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Tin Foil Hat investors and the lizard people who control them…

Even though the difference between conspiracy theories and reality seems to be about 60 days, right now…

Most investors refuse to take off their tin foil hats and tune into the market with facts and logic.

There’s so much noise pushed by the Main Stream Media commentators like…

where treasury bond prices are headed(stay away)…

employment rates for black and hispanic(important, but narrow-minded)…

And, job reports slanted to demonstrate the strength of the economy.

When it comes to gold and silver markets…

People seem to be in an anxiety-driven frenzy about the amount of physical gold, whims of manipulation, and fear-filled headlines.

Tin foil investors try to tune into those mysterious stories.

And there’s a Lizard Person in the closest with joystick and microphone manipulating their every move…

Even what’s on TV.

As if some esoteric message is hidden in the static you can NEVER quite prove, but THEY WILL find out…

Then there are others who are glad to wear their tinfoil hats.

They’ve already obtained the way to make the most money and they’ll defend it to the bitter end.

That’s why separating signal from noise, and market conspiracies from highs and lows are the most important skill you can learn.

Bob Moriarty shows you what to do.

He’s one of the people I’ve learned from the most.

In fact, I’ve read his investing book three times already, but this isn’t about selling his book.

He doesn’t need the cash. He says so.

This is about…

How to tell the difference between signal and noise.

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