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Trump Is Turning Out To Be A Consequential President

The Donald’s personal failings make it hard to say nice things about his presidency.

Yet contrary to most inside-the-Beltway expectations, he’s having an impact.

Let’s start with abortion, something that divides the country in a visceral way, with one side seeing it as murder and the other side viewing its prohibition as the subjugation of poor women.

The Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v Wade ruling — which legalized abortion from the top down – took the issue off the legislative agenda.

But early on, Trump got the chance to name two new Justices and picked relatively young, relatively conservative men who are seen as possible votes for overturning Roe v Wade. So abortion is back in play. From today’s Wall Street Journal:

States’ Abortion Curbs Put Supreme Court to the Test

Sweeping state-level abortion restrictions present a direct test of whether the newly constituted Supreme Court is willing to revisit Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion-rights precedent that has spurred deep divisions for nearly 50 years.

States with antiabortion legislative majorities have long been weighing how to prompt a Supreme Court review of the 1973 ruling, but generally have preferred a strategy aimed at reducing the procedure’s availability through incremental restrictions that hamper providers, or by forbidding late-term abortions.

But following last year’s retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the key fifth vote on a nine-member court for preserving Roe’s central guarantee, that attitude has shifted. Since President Trump took office, he has appointed Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and had vowed as part of his 2016 campaign to appoint jurists who would overturn the Roe decision, though neither of the new justices has committed to do so.

During this state legislative season, lawmakers in several conservative-led states have proposed bills that are designed to challenge Roe in court, and governors have been more willing to sign them than ever before. The most dramatic example came this week in Alabama, which enacted a near-total ban on abortion, with an exception only when a woman faces a serious health risk; the Legislature rejected exceptions for victims of rape or incest. On Thursday, the Missouri Senate passed a ban on abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy.

Several states—Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio—recently passed bans on abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks.

One or more of these cases will reach the Supreme Court before the 2020 presidential election, and it’s now at least conceivable that the Court will have something interesting to say.

And then there’s China. The developed world really, really wanted China’s billion people with their history of political instability and ideological insanity to morph into a peaceful quasi-capitalist country. So the US and Europe looked the other way as China developed at all costs – with those costs being born mostly by its trading partners.

Among the many ways China has been cheating are:

Extreme protectionism. China keeps foreign goods out with high tariffs and impenetrable regulations. And it subsidizes domestic industries with cheap energy, low-cost loans and lax environmental regulations.

Debt imperialism. It lends money to developing countries, then seizes collateral assets like mines and infrastructure when the loans aren’t repaid.

Forced technology transfer. If a foreign company wants to operate in China, Beijing requires it to take a majority local partner and transfer its technology to that partner – which then forwards it to the government.

Cyber- theft. The Chinese military runs an army of hackers who break into foreign networks and steal whatever business and military IP they find. This has allowed Chinese companies to produce copycat versions of major products, and its military to produce next-generation weapons, without all the expensive R&D.

This cheating — and the resulting hollowing out of American manufacturing — was just accepted as the price of having China inside rather than outside of the global trading system. Trump, as an obnoxious outsider himself, doesn’t seem to be constrained by this vision and is trying to force China to play by the same rules as Japan and France. He may or may not succeed, but he’s already shifted the debate, forcing mainstream pundits to preface their opinions with, “of course China cheats and of course we should do something about it…” That’s pretty consequential right there.

Immigration. Pre-Trump, elites on both right and the left loved open borders, the former because of all the cheap labor that couldn’t complain about bad working conditions, and the latter because new arrivals tend to vote for Democrat.

But of course open borders are a disaster for pretty much the entire taxpaying mainstream, so Trump is finding fertile ground here and might just engineer an immigration system that controls the border and lets in only the most valuable immigrants. In any event, as with China, he’s changed the terms of debate by forcing opponents to begin with “of course border security is important…”

War. This is the ultimate in “consequential.” And there’s a lot of it going around. See ‘Potentially imminent threat’ from Iran grips Washington.

Most of the above (with the exception of war) would not even be discussed under President Hillary Clinton, illustrating the impact, for better or worse, that Trump is having. Much of it will endure long after he’s gone.


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17 thoughts on "Trump Is Turning Out To Be A Consequential President"

  1. Trump will go down in history as he most consequential president in history!

    He will be attributed with:
    Ending Illegal immigration

    He has rebuilt our military

    He’s taking care of our Veterans

    He’s restored pride in our LEO’s

    School choice

    Getting us out of NAFTA, Climate Accord, Making the UN pay their fair share

    Trump will expose the massive corruption in government, restore justice, it will be his greatest achievement!

    He created the biggest economic boom in history. Trump is his own economy!
    Many people have made fortunes off Trump, stock market, books, MSM covering trump, lawyers, etc.

    Trump is the only man in the history of the world that has dominated the MSM for three years 24/7. No other man in history has come close!

    Trump has started a wave of populism around the world to beat all

    Appointing the most Supreme Court Justices and Federal judges

    Trump will have changed how the world trades for the rest of our history!

    On top of all his achievements, Trump has taken on the deep state (Obama’s FBI, CIA, DOJ), the MSM, Democrats, Republicans and global elite (Globalists), all at once, for three solid years, all by himself (no help from his party) and is winning!

    Trump gave us the most beautiful, classy, educated 1st Lady in US history.

    Thump has restored patriotism and has brought back God

    Wait until you see him rebuild our infrastructure and fix healthcare.
    Did I miss any, if so add yours here:

  2. Yeah, psychopaths definitely do have an impact when given enough power. What’s amazing is that some of it is actually to the positive, when so much is anti-life.

    1. Exactly-seems to me I remember “He who is without sin-let him cast the first stone”. This guy is a “journalist’ so I have a feeling he’s not sin-free!

  3. what amazes me to this day is how some people, apparently this writer included seem to think personal failings of some varieties matter. It didnt matter for kennedy, bush sr, bush jr , obama, the clintons, nixon…… all of them were elected president, both sides of the political aisle, all with skeletons in their closets, some darker than others.

    But somehow, someone that is a little rude and brash (and may or may not have done worse but as far as we know the only actual proven things are the rudeness and brashness), is more off-putting than a rapist, or a corporate swindler, or daddy’s little global meat puppets, or a man whom openly sided with terrorists.

    Every single one of those prior presidents mentioned were highly consequential, for the worse I might add. Each added a program some way somehow that threw this country further into the toilet. Look at the writing on the wall, americans DO NOT CARE about personal misgivings when it comes to electing a president, we have a LONG HISTORY of not caring about those things. Political pundits care about personal misgivings of a president or candidate and only the opposite sides’ candidates’ misgivings.

    The american people are often asked to choose between two bowls of waste and hold our nose about which one might be a little less smelly. So when trump was elected, we all knew his faults, he never hid them, nor did he allow those faults to be an issue, despite the media et-large’s attempts to make it so in order to usher in their champion whom was “owed” the presidency after 30 years of excusing, covering for and abetting known a rapist and then later on, a racist.

    ANY president can be consequential, we should be lucky this one is consequential in a good way.

    1. Trump has saved our Republic for sure … I think as “Head of State” some may think Trump is a bit brash or even barbaric … I get it.. I personally love Trump’s unfiltered fighting methods.. God Bless Donald Trump and our Great Republic!

  4. Even if Trump never accomplishes another thing, he will remain my eternal hero simply for single-handedly defeating that satanic witch, Hillary Clinton.

    No one else could have done it. He saved the Republic. Thank you, Mr. President!

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  5. What took you so long to figure this out? One more point. The Socialist/Marxist Democratic Party is harmful to our Constitution,our American people and America as it was founded. The Socialist/Marxist only exist because the media is corrupt and keeps the truth from getting out in the clean light of day!

  6. The 44th was trying to destroy the Constitution and the United States of America. Trump saved this country! If you idiots keep voting in Democrat/Socialist jerks then this country will go down the drain. What have Democrats done for you? Crickets! Remember no matter what ever the Democrap Party promises that there is NO FREE LUNCH!

    1. They can only take away (tax, steal or confiscate) someone else’s lunch and give it too you.

  7. Perhaps Trumps biggest consequence was that he stopped the Democrat steamroller when he beat Hillary.

    Hillary was on schedule to continue the Democrat party agenda of regulating capitalism out of existence, scrubbing the constitution in areas such as second amendment, government snooping, just about a you-name-it agenda.

    Trying to set some boundaries on the supreme court, or at least looking at judges application of the law and constitution rather than a make it up as you go, or an activist judiciary rather than judges applying the law.

    Maybe Trump’s biggest consequence though is his influence on the Republican party which had gone globalist, and not in a manner that was intended to bring China’s communist party government into a human rights priority with democratic principals, but in a self serving, big business, off shore manufacturing, exploitative capitalism approach.

    Trump looked at the left behinds, the millions of people losing their livelihood due to Democrat and Republican two party, Jack and Jill government since the Reagan presidency with trade deals and broken down borders and said enough, and people listened.

    Trump’s approach to the Middle East is also of international consequence. He won’t win any Noble Peace Prizes, but he just might avoid a nuclear holocaust involving the whole world.

    Yep, Trump is having a consequental government.

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