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"We Track the Financial Collapse For You,
so You'll Thrive and Profit, In Spite of It... "

Fortunes will soon be made (and saved). Subscribe for free now. Get our vital, dispatches on gold, silver and sound-money delivered to your email inbox daily.

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Top Three Videos – September 26, 2023

Most Economists Are Wrong about the Economy

Radio Rothbard - a product of the Mises Institute


Critique of Mainstream Economics

  • “Minor Issues is a great short podcast series dealing with real economic issues from an Austrian perspective.”
  • Most economists fail to understand the impact of declining real incomes because they are isolated from the everyday struggles of the average American.
  • The economy is actually much better than most people think, according to Tyler Cowan’s article.
  • The skepticism of central banks and the leadership on the political board raises concerns about reigning in the debt and regulatory state that is driving prices.
  • Mainstream economists fear deflation because it threatens the value of the dollar and the ability to pay off the national debt with cheaper dollars.
  • The stage is set for potential radical expansions of government economic power in response to real price pressures, risking infringement upon property rights.
  • “We need to use the price system to figure out where we need to go next, whether that’s capital, labor, or where entrepreneurs should go next.”

Impact of Inflation and Government Policies

  • Americans are feeling the impact of inflation, taxes, and regulatory costs on their paychecks and savings.
  • Inflation is significantly impacting people’s lives, with double-digit increases in insurance bills for homes and cars, reducing real income and forcing individuals to make difficult choices.
  • Housing is now less affordable than ever before due to government management of the mortgage market and the Federal Reserve setting interest rates.
  • The government’s actions in the housing, energy, and job markets have had negative consequences, raising doubts about the Federal Reserve’s ability to bring the economy to a soft landing without causing pain to the American people.
  • “Housing prices are now less affordable today than ever in history.”

How Fiat Fails and Bitcoin Succeeds

Robert Breedlove with Dylan LeClair


Bitcoin and its Potential

  • Bitcoin offers mathematical custody and verification within a short timeframe, providing a secure and efficient alternative to traditional banking systems.
  • The “What is Money” podcast series with Michael Saylor is highly recommended and has been instrumental in many people’s understanding of money and Bitcoin.
  • The Baltic honey badger conference brings together a great group of bitcoiners who are passionate about the future of cryptocurrency.
  • Dylan LeClair is known for being a young macro genius in the field of Bitcoin and macroeconomics.
  • The combination of tightly constrained supply and a potential demand spark could ignite the Bitcoin market and lead to significant growth in its market cap.
  • There is a self-fulfilling prophecy aspect to Bitcoin’s price action, where historical patterns and anticipation of the halving cycle can influence demand and drive the price up.
  • The cyclical nature of Bitcoin’s price surges is driven by a combination of the halving event and the strong hodling behavior of passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts.
  • “Bitcoin’s price usually collapses after a speculative mania, but it bottoms at a higher level than the previous high, showing its resilience.”
  • “If we think about can governments come in and say oh you know we’re going to suppress the price of Bitcoin. Like we did with gold well…and with Bitcoin, it’s you know costs two bucks to move a billion yeah and it’s verifiable and you have custody mathematically and in 10 minutes even quicker.”

Financial and Societal Challenges

  • Society is fraying at the seams due to long-term debt cycles, political movements, and the rise of radical extremism.
  • The current financial paradigm, based on back tests and assumptions of a secular bull market, failed to predict the simultaneous fall of both stocks and bonds, highlighting the need for alternative investment options like Bitcoin.
  • “Debt burdens are higher than ever before, and Central planners don’t understand the second and third order effects.”
  • Understanding the mechanics of derivatives in the Bitcoin market is crucial to grasp the complexities of price movements and debunk the notion that the government can easily control Bitcoin’s price.

Critiques of Fiat Currency and Central Banking

  • It’s interesting to explore the phenomenon of states and nations trying to set up their own banks to escape the global banking complex and the consequences they face.
  • Fiat currency is compared to a drug that humans are addicted to, highlighting the detrimental effects of inflation and the centralized control of central banks.

5 MASCULINE Habits That FIX 99% Of Your Problems

Core Thoughts


Mastering the mind and adopting transformative masculine habits can empower individuals to overcome challenges, achieve financial stability, prioritize health, and lead a more organized and successful life.

Key insights

  • The ability to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and strength defines true masculinity and has the potential to reshape your existence.
  • Mastering mindfulness allows individuals to regain control of their mind, resist negative impulses, and make conscious decisions, leading to clarity and self-control.
  • The importance of financial empowerment as a masculine trait is emphasized, highlighting the significance of financial stability and the need for men to master the art of making money.
  • “Financial well-being is a critical aspect of life mastering.”
  • Exercise serves as a catalyst for improved cognitive function, sharpening focus, enhancing memory, and bolstering creativity.
  • Embracing a diet centered on natural foods encourages mindfulness in eating habits, fostering an awareness of what you consume and steering you away from indulging in empty calorie snacks and junk foods that can lead to sluggishness and diminished cognitive function.
  • Breaking down complex challenges into manageable steps promotes consistency, forward momentum, a sense of accomplishment, and builds confidence in problem-solving abilities.
  • By adopting masculine habits such as exercising regularly, choosing natural foods, and tackling one problem at a time, you can empower yourself to conquer life’s challenges and achieve financial stability, prioritize your health, and focus on solutions.

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