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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Three Videos – September 28, 2023

Big BREAKOUT IN GOLD coming, Economy on Fumes!

Soar Financially...


Market Trends and Indicators

  • Soloway points out that the breakdown of tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia is a sign that the market is starting to face reality and could potentially lead to a larger market downturn.
  • “The Dollar’s gone on one of its best streaks on the weekly look at the weekly chart. We’re now at 11 straight up weeks in a row in the dollar and again. It just shows you that the dollar is still King Dollar and now eventually I do think it slowly dissipates but it doesn’t happen overnight.”
  • “It seems like it is building up that momentum just all the indicators are leading that way right yeah just looking at fed data as well.”
  • “Sometimes it’s going against the grain where everyone else is bullish and you actually have to look at the charts and see what they’re saying.”
  • “I’m always someone who likes buying things on a discount right. I don’t want to chase when things are at their highs. I’d rather find the next big thing and get in early.”
  • “Most investors get energetic and emotional, fearing they will miss the next move, but it’s important to have patience and wait for the right price.”
  • “I’ll look at volume like I’m bottoming and Topping Tails technical reversal you know candles but for the most part it’s all about the chart itself drawing trend lines looking at the trend.” – Gareth Soloway emphasizes the importance of analyzing price action and chart patterns in making trading decisions.

Gold Analysis and Predictions

  • Gold has formed a bull flag pattern, suggesting a bullish trend and potential upward movement in the market.
  • The fact that gold has not declined in line with the dollar’s rise indicates that it may still be seen as a safe haven investment, contrary to popular belief.
  • The chart shows a wedge pattern and a series of higher lows until recently, where a lower low has been made, suggesting a change in direction and trend.
  • “If the dollar is about to pull back, which I’m in the camp that it’s getting very close to that, then I would say I think that gold based on the performance of sideways to down shop versus very dramatic sharp sharp move up on the dollar, you could be looking at a big breakout on gold coming.”
  • Gareth Soloway predicts a big breakout in gold, indicating a potential increase in its value.
  • ️ The current support level for gold is strong at 38.37, and once it breaks above the trend line around 41, there is potential for a significant upward movement in price.

Joseph T. Salerno: Calculation and Socialism

Mises University 2023...


The key idea of the video is that socialism lacks the ability to efficiently allocate resources and calculate costs due to the absence of private property and the inability to generate prices, leading to misallocation, inefficiencies, and reliance on capitalist prices.

Economic Calculation and Resource Allocation

  • The primary function of the price system is not just to provide incentives, but it is essential for economic calculation, without which socialism would be impossible.
  • The real problem with socialism was not just about incentives, but rather the challenge of efficiently allocating goods and resources.
  • The idea that socialism lacked a solution for economic calculation was challenged by Ludwig von Mises.
  • Mises argues that in a developed economy with complex production processes, economic calculation based on real market prices is necessary for efficient resource allocation.
  • “The central problem of socialism is calculation, as the state cannot calculate the cost of production of goods without prices and therefore cannot know the most valuable uses of scarce resources.”
  • Socialism cannot allocate resources rationally because it abolishes the preconditions of having prices of factors of production and sound money, leading to distortions in price relationships between different goods.
  • In a market economy, prices for every factor of production allow individuals to estimate the cost of production and make informed decisions about what to produce.
  • The socialist planner lacks the ability to accurately determine the best use of resources due to a lack of knowledge about costs, profits, and losses, making effective calculation impossible.
  • Entrepreneurs found that it was cheaper to build a house in a factory 700 miles away and ship the modular pieces to Montana, where labor is scarce and expensive, rather than using on-site construction.
  • Mises argued that the Soviet Union was not a true socialist economy because it relied on capitalist prices to operate, highlighting the importance of market prices in economic calculation.
  • Economic calculation in a market economy is driven by entrepreneurs who determine the money prices of resources and calculate the cost of production.
  • Entrepreneurs make educated guesses about future prices and bid for factors of production based on their estimates, which determines their costs and ultimately the prices of their products.

Importance of Market Prices and Private Property Rights

  • “There has to be private property in all factors of production…all of these things must be privately owned and the people who own them must have the freedom to exchange them with other owners of goods.” – Private property rights and freedom of exchange are essential for economic calculation to function effectively.

David Morgan: Dollar To Go Into The DUSTBIN Of History

Liberty and Finance...


The Federal Reserve’s decision to reduce money printing and allow the US dollar to decline could lead to the end of the dollar and a significant increase in the metals markets, making it crucial to hold gold and silver as real money for potential chaotic periods.

Key insights

  • The Gold Eagle has been one of the most popular gold bullion coins in the world, providing incredible recognizability and investor trust.
  • “Gold’s the most negatively correlated asset to the stock market…you’ll see gold actually do better.” – David Morgan suggests that gold can perform well during market crashes, serving as a negatively correlated asset to stocks.
  • The retail side of the market experienced high demand, delays, and high premiums in March and April, but now there is more supply and lower premiums, highlighting the importance of buying when no one else is.
  • “Gold will continue to march up and up and up, despite the knee-jerk reactions and efforts of the Fed to control it.”
  • When the Fed gives up on defending the value of the US dollar, it signals to the markets that the dollar will eventually go into the dustbin of history, leading to a potential surge in the metals markets within three to six months.
  • The US heavily depends on China, as even a halt in shipments from China would leave Walmart empty.
  • The central bankers want a cashless system controlled by the banks, where every transaction is traceable, trapped, and taxed.
  • Being prepared for worst-case scenarios, such as banks closing or financial markets freezing, by having gold or silver can provide a better position for potential bartering in times of crisis.

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