The Day The Dollar Crushed Everything

by John Rubino on March 6, 2015 · 0 comments

The way markets usually work is that on any given day (or in any given year) some asset classes are up while others are down. Investors and money managers, as a result, are always torn between the impulse to pile into the best looking sector (greed) and to guard against the unexpected by diversifying (fear). […]


What Do These Two Charts Have In Common?

The premise of a currency war is that by devaluing its currency a country is able to sell things overseas more cheaply, which gooses its growth at the expense of its trading partners. If it actually works that way, then you’d expect this chart of the euro plunging against the dollar… …to be reflected in […]


Apple’s iWatch and Some Crazy Gold Numbers

As Apple starts selling its new smart watch there are some, well, crazy-sounding predictions circulating about the amounts of gold the company might soon be buying. The math goes like this: Each gold version of the watch will contain around two ounces, and the company might sell 10 million of them a year, mainly to […]


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