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Craig Hemke: Monetary Madness End Game

Guest Post by Craig Hemke at SprottMoney.com:

For over twelve years at TF Metals Report, we have been writing about “The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment”. Recent events have moved us closer to this monetary endpoint.

All of this is a bit like the so-called “Doomsday Clock“, which ticks forward every time there is a significant deterioration of peace and prosperity in the world. While we can pray that the Doomsday Clock never reaches midnight, our economic doomsday clock and End of The Great Keynesian Experiment are inexorably moving toward midnight, and they will get there. It’s only a matter of when.

Recent events have significantly moved the clock forward. In their vain attempts to corral the rampant price inflation that they had created, The Fed has spent the past 18 months hiking interest rates at an unprecedented pace. For an institution that bases all of its monetary moves on economic models, their pursuit of this rate hike scheme so haphazardly is the height of economic irresponsibility.

The impacts are now being felt across the global banking sector, and soon, all central banks will be forced to halt and unwind their interest rate hiking schemes. Here are just a few recent headlines:

What should be clear for all to see is that the only “solution” central banks can provide is more liquidity, meaning more printing of their fiat currency. This, as with all prior fiat currency regimes such as Weimar Germany, will ultimately end in disaster… the Financial Doomsday. 

Your only financial protection against this monetary madness comes in the form of physical precious metals. It does not matter if you, like me, thought these events were coming ten years ago and have held physical metals ever since. The amount of global debt has grown substantially over the past decade. I hope your stack of metal has grown substantially too. 

However, it’s not too late to begin preparing for these financial eventualities. Even if you don’t own a single ounce of physical gold or silver, there’s still time to acquire some. Though the seconds are ticking away, the clock is not yet midnight. 

Think of it this way. As with all crises, you DO NOT want to be the person at the back of the line, hoping to acquire what you need before the supply disappears. The events of the early days of the Covid crisis provide some vivid reminders. 

Man shopping
In conclusion, now is the time to prepare. The warning signs are all present, and the clock is ticking to financial midnight. Centuries of history have taught us that physical precious metals are your only safe harbor in financial storms. Consider acquiring some before it’s too late. 

Guest Post by Craig Hemke at SprottMoney.com.

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