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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – June 12 2023

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FedWatch: The Fed Is Insolvent, and That's a Bad Thing

Key Insights

Fed’s Policies and Actions Impacting the Economy and Markets

  • The Fed’s policies are causing market bubbles: “The Fed’s policies are creating these market bubbles, and they’re creating these distortions in the economy that are going to have to be corrected at some point.”
  • The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet has become a “gigantic interest rate risk of speculation,” which is an unprecedented situation in history.
  • The Fed is printing money to pay its own expenses and interest on its deposits, which exceed its income by $100 billion per year.
  • The FED’s purchase of long-term Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities has left them with over $5 trillion in assets that could potentially crash the market if sold.
  • The Fed’s decision to become a Housing Bank and buy trillions of dollars of mortgages has completely distorted the housing market and contributed to the non-sustainable bubble in housing prices.
  • The Fed’s insolvency leads to creating more money, which devalues the dollar and hurts everyone’s pocketbook.

Controversy and Stability of the US Financial System

  • The idea that the Federal Reserve might be insolvent is controversial and raises questions about the stability of the US financial system.
  • The Federal Reserve’s power combined with their inability to know everything makes them a dangerous financial institution that can make huge mistakes and contribute to crises.
  • The Federal Reserve is insolvent and its current centralized nature is completely different from its original intent as a decentralized system of regional Reserve Banks.
  • The Fed’s decision to commit the country to perpetual inflation without the approval of Congress raises serious political and constitutional issues.

Rick Rule: Expect Awakening In Gold Amid Govt Overspending

Key insights
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised their real hourly compensation estimates from a weak but positive gain to a drop of 4.7%, which is an astounding revision.
  • The government’s job numbers may not accurately reflect the reality of the job market, as people may be staying in their current jobs out of fear of not finding a replacement.
  • The institutional incentives for government statisticians may lead to inaccurate job numbers.
  • A significant change in sample size can greatly impact statistical accuracy, highlighting the importance of understanding any changes in data collection.
  • The government’s job numbers only reflect growing companies and government contractors, leaving out important data on small businesses and self-employed individuals.
  • The government’s job numbers may be inflated to support their budget, rather than accurately reflecting the job market.

John Rubino: Europe’s Retroactive Recession

Key insights

  • China’s real estate bubble is the biggest in human history and there’s no way to fix it, which could have major consequences for the global economy.
  • John Rubino predicts a recession by year end and the FED will be back to actively easing six months after that.
  • The Fed’s continuous raising of interest rates could lead to a recession, with potential triggers including housing, commercial real estate, and student loans.
  • Credit card companies are “criminal enterprises” that try to trick people into carrying high balances and generating late fees.
  • Credit card debt is a ticking time bomb that will explode in the next recession, causing defaults and losses for credit card companies.
  • The real estate bubble in China is a problem that cannot be easily fixed, similar to Japan’s struggle since the 1990s.
  • The uncertainty of who will bear the losses from the recession highlights the fragility of the economy and the potential for widespread impact.
  • The pandemic has caused a “retroactive recession” in Europe, where companies are now realizing they were overleveraged and overstaffed.

The True Fossil Fuel Crisis

Key insights

  • Fossil fuels played a historic role in our energy consumption due to their cost-effectiveness compared to other sources of energy.
  • The affordability of energy use is a crucial factor in determining its effectiveness, relative to people’s income.
  • “The true fossil fuel crisis is not just about running out of oil, it’s about the impact that burning fossil fuels has on the planet and our health.”
  • The fossil fuel crisis is a global issue that affects not only the economy but also the environment.
  • Gasoline is versatile and scalable, powering everything from airplanes to lawn equipment and able to be shipped anywhere in the world and stored indefinitely.
  • The reluctance of North America and Europe to invest in fossil fuel production is creating a real fossil fuel crisis, while China is increasing its investment in these fuels.

Chen Lin: China's Export Boom: Investing in SILVER & Top Commodity Picks

Key insights

  • Chen Lin believes that investing in silver is a smart move due to China’s export boom and the potential for inflation: “Silver is a very good investment because it’s a commodity and it’s also a currency.”
  • “Silver is a great investment because it’s not only a precious metal, but it’s also an industrial metal that’s used in a lot of different applications.”
  • Investing in silver and other commodities is a smart move as we enter the next commodity super cycle, driven by the demand for modernization and a better life in developing countries.
  • China’s focus on finding new export markets in Africa and South America is an interesting development that could benefit those countries’ middle classes.
  • Chen Lin believes that despite China’s housing bubble and deflation, the demand for raw materials will increase dramatically, making him excited about investing in the commodity sector.
  • The silver Institute has published a report that supports Chen Lin’s previous insights on the increased usage of silver in solar panels.
  • Chen Lin is optimistic about investing in silver due to the potential for a deficit and the possibility of the Fed cutting interest rates, which could fuel the fire of gold and cause silver to go much higher.
  • Chen Lin suggests that buying gold and silver during dips is a good investment strategy, even during rough months.

Jayant Bhandari: Why Are Resource Stocks Down

Key insights

  • “The world is increasingly becoming very chaotic, which should lead to higher prices for physical precious metals like gold and silver.”
  • Gold and silver become extremely important in chaotic situations because what you own in your hand is no one’s liability.
  • Jayant Bhandari prefers gold over other precious metals because of its direct relationship with the chaos of the world.
  • Investing in the junior mining industry requires extreme caution and valuation analysis, as failure to do so can result in losing virtually everything.
  • Despite traditionally finding mining companies expensive, Jayant Bhandari is invested in coal mining stocks due to their potential for high returns.
  • Coal companies are undervalued despite the fact that we are using more coal today than ever before.
  • “Why are resource stocks down?” – Bhandari raises the controversial question and explores potential reasons for the decline in resource stocks.
  • Jayant Bhandari believes that accruing intellectual and spiritual capital is similar to accruing financial capital, and that it is necessary to build civilization and leave better things for future generations.

Chris Vermeulen: Commodities Supercycle is Well Underway, Here's How to Trade It...

Key Insights

Trading opportunities in the commodities supercycle

  • “The commodities supercycle is well underway and it’s a great opportunity for traders to make money.”
  • Chris Vermeulen believes that the commodities supercycle is well underway and offers insights on how to trade it.
  • Chris Vermeulen believes that we are in the midst of a commodities super cycle that started in 2019 and could last a decade or more.
  • The commodities supercycle is underway and gold is starting the next major super cycle, similar to the one in the early 2000s.
  • The commodities supercycle is well underway and precious metal miners could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors.
  • Commodities are set to rally as the economy firms up and demand increases, presenting potential upside for everything from gold miners to uranium stocks.
  • The commodities supercycle is well underway and precious metals like gold are the global safe haven for investors.
  • Commodities are likely to continue to rise in value in the long term, with copper being a key player in the Super Cycle commodity trend.

Strategies for investing in commodities and asset rotation

  • Chris Vermeulen believes in asset rotation instead of Buy and Hold strategy for trading commodities.
  • Asset revesting strategy can be a better option for the average investor to avoid drawdowns and support retirement savings.
  • Vermeulen suggests creating a hierarchy of assets based on personal preference, with positions in U.S equities, treasury bonds, the US dollar index, and cash, which have an inverse or no correlation to each other.

De-Dollarization: Can China Take Out The US Dollar?

Key insights

  • The reason for the past year’s 10% inflation is due to Federal deficits and the flood of money, which the FED tries to fight by hiking interest rates, killing the private economy.
  • The US dollar is losing its status as the rock of the world economy due to fiscal irresponsibility and actions like Biden seizing Russia’s Sovereign dollars.
  • China wants to dethrone the US dollar because they know it would cause a massive flood of inflation running back into the US, taking them out of the game.
  • China’s tactic to de-throne the US is economic, giving countries loans and 99-year leases on ports to gain control if they can’t pay the debt.
  • China’s loans to other countries are collateralized with things like ports and mines, giving them leverage over those countries, unlike the US which gives leverage to Banana Republics.
  • A gold or silver backed brics currency could potentially wipe the floor with the US dollar due to its superior inflation dynamics.
  • “The US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is being challenged by China’s efforts to de-dollarize and promote the use of the yuan in international trade.”
  • The FED’s aggressive rate hike could be based on false assumptions about job numbers, potentially leading to harmful effects on companies and the economy.

Russell Brand: The WHO’s Global POWER GRAB Is Happening!

Key insights

  • The WHO’s proposed treaty could allow them to bypass the laws of countries and gain more power.
  • The grammar of facial expressions is universal, but different cultures have different expressions and body language.
  • The WHO wants nations to give 5% of their health budget and follow binding advice, including lockdowns and medication, which Russell Brand disagrees with.
  • The WHO’s global power grab involves creating a global bureaucracy and passing binding laws, despite not being democratically elected.
  • Global or Continental bureaucracies can be used to bypass systems of democratic power and serve corporate profit.

JP Sears: Everything is Fine! Don't Ask Any Questions

Key insights

  • “Nobody brings you lies you can trust quite like we do.” – The news channel openly admits to spreading lies.
  • The speaker suggests that social media platforms and mainstream media are working together to silence a presidential candidate, while Elon Musk is supporting him.
  • The Chinese Communist Party forbids its citizens from acknowledging the Tiananmen Square massacre, showing the dangers of censorship and misinformation.
  • They kill us with ventilators, lockdowns, and denying therapeutics, and are preparing to launch the next attack with new pandemics and more controls.

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