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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – May 13, 2024

Bob Moriarty: Understanding Gold Market Sentiment (May. 10, 2024)



The speaker believes that gold and silver prices are set to rise, and that investing in GDXJ is a smart move.


  • “The guys that are in all the resource stocks are ignoring the price of gold and ignoring the price of silver and once it starts back up, it’s gonna get everybody.”
  • The speaker is enthusiastic about investing in GDXJ, expressing a desire to put money into it.
  • The smart money is accumulating gold and looking forward to higher prices in the years ahead.
  • Understanding human behavior is key to understanding the gold market.
  • “Gold stocks have been in a screaming bull market since November of last year.”
  • “Sentiment tells me Gold, Silver, and Gold Shares are going to go a lot higher.”
  • “The fact that people are so skeptical I cannot tell you of any time in the last 25 years where you could go into a coin store and the coin deer was saying.”

Robert Sinn: China has Changed the Global Gold Game (May 6, 2024)

Pallisades Gold Radio...



China’s impact on the global gold market, along with factors such as inflation, government spending, and global macro trends, are driving a structural bull market for gold, making it a crucial investment for the future.

  • Robert Sinn’s experience with gold investment and junior mining stocks during the 2002-2008 bull market run provides valuable insights into the global gold game.
  • Gold should be traded based on longer-term, rational, and fundamental factors, not short-term emotional reactions to headlines.
  • Gold is in a structural bull market, not based on the Fed cutting interest rates, indicating a new era for gold.
  • The structural bull market for gold is driven by a much stronger foundation, influenced by the macro picture of the global economy.
  • The Chinese government is thought to have to backstop a lot of property debt throughout the Chinese economy, leading to the generation of new currency and a move into hard assets as a counter move to the bursting debt bubble.
  • The real upside for gold could be 3,000 or even 4,000, indicating a potential significant increase in price per ounce.
  • “I have physical gold and silver. That’s my savings account.”
  • A significant drill hole discovery can lead to a 10x increase in share price, making it a game-changer in the gold market.

Dave Skarica: Silver and Silver Stocks Roar!!! (May 10, 2024)




Silver and silver stocks are on the rise and expected to have a long-lasting upward trend, despite potential market fluctuations and the impact of stock dilution on market caps.


  • Silver and gold prices have seen a huge move up, with costs remaining flat, making it a bullish scenario for precious metal investors.
  • The prices of the underlying asset they’re selling gold and silver is higher and your costs aren’t going up. That’s pretty positive right going forward.
  • Silver stocks have the potential to increase 100x, making them a lucrative investment opportunity.
  • People don’t understand the impending debt crisis in the west, where virtually every Western country has way too much debt and is essentially insolvent.
  • Even the best home run hitters strike out the most, so it’s okay to have some losses in trading.
  • The cost structure is causing gold and silver to go up much faster than the underlying cost of producing them, leading to a great day for silver stocks.
  • The increase in shares outstanding can significantly impact a company’s market cap and stock price.

John Rubino: 2024 Year of the Bank Run

Financial Survival Network...



There are potential economic and political crises looming in 2024, including a potential bank run, retail theft issues, political persecution, and concerns about government corruption and incompetence.

  • Signs are pointing towards a loss of faith in the currency, indicating a potential crackup boom.
  • The FED’s refusal to tighten monetary policy despite high inflation could lead to a massive crisis that destroys the savings of a whole generation.
  • The increase in money supply led to an inflation rate of 8.75% in 2022, putting a huge part of the country in dire financial straits.
  • The potential for a bank run in 2024 could lead to social unrest and battles in the streets, reminiscent of pre-World War II Europe.
  • Stressful world or not, investing in precious metals like silver could be a way to make money in uncertain times.
  • Retailers are closing due to a combination of retail theft and slowing sales, exacerbated by poorly run cities legalizing crime.
  • The FBI’s involvement in altering evidence and framing presidents raises serious concerns about their integrity and credibility.

Lawrence Lepard: Fix the Money, Fix the World (May. 10, 2024)

What is Money? Podcast...



Bitcoin and gold offer a potential solution to the financial crisis and government debt issues, providing a decentralized alternative to the current corrupt and unsustainable monetary system.


The Impact of Bitcoin on Sound Money and Inflation

  • Gold was sound money until Bitcoin came along, and now the stock to flow ratio of Bitcoin makes it even sounder.
  • Bitcoin provides perfect information about the money supply and how it will change over time, with the ability to see all transactions on the Chain, making it an enormously valuable attribute of sound digital money.
  • Going off the gold standard has allowed governments to behave increasingly recklessly, leading to inflation and the rich benefiting at the expense of the poor.
  • The adoption curve of Bitcoin is expected to take it from today’s price to multiples of today’s price, potentially reaching $700,000 in 10 years and $7 million in 20 years.
  • “We’ve won the war on reporting inflation. Actual inflation is much higher than reported inflation.”
  • Bitcoin is digital sound money, vastly superior to gold in a transitioning digital world.
  • “I can foresee a time in the future where quote unquote the dollar is failing. They’re printing a lot of money. There’s yield curve control inflation’s running 15 or 20% a year.”

The Future of Money and Decentralization

  • “I think we are in an age of decentralization and these nation states don’t serve us anymore.”
  • Wealth is really the goods and services, it’s a means to an end.
  • “Money is superordinate to law, it’s the primary social agreement, it’s superordinate to government.”
  • “When you have Fiat money, you get fake morals, you get fake everything.”
  • Money comes into existence when we produce more than we consume, so production must precede consumption, not the opposite.
  • Centralization is dangerous, as seen in World War II, and the decentralization brought by the internet and bitcoin is a savior of mankind.

Mark Thornton: Commercial Real Estate’s Future (May 11, 2024)

Minor Issues...



The commercial real estate market is facing challenges due to decreasing demand, lowering leasing rates, rising interest rates, and lower values, leading to increased flexibility in renegotiating mortgage contracts to prevent foreclosure and forced sales.


  • The decreasing demand from tenants and lowering leasing rates combined with rising interest rates and lower commercial real estate values are putting the sector in a real pinch.
  • The sector has nearly 5 trillion in mortgages attached to it of which 2 trillion comes due between 2024 and 2026.
  • Banks have tightened their lending standards, reducing the flow of new funds and new loans.
  • Defaults on mortgages and leasing issues in commercial real estate could worsen with a recession, impacting small and regional banks negatively.

Adam Hamilton: I expect the major gold stocks to double on this move as the juniors to go parabolic (May 11, 2024)

Natural Resource Stocks...



Major gold stocks are expected to double in value, while mid-tiers and juniors could triple or quadruple, due to increasing interest in gold and a surge in demand, making them a potentially lucrative investment option.


Gold Stock Performance and Market Factors

  • The juniors and mid-tiers could triple or quadruple because there’s so little interest in them and their market capitalizations are so low.
  • Major gold stocks are expected to double on this move as the juniors go parabolic.
  • The hint of more quantitative easing just launched gold like two and a half percent that day and it just hasn’t looked back since.
  • Chinese demand for gold has been driving the gold breakout, while American interest in gold has been low due to high stock market performance.
  • Gold is going to be like the hot stock in the market, rising and gaining increased coverage in financial media.
  • Western investors haven’t participated yet, so gold can go way higher, and the momentum is going to be magnificent.
  • The longer gold stocks rally, the more capital starts flowing into the juniors and mid-tiers, leading to parabolic gains and surpassing the majors due to their superior fundamentals and smaller market caps.
  • Gold stocks have generally done fantastic, making them the best sector during stock Bears.

Investor Sentiment and Interest in Gold

  • It’s almost scary exciting because this is not acting like it’s ever has been and you set it up great because where is the Americans where where is the West.
  • The interest in gold stocks is building, as evidenced by newsletter sales, emails, and anecdotal stories, indicating a potential upcoming rally.
  • Gold allocation is crucial for investors, with stock markets potentially in a bubble and due for a major secular bear.

Andy Schectman: Dollar In Terminal Decline; The "Experts" Are Failing Us (May. 7, 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



The current economic policies and currency devaluation are leading to a decline in the purchasing power of the dollar and a potential collapse of the constitutional republic


  • Currency devaluation is inevitable as governments sell off debt and the Federal Reserve becomes the only entity left to buy it.
  • Gold has shown a 9% compounding annual return for 25 years, making it a valuable asset for preserving wealth in the face of currency debasement.
  • The average annual return on major currencies is between 8 and 11%, highlighting the decline of the dollar’s purchasing power.
  • The Fiat experiment has always seemed to have been working against earners in all countries around the world since 1913.
  • The shocking lack of understanding from those in positions of power raises concerns about the direction of economic policy and the competence of our leaders.
  • The acceleration of currency devaluation and the need for the Fed to create money out of thin air to buy bonds is a signal of higher interest rates and perpetual inflation.
  • It’s disappointing to see the authorities at the helm of our financial and political world doing everything that can be done to bring our constitutional republic to a close.
  • The “Experts” are failing us as the Shanghai Gold Exchange is experiencing a mass exodus, delivering many times what the comx market does every day.
  • Adding a trillion dollars in debt every hundred days while giving money to other countries is a sign of financial lunacy.

JPSears: Whoops! There are Safety Concerns (May 11, 2024)




The drop in flu cases during the pandemic was due to scientific measures, but there are concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly regarding the link between the vaccine and blood clotting.


  • The pandemic saw the flu drop to almost non-existent levels, coincidentally, due to science.
  • The link between the jab and blood clotting can cause long-term disability or death, raising safety concerns about the vaccine.
  • Many trusted experts believe the culprit is Spike protein, causing health concerns such as blood clots and menstrual irregularities.

Doug Casey: Get Out While You Can... And Where To Go (May 10, 2024)

Doug Casey's Take...



Expats should consider Argentina as a great option for relocation, and individuals should take steps to protect their financial assets and consider renouncing US citizenship.


Expatriation and Lifestyle Considerations

  • “Argentina’s on a path to going someplace good and Uruguay is nice too, those are my two favorite two best choices.”
  • Argentina is a great option for expats, as language barriers are not as intimidating as they may seem.
  • Argentina offers a quality of life that you want, so act now and pick a place.
  • The US government’s financial desperation will lead to more onerous reporting requirements for citizens, making it a good time to consider renouncing citizenship.
  • Homeschooling is the only hope to completely remove kids from the corrupting system of government schooling.
  • “Argentina does happen which is to say first hundreds and then thousands of well-to-do Europeans come to Argentina because they want to get the hell out of Europe and I’ve talked to a number of them uh and it could go into the tens of thousands something like that is going to do extremely well.”

Financial and Investment Insights

  • The demand for the dollar will always remain, but it’s on its way out and gold is going to be on its way in.
  • It may not be a bad thing to not be stuck with a home loan, given the current state of the real estate market in the US.
  • “Preserve your life and try to preserve whatever Capital you have, get out of the way of the Barbarian hordes and make sure your savings is not something that can be seized or debased.”
  • It’s going to be an accidental collapse which will probably happen at the worst time affecting the most people negatively.

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