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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Three Videos – September 27, 2023

Andy Schectman: Do Not Let Go Of Your Gold & Silver

Liberty and Finance...


Importance of Gold and Silver

  • “The Gold Eagle was released in 1986 and has been one of the most popular gold bullion coins in the world providing incredible recognizability and investor trust.”
  • “This is a significant, pivotal time in all of our lives and those of us who are making prudent choices and actually taking action steps now will be grateful that we did.”
  • “You’re not going to find a better opportunity to protect yourself from what is coming than buying gold and silver.”
  • The shift in the gold market suggests a once in a generation opportunity, with the potential for China to reprice gold and silver higher than the West, leading to a significant arbitrage from the West to the East.
  • “Gold is proof of work, removal of counterparty risk, and one of the few assets that is not simultaneously someone else’s liability.”
  • “While I still believe silver is the most undervalued asset maybe the trade of a generation certainly of the decade if I had one trade and only one trade to make it would be gold because it’s tier one because the central banks are buying it and because now it has a lower volatility to the downside than U.S treasuries.”

Trust and Value of Precious Metals

  • Each week brings new topics to discuss, with the speaker having accumulated hundreds of pages of notes throughout the year, emphasizing the constant flow of information and events.
  • “It’s a battle with your psyche with your gut when you see things behave the way they have in a world that’s lost its bearings, but trust your gut and have strong fingertips because little by little the pieces all come together or little by little that Jenga Tower is wobbling.”
  • “I think we are heading into a period of time where the world will be a very different place and people will look back on what you have done and hopefully what I’ve contributed a little bit and be thankful that they listen because the majority of people in this country do not have a clue what is bearing down upon them.”
  • “If you use commodities…you can re-establish trust in what is a trustless society right now.” – Schectman suggests that utilizing commodities, transparency, blockchain, and auditing can help rebuild trust in a society where trust is lacking.
  • The insights shared by Andy Schectman are highly valued, as indicated by the gratitude expressed by the host for his presence and the mention of sharing links to articles mentioned in the video.

Market Manipulation and Suppression

  • “Do not let go of your gold and silver. It is not to get wealthy. It is wealth of the biggest money in the world knows it and they’re using the emotions of the investing public to drain everything that’s not nailed down.”
  • The big money is using the suppression of the western markets to accumulate as much silver as possible, causing the price to potentially take off once they’ve acquired enough and no one is willing to sell at low prices.
  • The silver market is experiencing a significant shortfall in supply versus demand, raising concerns about the sustainability of the deficit in minable supply and the decreasing nature of the asset.
  • “I still think silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet.”

Peter Zeihan: Chechnya: Russia’s Influence and a Volatile Future

Zeihan on Geopolitics...


  • The Russians were able to regain control of Chechnya by providing troops, equipment, intelligence, and money to a specific faction, ultimately defeating the others and maintaining nominal control.
  • Ramzan, the son of the faction leader, is described as “an absolute” in a clinical way, implying controversial characteristics or actions.
  • Kadir Jr. is a ruthless figure who engages in torture, murder, and assassinations, making him a dangerous ally for Russia.
  • The presence of Chechens fighting against the Putin government in Ukraine, along with the Chechen shock troops brought in by Kadirov, could potentially lead to a civil war among the Chechens themselves if circumstances change.
  • If Ramzan Kadyrov were to disappear, there would likely be a power struggle among others vying for control in Chechnya.
  • There may be more at stake with the Chechens working for Putin than just their involvement in Russia and Ukraine.
  • If the Chechens were to become neutral in the regions of Georgia, it could jeopardize the functional independence of those areas currently under Russian control.
  • If the Ukrainians are successful in resisting the Russians, it could lead to a reckoning and impinge upon Russia’s ability to influence the Caucasus region, potentially sparking rebellions and wars.

Is The Fed Screwing Us Over as Usual? John Rubino Exposes The Truth

Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network...


Impact of the Federal Reserve on the Economy

  • “The Fed’s actions and the fluctuation in interest rates are impacting the economy and creating volatility in the financial markets.”
  • The Fed is willing to keep interest rates higher for longer in order to control wage inflation, even if it means breaking big sections of the economy and causing a crisis.
  • “The 10-year treasury is at four and a half percent which is the highest since 2007…we could easily see something like 2008 2009 if these interest rates stay as high as they are right now.”
  • “When oil hits a hundred, it’s a guaranteed recession.” – John Rubino suggests that when oil prices reach $100 per barrel, it often leads to an economic downturn.
  • The current economic situation and reliance on debt portend a major disaster for the West, highlighting potential consequences of the actions taken by the Federal Reserve.
  • The excess savings that helped prevent a recession are being rapidly depleted, with the bottom 40% of the economy already in negative excess savings and the top 20% heading towards zero, indicating a potential plunge in consumer spending.
  • In the future, most deliveries will be made by self-driving cars or drones, potentially revolutionizing the transportation industry.
  • The speaker suggests that the actions of locking up political opposition and having show trials could be the end of democracies.

Potential Consequences of China’s Economic Situation

  • The global economy is incomplete without discussing China’s economic implosion, including high unemployment rates, a foreclosure crisis, and a decline in imports and exports.
  • “We had no way out of the Great Recession until China quintupled its total societal debt to buy all the raw materials that everybody else in the world had to sell.”
  • The potential collapse of China’s economy and manufacturing power could have severe implications for the global economy.

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