with Putin and Kiev, withdrawing military personnel, and suspending aid, while criticizing Biden’s lack of action and the influence of leftist forces.
    • Macgregor expresses concern about the unsustainable state of the economy and the lack of transparency from the government, suggesting that a financial restructuring is necessary.
    • Ukraine is being annihilated and the key to ending the war is for someone like Donald Trump or Robert F Kennedy Jr to communicate with Putin and Kiev.
    • Suspend aid, withdraw military personnel, and listen to the Russians to end the conflict in Ukraine.
    • Ukraine is being annihilated and the speaker believes that trying to rescue Western Ukraine with military power would be a huge disaster, instead suggesting a retreat and negotiation to end the war.
    • Biden shows no intention of taking action, while Trump and RFK Jr. believe in open communication with Putin, but there are powerful leftist forces, including George Soros, influencing Biden’s decisions.
  • 27:30 The speaker believes aid should be suspended and personnel withdrawn from Ukraine, as the conflict requires understanding and acceptance of Russia’s position, while also criticizing corruption in Washington and alleged illegal actions by Vice President Biden.
    • We lost Vietnam because it was a dumb idea, and now we are making the same mistake in Ukraine by not understanding the true nature of the conflict and pursuing unrealistic goals, so we should suspend aid and withdraw all personnel.
    • Macgregor believes that in order to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, it is necessary to listen to the Russians’ position and accept their minimal requirements, as declaring war would only escalate the tragedy; additionally, the speaker criticizes the alleged illegal actions of Vice President Biden and highlights the corruption in Washington.
    • Insider trading allows people to make millions by receiving tips on where to invest their money, despite denying their involvement.
  • 31:15 The American government is failing and facing numerous problems, including a damaged economy, vulnerable position overseas, and disconnect between Washington and reality, requiring harsh measures to be adopted for recovery.
    • The American government is failing and the country is facing numerous problems, including a vulnerable position overseas, a damaged energy sector, and it will take a decade to recover from the damage.
    • The damage to the United States economy and financial system has worsened over the past two and a half years, and in order to cure it, harsh measures must be adopted, which people are more likely to accept when their lives are negatively affected.
    • Food banks in the speaker’s area are routinely emptied and there are many people in need, highlighting the disconnect between the Washington bubble and the reality of the situation.
    • Macgregor highlights the poor infrastructure in the US and emphasizes the need to update and bury power lines for national security purposes.
    • Macgregor argues that the current situation in Ukraine is out of control and compares it to the Roman concept of a state of exception, where normal laws are suspended for the sake of survival, suggesting that similar emergency measures need to be taken to rescue ourselves from this terrible situation.
    • Donald Trump and RFK Jr. are good people with good instincts, but they can’t save us because Congress and the judicial system are against us and have been for a long time.
  • 38:15 The organization “Our Country Our Choice” aims to unite like-minded organizations to solve major issues and save the country, emphasizing the importance of informed voters and the need for unity among Democrats who share values of God, country, and family.
    • The organization “Our Country Our Choice” aims to unite like-minded organizations to focus on solving major issues and saving the country, with a long-term plan of having representatives nationwide.
    • We are an independent American operation focused on solving problems and ensuring that voters are informed about the true intentions of the candidates they elect, as exemplified by the case of Bob Good in Virginia.
    • We need to stop this and provide people with the truth, Democrats who believe in God, country, and family are welcome, we can win if we unite.

Markets Peaked, Here's How To Survive What's Next | Peter Grandich

David Lin

Quick Summary Bullets:

Investing Strategies and Advice

  • “I think a public Trader going in and thinking they considered their computer and even offer graphs and charts and all as we once were you’re playing with pea shooters and the people that are playing with the big guns. Uh have nuclear weapons.” – The market has become increasingly unfair, with individual traders at a significant disadvantage compared to institutional investors.
  • “Losing is a part of this business and what separates us from making money versus losing is how much we prevent ourselves from losing during difficult periods.”
  • “The ultimate crime I concluded after 40 years is not being wrong.”
  • “You have to make a stand and when the stand proves wrong you have to admit it, move on, and understand this.”
  • The push for “Greening” by governments, including the United States, could further support the demand for commodities, making them a potentially safer bet for investors.
  • Uranium prices are expected to continue rising, making it a commodity with the least risk of loss of principle.
  • Uranium is considered to have the least risk among all metals and commodities, making it a potentially profitable investment due to the increasing demand for electrical power.
  • The price of uranium could potentially reach $75, providing a strong incentive for investment in uranium mining and benefiting companies like Cameco.
  • “If you can work for yourself and build your own business versus going in and punch a clock, that’s where I would tell people to focus on entrepreneurship and using your hands and your brains.”

Market Outlook and Predictions

  • Grandich believes that unless the Federal Reserve takes unusual action, the stock markets have reached their highs and there is unlikely to be any major reversal or significant increase in equity markets in the foreseeable future.
  • The emergence of new factors such as political and social problems, as well as geopolitical events like the rise of the BRICS countries, will have a significant impact on market gains.
  • The need for borrowing in the US is increasing rapidly, with the CBO stating that an additional $5.3 billion is required every day to sustain current living standards.
  • Peter Grandich predicts a crisis unlike anything seen before within the next five to ten years.

Transcript Summary:

  • 00:00 The stock markets have peaked and will likely have substandard returns in the coming years due to economic difficulties and the dominance of machine-driven computer programs, making it imprudent to have general exposure to equities.
    • With major economies worldwide facing difficulties and a significant economic downturn, it is unlikely that strong economies will emerge in the next few years, making general exposure to equities imprudent.
    • The stock markets have already peaked and there will likely be substandard returns with small single-digit gains and occasional losses in the coming years.
    • The recent retracement in the stock market may be due to profit-taking, but it is important to recognize that the current market is significantly different from what it was in the past.
    • Machine-driven computer programs dominate the market, but their influence is waning as economic, political, and social issues arise, leading to a decrease in gains that people have become accustomed to.
    • Trading has become more like a casino due to the advantage of high-frequency trading, making it nearly impossible for individual traders to beat the market.
  • 05:35 It’s important to be a better loser in the financial industry, accept losses, and prevent further losses during difficult periods by not letting emotions drive trading decisions and being willing to change course if necessary.
    • Grandich emphasizes the importance of being a better loser in the financial industry and highlights the significance of preventing losses during difficult periods.
    • This is a time to be less aggressive and accept losses as part of investing, rather than letting hubris and ego get in the way.
    • Learn to accept being wrong and don’t let emotions drive your trading decisions.
    • Don’t worry about what others think, make a stand, admit when you’re wrong, and move on.
    • Opportunities in the market require patience and the speaker shares a personal experience of changing career paths.
    • To determine if you have a losing position and need to cut your losses, honestly assess if you would make the same investment commitment based on what you know today, and if not, consider changing course.
  • 11:01 Job growth in the US is weaker than projected, labor market data may be manipulated, interest rates will remain high, China’s economic challenges will impact American investors, and general exposure to equities is not advisable, but commodities may still be a good investment.
    • Job growth in the US has been weaker than projected, with a revision of 306,000 positions, and new job creation is slowing down.
    • Grandich believes that the labor market data has been manipulated by the BLS to create a false narrative of economic improvement, and predicts a potential recession in the future.
    • Interest rates are likely to remain high due to the increasing need for borrowing in the US, which is causing the perception of the US as the strongest economy to diminish.
    • Weakness in China, particularly in terms of deflation and high youth unemployment, is a concern for investors, and the impact on American investors will depend on how the Italian economy performs in the coming months.
    • China’s economic challenges and the global economic slowdown make it unlikely for strong economies to thrive in the next few years, leading to the belief that general exposure to equities is not advisable, although China’s growth is not negative and they remain a significant user of base metals.
    • Commodities may still be a good investment due to limited supply and potential growth from the Greening movement, while technology stocks may be overvalued and risky.
  • 20:04 Uranium prices are predicted to rise, making companies like Camaco a good investment choice, as nuclear energy is expected to play a vital role in meeting increased electrical demand.
    • Uranium is a commodity that is predicted to continue doing well in the shorter to medium term, with uranium prices expected to rise, making companies like camaco a good investment choice.
    • Uranium has the least risk among all metals and commodities, and its price increase is not yet at a level that will drive a significant increase in production to meet the growing demand for power plants.
    • Nuclear energy is expected to play a vital role in meeting increased electrical demand, with the potential for uranium prices to reach $75 and companies like Camaco to make significant profits.
    • Uranium supply is important to consider, but it is not readily available in safe or beneficial areas, especially for the US.
  • 24:42 Many Americans are financially struggling and unable to save, leading to a future of increased hardship, as demographics and increasing debt will create significant social, political, and economic implications.
    • Many people wait until it’s too late to start planning for retirement, resulting in 65 percent of Americans currently working paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings.
    • Two-thirds of Americans are financially struggling and unable to save, leading to a future of increased struggle, as people have sacrificed saving for a better lifestyle.
    • The challenge of an aging society will lead to hardships as older individuals will have to continue working, while younger workers will struggle to support the healthcare needs of the elderly.
    • Demographics will eventually lead to a battle of the ages that will have significant social, political, and economic implications, with power always falling on the side of those who have the money to support those in power.
    • In the next five to ten years, the US will face a crisis due to the country’s increasing debt and the difficulty of paying off the interest costs.
  • 29:28 Prepare for retirement by tracking expenses, making conscious financial decisions, and addressing the challenges of an aging population and increased taxes, while also considering the impact of past mistakes and the need for lifestyle changes.
    • Countries around the world, including the United States, are raising their retirement ages, which will require people to work longer and change their career outlook.
    • Grandich discusses the need for individuals to make conscious decisions about their financial future, as countries like Japan face challenges with an aging population and the need for longer working lives and increased taxes to support the older generation.
    • Prepare for retirement by tracking your expenses, determining what you truly need, and being aware that future financial challenges will be greater due to past mistakes.
    • We will not only suffer from the current economic situation, but our future generations will also be affected, despite the fact that we have higher living standards than our parents and grandparents.
    • People are experiencing more stress and health issues due to striving for material possessions, and there is a need to slow down and make changes in our lifestyles, while also addressing the issue of governments living beyond their means and accumulating debt.
    • Investing for retirement requires finding something with growth potential, as money typically comes from inheritance, small to mid-sized business ownership, commercial real estate, working on Wall Street, or being granted stock options in public companies.
  • 36:39 Investing in oneself and building a business is better than relying on others, as financial products can be risky and lead to speculation, and professional athletes should plan for their post-career life and be cautious of risky investments.
    • Investing in the markets can be challenging, so it is better to control your own destiny and build your own business through entrepreneurship rather than relying on others to make money for you.
    • Investing in oneself and maximizing personal abilities is better than relying on financial products or services like 401ks, which can be seen as both beneficial and risky, with the downside being that they can lead to speculation and gambling rather than secure retirement plans.
    • Professional athletes, including those in the NFL, can go bankrupt despite their high salaries due to the lack of guaranteed contracts and the risk of injury.
    • Even young people should listen to advice, as even the lowest-paid NFL player can still learn something from someone with more experience.
    • Professional athletes, especially NFL players, need to start planning for their post-career life and be cautious of family members and advisors who may lead them into risky investments, as many young athletes are handed large sums of money without proper guidance.
  • 42:20 Peter Grandich spends a lot of time on Twitter, has a blog and YouTube channel, and is grateful for the opportunity to share his thoughts with his audience.

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