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Top Three Videos

Top Three Videos – April 6 2023

Matthew Piepenburg: Our Debt Is The Real Existential Threat Russell Brand: Trumped Up Charges | Legit or Bullsh*t!?… Why modern America creates fragile children… Matthew

Top Three Videos – April 5 2023

Bob Moriarty: Gold is the perfect panacea to weather the global financial chaos… Matthew Piepenburg: Volatility Worse Than 1987, September 11th and the 2008 Crisis…

Top Three Videos – April 4 2023

Nouriel Roubini Warns of Crashes, High Rate ‘Megathreat’ Dr. Elissa Epel: Control Stress for Healthy Eating, Metabolism & Aging Jeffrey Sachs: Doomsday Approaching…    

Top Three Videos – April 2 2023

Trump’s Team drops a badass response to indictment… Mark Thornton: Inflation Can Get Much Worse… Murray N. Rothbard: The Founding of the Federal Reserve… BONUS:

Top Three Videos – April 1 2023

Bob Moriarty: the final chapter of the western financial system… John Rubino: Is the Banking Crisis Over Yet? Rick Rule: Gold & Natural Resources About

Top Three Videos – March 31 2023

The Real Reason Lake Mead is Rising… Can Decentralization Save Humanity? – Why Smaller is Better in Politics… Jay Taylor: Can America Avoid a Marxist

Top Three Videos – March 30 2023

James Howard Kunstler: Lies, Nuttery & Craziness Everywhere in America… Police BodyCam footage at Nashville’s Covenant School… Rick Rule on Sprott Money’s “Ask The Expert”…

Top Three Videos – March 29 2023

Bob Moriarty: Its much, much bigger than a banking collapse! Ukraine/Russia Truth Bombs dropped from India… Joe Rogan: Why rich people drive cheap cars? Bob

Top Three Videos – March 28 2023

Mises: Defending Private Property – Principles of Justice Brent Johnson: Does the Fed Have Any Idea What It’s Doing? Alasdair Macleod: This Is Worse Than

Top Three Videos – March 26 2023

FOMO in gold: price explodes, analysts watch test of record highs… Russell Brand & Glenn Greenwald: They Are Trying To SILENCE Dissent… David Morgan: Run

Top Three Videos – March 25 2023

‘Silver Is Going Up, A Lot’ vs ‘Silver Is Dead’… Greg Hunter: Ignoring CV19 Bioweapon Deaths, Radioactive Ukraine, More Bank Calamity Glenn Greenwald: Left/Right Alliance

Top Three Videos – March 24 2023

Ex-CIA Officer – Jason Hanson: This is Where I Keep My Precious Metals… John Rubino: Bank Failures Shocking America… The Politics of Banking: The Story

Top Three Videos – March 23 2023

Egon Von Greyerz and Piepenburg: Safety in a Time of Madness: Why, Where and How to Own Gold as Banks Lose All Credibility… Jeffrey Sachs:

Top Three Videos – March 22 2023

Bob Moriarty: The World is Functionally Bankrupt… Huberman Lab: Improve Vitality, Emotional & Physical Health & Lifespan… Steve Bannon Hype Video… BONUS: Hans-Hermann Hoppe on

Top Three Videos – March 21 2023

Tavi Costa: The Fed’s Balance Sheet Is Overstated… Ukraine Soldiers Kidnapping New “Recruits” In Broad Daylight! Social Media – Why it Sickens the Self and

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