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Top Three Videos – May 9 2023

George Gammon: It’s Time To Panic…

Hidden Forces: Origins of the Ukraine War & What Comes Next…

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George Gammon: It’s Time To Panic…

George Gammon is a real estate investor and producer of the Rebel Capitalist YouTube show. When he says, “It’s time to panic…” he’s not exaggerating… Regional banks are down. Some are down more than 25%. 

Bob Moriarty: More Regional Bank Woes; THOUSANDS Could Fail...

In light of the ongoing banking crisis, regional banks have come under increased scrutiny. The rise in interest rates has led to insolvency for many banks, raising concerns about their stability. Bob Moriarty suggests that a significant number of banks, potentially hundreds or even thousands, could face failure. He emphasizes that depositors should not rely solely on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to safeguard their deposits. Even if the insurance does pay out, Moriarty warns that the payout may be in devalued dollars, which could further impact the value of the deposits.

Hidden Forces: Origins of the Ukraine War & What Comes Next...

This video explores themes of national identity, the disintegration of empires, and the potential impact of the conflict on the international order. The discussion delves into theories behind Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, including both aspirations for a ‘greater Russia’ and legitimate security concerns. Additionally, they analyze the war’s significance for European security and US policy towards China.”

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