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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
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Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Ten Videos – May 6, 2024

Chen Lin: Bullish Copper And Silver, Macro Demand Factors Lining Up For Much Higher Prices (May. 2, 2024)



Chen Lin is bullish on copper and silver, expecting much higher prices in the future due to increasing demand and potential strategic reserves, as well as economic uncertainty and high saving rates in China.


  • Chen Lin is bullish on copper and silver, expecting much higher prices in the future.
  • Copper is becoming a critical matter for investing, as it is needed for the AI Revolution and China may be accumulating it as a strategic reserve.
  • Copper and silver prices are lining up for much higher prices.
  • Copper is important to American National Security, and there is potential for much higher prices in the future.
  • The demand for silver is expected to increase due to the growth of the solar industry, with Chen Lin stating “the quickest way to get a power up is a solar panel.”
  • “I think this time around we should go over 50 okay and eventually there will be Spike and because silver market is so tight.”
  • “I think gold go to probably three to 5,000 at just you know this range and uh the thing for gold is that um as I outlined uh in the past.”
  • Chinese government is doing QE and cash for conquer, leading to high demand for gold and silver due to economic uncertainty and high saving rates.

Thomas J. DiLorenzo: How Court Historians Turn Political Villains into Heroes (May 1, 2024)

Mises Media...



Court historians have manipulated the historical narrative to turn political villains like Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, and Lincoln into heroes, portraying their harmful ideas as saintly and creating a favorable historical narrative.

  • Court historians have turned political villains like Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, and Lincoln into saints or even deities.
  • Court historians turn political villains into heroes by portraying their awful ideas as saintly, making unlimited government seem like a good thing.
  • The debate between Hamilton and Jefferson over the central bank reveals the conflicting interpretations of the Constitution and the concept of implied powers.
  • Hamilton championed 17th century mercantilism as his economic policy, calling it the “American system” despite it being British mercantilism run by Americans.
  • Alexander Hamilton perverted the Commerce Clause of the Constitution to give the government almost unlimited power to regulate almost anything.
  • “He made an impassioned speech against continuing slave importations well. The economics of that is that Henry Clay owned hundreds of slaves.”
  • Lincoln is portrayed as the hero who turned villains into heroes, creating a favorable historical narrative.
  • Lincoln’s actions resulted in the death of at least 50,000 civilians during the Civil War, equivalent to 500,000 in today’s population.

Why the GOP Betrayed Its Own Voters on Ukraine (May 1, 2024)

War, Economy, and State...



The GOP’s betrayal of its own voters and support for war in Ukraine highlights the corrupt and secretive nature of Washington politics.

  • The GOP’s betrayal of its own voters in favor of the regime’s agenda highlights the corrupt nature of Washington politics.
  • “World War I was a completely pointless war and everyone who died in it died in vain because it didn’t produce peace or any really good outcomes.”
  • The emergence of a new axis of evil was unexpected, with historical tensions between the Soviet Union and China.
  • The GOP’s support for war in Ukraine mirrors the chickenhawk phenomenon of avoiding military service but advocating for new wars.
  • The Establishment keeps its foreign policy secret because they know the people aren’t with them and what they’re doing is a slap in the face to taxpayers and those impacted by ongoing international conflict.

Martin Armstrong: Gold Soars as Government Confidence Erodes (May 4, 2024)

GoldSeek Radio...



The loss of confidence in government and politicians is driving the rise in gold prices, reflecting a divided and autocratic society.


  • Confidence in government in the United States is down to 28%, while confidence in Congress is at 7%.
  • “Gold is going up because the confidence in government is just simply collapsing.”
  • The country is so divided and people have to understand what divides it. We do not live in a democracy we live in in an autocracy basically the same no different than Russia.
  • Martin Armstrong suggests that the rise in gold prices is not just due to inflation, but also the loss of confidence in politicians and government institutions.
  • The erosion of government confidence is reflected in the soaring price of gold.
  • “It’s not a democracy. This is a republic folks.”
  • “The chief occupation of every politician is lying.”
  • “The talk on the street is that they want to create a war before the election, because no president has ever lost during a war.”

Andy Schectman: Russia Responds With $440 Million Sanction On JP Morgan Assets (April. 30, 2024)

Arcadia Economics...


Russia’s seizure of nearly 440 million in JP Morgan funds and the potential impact of taxing unrealized gains could have long-lasting effects on the global market.


  • Russian court orders seizure of nearly 440 million in JP Morgan funds, a significant move in response to sanctions.
  • Silver is as undervalued as any asset on the planet, with unique upside potential and minimal downside.
  • Russia’s $440 million sanction on JP Morgan assets is a “drive by shooting” with a guaranteed great effect.
  • The awareness of big players across the globe is leading to increased physical delivery of gold and silver, bypassing the traditional market suppression tactics.
  • Each pullback in gold and silver prices is met with demand and a rising or stabilizing price, indicating a shift in the market trend.
  • The impact of Russia’s $440 million sanction on JP Morgan assets could have long-lasting effects on the market.
  • The idea of taxing unrealized gains is as unamerican and uncaptialist as you could ever get, and it will destroy the markets.
  • Trigger a law like this where unrealized gains are taxed. It’s game over just like it is when you start to weaponize the dollar across the globe.

Matthew Lysiak: Investigating Fiat Food (April 23, 2024)




The food industry, government manipulation, and corporate interests have led to misinformation and control of food guidelines, impacting public health and autonomy, while investigative journalism is crucial in uncovering the truth.


Corruption and manipulation in food science and nutrition

  • Investigating food and nutrition narratives can be similar to uncovering crime and finding motive, requiring insight and tools to see through the narrative and access accurate information.
  • The American food system has been hijacked by corporate enterprises, a religious group, and the government, ruining our food supply.
  • The corruption of nutrition science and the influence of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on American dietetic Association and government nutrition policy is shocking and concerning.
  • The American government used subsidies and nutrition studies to convince the public that their traditional animal-based diet was bad for them.
  • The manipulation of food science should be viewed as a PR campaign, with corporate interests influencing research and guidelines.
  • The USDA is captured by industry, targeting raw milk producers not for health reasons, but because their donors are big food corporations.
  • Corporate funded studies by the sugar industry manipulated the belief that saturated fat in red meat causes heart problems, leading to misinformation about the causes of heart attacks.
  • The 1992 food pyramid may have been based on flawed information, as it told people to eat a high amount of grains despite evidence showing it may not be healthy.
  • The intentional dissemination of unhealthy food information by the USDA raises questions about control and hiding the truth.
  • Cutting out sugary drinks had a significant impact on health, including the disappearance of severe eczema.
  • “95% of the people on the USDA food guidelines committee are industry hacks…it’s not real science, it’s marketing.”
  • “What they’ve done to the food supply, by concealing the information, manipulating the science, and weaponizing the Fiat money printer, is the most consequential crime of the century.”

Influence of corporate and religious interests on American food system

  • Every time you buy a little Bitcoin with your fiat, you’re taking a knife into the Fed and doing a little job, potentially ending the reason for monetary distortions and manipulation.

Rick Rule: My Process and Evaluating Opportunities in Precious Metals, Copper and Uranium Markets (May 3, 2024)

Natural Resource Stocks...



Evaluating investment opportunities in the mining industry requires a nuanced approach, taking into account factors such as potential for growth, team experience, and market dynamics.


Investment Evaluation Process

  • Ranking companies as twos or threes based on their potential in the market is a crucial part of evaluating investment opportunities.
  • Evaluation process and what leads to a tier one level investment.
  • Rick Rule’s rare number one rank for a company is when he believes it’s selling at half of liquidation value and has the potential to double net asset value in 18 months.
  • The rankings are nuanced and reflect risk-adjusted internal rates of return, not a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Luck favors the trained observer, so it’s important to assess the experience and success of the team behind the opportunity.
  • “If you have speculative Capital which is to say Capital that you’re prepared to lose some of if I’m wrong. This is a wonderful stock.”

Mining Industry Dynamics

  • Increasing social rents, taxes, fees, and regulations in important copper producing countries are constraining copper development at a time when the demand for copper is increasing.
  • Existing copper assets that can be ramped up or built reasonably will be extraordinarily valuable over the next 5 years due to the supply shocks in the copper business.
  • What is really appealing to me about the uranium business is that the structure of the uranium business is changing and investors don’t understand this yet.
  • The structure of the uranium market is shifting towards long-term contractual relationships, providing more certainty for sellers.
  • The royalty business is the best business around mining that exists, giving access to commodity price upside without the capital cost or operating expense.

Market Trends and Opportunities

  • The recent popularity in gold is due to the view that institutional holders have, that central bank buying will likely now be joined by retail and family office buying in the west, setting the stage for a strong gold and silver bull market.
  • Ross Beaty’s track record of success in the mining industry makes Equinox an attractive investment opportunity.
  • Achieving financial parameters at higher gold prices could make Equinox Gold stock “absolutely rock.”

Dave Skarica: Debt Monetization & Recession is Perfect Scenario for Gold & Silver (April. 30, 2024)

The Daily Gold...



The potential for recession, debt monetization, and inflation create a perfect scenario for investing in gold and silver.


Potential impact on gold and precious metals market

  • Gold and precious metals are likely to lead the way out of a stock market downturn, with a potential quick recovery.
  • Monetizing the debt could lead to a significant increase in the value of gold and silver, presenting an opportunity for investors.
  • This is kind of the end game where they just pushed these debts up, indicating a perfect scenario for gold and silver.
  • “If you get a cyclical bare market you know in a real recession like I mean those two pillars. That’s what that to me is what could make gold go vertical in the next couple years.”
  • Harry Brown’s asset allocation model from the 70s included putting a fifth of your money in Gold, which has historically provided 6 to 8% returns annually.
  • Gold may see a significant increase in value, while US Treasury bonds may drop in price, making gold a more attractive investment option.
  • The 2011 gold rally lasted for 10 years, indicating the potential for a long-term upward trend in the current market cycle.

Economic implications of debt monetization and recession

  • The difference between the 70s and now lies in the dependency on asset price bubbles, which could have implications for the economy’s response to stagflation.
  • “It’s really unavoidable at this point that we’re basically going to have to monetize the debt like Japan has been doing.”
  • The potential impact of the US being almost insolvent as the reserve currency on the macro scenario is unprecedented and uncertain.
  • The monetary problems are going to get worse because the baby boomers are all retiring, setting up for a 10-year cycle of economic challenges.
  • The combination of the 70s and 2000s, along with the added factor of debt problems, creates uncertainty about the future of world Reserve currencies.
  • “They’re going to lie about inflation… It’s probably double that right and when it was up to eight it was probably 15.”


John Rubino: “Extreme” Times Right Now, Worse than 1970s, Dollar Collapse is Next (May 3, 2024)

ITM Trading...



The US dollar is at risk of collapse due to decreasing purchasing power, increasing debt, and other countries moving away from using it for trade and reserve assets, leading to potential consequences in the global economy.

Currency Depreciation and Global Economy

  • Every major currency in the world has fallen against the US dollar this year, with serious potential consequences across the global economy.
  • The world’s currencies are all depreciating at an accelerating rate and the amount of debt that these countries are taking on is going parabolic, indicating we’re at the end game.
  • If the Fed addresses the effects of higher interest rates by pushing interest rates down, it’s going to cause inflation to start rising at an even faster rate than it’s been rising lately.
  • The fiat currency experiment is reaching its breaking point, with immense amounts of new debt biting back in ways we don’t have any answer for.
  • The central banks with their Fiat currencies just can’t fix the problems that are mounting out there.
  • The inevitable collapse of the currency will wipe out the savings of a huge chunk of the American population, who don’t deserve to be hurt.
  • Hyperinflation can lead to a generation willing to accept a dictatorship or authoritarian government in exchange for stability.
  • The FED is in a box and doesn’t have the tools anymore to fix the kind of crisis that is being created, leaving uncertainty about what will happen when it starts biting.

Gold as a Hedge and Historical Precedent

  • Gold is the form of money that has held its value for 3,000 years, and people jump back into it when their country’s currency fails.
  • Gold has historical precedent of holding its value, even during times of high inflation and currency debasement.
  • Countries and individuals are losing trust in the US dollar as the reserve asset, leading to a rise in gold prices and demand as a hedge against inflation.

Doug Casey: They're Trying to Control The Whole World (May 3, 2024)

Doug Casey's Take...




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