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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – January 22, 2024

Heritage President Goes Scorched Earth on Globalist Elites at WEF (Jan.19 2024)

Heritage Foundation...



The United States should prioritize the well-being of its citizens, including addressing issues such as illegal immigration, the threat of China, and the importance of understanding biological realities.

  • “Elites tell us that open borders and even illegal immigration are okay. The average person tells us in the United States that both Rob them of the American way of life.”
  • “The number one adversary not just to the United States but to Free People on planet Earth is China.”
  • “Not only do we at Davos not say that we give the Chinese Communist Party a platform and fifth as we sit here another supranational organization.”
  • The new president will trust the science and understand the basic biological reality of manhood and womanhood.
  • “Our first obligation in foreign policy is to look at it through the lens of what’s best for the American citizen.”

Jesse Felder: Gold is Anticipating the End of the Tightening Cycle (Jan. 18, 2024)

Pallisades Gold Radio...



Gold is expected to rise in price as the market anticipates the end of the tightening cycle, potential Fed rate cuts, and concerns about financial stability, leading to bullish sentiment and potential investment opportunities in precious metals and mining stocks.


Economic Impact and Monetary Policy

  • We live in a fantasy world. Now reality has been destroyed.
  • The underlying inflation trends are still relatively strong, with super core CPI and wages holding above 4-5%.
  • Tightening in monetary conditions is expected to hit the economy, leading to increased bankruptcies and refinancing of debt.
  • The chances of achieving a soft landing without creating a recession are slim, given the historical patterns of inflation coming down from elevated levels.
  • The FED’s hands are really tied in its battle with inflation, suggesting that inflation has sustainably entered a new elevated era.
  • The market is expecting double the rate cuts the FED has ever made, indicating potential financial stability concerns.
  • The era of 0% interest rates and quantitative easing is likely done, and investors need to wrap their heads around that.
  • The new monetary cycles may be between 1 to 2% on the low side and 5-6% Fed funds rate on the high side, totally different than the last decade.
  • The more the Fed raises interest rates, the more the fiscal deficit will blow out, leading to an era of fiscal dominance.

Commodity Market Trends

  • The supplies of major fracking areas have hit peak production, potentially causing strain on oil production for the first time in US history.
  • The supply demand picture for Commodities is very bullish, indicating the early stages of a commodity super cycle.
  • “They’re massively out of favor which I think is ironic with gold price above 2,000 an ounce finally breaking out in a sustainable way above 2,000 from a technical standpoint.”
  • The exact opposite of a soft landing is stagflation, which could drive people to invest in precious metals due to weak economic growth and high inflation.

Investor Sentiment and Market Behavior

  • The fact that investors are shunning the miners even as the gold price breaks out to new highs tells me that investors are extremely bearish.


Matthew Piepenburg: Dollar Losing Trust Globally; Gold Is Taking Over (Jan.18, 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



The global trust in the US dollar is declining, leading to a potential shift towards gold as a more trusted currency, especially among OPEC nations and BRICS nations like China and Russia.


Global Shift from Dollar to Gold

  • The dollar losing trust globally and gold taking over is undeniable empirical objective reality.
  • The weaponization of the world reserve currency pushes Russia and China closer together and incentivizes the BRICS to expand.
  • “You can’t ignore the significance of that, you simply can’t, and the speed in which it’s happening is extraordinary.”
  • The dollar is losing trust globally, leading to a shift towards gold as a more reliable asset.
  • “When you look at the Arbitrage for gold for oil. You can no longer ignore that is just not possible.”
  • The possibility of OPEC nations shifting from the dollar to gold is not impossible, and the evidence points in that direction.
  • Gold is taking over globally, not because of being a gold bug, but as a result of studying math and history.

Economic Impact of Dollar Debasement

  • The settling outside of the US dollar and physical precious metals has a massive impact on the US dollar and the milkshake theory.
  • Whenever an Empire finds itself overextended in debt, it debases its currency to “save the system,” and the US is no exception with its high debt and deficit.
  • The debasement of the dollar and more QE will lead to higher inflation and drive the price of gold up.
  • “If the FED continues to raise rates and just is bluffing gold wins either way because if the FED doesn’t support the US Treasury Market everything breaks everything breaks but the dollar the market breaks.”
  • When you raise rates and force a recession on the middle class, it’s going to have disinflationary forces, but this is not the end of the inflation discussion.
  • The US will have to debase its currency to save the bond market, leading to inflation and a win for gold.

George Gammon vs Larry Lepard (Interest Rates, The Dollar, Sound Money) (Jan.19, 2024)

Rebel Capitalist...



The speakers discuss the potential shift from deflation to inflation due to government response to the crisis and the impact of monetary policy on the global monetary system.


Monetary System and Inflation

  • I don’t think that condition will last because I think the FED is going to be forced ultimately back into monetizing the deficits which I think are really the core of the problem.
  • The total US debt and base money relationship is crucial for understanding the future of the economy.
  • The money created from QE didn’t chase goods and services, it chased assets, leading to the everything bubble.
  • It wasn’t really due to the expansion of the fed’s balance sheet, what mattered was the bailouts and I would go all the way back to long-term Capital Management.
  • The monetary system is out of control, bouncing off the guardrails of inflation and deflation, creating conditions similar to the 1929 bubble.
  • In a broken system like this, it’s going to be really hard to keep your feet on the ground, with inflationists and deflationists both potentially looking right in the next 10 years.
  • The most important battle is to get the monetary system into sounder hands, as the current system makes it impossible for all of us to plan and build a good economy.
  • The government will be forced into a situation where inflation becomes very high or just medium high, and the odds are good that they will continue to monetize things.

National Debt and Bond Market

  • George Gammon aims to engage in friendly debates to get people thinking and discussing different ideas about interest rates, the dollar, and sound money.
  • The big sucker at the table is the bond market and I think the world is kind of starting to figure that out.
  • The national debt went from 22 trillion to 33 or 34 trillion over the last three or four years, making a strong argument to be bearish on the United States dollar.
  • Eventually, the bond market kind of revolts when debt to GDP reaches a certain level, leading to inflationary years.
  • George Gammon and Larry Lepard discuss the importance of sound money and its impact on the economy.

Government Spending and Deficits

  • Larry Lepard points out the significant increase in US federal government spending in 2020, leading to a massive deficit in a healthy economy.
  • The percentage of government spending to GDP goes up every single time we have a World War, a GFC, or a pandemic, and it never goes back down to where it was prior to the crisis.
  • “You can’t continue to grow debt at a higher rate than you grow GDP because the GDP is what’s used to service the debt.”


Rafi Farber: Spare Dollars Are About to Run Out, And the Fed Does Not Care (Jan. 19, 2024)

Arcadia Economics...



The money supply is shrinking and there are potential triggers in the financial plumbing, leading to deflationary pressures and potential explosive growth in gold and silver prices.


  • The Fed doesn’t really know what’s going to happen when the spare dollars run out, but I’m closer to the truth than they are.
  • Complaints about high car prices are actually a problem with the money, not the car industry.
  • SLV Holdings have been trending lower despite the price of silver trending higher, indicating waning interest in the paper silver market.
  • Over $1.6 trillion dollars have disappeared through debt repayment and default, causing the money supply to shrink.
  • Once the reverse repos do run out there will be no counteracting the actual deflation going on in the monetary system right now.
  • The money supply is still shrinking, despite $1.6 trillion flowing into the monetary system, indicating enormous deflationary pressures.
  • All the deflation that is occurring now will not be counteracted by a reverse flow, leading to potential triggers in the financial plumbing.
  • The final round of printing will lead to gold and silver exploding overnight, but it won’t last very long.


Lance Roberts & Adam Taggart: How Bullish Is The New Market All-Time High? (Jan.14, 2024)

Thoughtful Money...



Valuations over the next 10 years may result in close to zero returns, potentially leading to losses and breaking even, and active management is crucial to avoid big downturns and make money again.


Market Valuations and Earnings Growth

  • Valuations over the next 10 years may result in close to zero returns, leading to potential losses and breaking even.
  • “The biggest driver of the markets is fed policy, and then earnings are kind of coming second and third is liquidity which is fed policy.”
  • Earnings growth is expected to come primarily from technology and communications, with other sectors experiencing flat to negative growth.
  • Valuations matter a lot because they ultimately drive your returns over time, and if valuations are expected to contract, your returns will be closer to zero or less.
  • Valuations based on operating earnings can lead to overpaying for stocks and big drawdowns when Gap earnings become a reality.
  • Avoiding big downturns through active management can lead to quicker recovery and the ability to start making money again.
  • The markets are very smart and go hey wait a minute, I can borrow at this and I can loan at that and I can pick up the Arbitrage in between I’ll do that and that’s how they make money.

Economic Indicators and Market Behavior

  • 93% of the stock market is owned by the top 10% of households, leading to a massive wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the rich.
  • Recessionary indicators such as inverted yield curves and potential economic data are signaling a potential recession, despite the current market highs.
  • Lance Roberts believes that inflation may see an uptick, but not to the levels of the 1970s due to debt being disinflationary and the lack of economic capacity for high inflation rates.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce on Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Crypto Regulation and Evaluating Digital Assets (Jan.15, 2024)

Soar Financially...



The approval of exchange traded products should be based on the product itself and not fear of the unknown, allowing people to make their own investment decisions and encouraging innovation while maintaining regulatory objectives.


  • The approval of exchange traded products should be based on how the product itself will trade, not fear of the unknown.
  • “We don’t want you to micromanage American portfolios.” – Hester Peirce on the importance of allowing people to make their own investment decisions.
  • “For other people, there is value to these assets and there are reasons that people are holding them.”
  • “Members of the SEC including the chair have said Bitcoin is not a security. It is a commodity um it it. They’ve made it a point to um highlight that Bitcoin is different from these other cryptocurrencies.”
  • Selling a physical or digital object along with promises of rising value can turn it into a securities transaction, even if the object itself is not a security.
  • The SEC’s tendency to discourage traditional financial institutions from engaging with the crypto world is a landmark move with the approval of a Bitcoin exchange traded product.
  • The need for a robust back and forth between businesses and regulators to ensure innovation while maintaining regulatory objectives.
  • “I think it’s really important for people to always approach things with skepticism always. Ask questions always push back and assert the need for Liberty because that does Define us as a people.”

Pierre Lassonde: The Founding of Franco-Nevada (Jan.19, 2024)

Bloor Street Capital...



Diversifying in a royalty company like Franco-Nevada can reduce risk and provide profitable opportunities in the mining business, especially with the potential for a Black Swan event to drive gold prices higher.

  • Diversification in a royalty company, such as Franco-Nevada, provides exposure to over 400 royalties and over 100 producing mines, reducing the risk of being exposed to individual mine performance.
  • The cost of finding an ounce of gold in the Carlin trend of Nevada was only $7, making it a highly profitable venture.
  • The royalty that I bought for $2 million has paid Franco Nevada well over a billion dollars US so far and there will be another 500 million coming.
  • 🏗️
    Investing in a mining company at the second turn of the Lon curve, when it is undervalued and close to production, can be the most profitable.
  • The most attractive place to get involved in the mining business is when the project is fully financed and ready to start production, minimizing risk and maximizing profit.
  • World-class assets with 5 to 15 million ounces of gold are the most appealing and difficult to obtain in today’s market.
  • Gold should be able to make a ton of money at $2,000, and if you can’t make money with gold at that price, you shouldn’t be in this business.
  • The US budget deficit is projected to be over $2 trillion a year for the next five years, astronomical numbers that are off the charts.
  • Pierre Lassonde predicts a Black Swan event that will kick the living daylight out of the US dollar, propelling gold higher as the inverse of the dollar.

So, THIS Is How They're Prepping Us For DISEASE X! (Jan. 19, 2024)

Russell Brand...



The British government has unveiled a new vaccine research facility to prevent future pandemics, but there are concerns about the potential for lab leaks and the normalization of pandemics in the media.


  • The British government has unveiled a new vaccine research facility where scientists are working to prevent future pandemics that is potentially exactly how the last pandemic started.
  • The delicate task of protecting the nation’s health is being carried out in purpose-built labs with high safety measures.
  • The BBC has become a conveyor and purveyor of propaganda.
  • Did you know that skincare products in the US can be marketed as non-toxic while containing up to 49% toxic ingredients?
  • The extent of research being done and the likelihood of lab leaks are not being addressed, and it appears that establishment interests benefit from pandemics.
  • “The solution for future pandemics may actually cause the thing in the first place, like chemical weapons.”
  • “Why are we normalizing the next pandemic? Why is that happening? Why is that on the news?”
  • Before we eagerly embrace the next pandemic, we should question who made money from the last one and how it was used to normalize the impediment of human freedom.

Silver Gold and the future of FIAT (Nov. 21, 2023)




Asset-backed digital currencies, particularly those backed by gold and silver, are seen as a solution to the potential collapse of fiat currencies and the risks associated with a cashless society, offering a way to protect wealth and financial privacy in uncertain times.


  • The fiat currency system is really broken and it’s just getting worse, with countries like Argentina being bankrupt and the United States unable to pay off its debt.
  • Asset-backed digital currencies can empower people around the world to have ownership and participation in real assets, providing a sense of pride and the ability to earn from them.
  • It’s time to push back and think about maintaining anonymity in our financial privacy in the web 3 era.
  • The BRICS nations represent 42% of the global population, over one-third of the territory, and about 30% of GDP, according to the World Bank.
  • The financial system is heading towards implosion and realignment, with those backed by US currency set to suffer greatly.
  • The US dollar dominance as the reserve currency is in danger, which could lead to a humongous change politically and geopolitically.
  • The comparison of current global situations to historical atrocities like the Crusades sparks a thought-provoking perspective on the state of the world today.
  • Gold is the only asset that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability, but silver also holds value and is essential for technology.
  • Commodities go higher as we see more destruction of the US dollar, watch the bond market for signs of inflation and the point of no return.

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