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Top Three Videos – April 28 2023

How did this get past the censors? Tucker Carlson’s Last Address Before Leaving Fox News Tavi Costa: Gold’s About To DECOUPLE From Stock Market…  

How Greening the Economy Will Destroy America

Guest Post from Lew Rockwell at lewrockwell.com: Brain-dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers want to “green” the economy. They use the phony “climate

Top Three Videos – April 27 2023

Chris Vermeulen: 30% Drop Ahead? Here’s Why Gold Could Crash… Rick Rule: ‘Why I’m Using More Cash,’ as My Worst Nightmare Closes In… Mark Thornton:

Base Metals: A Decade of Shortages Ahead

Guest Post from Go & Rozen: The article below is an excerpt from our Q4 2022 commentary. “The Decade of Shortages” was the unofficial theme

Top Three Videos – April 26 2023

Doug Casey: Where I’m Putting My Money as Global Chaos Looms… Robert Breedlove: Corrupt Money and Centralization of The State Will Civilization Collapse?    

Top Three Videos – April 25 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr tells Tucker this is turning America into a system of socialism for the rich… Peter Schiff: The Debt’s the Problem. Not

Johh Rubino: Can The Euro Be Saved?

Guest Post by John Rubino: With all the talk about de-dollarization, this might be a good time to consider the world’s second reserve currency, the

Johh Rubino: Is Everybody Lying?

Guest Post by John Rubino: It took a while, but some of the biggest “official narrative” scams and cons of the past few years are

Top Ten Videos – April 24 2023

John Rubino: Can Gold Prices Rise in a Recession?…Charles Nenner: Dollar Finished – America in Danger…Rafi Farber: US Credit Default Risk Spikes Ahead of Debt

Top Three Videos – April 23 2023

Steve Bannon: The Failing Trojectory Of The Economy; Drawing A Hard Line On The Debt Ceiling… Rick Rule: How To Be Your Own Bank… Brent

Adam Hamilton: Gold Stocks Still Undervalued

Guest Post by Adam Hamilton, Writer at Zeal LLC: The gold miners’ stocks continue powering higher on balance, growing their strong upleg.  Yet despite their

Top Three Videos – April 22 2023

Charles Nenner: Dollar Finished – America in Danger… SGT Report: BANKSTER VIPERS STILL RULE THE ROOST… Radio Rothbard: How Government Schools Use Bad History to

Top Three Videos – April 21 2023

Brent Johnson: Is The US Dollar REALLY In Danger? Maybe Not… Michael Pento: The Fed Can’t Control Inflation without Bursting All Asset Bubbles… Sprott Money

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