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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – April 29, 2024

Lena Petrova: $95 BILLION Aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan READY WITHIN HOURS, Lawmakers' Personal Visit to Kiev (April. 24, 2024)

Lena Petrova...



The $15 billion foreign aid bill to increase Western military presence in Eastern Europe raises concerns about potential escalation of tensions, restrictions on freedom of choice and expression, and the allocation of funds and priorities.


  • $15 billion to increase Western military presence in Eastern Europe, signaling a significant ramp up in military training and defense support, potentially escalating tensions in the region.
  • The foreign aid bill is framed as a good day for World Peace, but it also includes banning certain platforms, raising questions about freedom of choice and expression.
  • The majority of the new aid package goes to Ukraine, raising questions about the allocation of funds and priorities.

Mark Thornton: The Great Chocolate Crisis (April 27, 2024)

Minor Issues...



The wholesale price of cocoa has skyrocketed, causing a crisis in the chocolate industry and potentially leading to higher prices for consumers.


  • The wholesale price of Coco, the main ingredient in chocolate, has skyrocketed, causing a crisis in the industry.
  • Americans on average consume chocolate every day or at least they wish they did 20 years ago.
  • The price of Coca has skyrocketed, impacting the cost of chocolate production and potentially leading to higher prices for consumers.
  • The decrease in chocolate supply is partly due to weather conditions in Western Africa, the world’s leading supplier, impacting crop production.
  • The higher chocolate prices have already translated into declining sales for chocolate products, causing a crisis in the market.
  • Some speculators have already made a great deal of money, but if the crisis subsides and the longer-term crisis fails to emerge, many could lose substantial investment dollars.

Abolish the CIA and FBI (April 25, 2024)

Radio Rothbard...



The CIA and FBI have a long history of controversial and politicized actions, including mind control experiments, medical torture, and political manipulation, raising serious concerns about their motives and actions.


  • The CIA and FBI are essentially America’s Secret Police, highly politicized and problematic to say the least.
  • Harry Truman became disillusioned with the CIA, stating “I have never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime Cloak and Dagger operations.”
  • The CIA’s operations, like MK Ultra, involved bizarre mind control experiments, revealing the agency’s dark and controversial history.
  • The CIA has enlisted doctors to lend legitimacy to medical experiments, including creating dark sites for torture and experimenting with new drugs on people.
  • The creation of these agencies has led to a system where their entire purpose is to help control other governments, monitor and influence global events, and increase their own power and budgets.
  • The FBI’s involvement in Russiagate and protection of Hunter Biden shows their blatantly political nature, contrary to the belief that they are just trying to catch bad guys.
  • The FBI was used to exercise great power and control, especially against those who opposed the Vietnam War and civil rights movements.
  • The FBI has a history of spying, blackmailing, and manipulating political figures, raising serious concerns about their actions and motives.

Bob Moriarty and John Rubino: Navigating Financial Crises Insights (April. 25, 2024)

Natural Resource Stocks...



The world is facing potential economic chaos and investors should be cautious, considering the shift towards gold and silver as a more stable currency and the need to protect against the coming crisis.


Financial Market Predictions and Analysis

  • Commodities are currently the cheapest they’ve ever been against the stock market, making gold, silver, and gold silver stocks the cheapest they’ve ever been.
  • The everything bubble is a result of an experiment that started in 1971, and we’re pretty much guaranteed chaos going forward due to over-indebtedness.
  • A banking crisis could lead to a broader financial market crisis, potentially impacting currencies and leading to multi-trillion dollar bailouts.
  • The banking system is in a more precarious state now than it was in 2008, and it’s only a matter of time before it breaks.
  • “When you have a hyperinflation, you also kind of destroy the culture because all the people who trusted the country are the ones who get impoverished.”
  • Rising inflation could lead to the 1970s on steroids, while deflationary crash like in 2008 is also a possibility in the next year or two.

Geopolitical and Humanitarian Concerns

  • The decision to steal Russian assets and donate the money to Ukraine is insane and sets a dangerous precedent for international relations.
  • The idea of using another country’s Sovereign assets to fight a war against that country is completely insane and a total weaponization of the world’s Reserve currency.
  • The atrocities in Gaza are far worse than anything seen before, and it’s important to acknowledge the gravity of the situation.
  • “It does feel like we’re kind of evolving a dictatorship here piece by piece…We’re becoming a country where the secret police spy on us.”

Andy Schectman: Controlled Destruction Of America; It's All Planned (April. 23, 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



There is a deliberate and organized effort to create chaos and destabilize America in order to replace its capitalist economy with a socialist system, and the mainstream media is playing a critical role in this organized attack.


Planned Destabilization and Economic Collapse


  • “Is a lot of this planned?” – Andy Schectman raises the question of whether the current state of America is intentionally orchestrated.
  • The primary objective of the strategy is to create chaos with the hopes of destroying America’s capitalist economy and replacing it with a socialist system that includes guaranteed income.
  • The left is aiming to develop an army of loyal servants through record levels of illegal immigration, who will work to destroy America and vote for larger government in the future.
  • The US economy is facing a staggering amount of debt, with $77 trillion underfunded in Social Security and $175 trillion unfunded in Medicare Part B and Part D.
  • The US is giving away billions to fight wars while being broke and insolvent, with increasing entitlements.
  • The United Kingdom, along with Ireland and the Cayman Islands, is being funneled under the table money to take over the place of China in US treasury holdings.
  • The possibility of a bigger picture where destabilization is well planned and thought out, involving key figures like Jared Bernstein and Obama, raises questions about the reality of the situation.

Media Manipulation and Government Control


  • The mainstream media plays a critical role in the organized attack against America, according to cloud and Piven.
  • The so-called independent media is actually being fed information by the government, leading to censorship and lack of true freedom of speech.
  • Our beloved countrymen are following the lead of mass media and will be absolutely blindsided by a convulsive change when it finally arrives.

Dave Collum: GOLD & Government Blunders - 40 Years of PAIN Ahead

Soar Financially...



The US economy is facing potential disaster due to excessive government spending, inflation, and unfunded liabilities, leading to potential market ramifications and civil unrest.


Economic Challenges and Government Debt

  • The economy’s “breakfast at Bernie’s look” is a result of government spending and giveaways, masking underlying issues like housing inventory and unemployment numbers.
  • We’re in the fourth cycle or the fourth phase, the crisis phase, and the fourth turning is happening right now as we speak.
  • The future looks bleak as we may not have a lot of wealth in the next 40 years, but rather be trying to recover from commitments that we made.
  • The treasury report shows that due to Medicare and Social Security alone, our unfunded liabilities are $175 trillion, leaving us in an unpayable situation.
  • Monetizing the debt and the FED buying bonds could lead to inflation and disastrous consequences for households.
  • Inflating your way out of debt is not a seamless solution, and the average person doesn’t understand the true impact of inflation.
  • The recession will be even more painful due to the delay in addressing debt and malinvestment.
  • The 40-year credit cycle is over, and we’re now facing a multi-decade headwind of demographic and economic challenges.

Societal Shifts and Prepper Mentality

  • The demand for gold is increasing, with even Costco selling a billion dollars worth of gold bars, indicating a shift towards prepper thinking and a lack of trust in the US as a country.
  • The US is heading down a slope of decay and is showing signs of Empire and Decay.

Lyn Alden: The New Era Of Fiscal Dominance = A Lot Of Painful Changes (April. 28, 2024)

Thoughtful Money...



Rising populism and unsustainable spending are leading to a new era of fiscal dominance, impacting inflation control and creating a dilemma for investors in determining which assets will perform well in such an era.


Consequences of fiscal dominance on economic cycles and inflationary environments

  • Rising populism leads to unsustainable spending and impacts corporate margins, shifting us into a new era of fiscal dominance.
  • The debate over inflation largely depends on who’s receiving the deficits, with historical examples showing inflationary measures reducing wealth concentration.
  • The US is in a shifting phase towards chaos, similar to the deconstruction of order, which requires understanding historical trends to avoid the worst scenarios.
  • In the context of fiscal dominance, economic cycles may look different, resembling characteristics of recessions in Emerging Markets.
  • The dollar is expected to drop significantly in the next 24 months due to a positive liquidity cycle.
  • The transition to a period of fiscal dominance creates a dilemma and antagonism between fiscal and monetary authorities, impacting inflation control.

Impact of fiscal dominance on asset performance

  • Understanding fiscal dominance is crucial for investors to determine which assets will perform well in such an era.
  • The past 40 years have been like a game of Global Financial Blackjack, where the best strategy has been to borrow fiat currency to buy assets without blowing up in a recession.
  • Wealthy individuals and large companies have better access to low-cost, long-duration debt, contributing to their financial advantage and wealth concentration.
  • Inflationary environments historically favor a mix of energy producers, gold, certain other commodity producers, and potentially Bitcoin.
  • In an inflationary environment, owning assets like energy producers, commodities, and Bitcoin can provide protection against higher inflation pressures on margins and real economic growth.

Market Seasonality: Investing With Confidence (April. 25, 2024)

Stansberry Research...



The recent economic news has caused a market pullback, leading to potential shifts in market performance and the outperformance of hard asset sectors, indicating the need for investors to anticipate healthy pullbacks and make informed decisions.


  • The recent economic news has knocked the Market off balance, causing a pullback of 5-10%.
  • Hard asset sectors like commodities, industrial, materials, energy, gold, and silver are starting to outperform stock and equity indexes, indicating a potential shift in market performance.
  • Geopolitical risks, interest rates, inflation, and the dollar can contribute to market whipsaws, making election years particularly volatile.
  • A 10% pullback on the Spy could bring it to the 47250 to 47350 range, potentially finding support there.
  • Understanding market seasonality can help investors anticipate healthy pullbacks and make informed decisions.
  • The industrial SE ETF started to get bullish around February and really heated up at the end of February, beginning of March.
  • The confidence in what you’re looking at sort of increases along the way.

Bob Moriarty: China is Taking Control of the Gold Market (April 25, 2024)

Pallisades Gold Radio...



China’s increasing control of the gold market is a significant shift in the industry and presents a great opportunity for investment in gold and silver.


  • The current environment is overwhelmingly in favor of gold’s value increasing.
  • Gold and silver have broken out and are expected to offer a lot of opportunity in the next 10 years.
  • The balance of power in the Middle East shifted 180 degrees after Iran’s successful attack on Israel, potentially leading to peace in the region.
  • The basic underpinnings of gold and silver are far better than anybody recognizes and the prices are going to go up a lot higher and a lot longer than the average people understand relative to the SNP.
  • “Humans are herd animals. They want to do what everybody else is doing. But the mob is always wrong in investment so all you have to know is what the sentiment is.”
  • “If you can measure what people are doing, if you do the opposite you’ll make money.”
  • The shift to China controlling the gold price could be a net positive for the industry, as the Chinese are buying with both hands, indicating a negative vote for US treasuries and the US Dollar.
  • “The bad news is everything the mainstream media tells you is a lie 100% and the good news is the alternative media. Only half of what you’re told is a lot.”

Doug Casey: 9/11 Bldg. 7 And Other Lies You Must Not Question (April. 26, 2024)

Doug Casey's Take...



There are questions about the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11 and the cost of indoctrination in society.

  • Building 7 on 9/11 was not hit by a plane and only had minor damage and fire, yet it fell straight down in its own footprint, raising questions about a controlled demolition.
  • “It serves no useful purpose. It adds negative value yeah. I think the cost of indoctrination is High I mean. It’s just very expensive to get all these people to believe in nonsense ideas.”
  • Inflation is accelerating, with 1.5 million full-time jobs lost and 1.9 million part-time jobs created, leading to annual deficits and a growing national debt.

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