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Top Three Videos – April 13 2023

John Rubino: Global Monetary Experiment End in a Bloodbath… Porter Stansberry: The Largest Wealth Transfer in History… Metals Investor Forum: Spring 2023 Precious Metals Webinar…

Top Three Videos – April 12 2023

The Provident Prepper: Top 10 Foods to Hoard for “The End of the World as We Know It”… JP Sears: The Restrict Act! Totalitarianism is

Top Three Videos – April 11 2023

Larry Lepard: Bitcoin will hit $100k in 2024, $10 million as U.S. dollar collapses, CBDCs roll out… Matthew Piepenburg: “No Way Out” for Global Markets

Top Ten Videos – April 10 2023

Bob Moriarty: The Solution To The Financial Collapse…Jeffrey Sachs: Most of the world supports Russia…Jay Taylor & John Rubino: The Petrodollar’s Demise and You…Mark Thornton:

Top Three Videos – April 9 2023

Alasdair Macleod: The Dollar Collapse is Imminent… Freedom vs. Force – The Individual and the State… Precious Metals Analyst Jeff Clark: Top Gold & Silver

Top Three Videos – April 8 2023

Joe Rogan on MSM apologizing for “misgendering” Nashville shooter… Operation Chokepoint 2.0: The Crypto Crackdown Explained with Thomas Hogan… Per Bylund: How to Think about

Top Three Videos – April 7 2023

Radio Rothbard: What the Trump Indictment Tells Us about the Regime… Lawrence Lepard: U.S. Dollar as we know it will be dead in 5-10 years…

Top Three Videos – April 6 2023

Matthew Piepenburg: Our Debt Is The Real Existential Threat Russell Brand: Trumped Up Charges | Legit or Bullsh*t!?… Why modern America creates fragile children… Matthew

Top Three Videos – April 5 2023

Bob Moriarty: Gold is the perfect panacea to weather the global financial chaos… Matthew Piepenburg: Volatility Worse Than 1987, September 11th and the 2008 Crisis…

Top Three Videos – April 4 2023

Nouriel Roubini Warns of Crashes, High Rate ‘Megathreat’ Dr. Elissa Epel: Control Stress for Healthy Eating, Metabolism & Aging Jeffrey Sachs: Doomsday Approaching…    

Top Ten Videos – April 3 2023

Human Action Podcast: With the Feds, It’s the Fox Guarding the Henhouse…Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin Off To Insane Start Of Year…Part 1/3 Shopping at Walmart for

Top Three Videos – April 2 2023

Trump’s Team drops a badass response to indictment… Mark Thornton: Inflation Can Get Much Worse… Murray N. Rothbard: The Founding of the Federal Reserve… BONUS:

Top Three Videos – April 1 2023

Bob Moriarty: the final chapter of the western financial system… John Rubino: Is the Banking Crisis Over Yet? Rick Rule: Gold & Natural Resources About

Top Three Videos – March 31 2023

The Real Reason Lake Mead is Rising… Can Decentralization Save Humanity? – Why Smaller is Better in Politics… Jay Taylor: Can America Avoid a Marxist

Top Three Videos – March 30 2023

James Howard Kunstler: Lies, Nuttery & Craziness Everywhere in America… Police BodyCam footage at Nashville’s Covenant School… Rick Rule on Sprott Money’s “Ask The Expert”…

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