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Top Three Videos – May 19 2023

Rick Rule: Gold demand ‘will increase fourfold’ as inflation, QE, debt and deficits impact U.S….Rafi Farber: Deal or No Deal, Banks Will Suffer Either Way

Top Three Videos – May 18 2023

Patrick Bet-David and Whitney Webb:
Why The Deep State Hates Trump And Kennedy Family…Judge Napolitano: 
Col Douglas Macgregor, Ukraine War Latest…Peter St Onge, PH.D.:

Top Three Videos – May 17 2023

John Stossel: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on the
Dangers of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)…Joe Jarvis: 12 “Parallel Economy” Alternative Businesses
You Can Start

Top Three Videos – May 16 2023

Rafi Farber: Temporary Default = Whole System Collapse…Neil McCoy-Ward: It’s Worse than We Thought (THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING)…William J Kelly: Illegal migrants secretly being housed in

Top Ten Videos – May 15 2023

Rick Rule: The Moral Crisis of ESG Imposition on Mining Companies…Mises Media: Does the Inverted Yield Curve Signal a Coming Recession?…John Rubino: The Banking Crisis

Doom Loops Are Multiplying

Guest Post from Charles Hugh Smith at Oftwominds.com: We can all pretend to be fantastic until the floor collapses beneath us. At that point, complacency

Top Three Videos – May 14 2023

Rafi Farber: Could Treasury Mobilize Gold Reserves To Sidestep Debt Ceiling?… Marc Faber: The Fed’s BIG Problem Revealed! Is Silver & Gold About to Skyrocket?

Top Three Videos – May 13 2023

Trump destroys CNN… Jim Rickards – COUNTDOWN TO CRISIS: HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE UPCOMING ECONOMIC COLLAPSE… Michael Saylor: It’s going to be very scary…

Top Three Videos – May 12 2023

Marc Faber: Every Responsible Citizen Should Own Precious Metals For Protection… Konstantin Kisin: Why Woke Culture Has Gone TOO FAR… Andy Schectman: Silver Premiums Steady

Top Three Videos – May 11 2023

John Rubino: The Banking Crisis is Far from Over… Jeff Clark: 9 Gold Stocks to Consider as Fed Policy Set to Be Rocket Fuel for

Top Three Videos – May 10 2023

U.S. and China are on ‘brink of war’ as gold sees record highs and banking sector troubles intensify  Dummie Funnies: Compare the Work Attitude of

AIER: The Path to Full Stagflation

Guest Post from Peter C. Earle at the American Institute of Economic Research: n an article last week, I referred to the combination of rapidly slowing

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