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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – May 27, 2024

Michael Oliver: New Silver Highs Likely Within Months (May. 22, 2024)

Liberty and Finance...



Silver is expected to reach new highs within months, with potential for significant gains and outperformance compared to gold.


Silver Price Momentum and Potential

  • “New Silver Highs Likely Within Months.”
  • Silver has had a major surge and a major annual momentum trend resumption signal, exploding since February low.
  • Silver tends to outperform gold during strong phases in the monetary metals on the upside.
  • Dramatic moves in silver are not typical, suggesting potential for continued upside.
  • Michael Oliver predicts a “ballistic” rise in silver and gold prices within the next year, with potential for significant gains over a compressed period of time.
  • Silver momentum has already broken out enough to say the sky is the limit for new highs.
  • Silver reaching its normal ratio to gold could be astounding for the net price expression of silver, potentially reaching a couple hundred dollars.
  • Momentum triggers indicate full acceleration mode, leading to potential new silver highs within months.

Investment Opportunities in Precious Metals

  • The best place to be within that context is silver and the gold miners, as they are showing strong technical reasons for potential outperformance.
  • “Don’t even think about taking profits. We’re entering a phase now where the Dynamics could be awesome.”


Joseph T. Salerno: Human Action: The Antidote to Progressivism (May 20, 2024)

Mises Media...



Central planning for the market economy leads to poverty, famine, and economic collapse, and that economic calculation is fundamental in understanding all problems in social cooperation.

  • Central planning for the market economy leads to poverty, famine, and economic collapse.
  • Mises emphasized the importance of economic calculation in any theory of socialism, stating that a theory of socialism without it is simply absurd.
  • Mises uses the praxiological method to deduce a system of economic theory grounded in the self-evident truth that every person acts purposefully in using scarce means to achieve their most highly valued ends.
  • Economic calculation is the fundamental issue in the comprehension of all problems in social cooperation, and it would be impossible in a perfect socialist society.
  • Interventionism distorts monetary calculation and introduces elements of economic discoordination and chaos from outside the system.
  • Mises forcefully stated the claim for the predictive power of economic theory with respect to interventionism, emphasizing the ability to answer whether a policy can attain its aims and its real effects if the answer is negative.
  • The Economist can know in advance what effect an increase in the quantity of money will have upon its purchasing power or what consequences price controls must have.
  • The crises of interventionism will undermine the plans and morale of the ruling classes while impoverishing and frustrating the productive classes, fostering an “us against them” mentality that can be exploited by libertarian thought leaders.

Who Is God Now? (May 26, 2024)

Russell Brand...



Christians need to speak up and engage in the face of cultural fragmentation to prevent unforeseen consequences.


Quinton Hennigh: Silver Stocks; Impact Silver, Silver X, Capitan Silver (May 22, 2024)

The KE Report...



Impact Silver and Silver X have significant potential for high-grade silver production and exceptional gains in the current market.


Company Potential and Exploration Opportunities

  • Quinton Hennigh has known the management of Impact Silver for quite a few years and has reviewed their project in detail, indicating a level of familiarity and expertise in the company.
  • The vein system at Impact Silver is similar in scale and potential to that of Vizla, with a high density of veins and good grades.
  • As the silver price is up ticking, a stock like this can see exceptional gains, potentially reaching a 15 bagger.
  • The significant exploration upside and potential targets around the Alran and Guadalupe mines could be great opportunities for the company.
  • The development and exploration potential of Silver X’s Nueva Rupi project in Peru stands out, indicating a promising future for the company.
  • The veins in Capitan Silver’s property have a strike length of over a kilometer, indicating potential for significant mineral deposits.

High-Grade Silver Deposits and Production Potential

  • The company’s plan to scale up to 2,200 tons a day could make them a significant producer, with the potential to produce a few million ounces of silver per year.
  • Intermediate sulfidation or SL epithermal systems in Mexico have been the starting point for great Mexican mining companies, indicating the potential for significant production.
  • “This Jesus Maria is a known high-grade producer.”
  • Impact Silver and Silver X have Bonanza grades of over 5,000 G meter intercepts, making them stand out in terms of high-grade silver.

Jim Rogers & Egon von Greyerz: Navigating Economic Uncertainty (May. 21, 2024)

GoldSeek Radio...



Investing in gold and silver is a safe and long-term option to protect against the potential collapse of the global debt and currency system.

  • Jim Rogers expresses concern about the direction of the world economically, politically, and morally, highlighting issues of decadence and criminality in various countries.
  • The value of the dollar and other currencies is declining rapidly, indicating mismanagement of the world’s economy.
  • No currency has ever survived and I don’t see any reason that any will survive.
  • Every currency has died and gold has survived, making it a pretty safe bet for the future.
  • Gold investment is often misunderstood and misrepresented, with many focusing on short-term fluctuations rather than long-term trends.
  • Silver is likely to reach $50 in the next move, possibly even hundreds of dollars in the future.
  • “No currency has lasted forever. 100 years is a long time and the US dollar has been around for a long time, but I don’t see that the US dollar will survive my children’s lifetime.”
  • The world is in a more dangerous phase than ever before, with virtually every nation being indebted to an extent that can never be repaid.
  • Gold has always been money in every period of crisis in the world, despite the argument that you can’t eat it.

Peter St. Onge: Milei’s “Miracle Turnaround” (May 24, 2024)

Wall Street Silver...



Argentina’s economy has experienced a turnaround under Javier Melei’s leadership, with inflation slashed and a budget surplus achieved, but challenges such as high interest rates and regulation still remain.


  • Javier Malay’s turnaround in Argentina’s economy is being hailed as a miracle, with inflation slashed and a budget surplus achieved.
  • Milei’s success in cutting inflation allowed him to cut interest rates from 126% to just 40%.
  • Argentina’s monstrous budget deficit has been a main driver of hyperinflation for decades, posing a significant challenge for the country’s economy.
  • The pairing of cuts with deregulation in Argentina’s economy boosted private sector growth, but inflation, spending, and regulation are still suffocating the country.
  • Getting wages rising faster than inflation and deregulation are crucial for Argentina’s economic turnaround.

David Morgan: "The Jr. Mining Cycle" (May 18, 2024)

Metal Investors Forum...



Managing capital and understanding market dynamics are crucial for success in junior mining investments, particularly in the context of potential imbalances in the precious metals market and the inevitability of the destruction of the fiat currency system.


  • Managing capital and knowing the people are crucial factors in the success of junior mining investments.
  • “If you buy a stock at 12 cents and it doubles, it’s a good idea to sell half and get your original capital back.”
  • Warren Buffett bought silver at the inflation-adjusted low of all time, showing the potential for significant gains in the junior mining cycle.
  • The most exciting dynamic phase for juniors is when the public gets greedy and that’s when you can make a lot of money in the junior market.
  • The precious metals market will experience a greed factor and a panic factor due to currency uncertainty, leading to overextension.
  • The silver demand chart shows a potential 100 million ounces shortfall in 2023, indicating a significant imbalance in the market.
  • The inevitability of the destruction of the fiat currency system may lead to a surge in investment in precious metals, particularly silver, near the end of the cycle.

Dustin Kittle: How The Government Is Killing Small Farms (May. 21, 2024)




The Farm Credit Administration’s lack of oversight and accountability has led to corruption and abuse of power, ultimately harming small farmers and allowing for foreign control of American farmland.


Government Corruption and Control in Farming Industry

  • The lack of oversight and accountability within the Farm Credit Administration has allowed for corruption and abuse of power, ultimately harming small farmers.
  • The United States Farm Credit system has allowed our own government to lend or sell to foreign entities, leading to a significant increase in foreign control of American farmland.
  • The fact that farmer-owned system’s money belongs to the farmers, yet is used to pay for law firms working for the lenders, is shocking and egregious.
  • The government’s involvement in distressing small farms is leading to extreme measures such as forcing farmers to sign legal release of claims and confidentiality agreements.
  • The manipulation and capture of agricultural cooperatives by entities at the top have led to the prioritization of money and land capture over the mission of saving American farmland.
  • Campaign dollars played a significant role in preventing Rodney Brown from getting a confirmation hearing, highlighting the influence of money in politics.
  • The corruption in the farming industry is very blatant and in your face.
  • The mainstream media is gaslighting the public into thinking that the loss of family farms is just a result of farms not being able to keep up, when in reality it’s a result of government control and land grab.

Impact on Small Farmers and Family Farms

  • Small farms are being extorted and threatened with foreclosure, even when they have never missed a loan payment and have money in the bank.
  • The family farm, once owned free and clear, was suddenly burdened with a 2-year $750,000 mortgage without any explanation or compensation.
  • Small poultry farmers are being forced into million dollar loans and contracts with big companies, making it nearly impossible to make a viable living independently.
  • Small farmers are being pushed out by big companies, creating a cycle of debt and dependency on the system.
  • Small farmers are being stripped of their dignity and publicly blamed for the unreliability of their businesses, when in reality it’s the government’s fault.

Rick Rule & Lobo Tiggre: Contrarian Strategies: Unlocking Maximum Value in Commodities (May 21, 2024)

VRIC Media...



Investing in commodities with a contrarian approach, focusing on high return on capital businesses, and understanding the impact of electric vehicles on copper production can lead to potential profits for investors.


Investment Strategies and Opportunities

  • The probability of success in speculation that usually works and gives a double return is absolutely spectacular.
  • “A reasonably instructed portfolio constructed along these lines could generate a 100% gain in two years, it would be stupid to ignore that.”
  • The goal is to supply very good returns on capital employed for the shareholders of the copper trust.
  • Long-term holders could buy copper and if everything falls off a cliff 50% in the months ahead, but then it goes up 10x over the decades ahead who cares.
  • “Silver is kind of interesting right now because it’s getting very close to touching the $30 level which most people are saying could be a launching pad.”
  • Contrarian investing in commodities means buying what’s hated, not selling newsletters or promoting conferences.
  • The inefficiency of markets is actually a good thing for speculators with discipline, as it provides buying opportunities and allows for the identification of undervalued assets.
  • “I like something that’s hated” – Contrarian strategy of investing in commodities that are currently unpopular can lead to potential profits.
  • As an investor, focus on high return on Capital employed businesses like nutrient and Russian phosphate producers.

Market Dynamics and Trends

  • The next move in Copper will be as much due to providing electricity to the billion people on Earth that don’t have electricity as it does little iPhones or the electric vehicle.
  • The impact of electric vehicles on copper production is significant, with global demand needing to double by 2050 without EVs.
  • There’s debate on whether silver is still a monetary metal or strictly an industrial metal, with some saying it’s no longer money.
  • Understanding contractual volumes and minimum prices for a 15-year time frame in uranium can provide more precise estimates of margins and net present value compared to any other commodity market.

Alasdair Macleod: India's Influence on Gold and Silver (May 23, 2024)

GoldSeek Radio...



The global economy, particularly the US and India, has a significant impact on the precious metals market, and understanding these influences is crucial for investors.


  • The assumption in investment circles is that the FED will act to lower interest rates, but the problem is very different.
  • India’s influence on gold and silver is significant, and the country’s demand for precious metals has a major impact on the market.
  • The US economy is described as a complete zombie, dependent on suppressed interest rates for its continued existence.
  • The world’s most senior banker supports the idea that interest rates could go as high as 8%, indicating a potential economic crisis.
  • The development of a BRICS currency with precious metals backing could challenge the reserve currency.
  • India’s rapidly industrializing economy has the potential to grow at a rate of 5-10% per year for the next 5-15 years, making it an enormous powerhouse in the global economy.
  • Silver is wildly underpriced against gold, particularly since gold is hitting new highs, which could push the price up through the $30 level and potentially challenge the long-term $50 level.
  • Understanding what is driving precious metals values is indispensable for anyone interested in the market.

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