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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Top Ten Videos – June 19 2023

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John Kaiser: The Future of Gold and Silver in a Changing Economy ... (From June 13)

Key insights

Investment Opportunities and Trends

  • John Kaiser predicts that gold and silver will continue to rise in value due to the instability of the economy and the potential for a government default.
  • According to John Kaiser, gold could see a real price increase to $2500-$3000, which would have massive leverage on ounces in the ground and existing mining operations.
  • According to John Kaiser, finding a missing piece in the junior sector and assessing the odds of it falling into place can lead to rapid three to five hundred percent gains.
  • Lithium is becoming the new “white gold” with a potential market worth of 100 to 200 billion dollars by 2030, putting it in the league of copper and gold.
  • Canada has countless pegmatite deposits that could provide half of the world’s lithium, but were previously overlooked due to the small market.
  • Kaiser believes that the current economic climate, with low interest rates and massive government spending, is setting the stage for a major bull market in gold and silver.

Economic and Geopolitical Factors

  • “Gold and silver are not just commodities, they are money, and they are the only form of money that is not somebody else’s liability.”
  • The conflict between China and the US for domination of the global economy is not a simple autocracy versus democracy showdown, but a complex geopolitical issue.
  • The debt ceiling is a critical issue that could push the US and global economy into a recession, with unknown consequences if it is allowed to default.
  • Increased demand for gold will come from the power struggle between the US and China for domination of the global economy, creating a transition of real new demand.

WTF! Lockheed Martin Sponsor Pride March!? ... (From June 17)


The key idea of the video is that Lockheed Martin’s sponsorship of Pride Month is seen as hypocritical due to their involvement in manufacturing weapons and supporting endless wars, and it calls for a new independent movement to challenge the power of the elite establishment.
  • Marianne Williamson discusses systemic corruption and the failure of power, while questioning if anyone in American politics doesn’t want a war with China.
  • Lockheed Martin sponsors Pride March, while the speaker criticizes the military and mainstream institutions for not acknowledging societal changes and mocks the dedication of the King’s Guard.
  • Lockheed Martin sponsors Pride March, while the speaker questions authenticity in both the military and football.
  • Republican senators are pushing for war with China while the involvement of Lockheed Martin, a weapons producer, in sponsoring gay pride raises questions.
  • Lockheed Martin sponsors Pride March despite criticism for manufacturing weapons and supporting endless wars.
  • Rand Paul and other Republicans criticize fellow Republicans for advocating war with China, while the sponsorship of gay pride by Lockheed Martin perpetuates the power of the elite establishment, calling for a new independent movement to challenge this power.
  • Lockheed Martin’s sponsorship of Pride Month is seen as hypocritical due to their involvement in manufacturing missiles and political lobbying, raising concerns about censorship and monetization on YouTube.

Babylon Bee: 10 Ways to Destroy Trump ... (From June 16)

Key Insights

The key idea of the video is to satirically suggest extreme measures to prevent Trump from continuing his presidency and to highlight the actions of Kash Patel in supporting whistleblowers and media accountability.
  • Impeach Trump for the third time to prevent the end of Biden’s peace and prosperity in America.
  • Bribe Melania to reveal the source of Trump’s strength, put a Big Mac under a piano, become a porn star and get hush money, outlaw tanning beds and nuke the sun to prevent his tan.
  • Trump’s supporters will abandon him, raid Mar-a-Lago, send him on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney, start World War III, catch him drinking a Bud Light, and ultimately destroy democracy itself.
  • Kash Patel, former lead investigator of Russiagate, has founded the Cash Foundation to support whistleblowers, victims of deep state corruption, and media accountability efforts.

Matthew Piepenburg Speaks with Rule Investment Media ... (From June 14)

Key insights
  • Matt Piepenburg argues that the current market conditions are unsustainable and a correction is inevitable: “We’re in a bubble, and bubbles always burst.”
  • Gold is seen as an “aggressively intelligent” model for wealth preservation in a fractured banking system, with secure vault locations and a focus on physical metals.
  • The disconnect between past warnings against weaponizing the world reserve currency and current actions by the US administration creates a dangerous scenario for global economic stability.
  • The FED may have to monetize even more to control the bond market, leading to highly inflationary Fiat money and reduced purchasing power of the US dollar.
  • The implications of central bank gold purchases are massive and important, especially in light of the deterioration of purchasing power in currencies.
  • Central banks are selling U.S treasuries at historical levels while purchasing physical gold due to the dislocation issue and the negative return on Uncle Sam’s ious.
  • The sale of treasuries and purchasing of physical gold are classic movements that indicate a shift in the world’s financial landscape.
  • Central banks recognize the declining value of the dollar and increasing debt levels, leading to the selling of treasuries and stacking of gold.

Brent Johnson: What you don't know about De-dollarisation ... (From June 18)

Key Insights

  • “When the dollar starts going higher, it’s a crisis, not when it goes lower.”
  • Borrowing in dollars can be advantageous for companies in countries like Turkey, China, Japan, Indonesia, and Brazil due to lower interest rates compared to borrowing in their local currency.
  • “The world has a solution for this. We’ve seen this year. A number of countries come out and say that we are going to de-dollarize and it’s very easy to say that it’s very hard to actually do it right.”
  • De-dollarization, the process of reducing reliance on the dollar, is a potential challenge to the current dollar-based Financial system, indicating a shift in global economic dynamics.
  • “China’s cross-border trade over its own border has been more in renminbi than it has been in dollars for the first time ever.”
  • The geopolitical landscape is shifting with the emergence of two spheres – the US-Western Centric sphere and the China-Shanghai security corporation sphere, which has been surprising and fascinating in the last 12 months.
  • “The argument that maybe the dollar’s demise is closer than we realize.”
  • The US has been “weaponizing” the dollar, forcing other countries to consider de-dollarization as a response.

Forget Talk of Dollar's Demise... THIS Should Be Your Greatest Worry in 2023 Warns Wall Street Titan... (From June 15)

Key insights

  • Mark warns of a historic stock market shake-up that could lead to devastating losses for unprepared investors, urging them to move their money within 90 days.
  • “If they’re going to invest it and they want a good dividend, they’re going to have to put it somehow on U.S stocks because more than half of global profits are earned by U.S corporations.”
  • The rule of law in the US, where companies can be held accountable for not paying their bills, makes it the only place to go for a risk-free rate, leading countries like China to invest billions in US treasuries.
  • Despite potential near-term issues with regional banks and the shadow banking system, the US dollar and economy are unlikely to collapse, as every entrepreneur and business wants to be in the United States due to its strong investment environment.
  • “That’s why the US is still Triple A… It’s the US and the reason is because they have more than enough money to pay their debts.”
  • The speaker highlights the difference in entrepreneurship between the US and China, emphasizing the importance of free speech and the ability to challenge established institutions without fear of government intervention.
  • The United States remains an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and businesses, contributing to its strong economic power and tax revenue.
  • “Instead of betting on big tech giants like Facebook, Tesla, or Apple, it might be more profitable to focus on finding and investing in the suppliers of these companies.”

Glenn Greenwald Interviews: RFK Jr. on Russiagate, Israel/Roger Waters, JFK Assassination, Ukraine, & More... (From June 18)

Chris Vermeulen: The Next Bear Market Could Last 7-10 Years ... (From June 14)

Key Insights

Market Trends and Risks

  • The next bear market could last 7-10 years, according to Chris Vermeulen.
  • Understanding capital flows into the stock market is crucial for investors to identify hot spots and potential risks.
  • The importance of the 150 day moving average in stage analysis for determining market trends and potential profit opportunities.
  • Understanding the overall trend of the market is crucial in determining whether it’s in a bull or bear phase.
  • Vermeulen emphasizes the importance of following big trends in order to avoid big collapses in the market.
  • Vermeulen’s team uses technical analysis and inter-market analysis to determine if money is flowing in or out of risk-on risk-off assets.
  • Vermeulen compares the current stock market to a “house of cards” and warns investors to protect their capital and have a stop in place to avoid a market crash.

Investment Strategies and Risk Management

  • Bear markets are dangerous and can devastate people’s retirements, marriages, and relationships, as seen in the 6,500 suicides directly related to the drop in equity prices during the 2008 recession.
  • Vermeulen suggests that knowing the SP 500’s movements can help determine which asset class to invest in, with slower and safer investments being favored during riskier times.
  • A multi-year bear market could wipe out the wealth of investors who are close to retirement, making it important to move to safer or cash positions to protect their capital.
  • “The Buy and Hold is a drawdown of about 40 percent. So we’re making a lot more with just a couple adjustments a year in our portfolio and we can avoid Market crashes.”
  • Vermeulen emphasizes the importance of using technical analysis to identify weak markets and get out before they fall dramatically, highlighting the value of risk management in investing.

Safe Haven Assets and Defensive Plays

  • According to Chris Vermeulen, precious metals and miners are a safe haven and defensive play during nervousness in the stock market.
  • When we’re in the late stage of a bear market, gold and silver and miners usually come back to life, which could be the start of the next major leg higher in precious metals.

Russell Brand: Tucker OBLITERATES The Mainstream Media!! ... (From June 14)

Key insights

  • The U.S government’s classification of over a billion public documents means we can’t possibly know what our leaders are doing, which is not a democracy.
  • “We are seeing the emergence of the censorship industrial complex because the media, the state, big business are working cooperatively to prevent these new power structures which are much more diffuse shared and collaborative from emerging.”
  • Tucker Carlson accuses Fox News of conspiring with the state to shut down Independent Media voices through censorship and smearing.
  • Democratic institutions are starting to quake under the weight of the ability to communicate immediately in nuanced ways and to house and frame a variety of voices due to the way technology has changed.
  • The establishment’s attempts to maintain the status quo are failing, and new ideas and conversations are emerging.
  • “We’re gonna have to get beyond the agenda of the censorship industrial complex which simply was the shutdown conversation in order to keep things exactly the same.”

Bob Hoye: US Hotel Developers Hit By Drying Up Credit ... (From June 16)

Key insights
  • “Short maturity interest rates go up in the boom and down in the bust.”
  • “Interest rates have turned up since I guess last fall…you can get a 10 percentage Point increase in real long rates and it’s a killer and a lot of equipped that it’s Mother Nature’s Way of ending the abuse of credit markets otherwise known as a great financial bubble.”
  • “Short rates fall the fastest in the worst part of a bust, so if market rates are going down, the Fed will have to follow.”
  • U.S. hotel developers are facing a cash crunch as construction lending dries up, highlighting the challenges in the hospitality industry.
  • “The Bank of Canada boosted interest rates 0.25 with the idea of again cooling off the Canadian economy but the latest jobless numbers show uh people lost jobs and made the number of jobs didn’t go up as expected…they’re still slamming on the brakes harder than they have to.”
  • The belief that reducing meat consumption will save the planet is a controversial idea pushed by some vegans and left-leaning individuals.

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